ATWT Update Wednesday 5/5/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/5/04

By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Allison is at the nurse’s station working on papers as Chris comes up behind her, kissing and hugging her and wishing her a good morning. They talk about how late she got in, Chris commenting on how exhausting this ceramics class is making her. His beeper goes off and he suggests she bring to lunch the project that she had to stay so late to finish. She agrees as he leaves. Aaron then comes in with Allison’s sweater and after she tells him she’s in hot water up to her eyeballs, he asks if he can help. “Well, that depends. What do you know about ceramics?”

Katie greets everyone sarcastically as she’s escorted back into the Oakdale PD headquarters from her overnight psychiatric evaluation. Margo asks her how it went and Katie says great, if she wasn’t crazy before, she definitely is now. Margo explains that she didn’t want to do that and Katie pleads with her that she’s not crazy – she knows what she saw. With exasperation, Katie explains that either Pilar wanted to poison Mike, or poison Mike against her. Margo firmly makes clear that they tested the glass of wine, the bottle of wine and all the glasses in the room for poison and found none. Katie says that there must be only one explanation; Pilar wants to make her look crazy. Margo asks why she would do that, Katie insisting that she can see through Pilar’s act and that’s why. Dr. Michaels joins them and asks to speak to Margo alone.

In her room at the Wagon Wheel, Pilar is talking with Russ on the phone, telling him he won’t be in jail for much longer and to trust her. A knock comes at her door, Pilar asking who it is and Mike replying that it’s him. She undoes the robe to show her negligee and then lets Mike in, as he comments that she’s not dressed yet. She goes into a long speech about how she couldn’t sleep last night because of what happened with Katie. Mike asks why she didn’t call him and she tells him that she didn’t want to upset him and that he must be very upset already, seeing how Katie’s illness is affecting her. Pilar then adds that she really is afraid, not knowing what Katie will do to try and keep them apart.

Jordan is talking business on the phone in his hotel room in Las Vegas when a knock comes to the door. He hangs up and looks through the peephole, happy to see Jennifer waiting on the other side. He welcomes her to Vegas and she states that the people downstairs said that he wanted to see her when she got there. He asks about the trip to Detroit, Jennifer exhaling sharply.

She asks him if he knew about Cabot Motors sponsoring the show and he replies that he found out just before she left. Jennifer then implies that she thinks that she was sent to Detroit so that someone could have him all to herself. Jordan hesitantly explains that Roseanna is a powerful woman and used to getting her way, Jennifer asking if she did get her way. He tells her that even though Roseanna is powerful, it takes more than that to get his attention. Jennifer asks if there was anything he wanted to speak about and Jordan tells her just the details of her trip to Detroit. Dejectedly, she turns and says that she’s needed downstairs, Jordan stopping her. He tells her that he was wrong about a lot of things and if she could give him a minute, he’ll explain everything.

Riding in her limo, Roseanna is looking at a picture of Cabot and telling him that soon she’ll be holding him in her arms. She places a call to the Versailles Hotel and asks for Jordan’s room number, explaining that she’s his forgetful fiancée.

Loud music is playing as Barbara and Carly are working to get everything ready for the Fashion Show, Barbara asking if they can turn down the music. Carly asks her about a dress and Barbara replies that she’s worked another miracle, walking quickly away. Carly excuses the model and joins Barbara, asking if she’s got a headache and if she can see right now. Barbara replies she can’t, but it’s clearing up. Carly shakes her head saying that her vision has been fading out a lot today and asks where Dr. Daniels was. Barbara explains that he had to take a later flight, but that he was coming. Barbara swears she’s going to try to get through the show without the press or her children finding out about her illness, Carly pointing out that she’s asking a lot of herself. Barbara explains her expectations of the show, Carly stating she’s not going to argue with her anymore and asks what Barbara wants her to do. Barbara asks her if she could put on her makeup for her before the show and Carly agrees that she will. “So it comes to this; I can’t even put my lipstick on without you,” Barbara quips and then tells Carly that she’s saved the show even though she doesn’t deserve it. Carly tells her to quit getting sappy on her; they have a lot of work to do.

Paul storms in, telling everyone that if they are working in any capacity on the show, they should pack up all their stuff and leave. Mystified, Carly asks him what he’s talking about, they haven’t even done the first run through yet. Paul informs her that there has been a change in plans.

Jordan tells Jennifer that Roseanna isn’t a factor in his life anymore and that he’d like to start over with Jennifer. She tells him that’s not possible, but he begs her and she finally tells him she’s happy. They try to kiss, but her cell phone rings, reminding her she needs to check on her mother in the ballroom. They both say that they are glad that they’ve worked it out.

Barbara and Carly are confused and ask Paul why he told everyone to go. He says that he’s calling off the fashion show and when the ladies protest, he reveals that he knows what Barbara has been up to. Jennifer comes in and Barbara tells her that Paul has called off the show and Jennifer asks if they want her to get Jordan. Paul is surprised that Jordan is there and tells Jennifer that he thought he’d be long gone after finding out the Roseanna was playing him. Paul tells them that he knows that Barbara, Roseanna, Jordan and Carly want to get him out of the company and it’s not going to happen, that he’s going to give them a little bit of their own poison.

Allison fills in Aaron on her lie about taking a ceramics class. Begging his advice, she tells him that she’s supposed to bring what she made to lunch. He offers to go and buy a pot or something and bring it back for her. Allison is extremely grateful.

Pillar asks Mike about the message left on his phone from Margo, Mike explaining that Katie had a psychiatric evaluation last night. Pillar says that Katie is getting the help she needs and that she doesn’t have to be afraid that she’ll hurt her – Mike jumping in and saying Katie would never hurt her. He also reassures Pillar that everything will be all right and they embrace.

In the interrogation room, Katie tries to explain that she’s the only one who can see through Pillar’s act to Dr. Michaels. The Dr. asks her about Simon and then tells her that she thinks that she’s placing the anger she has with Simon on Mike, Katie denying it and adding that Simon isn’t the issue. Dr. Michaels continues, stating that when Simon left the second time, she lost Mike as well and now that Pillar is there, she’s threatening to take Katie’s place. So instead of thinking that she is threatened by Pillar, she’s turned it around to where Mike is threatened by Pillar.

She thinks what the doctor said is garbage and again begs Margo to do something, Margo and Dr. Michaels present her with voluntary commitment papers for Deerbrook Mental Hospital. Katie is flustered and tells Margo she needs to sign them first.

Mike notes that Katie has probably been released and tells her to pack up, he’ll be back soon. She thanks him for the offer and he insists, stating that neither of them would have to worry and she could stay until she testifies at Russ’ trial.

Margo battles to convince Katie that she’s not thinking clearly and pursuing a man that wants to move on. Katie asks her if she would do anything possible if she thought that a good friend was in danger, Margo saying that it was Katie in danger and that’s why she thinks she needs to go to the hospital. Katie bemoans the fact that her sister thinks she’s crazy and Margo reminds her that just needs some help right now and if she can’t do it for herself, she should do it for the people that love her. Katie signs the papers.

Paul tells everyone that he has evidence that Roseanna is trying to take over his company and that Jordan is her accomplice, the others scoffing at him. He tells them about the file and that Jordan didn’t know anything until he told them, Carly trying to assure Paul that Roseanna has no other concern than the show and the Jordan is a means to an end. Jennifer accuses Carly of knowing more, Carly saying she doesn’t. He rants that since she had the detailed dossier on Jordan, she had him planted into BRO, then she underwrites the show and he’s not supposed to be suspicious? He then accuses Barbara of being in league with Roseanna, Barbara vehemently denying it. He again states that no one wanted him out of BRO more than Barbara.

Returning to his hotel room, Jordan finds Roseanna waiting for him. He asks how she got there and she admits that she told the staff she was his fiancée. He reiterates that he wants no part of her and that he has to go. She shuts the door and tells him he’s not going anywhere until he hears her out.

At the Lakeview lounge, Aaron brings a vase for Allison and Kim sees it and begins raving about it as she and Nancy walk in. Kims asks Nancy if she thinks it’s beautiful, Nancy replying that she’s speechless. Kim then says she thought her class was going to be a hobby, but she has some real talent and may want to pursue it further.

Margo explains that since she can’t get off work, Dr. Michaels is going to drive Katie to Deerbrook. Katie rebuffs a hug from her sister, telling the doctor she’s ready to go. As Katie is headed out the door, Mike walks in and she tells him she’s going to the loony bin. He’s distressed, but all she cares about is making sure that Mike is careful around Pilar and begs him not to trust her.

Jordan tells Roseanna that she has five minutes. She starts telling him about how distraught she was after Cabot was taken away until someone’s emissary got in touch with her, someone very dangerous, but powerful enough to get Cabot back for her – provided she does one thing. Marry Jordan. He asks why and she says she doesn’t know, but the person told her that if she doesn’t fulfill her end of the bargain, Cabot will disappear forever.

She also explains that she had the file made on him so that she could find a way to connect with him. Shaking his head, Jordan tells her that her five minutes is up and he has to go, Roseanna stopping him. She begs him to stay, Jordan saying the whole thing is ludicrous and Roseanna agreeing it doesn’t make any sense. She then tries to convince him that everything that has happened to him may not be as coincidental as he thinks. Narrowing his eyes at her, he states that unless she can tell him why he should help her, why he is the only one who can help her, she’s on her own.

Following a stomping Paul, Barbara tries to explain that why would she go to so much trouble to put the company back together to let it fail and he replies because she was angry at him for trying to destroy her and she wanted to beat him to the punch. Barbara’s vision begins to blur as Paul angrily tells her he was trying to destroy her. Barbara is weak and calls Carly to help her, Carly telling her everything is going to be okay. Paul then reveals that Carly was also on board with his plan, Carly denying it and telling Barbara that he’s paranoid. Jennifer heatedly asks Paul how he could do that after all their family has been through, Barbara saying he couldn’t and begging him to tell her he couldn’t do that. Barbara states that he forgave her and he tells her he could never forgive her for all the lives she’s decimated, including his own.

Jennifer accuses Paul of lying, Paul saying he’s not the only guilty party there. Jennifer turns on Carly, Carly asking if maybe they could do this some other time. Barbara pleads with Paul, telling him she understands that he hasn’t forgiven her for Rose and Will, but that she still thought he might have had some love left in him and that’s she’s been trying to be a better mother that deserves that love. He again accuses her of trying to plot against him, Barbara becoming livid. She tells him that time and time again, people had been telling her that he was trying to destroy her and she refused to believe it because she loved and trusted him. Grabbing his arm roughly, she again says that all she’s been doing is planning a fashion show and trying to get her family back together. He doesn’t believe her, telling her he knew about the secret meetings with Jordan and he’d even overheard her talking with Walker Daniels and saying that Paul shouldn’t know about this. He then demands that she tell him whatever it is that she’s keeping secret, Carly also urging her to reveal her illness.

Jordan is still curious as to why he has been picked and he offers that he can’t be the baby’s father because he’d taken precautions to make sure his life wouldn’t have to be suffered by another. Roseanna asks about his parents, Jordan stating they were killed in a car accident and he has no other living relatives. Taking his hands, Roseanna says that perhaps because he is alone, that was why, Jordan not buying it and pressing her further. She says she doesn’t care why, but she was glad it was him and that she can be very generous with her gratitude – offering him the world on a silver platter. Jordan states that she can offer him everything, but the truth. She then tells him that she can help him find out why he was chosen after she has Cabot back. He’s still not sure, so she tells him that since he’s an ambitious man, she will help him if he helps her.

After Margo tells Mike where Katie is going, he’s considerably upset and believes it’s his fault for not being there for her when she needed him. Margo tells him it’s not his responsibility, Katie pushed him away and he needs to let her get the help she needs because she’s just not a part of this world. Suddenly Dr. Michaels runs in, informing them both that Katie escaped.

Pilar opens the door to a scuffed up Katie, Pilar remarking rudely on her appearance. She also tells Katie she needs to be locked up, Katie pushing into her room and locking the door stating no one is locking her up, not until she proves what a lying witch Pilar is.

Kim and Chris continue gushing about Allison’s masterpiece, Nancy looking at her condescendingly, but coming to her rescue and perpetuating the lie. Asking to excuse herself, Nancy leaves to go to the ladies room as Allison joins her. Allison thanks Nancy, the older lady asking her what she’s going to do when they want to see more of her work. Kim and Chris are still in awe of the lovely vase, Chris saying he knows exactly what he can get her to encourage her in this pursuit.

Frantically searching Pilar’s garbage, Katie says she knows that Pilar put something in Mike’s drink. Pilar retorts that she wouldn’t be that stupid to keep evidence like that around, astounding Katie as Pilar admits that she’s right. Pilar continues to state that no one will believe her because they all think she’s mentally ill and laughs at Katie when she tries to grab her. Mike is banging on the door and Pilar cries for help, making it look like Katie is attacking her as Mike and Margo walk into the room.

Roseanna pleads with Jordan, telling him that Cabot could be hurt or farmed out to an orphanage like Jordan was. She asks him if he would want to make a child suffer like that when he can so easily give Cabot what he needs. Stating he has to leave he turns, Roseanna grabbing at him and asking him to help her. Finally she tells him she’ll beg, getting on her knees and entreating him to help Cabot. He leaves the room, but can hear her wailing, her pathetic cries urging him to return.

He finds her on the ground, sobbing and takes her into his arms telling her he’ll marry her.

Entreating Barbara to tell Paul and Jennifer the truth, Barbara instead urges everyone to stop bickering and get back to work. Paul tells her that there isn’t going to be a show and Barbara asks who is he to say that, it’s still her company. Paul then reveals the papers that she signed a few months ago, making him in charge of BRO. She says she signed nothing, Paul unfolding the papers and showing her the signature. Her vision blurry, she tries to grab them, but misses several times and then demands that Paul hand them over to her. He says they’re right there, Barbara going off about not needing them and that no one is going to take her company or her family from her; he can either help or get out of her way. She begins to stomp off and not seeing the end of the platform they’ve been standing on, falls as Jennifer rushes to her. She tries to say she tripped, but Paul looks at her and states that she can’t see.

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