ATWT Update Thursday 5/13/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/13/04

By Lisa
Pictures by Boo

Pilar schemes to keep Mike and Katie Apart:

Pilar convinces Mike to stay and spend quality time with her in their motel room after he gets up in the middle of the night to get some fresh air. He tells her that he intends on going through with his plans to leave town so Katie won’t be tempted to continually pine after him. Pilar then attempts to seduce him, but when he pulls away she flips out on him for feeling responsible for Katie’s breakdown.

When she threatens to leave, Mike stops her and she pulls him into making love to her.

Meanwhile, Henry continues to motivate Katie into fighting for Mike and begins to think of ways for her to escape the mental hospital. He comes up with the plan to take off on his own so he can bribe Russ into spilling information about Pilar. To his surprise, he finds out that he can’t leave the hospital until his doctor’s approval and must at least stay for his 30 recuperative days.

Before being escorted off to his room by orderlies, he urges Katie to phone Mike, but her call goes unanswered. Later, with Mike asleep, Pilar listens to Katie’s voicemail declaring her love for him and she treacherously erases the message. Going even one step further to keep Mike to herself, Pilar sets up a timer camera in their room to take intimate photos of her a Mike in bed to send to Katie.

Molly learns the truth about Dusty’s money laundering:

Molly is outraged when she is interrogated by thugs in search of Dusty at her bar. Before they are able to do any harm, Dusty comes to her rescue and is able to calm them down. When he reveals to them that the feds are hovering around their money-laundering scheme through the Rose Foundation they are unsympathetic. Dusty tries to call off the deal but their resistance to the idea leads them to the ultimate threat….going after Lily. Unable to suppress his temper, a rage filled Dusty forces the thugs to leave his bar. After clearing out Molly questions Dusty about his motives in doing business with low lives. He eventually tells her the truth and Molly is utterly disgusted by his actions. She angrily sets off to leave but not before Dusty makes it crystal clear that under no circumstances can she tell Lily.

Rosanna reunites with baby Cabbot:

Concerned about the whereabouts of her child, Rosanna tells Lucy the truth about her father kidnapping Cabbot. In shock of her father’s underhanded acts, Lucy tells the crowd where Craig may be hiding the baby.

Before setting off for the search, Rosanna tells Craig that once she finds Cabbot they will never be a family again.

Meanwhile Paul lies unconscious in the burning motel room and later wakes up only to find that they are trapped by the flames. Later when Jack and Rosanna arrive at the motel they are alarmed when they find smoke coming from the room are quick to bring in the fire department.

Then in a heroic act, Paul takes a chance and breaks through the door of flames to save Cabbot and hands the baby over to an emotional Rosanna anxiously waiting on the other side. As mother and son reunite Jack pulls Paul aside to question him on what exactly happened in the motel room. Paul explains that he tracked Cabbot down to the motel and found him with a sitter and later woke up on the floor of the room with it already engulfed in flames. Meanwhile Craig begins to question Carly as to why Rosanna needed to marry Jordan Sinclair in Las Vegas just before being interrupted by the news of the fire rescue.

When Jack returns, he demands that Jack get ready to head back to Oakdale to face criminal charges. A mortified Lily then tells her father that he is indeed a sick man and warns him to stay away from her. With the nightmare finally over, Rosanna gets to spend some much deserved bonding time with her son.

When Paul comes in to check on the duo she tenderly thanks him for saving Cabbot’s life. The two begin to grow close but are interrupted by Jordan who reveals to Paul that he and Rosanna are now husband and wife!

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