ATWT Update Thursday 5/6/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/6/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Mike is concerned about Pilar after he gets Katie off her. Katie tells them that the whole thing was a setup and that Pilar just admitted to her that she purposely made it look like Katie was crazy. Margo and Mike don't believe her. Katie begs him to believe her.


Jennifer talks to Barbara, who is in the hospital. Jennifer cries and tries to be brave. She wishes she had known and could have helped more. Barbara assures her that she was a help. Jennifer mentions Paul taking over the company, but Barbara says this is about so much more than the company. Barbara says she sees the future and Jennifer is there, getting married. She will walk through fire to get there. Jennifer says she will walk with her and they hug. Barbara asks Jennifer to go back to the hospital and make sure Carly and Jordan keep the show going. Jennifer worries about Paul, but Barbara just tells her to do whatever she can do to get around him. Jennifer agrees and asks if she can ever forgive Paul after what he did. Barbara says she doesn't know.

Paul wanders around where the BRO show will be. He stares at the company's logo. Carly picks up the papers he was waving around yesterday that prove he's in charge of BRo. She asks him if he got what he wanted. In a quiet voice, he asks if that was Barbara's secret (the illness). Paul tells Carly not to act so superior because she was just as willing to stab Barbara in the back as he was. She is sorry that Barbara found out about her part in it because they were becoming close, like girlfriends. Carly talks about how she had always envied Barbara her class because she wanted to be just like her. He suggests this could be her big chance, but she declines, saying she's there to help Barbara. He says he could fight he ron this, but she tells him that he is the one Barbara needs now. He doesn't know if she still wants him now. Carly yells at him for not realizing what Barbara has done for him. He doesn't know how he could have known if Barbara didn't tell him that she was going to act like a real mother. He notes that she looked so scared. Carly says she's been scared for weeks but kept going bravely. Paul says he might have forgotten how brave she is. He asks about the tumor. Carly tells him she refused treatment because she wanted Paul and Jennifer to have the show before reality came crashing down on them all. Paul wonders what Rosanna and Jordan's connection is.

Jordan and Carly prepare to get married. Jordan is in shock. She tells him that she is, too, but having him there is making her feel better because she's marrying such a wonderful man who's sacrificing so much for a child he's never met. She points out that they could both do worse; this brings a smile to his face. They hold hands and go to get married.

Lily gets angry at Dusty and tries to storm out when they meet. She tells him to stay away from the Rose Foundation. He says he is not being dishonest. He tells her that he did do the wire transfer but he couldn't tell her in front of the FBI. She wants to know what the wire transfer was about. He explains that these gamblers in Chicago gave them a big donation so he returned the money, by depositing it and then wiring it to their other account. He claims he had no idea he was laundering money. Lily is doubtful. She suggests they go back to the office and tell Agent Fox the whole thing. He agrees. He asks if she wants him out of the foundation; she considers it and then says she doesn't. She leaves while he takes care of the bill. Dusty phones Starziak to tell him that the feds are onto his money scam and that they are done.

Margo talks about taking Katie to the hospital; Mike asks questions about visiting her, etc. Katie looks resigned. She tells Mike that maybe being locked away is better than watching him get hurt. She asks him not to trust Pilar and to remember that she loves him. Margo checks Katie into the hospital, telling her about her therapy schedule. Katie worries about Mike and declares that Pilar won. Katie says she won't be bothering anyone any more. Mike calls to check on Katie, but she is still checking in. He wants to leave but Pilar gets him to stay by saying he shouldn't be alone.

Jennifer knocks on Jordan's door but he's not there. The maid tells her that he left a while ago. She passed him and a woman in the lobby. The maid tells her that she heard them mention a wedding chapel. Jennifer is shocked.

Paul keeps quizzing Carly about Rosanna and Jordan. Carly thinks he is just fixating on them because he doesn't want to think about what he did to Barbara. she accuses him of taking away Barbara's will to live.

Just as Jordan is about to say "I do", he takes Rosanna aside. He is having trouble with all of the vows he's making, since none of them are true. He says there is no guarantee that this will give her Cabot back. She says this is the only choice.
Jennifer comes up just as they are pronounced man and wife.

Paul goes to Barbara's room.

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