ATWT Update Monday 5/17/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/17/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

At Mike’s house:

Pilar pretends to twist her ankle and falls down, spilling the groceries all over the front room. Mike runs to her rescue and picks her up and carries her to the couch. He puts ice on her ankle and wraps it while she tells him how sorry she is that she ruined dinner and the whole evening. She tells him that she wanted to make him a home cooked meal to try to pay him back for taking her in and protecting her from Russ. Mike tells her it isn’t necessary for her to do anything to pay him back. After he gets her ankle wrapped, she insists that she can still make dinner for him and tries to stand up. When she steps down on that foot, she then falls back down in Mikes lap. He falls for her ploy and they kiss. He carries her to the bedroom. Pilar stops him long enough to make sure that this is what he wants. After they make love again, Mike assures her that this time he has no regrets. Pilar tells him that she is happy that she twisted her ankle since it led to this. Mike tells her that she should take some aspirin, or it will wake her up in the middle of the night. Pilar tells him that she has some in her purse and starts to reach for it. Mike gets to the purse first and pulls out the picture that she took and showed Katie. He turns to Pilar with picture in hand and demands to know what kind of game she is playing.


Katie and Henry are still trying to think of a way to get out of Deerbrook. The nurse comes in to give Katie a ‘treat’. When Katie tells her that she doesn’t want anything, the nurse insists that she take the ‘vitamins’. Henry gestures to Katie that she should only pretend to take the pills, and she takes his advice. Once the nurse is satisfied that Katie took the meds, she moves on and Henry rejoins Katie. He tells her that he has a plan, well actually, Sgt. Musgrove has a plan to get them out of there. Henry brings Sgt. Musgrove over to talk to Katie. When Henry encourages Sgt. Musgrove to explain to Katie what the plan is, Sgt. Musgrove tells her “The sun never sets on Rigel Five.” Katie sarcastically thanks Henry for getting her hopes up. Henry explains that Musgrove works in the laundry room. Where he can get them some uniforms. Katie realizes what Henry is saying and gets excited that they might actually get out of there. Henry runs off with Musgrove and comes back a few minutes later with a doctor’s smock on, and a patients chart in hand. Katie things he looks respectable, but wonders where her smock is. After a little bit of discussion, Henry convinces Katie that she can’t go with him. They are giving her those ‘vitamins’ so they can keep a closer eye on her. They would get caught for sure if she went with him. Katie reminds Henry of all the info and proof they need to get out of Russ. Henry takes off. Nurse Showcroft enters the room and starts to go over meds. Henry comes right back in telling Katie that they have a problem. No one gets out the front door without a staff ID badge. Katie indicates that she has a solution for that, and looks at Nurse Showcroft. Henry objects strongly telling Katie that he will not dress up as a woman again. Katie has another idea and tells Henry to go and get her purse. Henry tells her that he will NOT carry her purse around. Katie explains that she has a picture of Henry in her purse. Henry is touched that she carries a picture of him around with her. Katie corrects him by telling him that she carries a picture of Snickers around with her, and he happens to be in the picture. A disappointed Henry goes to get Katie’s purse for her. While he is gone, Katie approaches Nurse Showcroft and pretends to faint. She swoons onto the couch as the nurse grabs her. The nurse runs off to get the doctor to check on Katie. Katie is proud of herself that she snagged the badge with her little fainting spell. The doctor comes to check on Katie and wants to run some tests. Katie convinces him that she was just a little light headed from not eating. Dr. Tanner believes the explanation and tells Nurse Showcroft to get Katie an orange before he takes off for a meeting. When the nurse takes off to get Katie her orange, Katie retrieves the picture from Henry and cut and pastes Henry’s picture on Nurse Showcroft’s ID badge. She tells Henry that his name is now Connie Showcroft. Henry starts to have second thoughts about this whole plan because of the name. Katie tells him he can just tell people that he was baptized in Greece with the name Constantine. After a little bit more persuasion on Katie’s part, Henry finally agrees to continue with the plan. Henry makes a quick retreat when Dr. Tanner and Nurse Showcroft come back into the room. In the hall, Henry practices defending his name before taking off to do his job. Back in the dayroom, Dr. Tanner asks Katie about the missing ID badge. Katie pretends not to know what they are talking about. Katie feigns concern when Dr. Tanner tells her that Henry is also missing. When Katie won’t offer an explanation, Dr. Tanner tells her to remember that he gave her a chance before he leaves the room. Nurse Showcroft also tries to get Katie to tell her what is going on. When Katie continues to pretend not to know anything, Nurse Showcroft tells her that they gave her two chances to come clean. It is too late now, Dr. Tanner has called the police in on the whole deal now. She leaves a worried Katie by herself to think about what they have done.

At the police station:

An officer shows Ross into an interrogation room telling him that he has a new public defender. When Ross realizes that the ‘attorney’ is Henry, he starts to freak a bit and tries to get to the door and get the cops back in there. He wants police protection. Henry tells him that he is there to give him ‘Pilar’ protection, because she is just letting him rot away in there. Henry can help him.

At the hospital:

Outside of Barbara’s room, Walker comes out to tell Carly and Paul that Barbara made it through the surgery and is acting like her old self already. Carly runs off to find Jennifer. Paul asks about the tumor. Walker tells him it is being biopsied and they should all just wait to see what the lab results are before making any other plans. He also informs Paul that they won’t know if Barbara will be able to see again for a few more days. Walker tells him that they will be able to see Barbara once she is brought back to her room, but they need to sound confident and positive when they do see her. Walker tells Paul that Barbara put a lot on the line for all three of her children, it is now time to return the favor.

In the waiting room, Jordan tries to explain to Jennifer why he married Rosanna. She is very upset with him. He tries to explain that it isn’t what it looks like. Carly interrupts them just in time to keep Jordan from telling Jennifer everything. She tells Jennifer that her mother is out of surgery and if she hurries she can probably catch Walker talking to Paul. Jennifer rushes out. Carly reminds Jordan of his agreement with Rosanna. He can’t tell Jennifer anything just yet. Jordan isn’t happy about being untruthful with Jennifer, but he does remember his agreement. They continue to discuss it as they walk back to Barbara’s room.

Outside Barbara’s room again, the orderlies bring Barbara back from recovery. Jordan and Jennifer both let Barbara know that they are there. Walker tells them all to let him get Barbara settled in her room, and then they can go in and see her. Jordan tries to make small chat with Jennifer, but she starts to cry. Paul comes to comfort her. Paul knows that she is upset right now, but she needs to focus all thoughts on Barbara right now. Barbara must think that all things are coming up roses. Jennifer tries to straighten up as they prepare to go in to see their mother. Carly once again reminds Jordan that Rosanna only wants to keep her son. Jordan wonders if that isn’t too high a price to pay for his relationship with Jennifer and her family. Jennifer and Paul remember all the times that Barbara lost her sight before and realize how hard she tried to fool them all. Jennifer gets upset with herself because she forgot to bring the reviews that were in the papers on the show. Jordan offers to call Blaine and have her bring them over from the office. He also offers to handle the press when they all notice that they are being noticed. As Jordan takes off to talk to the press, Paul declares that he has misjudged Jordan. Jennifer tells Paul that she totally doesn’t understand what happened with Jordan. Jordan swore to her that he wasn’t even friends with Rosanna, and five minutes later he is married to her. Paul thinks there has to be more to the whole story. Jordan returns and has all the reviews for them to show Barbara. Walker comes out to tell them they can see Barbara now. He tells Paul and Jennifer that they can both go in to see her. Jordan asks when he will be able to see Barbara. Walker tells him it is just family for now. Paul thanks Walker and Jordan for all they have done. Paul is sincerely sorry that Jordan won’t be able to see Barbara right now. He thanks Jordan for taking all the slack that he dished out. Jordan tells him not to worry about it and to go on and see Barbara.

Inside Barbara’s room, Paul reads the wonderful reviews that the fashion show got. They all get all fuzzy inside talking about how all the backstabbing and scheming is all behind them now. Walker rejoins the group to bring two pieces of good news. The first is that the tumor was benign. They all are very happy about that. The second good news is that Barbara has a call. It is Will on the phone. They put the phone on speaker so that all of them can talk to Will. Will is happy that his mother is okay. Jennifer assures Will that they are all one big happy family again.


In Rosanna’s room, Annabelle is explaining to Rosanna that she must sign the adoption papers. Rosanna refuses because they also name Jordan as a parent. That wasn’t part of the deal. Cabot was supposed to be all hers. She has no intention of sharing him with Jordan. Annabelle tells her that she has no choice, this is the way the big guy wants it. Rosanna flatly refuses to accept changes in the arrangement this late in the game. Annabelle threatens to get Det. Snyder and court orders to remove Cabot from her care again. At first Rosanna still stands strong, then tries to buy Annabelle off. Anabelle refuses the offer, she will not betray her boss. Carly comes into the room concerned when she sees the state that Rosanna is in. Annabelle reminds Rosanna that she needs both signatures on the adoption papers. Rosanna rushes her out of the door and tells her that she will call her when she is ready. When Carly demands to know what is going on, Rosanna tells her that whoever engineered this whole thing wants Jordan to be Cabot’s father. When Rosanna realizes that the man she is dealing with is very powerful, she decides Carly should leave. Carly wants to know if Jack knows about any of this. Rosanna informs her that she doesn’t want the police involved at all. Carly tries to convince her that Jack is on her side, but Rosanna doesn’t want to take any chances. She tells Carly that she will figure this all out, or her lawyers will. Carly looks at the papers and realizes that Rosanna hasn’t read the small print yet. The papers stipulate that Jordan and Rosanna must stay married for two years before the adoption is final. Rosanna knows Jordan will never agree to that. She fears she will lose Cabot again. Carly again tries to reason with Rosanna. She thinks Rosanna is in over her head and she needs help. Rosanna insists that Carly can’t bring Jack into this. Carly is just afraid that whoever is controlling all of this really has no intention of letting her keep Cabot after all. Rosanna starts to panic a little and takes it out on Carly telling her to leave. Jordan walks in and asks if he should come back later. When Rosanna tells him to stay, he notices that she has the adoption papers in her hands and is happy to see that this will all be over with soon.

In the restaurant, Margo meets Kim for coffee. Kim tells Margo that she knows she and Tom are good friends of Doc Reese’s. She wants Margo and Tom to talk to Doc about getting his act together. Margo saw the fiasco that happened on air. Kim tells her that the audience loved it, unfortunately her sponsors didn’t. Margo tells her that Tom is really busy but not to worry. Margo will take care of the ‘wild man’.

Doc comes to meet Margo later. Margo tries to get right down to business, but Doc wants to flirt around some more. Margo is firm, and reminds him that she is there to talk to him about his behavior on air the other night. Doc blames it on his ex-wife, saying that she can be down right nasty when she wants to be. When Margo asks if they still have feelings for each other, Doc takes that as a clue to flirt again and asks if she is jealous. Margo seems flattered by the attention, but reminds him that if he is smart he won’t be making passes at his boss’ daughter-in-law. Doc tells her he would be stupid not to want to spend time with a marvelous woman like her. Margo starts to relax and tells Doc what a stressful week she has had, with Katie and everything else in her life. Doc tells her that he does pushups when he wants to relieve stress. They joke around a bit about pushups and Margo ends up challenging Doc to a pushup showdown. She out lasts him by about 13 pushups. He claims he let her win. She agrees with him though, pushups do relieve stress. Margo finally decides that it is time she got back to the station. She agrees with him that they had fun, but she reminds him not to forget why she was really here. She warns him that Kim is tough, and if he keeps up with his shenanigans, Kim will fire him and not look back. He thanks her for the heads-up, but as she leaves he can’t resist one more ‘flirt’: “Oh, and Margo? Love that perfume.”

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