ATWT Update Monday 5/10/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/10/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Henry visits Katie in the mental hospital. Katie is calm and says the place is very peaceful. A nurse tells him that visiting hours are almost over and she tells another nutty-looking patient that it's time for his dance therapy. Henry sits down next to Katie on the couch and tells her that Margo sent him to check up on her. He remarks that Margo seems to believe that Katie is nuts.

Katie says that Margo loves her. Henry notices her quiet behavior and thinks she's faking. He asks her what her plan is. She tells him about her arts and crafts. He worries that she's really snapped. Henry ties to get Katie to fight Pilar, but she has given up. He keeps trying. He tells her that his life is nothing without her, saying he is like the little plastic man at the bottom of the fish tank. He yells at her. Katie tells him that she's realized that Pilar will get to Mike, so it doesn't matter where she is, if Mike is gone. The nurse tells Henry he has to go, and he assures her that he's practically gone. Henry shows Katie a gift he brought, a propeller beanie. She smirks but doesn't smile, saying there's nothing funny about this place. He says that's their problem. He keeps telling her how normal she is and she won't be in there long. She tells him that it was good seeing him and walks away. He had mentioned to Katie that 30 days is not long, but the nurse tells him that 30 days is only for when the commitment is voluntary. She will be there until she gets well.

He wants to know who will judge her and who he can talk to. She tells him that he will need to make an appointment with Katie's doctors. Some of the patients tell Henry that Nurse Rockwell is not someone to mess around with so he'd better be moving. Henry says she doesn't scare him and he isn't going to let his friend stay in there alone. The nurse tries to throw him out. He wants to take Katie out of there, so she threatens to call security. Henry puts on a crazy act. He says it's a matter of life and death for him to see Katie because she's got the pills that make him invisible. The nurse humors him and goes to call security. The other inmate calls him "Captain Destiny". Later, Katie wonders why Henry is still there. He tells her that he couldn't get her out, so he got himself committed so he could stay with her. She hugs him, touched.

Mike tells Pilar that he can't stay with her, but she tells him that she didn't mean as lovers. They are both alone, so she suggests they should be alone together. She keeps at him until he gives in. She goes to get them some food. He stares out the window and then sits on the edge of the bed, looking lost. Mike falls asleep on the bed and has a dream about marrying Katie. As he goes to put the ring on her finger, she is in a straight jacket. She begs him to get out of it, then two men in white coats rush in and take her away. She's begging him to help her as she is dragged away. Pilar returns and sits on the bed. He says Katie's name twice and then wakes up. She says he was talking in her asleep, but when he asks what it was, she replies that it was nothing important. They share thet akeout she got, but he's not very hungry. He says he's not very much fun right now, as he gets up, but she stops him from leaving by pretending she heard a scary noise outside. He asks if she's scared to be alone. She pretends that she feels like a baby for being so scared. She shares how often she gets up to check the locks on the door. He doesn't want to leave her like this. She doesn't want him to go, either, so she gets him blankets for him so he can stay and relax. He remembers the dream he was having, so he tells her about it. She suggests that he try to stop worrying about Katie since he can't help her anymore. He agrees. Mike falls asleep again on her bed. Pilar caresses his face. Pilar imagines that Mike has a dream that he's marrying Pilar and kissing her, while Katie watches in her strait jacket. She pleads with Mike to listen to her and get her out, but he can't hear her. PIlar lies down next to Mike on the bed, cuddling up to him.

Paul visits Barbara in the hospital. He has a lot to say to her, but he starts by saying he's "so sorry". She wonders if he means that or it's just pity. He says it's a little of both. He chides her for not telling him about the illness. They discuss BRO and his motives for trying to oust her. He admits he wanted revenge, so she asks him if he's glad about the situation she's in. They keep chatting, getting things out in the open. He tells her all the plans for revenge he had. He explains that he needed someone to blame for what happened to Rose and Will, so she was an easy target.

She blames herself for his hating her, after all she did to him in the past. She offers to walk out of his life for good if it will help him. He is amazed at her attitude, especially given what she's going through now. She says it's time she took care of herself. Next we see Paul is quietly looking out the window; Barbara wonders if he is still there. He says he was just thinking. Walker visits and tells her that she's all set for surgery tomorrow. Paul asks about a second opinion, but Walker says there's no time for that. As Walker is leaving, Paul asks if Barbara can go to the fashion show before she flies back to Oakdale. Walker thinks it's a bad idea because she needs to rest. Barbara is surprised and touched that Paul wants her there. He says it's their chance to start over and forgive one another. He wants her there. He tells her sweetly that he's willing to give this one more shot. Barbara talks about how much she hurt him and can't take it back. She wants the whole world to know that her family is more important to her than the company. Walker tells Paul that Barbara's vision is not coming back this time so she will need someone with her at all times. Paul says he'll get her a nurse. Walker says he'll do it; he doesn't want to leave Barbara's side. Barbara thanks him and tells Paul how great he's been. Walker goes to call the airport; Paul thanks him for taking care of his mom. Paul gives her the papers that he had her sign, making him in charge of BRO. He wants them to tear them up together. He tells her that he wants to be partners with her again. She isn't sure that she will ever be able to design again, but that doesn't matter to him. They tear them up together, and then she cries on his shoulder as they hug.

Jennifer is shocked about Jordan marrying Rosanna. Jordan stares but says nothing as Jennifer babbles on. She reminds him what he said just a few hours ago about not being interested in Rosanna. After a pause, and Rosanna putting in her two cents, he tells her that he loves Rosanna and wants to make it last forever. Jennifer wants to know when they got so close and why Jordan didn't tell her. Rosanna says it just happened.

Jordan says nothing. Rosanna asks Jennifer why she came there, what the emergency was. Jennifer tells them about Barbara's brain tumor. Rosanna is surprised and expresses her sympathy, but Jordan says something about how the radiation was supposed to get rid of it. Jennifer is shocked and hurt that he knew. He says he overheard a conversation a few weeks ago between Barbara and her doctor, but Barbara begged him not to tell anyone. He apologizes, moving toward Jennifer, but she backs up, saying she is not interested in what he has to say. Jennifer says sarcastically that Barbara wanted to see him, but she guesses he'll be on his honeymoon. Jordan tells Rosanna he has to go see Barbara, and Rosanna understands. He offers to drive Jennifer to the hospital, but she would rather take a taxi. She congratulates them angrily before leaving. Rosanna comes up behind him and tells him desperately that Jennifer will get over it. Jordan turns and says he can't do that to Jennifer; he has to tell her the truth. They argue about it.

Rosanna says that once she's sure that Cabot is hers, he can tell Jennifer everything. He says Jennifer may not be speaking to him at that point. Rosanna pours it on thick, saying that once Jennifer hears why he did it, she will care for him even more. As Jordan leaves to go to the hospital, Rosanna thanks him for everything he's done for her. She phones someone to tell them that she's married Jordan, so when can she have Cabot. She's told "today", which surprises her because she didn't know he was in Vegas. She tells the person what suite she's in.

Jordan finds Jennifer at the fashion show. She is upset still. He tries to make her feel better but he can't. She demands to know if he was just using them as a stepping stone to get to bigger things, like Cabot Motors. He assures her that he's not leaving BRO, but she doesn't believe him. She yells at him. She says she is disappointed in herself because Paul was right to think that he had an agenda. He tells her that the only purpose he had at BRO was to put the company back on its feet. She asks him about their relationship. She asks how he could have meant the sweet things he said if he was in love with someone else. He says he can't explain what happened with Rosanna, but he insists that nothing he said to her was a lie. She asks him not to tell Barbara about his marriage to Rosanna until she gets better. He promises. She asks him if he ever envisioned a simple married life for himself, or was he always interested in corporate jets and fine wine? She tells him to forget it and leaves him standing there.

Jennifer goes to visit Barbara. She is surprised and not pleased to see Paul there. Barbara shows her the document they tore up, so Jennifer flies to his arms and cries, glad that things are going to be okay. She hugs Barbara, too. Barbara fills her in on what's been going on with her operation. Jordan comes in and tells Barbara that he's sorry the radiation didn't help. Paul is surprised that he knew. Barbara informs them that she will be at the show, since Paul asked her to be there.

Walker comes in and tells her the paperwork is done, so she can leave. Jennifer thanks Walker and hugs him, then her smile disappears as she has to talk to Jordan about some details for the show. He leaves. Jennifer gets Barbara's clothes out of the closet so she can prepare to go home. Barbara quizzes Jennifer about where she found Jordan before. Jennifer replies that he was with Rosanna. Barbara can sense some tension and wonders if they had an argument, but Jennifer denies it. She breaks down crying and hugs Barbara. Later, Paul, Jennifer, Barbara, and Jordan get ready to go to the show. Jordan takes his wedding ring out of his pocket and looks at it sadly.

Rosanna is in her suite when someone knocks. It's Anabella, who walks in and looks around, admiring the place.

Rosanna wants to know where Cabot is. The woman says there's a little problem. Rosanna yells at her. The woman says he doesn't know where he is. Rosanna has lost patience; she grabs the woman and starts shaking her, yelling at her to tell her where Cabot is.

Next, we see that Craig has Cabot and is bouncing him on his knee, singing him a song. and grinning. He talks to Cabot. He says he thinks things are finally turning around.

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