ATWT Update Friday 5/14/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/14/04

By Lisa
Pictures by Boo

Mike wakes up to a note from Pilar telling him that she will meet him at the cottage later.

Meanwhile she pays a visit to Katie in the mental hospital to gloat about destroying the message she left for Mike on his voicemail. When Pilar drops the bomb of their lovemaking with proof in the picture she set up of them in bed together, Katie demands that she leave the hospital immediately.

She later confides in Henry who offers his usual overwhelming support. When Katie becomes even more suspicious of Pilar’s motives the two begin to cook up a plan to break out of the hospital to get to Russ. At the cottage Mike reminisces about his time spent there with Katie.

When Pilar finally shows up she lets Mike know that even after last night she’s okay with the two of them just being friends. Mike eagerly agrees with her claiming that he prefers to keep his life free of complications.

Jordan expresses his concern to Rosanna about having to keep their marriage plans to get Cabot back. Rosanna tries to reassure him that they do not have to stick to their plan for much longer and begs him to give her time to straighten out all the paperwork to finalize the adoption. After further convincing Jordan finally agrees just before heading out for the hospital to check on Barbara Ryan. Meanwhile at the police station, Jack raises suspicion to Carly that Cabot may NOT legally belong to Rosanna yet. He admits to recently contacting various adoption agencies, all who have no recent trace of Rosanna. After pleading for him to just let the issue go, Carly strongly believes that her sister has done everything legally the 2nd time around.

Before leaving, Jack makes Carly promise that she will not warn Rosanna about his investigation. As Rosanna continues to make frantic phone calls to assure her adoption is legal she is visited by Jack. He questions her about the legality of the adoption and threatens to bring in child services. Before their conversation escalates they are interrupted by Anabelle who arrives just in time to serve Rosanna the final paperwork. Anabelle quickly presents all her documentation to the two but Jack still believes that Rosanna is hiding something. After his failed attempt to confiscate the documents he leaves Anabelle with Rosanna promising that he will keep a close eye on the both of them. Finally alone together, Anabelle shows Rosanna the clause filled “extended” version of the adoption agreement. In reading through Rosanna finds a clause she will absolutely NOT agree to.

Jennifer visits Barbara in the hospital to reassure her before her big day of surgery. When Paul joins the two he informs his mother of Jordan Sinclair’s sudden marriage to Rosanna in Las Vegas. Barbara is outraged as Jennifer’s bitterness about the issue begins to seep through. Before they are able to discuss it any further Barbara is called away to surgery. Her doctor is confident about her surgery’s success and promises her that he will be in the OR supporting her the entire time. Outside the hospital room Jennifer vents to Paul about Jordan’s motives for marrying Rosanna.

She later runs into Jordan looking for her mother and he apologizes for hurting her. He begs that she give him more time to make things right but his pleas infuriates her even further and she storms away from him.

When he catches up to her he grabs her attention by telling her that his marriage is not at all what it seems. Meanwhile Paul questions Carly as to why Rosanna and Jordan REALLY tied the knot so seemingly close to the time that Cabot was leally adopted. When Carly tries to escape the question Paul asks that she relay the message that he will always be a willing friend for her sister and would help her out in any situation if she needed.

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