ATWT Update Monday 5/3/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/3/04

By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Katie and Henry are in a car outside the Wagon Wheel motel, staking out Pilar’s room, which Henry has just bugged. After a minor argument, Katie tells Henry that she needs to prove to Mike and Margo that Pilar is planning to kill Mike. Henry bemoans that they’ve been waiting and Pilar isn’t home. Katie reassures him that she’ll be back soon and they’ll record her doing something terrible and then she can tell Mike. Henry asks her if she’s going to tell her she loves him, but answers his own question with a no. He then asks what’s the point. Pilar comes into her room and Katie and Henry hear her. Seeing the bug planted in her lamp, Pilar leans over it as she calls Mike. Katie frets as they listen to Pilar make a date with Mike, asking him to come over and then telling him she is really looking forward to seeing him. Katie groans and Henry says, “One phone call and he’d forget all about her.”

Margo is dumping her coffee back into the pot at the Police Station as Jessica comes in. Margo calls in an order for coffee and then asks Jessica what brings her to the station, her favorite client in trouble again. Jessica replies that he’d like to be and informs her that after she’d left last night, Doc asked her how married Margo was.

Kim pours a cup of coffee for Doc in her kitchen and thanks him for stopping by. He thanks her and comments that he must be doing something right to be invited into her kitchen and she replies that she’d have met him at the Lakeview, but then she decided it wouldn’t be to smart for him to show his face their that morning because he showed just about everything else there last night.

At the Lakeview in Barbara’s suite, Barbara is telling Carly that yes, she can see, and asks her why she’d think such a thing. Carly waves her hand in front of her eyes and replies that she asks because Barbara doesn’t notice her waving her hand. Barbara tries to lie, saying that when she was at the hospital earlier, she’d had a cosmetic procedure done and it blurred her vision. “Botox doesn’t make you blind, Barbara,” Carly states and then Barbara again denies it. Carly tells her that she showed her a stick figure and Barbara raved about her ingenious design, adding that not seeing that wasn’t blurry, but legally blind. Carly realizes that was the reason Barbara hired her in the first place and why she’s been acting so strangely making Barbara finally admit that she’s right. She can’t see.

Paul is still in Roseanna’s room at the Lakeview, perusing the file she’s gathered on Jordan, commenting on how in-depth it is. He again finds proof that she’d lied to him about how long she’d been interested in Jordan.

Roseanna sits down with Jordan in the Lakeview lounge and asks him if he’s changed his mind and wants to spend some time with her after all. He tells her that he thinks she’s wonderful, but the timing is terrible since the Vegas Show is tomorrow and he needs to get back to work. She tells him that she understands, it being her sister’s clothes on the runway and then informs him that Carly has asked her to accompany her to Vegas as the representative for Cabot Motors. She goes on that they could get together afterwards, if he was still interested.

Pilar let’s Mike, who has a bottle of wine to share, into her room and states that he could always read her mind. Katie and Henry are still listening and Katie says that she can’t believe Mike couldn’t see through her and that she’s a phony. Henry replies that a lot of men would stand in line for that kind of phony. Disgusted, Katie returns to listening and is concerned when they hear nothing. She tells Henry that he should’ve planted the tiny camera, Henry saying, “Paris Hilton, here we come.” Smirking, she says he knows that that isn’t what she means; that when Russell Terry said that Pilar wanted to kill Mike and then Pilar herself admitted it, saying if they don’t protect him, who will? Pilar asks Mike about Katie and he replies that she’s keeping her distance. When Pilar asks him if he’s okay with that, he answers that he wants to have a nice evening and not talk about Katie.

Barbara explains to Carly about her brain tumor and how it’s affecting her vision. Carly asks if she’s being treated and Barbara tells her that she’d just begun radiation treatment in hopes that they could avoid surgery, but her doctors weren’t really sure. Carly tells her that she’ll get better, Barbara saying that all she’s focused on now is the Show. She then asks Carly to help her through today, since the show is tomorrow.

Carly readily agrees. Barbara then tells her that Jordan and her doctors know, but no one else, including her family. Carly is shocked as she explains that there is too much riding on this show and she doesn’t want them to worry about her. Barbara asks Carly to keep it a secret and Carly says she doesn’t know if she can.

Paul walks into a frenzied BRO office, Blaine arranging getting everything on the truck for the airport. He tells her that he wants her to get Jordan to come to the office and to leave him out of it. She says that they’re leaving and he replies, “Good.” Confused, she asks if he’s going to still be there and smiling, he tells her that he’s got a big file to copy and he’s going to be there quite awhile.

Jordan asks Roseanna if she really wants to go to Vegas and she explains that since her sister asked her and since she’s CEO of Cabot Motors, she’d like to, if it wouldn’t be a problem. Jordan receives a mysterious phone call from Blaine, telling him to return to the office and then hanging up. He tells Roseanna that he has to go and she understands, wishing him good luck in French. Jordan informs her that things are going to be hectic and he may not get to see her until he gets back, Roseanna saying that was okay, they could toast his triumph when he returns. “Or perhaps I can reserve you a front row seat at the show. See you in Vegas.”

Margo asks again what Doc said, Jessica repeating it as Margo laughs. “That man doesn’t stop, does he?” she states, asking Jessica what she said. Jessica said she threatened to slap him, Margo scoffing. Jessica warns her that he’s a predator, Margo saying that she knows she’s worried about her, but Doc is no Marshall Travers. Jessica realizes that she’s been to harsh, but still cautions Margo to be careful. Insisting that Doc is just a flirt, Margo gushes that since she’s been on the bench so long, that if someone wants to throw her a pass, it’s pretty harmless.

Doc tells Kim that the charges were dropped, so no harm, no foul. Kim reminds him he was booked and released, to which he agrees, but adds that he apologized to the manager and paid for the lock he broke. Noting that she’s not softening, he promises that it was an isolated incident and that it will never happen again. “Wouldn’t be wonderful if I believed that,” Kim narrows her eyes and rubs her chin. “But I don’t.”

Pilar discovers that she’s forgotten to return the keys to the manager’s office and Mike agrees to take them. As he leaves, she gets up and places a call saying that Mike is there and you know what to do – making sure that she’s speaking into the bug. Katie freaks out, saying they should’ve bugged the phone after Henry asks her if Russell Terry was still in jail. They stop talking long enough to hear Pilar reply, “Perfect. By the time he figures it out, it’ll be too late.” Katie worries that Pilar is going to kill him tonight.

Barbara explains that if Carly tells Jennifer and Paul about her condition, they’re going to cancel the show. Carly assures her they can have another show, but Barbara is adamant. She enumerates all the reasons it would be a bad decision and stresses the BRO will fold if news of her illness gets out. Concerned, Carly tells her that it’s a brain tumor, Barbara interrupting her and saying she knows, she’s been living with it the last few weeks and if she can do it, then Carly can. Carly asks if Barbara needs to lie down, Barbara biting her head off. Apologizing, Barbara explains that’s the reason she doesn’t want to tell her kids – they all need to stay focused until the Vegas Show is over. Mystified, Carly tries to convince her that she shouldn’t be choosing a fashion show over her own health. Barbara tries to explain to Carly that she should worry about herself, because if they cancel the show all of her beautiful work will go to waste; no one will place an order and they’ll have missed the season – she finally tells Carly that it’s her decision and she asks that she respects it. Carly then asks what will happen if she has one of her episodes while she’s on the runway, Barbara assuring her that her and Jordan won’t have to catch her before she falls into the audience. She also tells Carly that her doctor will be there, but Carly doubts that Barbara is telling her doctor the truth about her symptoms and she wants no part in her lies.

Roseanna is sitting at the table in the Lakeview and greets Jack, saying she’s really busy and has to run, but asks him how he’s doing. He replies not good because his wife’s been lying to him because of her.

Jordan enters BRO’s office and calls for Barbara, finding only Paul who tells him she’s not there. Jordan asks where she is and Paul says probably at home, adding that he had Blaine get him there so they could have one of their chats. Jordan tells him he’s too busy, Paul retorting that he had time to play “where’s my zipper” with Roseanna. Jordan gets upset, but Paul goes on, telling him that he has nothing to offer a woman of Roseanna’s caliber and trying to figure out why she picked Jordan. Jordan asks if there is a point to his diatribe, Paul gleefully replying that he needed some help with a rather large, detailed dossier. Jordan asks on whom and Paul replies that it’s all about him. Jordan thinks that Paul has had the work done, but no, Paul informs him he found it in Roseanna’s room that afternoon.

Henry tries to stop Katie from leaving the car, but she’s crazed and insisting that she can’t let Pilar murder Mike. Pilar opens the curtain to the sliding glass door as Mike enters, explaining that it can get claustrophobic in there. Mike asks what she wants to do, Pilar suggesting that they have some of the wine he’s brought.

Katie sneaks up to the sliding glass door muttering, “Okay Pilar, if you make one false move, you’re the one who’s dead.”

Trying to assure Carly, Barbara tells her that her doctor is accompanying her to Las Vegas, to which Carly replies that the only reason a doctor based in Oakdale would accompany his patient all the way to Vegas is because the patient is going to drop dead. Reminding Carly that she stands to lose everything, Carly comes back saying that she would anyway if Barbara keels over at the Show. Carly continues, pointing out that Barbara has ruined two of her fashion shows and she’s not about to let her ruin a third.

Roseanna tries to hedge, Jack saying that he knows that she was at his house the other night and that she’s lying to him right now. Roseanna admits she was at their house, but it was for strictly personal reasons. Jack asks her if it was about Cabot, her face registering shock, telling him over and over it wasn’t, but rather advice about a man. Puzzled, he states that she was just divorced, Roseanna saying that’s why she needed advice and that she feels more alive now, since Craig ruined their marriage with his lies. He said he understood and she babbles on about how she needs Carly to keep her secrets, because she has no one else to talk to. Jack tells her he won’t stop her from seeing her sister, Roseanna becoming jubilant and telling him she has a conference call to catch, but that he is the best. After she leaves, Jack ponders why she is so nervous and what it is that she can’t tell him.

Jordan is looking at the file and asks Paul again where he got it; Paul saying it was in Roseanna’s room. He accuses Paul of stealing it, Paul telling him he wasn’t going to keep it and that Jordan should take it back to her, so he can find out why she was nosing around. Jordan tells him that he knew that Roseanna had already done a background check on him and that this was old news. Pointing out the date on the cover sheet for the Fax, Paul tells him older than he thinks. He then asks Jordan why Roseanna was checking up on him, before she ever met him.

Kim reads Doc the riot act and he reminds her heatedly that the ratings have doubled since he’s been there. She points out that it’s a privately owned station and though they’re grateful for the buzz he’s created, they’re not dependent on it. He apologizes, Kim telling him she’ll overlook the event last night once he sends Lisa a note of thanks for bailing him out and apologizes to Margo for disrupting her evening. He agrees and then explains that he appreciates the opportunity she’s given him and enjoys working for her. He turns to leave and once he reaches the door, Kim calls to him. “Mr. Reese, I expect you to conduct yourself as if I were watching.”

Jessica leaves the station, Margo sitting on her desk and pondering the mug shot of Doc. Tom enters and surprises her, Margo ditching the picture of Doc behind her as she asks why he’s come down to see her, kissing him. He replies that was why he was there and that judging by the smile she had on her face when he came in , they must be on the same wavelength. They kiss again.

Barbara explains that she has to do the show as if nothing is wrong and once it’s over, she can disappear for a couple of weeks and no one will even blink. She confides in Carly that she saw Will and is very concerned about him. She goes on to state that she’s hurt a lot of people, especially Carly and has hurt her children in innumerous ways and she has to do it for them. They’ve all forgiven each other and are getting along because they’re working together and if BRO fails, they will scatter, leaving Will without his family. Carly assures her that her children will be there for her, but Barbara insists that she doesn’t want them giving up their lives for her, not after everything that she’s done. She then begs Carly to help her, help them.

Jordan is reading the file and Paul asks him why one of the most powerful women in the world would want to compile a dossier about him. Jordan smugly replies that she didn’t and that a man with Paul’s money could’ve easily had it forged. Paul is dumbstruck and asks why he would do something like that, Jordan replying he’d do it to cause trouble because Paul is jealous of him. Paul dismisses what he says and points out that Roseanna has kept a diary, Jordan calling him despicable and throwing the folder to the couch. Retrieving it, Paul begins to read the diary, Jordan becoming uneasy as he reads facts that only Roseanna could’ve known. He then asks Jordan how he could’ve known those kind of intimate details and Jordan replies he doesn’t know.

Roseanna comes into her room at the Lakeview muttering that Jordan is on board. She places a call to Carly on her cell phone, leaving her a message that Jack is snooping too much and to call her back. Hanging up, she walks over to Cabot’s picture and picks it up, whispering, “It won’t be long now, sweet baby.”

Margo and Tom are making out in the interrogation room, Margo pulling from him and warning him about fraternizing on the job. Tom chuckles and asks about after the job, Margo saying that Daniel is going to be at Hal’s and Casey – Tom interrupts her and tells her that Casey is going to be spending the night at a friend’s house. Margo hugs him, praising that that is why she married him, a man who takes care of business. They kiss and he leaves, Margo opening the blinds to see Doc walk in. Tom compliments Doc and then runs, Margo quipping to Doc as she approaches her desk, “what, did you steal a Humvee and you’re turning yourself in?” He laughs and replies no, he’s there to apologize for last night, in case he caused her any problems. Feigning shock, she states that she thought he was there to apologize for asking Jessica about how married she is.

Peeking in through the sliding glass door, Katie watching as Mike pours himself and Pilar a glass of wine. Pilar takes a drink and then complains that it’s warm, Mike insisting that asked for the chilled bottle. Pilar says she doesn’t blame him, it’s warm in there and he asks if she’d like the air conditioning on. No, it’s too noisy, she states and he offers to fix it, Pilar suggesting he just go down the hall to get some ice. Mike complains that she should get another room as he leaves. Once he’s gone, Pilar gets up, pulls a vial out of her purse and empties it into Mike’s wine glass, Katie anxiously watching from outside. Katie turns, her features pale as she mutters that Pilar is poisoning him.

Barbara entreats Carly, telling her that BRO is all that she has to give her children and to help her by keeping her illness to herself, for just one day. Mulling it over, Carly sighs and agrees to let it go until after the show, but then Barbara had better tell them or she will. As Carly leaves, a tearful Barbara tells her that she’s very grateful she’s there. Carly asks her if she’ll be okay there, Barbara assuring her that her vision has cleared and she’ll be fine. Sadly, Carly tells her she’ll see her tomorrow as she walks out the door. Once in the hallway, her cell phone rings and it’s Jack asking where she is. She replies that she’s just leaving work and needs to talk to him about something. Jack asks if she can swing by home and she agrees. They both hang up, Jack stating as he leaves that he needs to talk to her too.

Taunting Jordan as he reads the diary, Paul asks if he’s gotten to the part where she says that “J” doesn’t know and that “J” isn’t even suspicious. Jordan glowers as Paul tells him that he’s being played.

Roseanna retrieves a piece of paper from her purse and dials her phone, then puts the paper down. As she talks, she tells them that Jordan Sinclair is on board and that she will make him marry her, but they had to keep their end of the bargain. She wants her baby back.

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