ATWT Update Wednesday 5/12/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/12/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Kim's kitchen:

Kim catches Alison at the breakfast bar pouring over instruction books for learning pottery. She thinks Alison doesn’t need these books; she has a raw – natural talent. Alison tries to explain that she is just another beginner like everyone else in the class, but Kim doesn’t listen to any of that.

She tells Alison that she has been thinking about Bob cleaning out the garden shed for the pottery wheel, and she has decided to clear up some of her time so that Alison can teach her how to do pottery also. Alison is a bit taken aback by this, but tries to play along. Kim goes to the wheel and asks Alison how to turn it on. While Alison tries to figure out how to turn it on, Kim turns on the news to make sure she doesn’t miss it. What she sees going on at the station makes her furious. At first Alison thinks that Kim is screaming at her, but then realizes it is something that Kim is watching on TV. Kim calls the station and yells at them to cut to commercial, she is on her way into the station. She grabs her purse and storms out of the house. Alison’s secret is safe for the time being. She calls Aaron in a panic. After she figures out how to turn the wheel on, Aaron wonders if she will be able to pull all of this off. Alison is sure that she can. She just has to pay Molly her share out of her paycheck tomorrow and she will have like 40 or 50 dollars. Aaron tells her that a custom plate like she is talking about will be at least 100 dollars. She starts to give up, but Aaron assures her that he will take care of her again. He will get the plate; in the meantime she needs to learn how to use that wheel. She thanks him and says good bye. She puts a blob of clay on the wheel and watches it go round and round. It makes her dizzy and feel sick to her stomach, so she runs to the bathroom as if she's going to throw up.

Margo’s kitchen:

Jessica continues to try to warn Margo against this infatuation that she has with Doc. Margo continues to deny it. When Jessica keeps pressuring her, she finally admits that she sees nothing wrong with a little flirting between the two of them. Jessica says there is nothing wrong with flirting, unless you are flirting with disaster. Margo still denies that she has any kind of feelings other than friendship for Doc. Jessica is not convinced. She is worried about Margo because she loves her. Margo knows that, but she did totally enjoy the evening. Doc made her forget that she had to put Katie in an institution, and made her smile when she was so tired. He took care of her for just a few hours. Margo sees nothing wrong with that. A delivery man shows up with a bouquet of flowers for Margo.

They are from Doc. Jessica tells Margo that she rests her case, thinking that the flowers prove that she is in over her head. Ben and Tom join them in the kitchen as Ben describes Tom and Margo’s huge plasma screen they have in their bedroom. Ben wants one of those for his birthday. Jessica tells him she is the only entertainment he needs in his bedroom. They decide it is time to leave, and get back to their original plans. They all say their good-byes. Jess and Ben stop on the porch to smooch a bit and try to decide if they should go home, or take advantage of the motel room. Just as they decide to get their monies worth at the Lakeview, Jessica gets a call from Doc telling her that he needs his attorney at the TV station right away. So much for their well laid plans.

Back inside, Tom goes up to help Casey with his homework. Margo gets a call from Doc. He is glad that she liked the flowers. After the call, Tom comes back down and tells her that he was thinking the two of them could watch something on the plasma screen. Margo tells him she will be right up.

Later, Margo is laying in bed and imagines having a conversation with Doc. She tries to tell him to leave her alone, but he reminds her that she brought him here. In her head. He asks what she wants from him. Margo tells the imaginary Doc that she wants him to leave her alone. She is just really tired and stressed out and that is the only reason she is thinking of him. She finally concentrates on making him disappear, and is proud of herself when she accomplishes that little feat.


Doc is setting up for the nightly broadcast. As the production manager counts him down, a man comes on the set as if he belongs there and takes a place to the side of the camera’s to watch the show. Doc is on air and announces what is coming up on the sports report, after commercial. During the 30 second break, the man walks up to Doc and asks for an autograph. As soon as Doc signs the paper, the man informs him that he has just been served with papers. Doc losses his temper and runs around the desk and grabs the guy. The stage manager counts them down; Doc doesn’t pay attention to any of the show people and continues to fight with the process server.

They go on air with the whole crew in a bit of a brawl. Doc is furious that the man would serve him papers while he is on the job. He threatens the man as Kim comes busting into the station. She gets everything under control pretty quickly, and then turns on Doc.

She informs him that he is out of second chances, his explanation better be good. Jessica arrives to find out why she was summoned to the station. Doc shows her the papers. He explains that they are from his ex-wife. She is suing him for destruction of personal property. He explains that after she destroyed his Maserati, he took all of her clothes and other personal possessions, ALL of which HE bought and torched them in the driveway. He justifies it by saying that he can do whatever he wants with things that HE purchases.

Jessica agrees to call his ex-wife’s attorney in the morning and see what settlement they can come up with. Doc doesn’t like that he has to give his ex even more money, but guesses that is the best way to handle it. He then informs Jessica that is only half of her job there tonight. He explains what happened when the guy served him, and how it was all broadcast on TV. He tells her the other half of her job is to save his job for him. Jessica goes to ask Kim about Doc’s job. Kim tells her it depends if she can make all of this go away. Jessica thinks she can take care of the ex-wife and the process server without any further news coverage.

Jessica returns to tell Doc the good news about his job and catches him on the phone with Margo. She isn’t happy about what she hears. When Doc gets off the phone, Jessica tells him that he still has a job for now, but advices that he apologize to Kim again, and prove that he isn’t a liability. Doc is pleased to hear this and asks her if there is anything else he can do for her, besides paying her the big bucks. She tells him there is something he can do for her. He can stay away from her friend.

Still in Las Vegas:

In Jordan’s suite, Craig has hung up on Rosanna. She frantically tries to call him back, but he isn’t picking up the phone. Jordan asks if that was her ex husband. Rosanna verifies that it was. She quickly grabs her purse and coat and head for the door. Jordan tries to get her to tell him what is going on, but she is in a huge hurry and promises to tell him everything that is going on. She does tell him that she is going to meet with Craig before she bolts out the door.

In Craig’s room, he talks to Cabot a little bit and then asks the scary looking Dalma to verify that she used to be in the rebel army in her country. When she says that she was, Craig is pleased. (What kind of MORON leaves a baby with some one like that????) He tells her that half of her payment is in an envelope on the table; she will get the other half when he gets back. He informs her that no one is to come into the room while he is gone, and she is to guard Cabot with her life. He specifically tells her that if anyone tries to take the baby, to protect him by any means necessary.  Dalma understands. Craig then promises Cabot that he will be back soon, and he is bringing mommy with him.

In the conference room where they had the fashion show, Paul is still trying to convince Jack to let him help. The press come in and asks to talk to Paul about the show. Paul pushes Carly on them instead. After Jack assures Carly that it is okay, she goes out to another room to give an interview. Rosanna rushes in and interrupts them. She needs Carly to come with her right now! Carly is confused and wants to know what is going on. Rosanna hurriedly tells her that Craig has Cabot, and she will explain the rest to her on the way to the chapel. They leave the room. Back in the first room, Jack tries to convince Paul that he needs to worry about his mother’s surgery and the fashion show. They both go into the other room and find Carly gone. Jack takes off to find her. Lucy comes into the room looking for Rosanna. She explains that Craig called her to meet him in Las Vegas, but she didn’t know where to go so she called Rosanna’s office. They told her Rosanna was here at the fashion show, so she came here.

When Lucy tells Paul that Craig said something about ‘being a family again’, he starts to put two and two together. He asks to see Lucy’s cell phone and calls back the number where Craig called Lucy from. He gets the location of the place and takes off telling Lucy to find Rosanna. He thinks she will need to talk to Lucy.

Back in Jordan’s suite, Jack shows up looking for Carly. When he learns that Rosanna is missing too, he grills Jordan. Jordan tells him everything he knows and Jack also starts to put two and two together. He tells Jordan that if Rosanna rented a car, he may be able to find out where she is from the GPS systems that most rental cars have now. He takes off, telling Jordan to call him if Rosanna calls. Right after Jack leaves, Lucy comes knocking on the door looking for Rosanna. When Jordan answers the door, Lucy thinks she has the wrong room. Jordan thinks she looks familiar. When he learns that she is Craig’s daughter, he introduces himself as Rosanna’s husband. He invites Lucy in and kind of sketches things out for her. He then calls the chapel where he and Rosanna got married and asks how to get the marriage annulled. The Justice of the Peace tells him that Rosanna and some guy named ‘Craig Montgomery’ are there now. Jordan tells Lucy they are going to her father’s wedding as he rushes her out the door.

Carly and Rosanna arrive at the chapel. Carly tries to make sense out of all this, and warns Rosanna that she will be a bigamist if she marries Craig too. Rosanna doesn’t care if it is declared illegal afterwards; at least she will have her son.

When the officiate first enters the room, Rosanna’s back is turned to him and he assumes that the two women want to get married. When Rosanna turns to face him, he recognizes her and informs her there is only one service per customer. Rosanna starts to talk to the Justice right when Craig joins them. Carly jumps into action quickly and tries to make it look like she is the one marrying Craig and tries to get him out of the room so that Rosanna can ‘take care of all the details’. Craig doesn’t understand what is going on. He tells Rosanna that he found Cabot. Rosanna knows, but still tries to get the Justice by himself. When Craig realizes that the Justice thinks he is marrying Carly, he corrects him and announces that it is he and Rosanna who are getting married. The Justice tells him that is impossible because Rosanna just became the new Mrs. Jordan Sinclair a few hours ago. Craig is shocked into silence for a moment. The Justice offers help in speeding along an annulment of the first marriage. Carly ushers the Justice out so that Craig and Rosanna can talk things over. Craig takes the defense now and tells Rosanna that now that she has this new life, she doesn’t need to worry about Cabot anymore. In fact, she doesn’t need to ever see him again. Rosanna tells him that she had to marry Jordan. Craig backs off a little and tells her he understands. She can get the annulment and then they can be married again, and be a family again. Rosanna pleads with him not to use Cabot like this, but Craig is convinced that this is the right thing to do. He tells Rosanna that he will give her till midnight to get this annulment and then, after they are married, he will take her to see her son. Jack shows up and demands to know where Cabot is also. Rosanna is happy to see Jack and wants him to arrest Craig for kidnapping her baby. Jordan and Lucy join the crowd now and things get a little hectic. Jordan wants to know if she was trying to protect Cabot from Craig. Rosanna tells Lucy that Craig has Cabot and won’t let her see him until she marries him again. Lucy wants to know if all of this is true. Craig tells them all that he doesn’t know what kind of game Rosanna has been playing, but he can assure everyone that Cabot is just fine and all he wants is to bring their family back together. Rosanna begs Craig to tell her where Cabot is. Lucy remembers the call on her cell phone, and tells everyone that she thinks she knows where Cabot is.

Back at Craig’s motel room, Paul has arrived and is banging on the door, demanding that Craig open up. When he threatens to call the cops, Dalma finally opens the door and begs him not to call the cops. Paul forces his way into the room and finds Cabot. As he starts to tell Cabot that his mommy will be happy to see him, Dalma hits him over the head with a lamp and knocks him out. Somehow the lamp sparks, so Dalma tries to get it out by putting a blanket on it.  This doesn't work, and instead, the room catches on fire. She screams No! The next thing we see is  Paul lying unconscious on the floor, with flames all around him in the room.  Dalma is gone, she probably took Cabot with her.

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