ATWT Update Tuesday 5/11/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/11/04

By Boo
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Kimís kitchen:

Chris and Kim have a huge surprise for Alison. Chris tells her to keep her eyes closed until he tells her it is okay to open them.

Kim watches excitedly, while Nancy watches on looking very curious. When Alison opens her eyes, she is presented with a potters wheel. Chris tells her that he and his father are going to clean out a space in the shed and set her up a workshop. Alison tries to stumble her way out of it by saying that she just started, her teacher helped her with that first vase, they need to save their money so they can get a place of their own, etc. Kim and Chris are just so proud of her and believe so strongly that she is so talented. They just want to support her all the way with this. Nancy just sits down at the table and watches closely to see how Alison is going to get out of this one. Chris has a great idea for her first project. Since his parents helped with the purchase of the wheel, she could make them one of those big plates with their silhouettes, or some poetry or a rose or something like that. It could be their anniversary present.

Alison at first tells Chris that she canít do that, but then decides that it canít be that hard to make a plate.


Ben meets Jessica there for dinner and surprises her with a key to a room. He explains that Curtis is home tonight and he didnít have the heart to put the boy out since he has been working so many hours lately. Jessica is very please with the idea of spending a night in a room alone with her handsome husband. Ben tells her that he wants to spend hours making love to her, making a baby. Jessica starts to wonder if she is still in a Ďfertileí state when she realizes how un-romantic that is and they joke about it a little bit. Benís phone rings and he answers to Casey. Casey tells them that he is at Margo and Tomís house, and Doc Reese has cooked up enough ribs for the entire town and asks them to come over. Ben tells his son that they have other plans for the night and hangs up. He tells Jessica what was said on the phone, and then guesses that Doc must have lost a bet or something. He canít think of any other reason Doc would be cooking in Margoís kitchen.

Tom and Margoís house:

Outside Tom stops Margo from entering the house thinking maybe he should just take her out to eat. She is so upset that she had to put Katie in a mental hospital. Margo went and seen Katie and could tell that Katie has just given up. When Simon came back and then left again, Katie just canít move on with her life. She is very worried about her. Tom understands and tries to be there for his wife. He tells her that maybe Katie has given up for now, but she is in the right place to get help. He asks her what she needs to get through this. Margo tells him she needs her ratty pajamas, her slippers, and a ton of pasta and chocolate. Tom and Margo enter the house to find Curtis and Casey yelling surprise. Doc has come over and made a whole dinner for all of them.

Doc enters the room to present them with a plate heaped with barbecued ribs. Tom and Margo are both shocked to see all of this and ask how it all came about. Casey shows them a t-shirt that Doc brought him earlier in the evening. When they mentioned to Doc that Margo and Tom were going to be late getting home, Doc suggested they cook supper for them. Curtis and Casey thought it was a great idea, so they all pitched in and helped. Tom starts to tell them all that they have had a bad day, but Margo stops him. She is obviously happy to see Doc. She tells Tom that she is tired, but she is also very hungry. Margo sits down to relax as Tom goes upstairs with the boys to help carry all the food down. Doc rubs her shoulders and the two flirt around a little bit before Tom and the boys come back with the food. Ben and Jessica arrive and explain that Curtis called and told them that Doc had prepared enough food to sink the Titanic. Jessica hopes they are not intruding, but Margo is quick to invite them in. Doc is happy to see his favorite female attorney. After a little bit of chit chat, they all decide to sit down and dive into the food. After dinner, they joke about Doc opening his own franchise: ďDocís RibsĒ for a little while before Jessica and Margo shuffle the boys off to do their homework. After a bit of pleading, the boys give up and Curtis takes off for home while Casey escapes upstairs. Not before getting a promise from Doc that they will do this again, but not on a school night next time. The adults joke around a little bit more about football and fans. Jessica watches Margoís interactions with Doc very closely. Doc announces that he has to get out of there so that he isnít late for work again. Kim would have his hide. Margo offers to walk him out. On the porch she thanks him for the meal, and promises next time it will be on her and Tom.

Doc asks to take her to lunch sometime, but she tells him it isnít such a good idea. Doc makes sure that he is still invited to dinner though. Margo assures him that he is, when all the Ďboysí are there. Doc thanks her for her hospitality. Margo suddenly reaches up and kisses him on the cheek and then quickly goes inside to find Jessica waiting for her. Jess asks her if everything is okay. Margo nervously starts to clean up a little bit. When Jess notes that she is trembling, she tries to pull it off by saying she that it is cold outside. Jess reminds her that is rather warm out and tells her that she thinks Margo is infatuated with Doc.

Las Vegas:

The fashion show is underway and things are hectic behind the scenes. Carly tries to keep things moving even though Jennifer is missing in action and half of their accessories didnít make it to Vegas. Jordan shows up to help out and informs Carly that he just married her sister. He tells her that he will explain all after the show and rushes off to talk to the press. Paul, Barbara, Jennifer and Walker join Carly backstage. Barbara tells Carly that she canít see a thing, but she can feel the excitement. We can hear the applause coming from the stage area. Things are still really hectic with the models so Jennifer runs off to help get some things straightened out. Paul tells Carly that he and Walker are going to take Barbara down to get her makeup done for her walk down the aisle. At first Barbara protests, but Paul convinces her that she will be fine. He will be on one arm and Jennifer will be on the other. No one will ever know that she canít see a thing. Carly and Paul both tell her that she deserves this moment, and she finally agrees to go with them. Jennifer comes back to see what else needs to be done. Carly gives her a few instructions including finding Jordan for her. Jennifer rushes off to take care of things as Jack comes in to surprise Carly. She is very happy to see him there. Jack explains that Hal is covering for him and the kids are with Emma. He tells her that he needs to talk to Rosanna right away. Carly is swamped with keeping the models in the right shoes and scarves and asks if they canít talk about this later. Jack tells her it canít wait, itís about Cabot. He explains that he checked on Cabot when Rosanna told him that she thought Cabot was in danger. Cabot and his mother have both just disappeared and Jack things that Rosanna is involved somehow. Carly tells him to check Jordanís motel room, he might find her there. Jack takes off to find Rosanna.

In Jordanís suite, Rosanna is ready to strangle Annabelle when she learns that Annabelle doesnít have Cabot. Annabelle explains that she did have Cabot until this morning. Someone knocked on her door, and when she looked outside to see who it was, she saw a package. She opened the door to get the package and woke up on the couch with a huge bump on her head. Rosanna is understandably upset and doesnít understand at all what is going on. Annabelle promises to do whatever she can to help get Cabot back. She knows that her boss will kill her when he finds out she lost the kid. Rosanna tells her that her boss will have to get in line. Jack shows up and demands to know what is going on. Annabelle tries to make a hasty retreat, but Jack stops her. Rosanna fills Jack in on what has been going on, at least the highlights anyway. Jack makes a few calls and gets some of his friends in Vegas working on the case. They are also looking into what happened to Cabotís natural mother. He tells Anabelle that the Vegas PD is sending a car over to pick her up and escorts her out. He tells Rosanna to wait there in case someone tries to get in contact with her about Cabot..

In another motel room, Craig has Cabot with him. He talks a little bit to Cabot and gets a phone call telling someone that he is ready for them. Someone knocks on the door and Craig tells them to come in. It is a really scary looking woman who is there to obviously look after Cabot. Her name is Dalma. She doesnít speak very good English.

The fashion show is coming to an end and Carly goes on stage to introduce Barbara. Barbara comes down the runway with Paul and Jennifer on each side. Cameras flash, questions are yelled out.

Barbara, Paul, and Jennifer all smile and compliment each other on the success of the show. Carly, Jordan and Walker all watch proudly from the sidelines. Barbara thanks the crowd and tells everyone how happy she is to be back with her son and daughter by her side. As she gets ready to introduce Carly, Jack rejoins Carly and tells her that this is her moment, he will tell her all about Rosanna after the show. Barbara asks for Carly to come out on stage. Jennifer whispers to Barbara that she is stepping back and Carly will now be on her right side.

The three of them answer questions from the media for a short time, and then Barbara announces that all their questions will be answered later. For now they are off to celebrate. They exit the stage to find Walker and Jack there to congratulate them. They pulled everything off beautifully. Congratulations all around for everyone. Barbara wants to make sure that Jennifer sends a pictures of all of this to Willís doctor. Jennifer promises to take care of everything. Barbara prepares to leave. Paul wants to go with her, but she wants him to stay behind and take care of all the buyers. Paul protests at first, but finally agrees that he will see her after the surgery in the morning. Barbara tells him to let Jordan handle the press, he is only to handle the buyers. Paul agrees and kisses his mother good-bye. Barbara, Walker and Jennifer leave to head for the airport. Jack fills Carly in on all that happened with Rosanna and Cabot. Carly worries that Rosanna must be going out of her mind. Paul overhears them talking and wants to know what is going on. Carly doesnít trust Paulís intentions at all. Paul pleads his case saying that he knows he has messed up big time, and only wants to turn his life around. He looks to Jack for support, but Jack lets him know that he is on his own. Paul tells Carly that he really cares about Rosanna and wants to start making things up to her.

Back in Jordanís suite, he returns to find Rosanna in a dazed state. She explains to him all that has happened since she last saw him. Jordan tries to calm her down but she is working herself into a tizzy. She has thought this all through and thinks that someone knows her and wants money from her, but she doesnít understand why no one has called. Jordan continues to try to comfort her, telling her that no one will hurt Cabot. He knows how much she loves that baby. When the phone rings, Rosanna jumps to answer it. When she finds out that it is Craig, she tries to tell him that she canít talk and starts to hang up.

Craig gets her attention by mentioning Cabot. He tells her to meet him at the Palace of Happiness and he will explain everything. He tells her that if she marries him again, they can all be a happy family again. Craig, Rosanna, Lucy and Cabot.

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