ATWT Update Friday 4/30/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/30/04

By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Allison is reading the paper in the Hughes’ kitchen, laying her head on the counter and closing her eyes as Nancy enters. Nancy addressed Allison about how she looks terrible and shouldn’t be sneaking out nights to work. Allison reminds her of how she feels responsible for their money woes and guilty for how much she’s cost him.

Narrowing her eyes, Nancy asks how much it’s going to cost when Chris finds out she’s lying to him. Chris enters and kisses Allison wishing her a good afternoon. She states she’s glad the shower is free and leaves. Nancy tells Chris she doesn’t want to meddle, but asks him if he’s thought about letting Allison work at night. Quite proud of himself, he tells a stunned Nancy that he’s not only thought about it, but gotten Allison hired.

Carly confronts a nearly blind Barbara in the waiting area at Memorial Hospital, asking how she didn’t see her and bumped into her. Barbara said she had a lot on her mind and wondered what Carly was doing there. Carly said that Parker had come to see the doctor, Barbara asking if he was all right. Carly replied he was fine and pressed her about why she was at Memorial hanging out with Walker instead of putting the finishing touches on the Las Vegas show. Barbara hedges, telling her she’s there about the fund raiser and was going to make some calls and work from her suite today. A suspicious Carly inquires if she’s going to be alone and Barbara asks what Carly is getting at as Walker approaches and tells Barbara he’s ready to take her home. Carly says that she can take Barbara home, Barbara protesting that it isn’t necessary, but Carly insists that she has a million questions about the show and they can discuss it on the way home and Walker can get back to work. Barbara leans into Walker and begs him to take her home, Carly becoming intrigued.

Paul walks into the bustling office of BRO and is accosted by a secretary telling him that there were several inquiries by the press that he needed to answer. He tells her to give him to his mother, but the secretary says she’s out. Paul asks where and she replies that Barbara had an appointment and would be checking in later. He then tells her to give them to Jordan and she replies that he’s not there as well. Paul asks where he is and she guardedly tells him that he doesn’t want to be disturbed. This incites Paul who threatens her job unless she tells him where Jordan is and what he’s up to.

Jordan and Roseanna are passionately kissing when Jordan pulls back and says this is not a good idea. She tries to kiss him again and he stands up telling her what they feel and what is right for them can be different things. She continues to seduce him, Jordan saying he’d settle for a promise that she won’t take what he’s going to say the wrong way. Roseanna looks at him curiously and is shocked when he says that they can’t see each other and that’s how it has to be.

Nancy chastises Chris for getting Allison a job without her consent, Chris explaining that it’s the perfect night job, with him at the clinic. He goes on that Allison will be so excited that she’s been hired when Allison enters and asks what she’s been hired for. Chris tells her that it’s at the clinic with him and she’s stunned, Chris going on about how wonderful it will be that they get to work together. Nancy interjects that Allison may have a surprise of her own, urging Allison to tell him the truth about her job at Metro. She begins to, but Chris gets paged and has to call the hospital. Nancy then urges her again to tell the truth, but Allison doesn’t think Chris will understand. Nancy suggests that Allison quit her job at Metro and work with Chris at the clinic, Allison saying she can’t quit Metro after what happened last night.

Barbara and Walker talk about the fundraiser as he begins to lead her from the hospital, Carly becoming indignant and telling them to stop talking about it. Barbara explains she’s made a commitment, Carly telling her that their personal lives have to go on hold until the end of the Vegas show. Barbara tells her that Walker will take her home and she’ll talk with Carly later. This incenses Carly, who continues to rant about having her questions answered now instead of later and then ending with how she’s confused that Barbara doesn’t seem to care about a show that will make or break both of their careers. Barbara concedes, telling Carly to bring the car around and she’ll meet her outside and Carly leaves. Walker walks Barbara to a seat as she explains how she bumped into Carly and fearful that she knows the truth. Walker assures her that she probably doesn’t know, but it won’t be long before someone will find out. She says she doesn’t care as long as it’s after the Vegas show. He then asks her how she’s going manage if she has another episode. He also asks how she is going to keep it secret while she’s in a strange town with strange people and strange places and she replies that she’ll manage, asking him to walk her outside to meet Carly. Walker then tells her that he can’t condone her trip, saying to a hurt Barbara that he won’t allow her to go to Vegas.

Blaine, the secretary, is still being evasive with Paul as to Jordan’s whereabouts and when he threatens her job a second time, she tells him that he’s with Roseanna Cabot discussing the show.

Roseanna questions Jordan about not seeing each other, citing that they’re consenting adults and they can do as they please. Jordan tells her that after the fashion show they can, but there’s too much at stake for BRO and he has to be focused. She accuses him of sounding like Barbara and he replies that she’s counting on him. Roseanna then warns him that Barbara doesn’t do dependency on a limited basis and if she’s leaning on him now, he better run. He explains that it’s not like that and she continues to berate Barbara until Jordan tells her his sticking with Barbara because it’s the right thing to do. As he begins to leave, she becomes contrite and whines that she thought he cared about her. He says he cares about all his friends, Roseanna questioning his intentions toward Jennifer as she pulls him close by the button on his pants. He again questions why she’s interested in him and what he could possibly have that she wants. She replies that he has no idea. He tells her he has to get back to the office, Roseanna stopping him and explaining that she is surrounded by yes men and wants a man like him that can rise to the challenge. She then tells him that she’s the biggest prize in the cracker jack box and he should dig in.

Allison explains to Nancy about what happened last night at Metro and how she has to pay back the money she was stiffed. Nancy offers to pay the bill and let Allison pay her back, but Allison, after thanking her for her offer, explains that on the money she’d make at the clinic she wouldn’t be able to pay her back and help Chris; plus she’d be missing out on the tips. Nancy warns her that she’s out of options and has to tell Chris the truth as Chris walks back into the kitchen. He informs Allison that it was Ben on the phone and wanted to know what she decided about working at the Clinic. Nancy leaves to water the plants, Allison asks about the schedule, Chris explains and she tells him she needs time to think about it. He says that’s what she’s got right now, Allison pulling away from him and asking him not to pressure her. He becomes flustered, saying just when he thinks they’re on the same page, he suddenly doesn’t know her anymore. She jumps into his confused arms and begs him to never leave her.

Barbara justifies that the reason she needs to be in Vegas is because this show isn’t about personal triumph, but for the good of all her family. He reminds her that her tumor is progressing quickly and that they have a small window of opportunity to correct it and she interrupts him, saying she knows that she could die, but it doesn’t matter, because this show could reunite her family. She then tells him in no uncertain terms that she’s going to Las Vegas as Carly calls for her, complaining about how long she’s had to wait for her. Barbara apologizes and tells her she’ll be a minute, Carly sensing that the situation is tense and leaves to wait for her. Barbara reiterates to Walker that she’s going to Vegas and he responds anxiously, asking her what if she has a prolonged episode and who would help her, Barbara replying that Jordan will. He then tells her that she’d just started her radiation treatments and she can’t just stop in the middle of them, Barbara stating she’ll just have to have them in Vegas while she’s there. He asks who’s going to set those up for her and tells her not to say Jordan, because he’s not a doctor. Pleadingly, she asks him if he could do it and he asks when their flight leaves. She comments that he’s becoming rather indispensable and he smiles saying maybe that’s the plan. An intense look is exchanged and then he offers her his hand, tenderly cradling it as he leads her out to meet Carly.

Jordan remarks that Roseanna must be a killer at negotiations, Roseanna replying that she is as she begins to unbutton her blouse. Jordan cautions her not to try and close this deal as she continues to unbutton. She tells him he’s bluffing and she can tell, her shirt falling down her shoulders and revealing a black teddy. She tells him he has no idea how much she needs him and he says that he has to leave, Roseanna telling him to go seductively. Cautiously he skirts about her, but once he reaches the door and opens it slightly, he looks back as she takes her shirt off. Closing the door he takes her into his arms and they begin to kiss passionately ending up on the couch.

Unannounced, Paul enters the room and interrupts them, remarking that Jordan is taking care of business, Roseanna seething. Jordan stands up to Paul and asks him what he’s doing there and he replies watching his back and then commenting on how spectacular Roseanna is, to which she vehemently tells him to get out. Jordan accuses Paul of making threats again, Paul telling him he’s out of his league. Jordan asks him to go outside, Paul refusing and asking Roseanna to tell Jordan to leave because he has to talk with her. Roseanna pulls Jordan aside and explains that she and Paul have things to settle and assures him that she’ll be fine. Jordan leaves telling Roseanna he’ll be waiting for her in the lounge. Roseanna tears into Paul for just walking into her apartment without an invitation and he replies that she’s poaching one of his employees and he wasn’t willing to wait. They argue about what her plan is regarding him, Paul finally implying that she’s trying to sleep her way into a takeover of his company. Roseanna slaps him.

Carly and Barbara are looking over Carly’s designs at Barbara’s suite when she has another episode. She tries to bluff Carly when she shows her two different fabrics, telling Carly that she’s got wonderful instincts, Carly stating that she’s not about to screw up Barbara’s show. Barbara lies again about her condition, Carly becoming suspicious.

Allison begs Chris not to tell Ben that she’ll work at the clinic because she’s taking a night course at the University. Nancy walks in and is astounded at another lie. Chris presses Allison about her classes and she finally tells him she’s taking a ceramics class. He’s stupefied.

Roseanna tells Paul to leave, but he tells her not until she’s heard what he has to say. He then tells her to stay away from his company, and when she tells him he’s a narcissist and doesn’t want anything to do with his company. He again accuses her of wanting to take his company and she tells him if she’d wanted his rag shop, she’d have bought it by now. He still persists that it’s about him and she assures him it’s not, and that the only thing about him or his company that interests her is Jordan. Paul asks how long she’s had her eye on Jordan and she replies ever since he came to Oakdale. She then jabs, telling him that he shouldn’t be surprised that his mother and sister find him so wonderful, because Jordan is everything that Paul is not. He’s stung and bemoans their failed friendship, but cautions her not to make an enemy out of him because she’ll be sorry they ever met, to which she replies she already is. She tells him to leave and he says, Ladies first, leaving the door ajar once she’s down the hall and then following her.

Carly is upset that Barbara isn’t helping and threatens to quit. She tells Barbara she’s getting all kinds of signals from Barbara that are freaking her out. Barbara persuades her to go and see Emily and Parker while she gets a little lunch and then they can start up again. Carly agrees, but as she’s at the door she hears Barbara talking with Walker on the phone and blows up. She angrily walks out the door saying she’s quit, Barbara pleading with her to stay.

Jordan is talking on the phone to someone as Roseanna approaches him in the lobby of the Lakeview. He questions her about Paul and she tells him she handled it and everything is fine. Jordan tells her that he knows they were going to talk some more, but he’s need at the office. She makes him feel bad, telling him that he’s smart to run away from her because her life is a train wreck. He tells her he thought she understood that they could just be friends until the end of the show and she replies that she doesn’t like it. She explains that she’s not usually so needy, but with all that’s happened she’s not showing herself at her best. He tells her he understands, that she shouldn’t blame herself. She tells him that she’s not trying to make him pity her and he responds that he doesn’t feel sorry for her.

Paul goes into Roseanna’s room and begins looking around.

Chris is bewildered that Allison is taking a ceramics class and that she described it as intense. She tells him that she’s not that great at school and wanted to ease herself back in. Chris says that he thought she wanted to get a real education and Nancy jumps in saying that she knows a lady that’s a potter and she makes a really good living, even owning the entire building that her shop is in. Chris is still confused, and tells Allison that he’ll tell Ben she doesn’t want the job as he leaves for work. Nancy reprimands Allison for lying again, warning her that this is the last time she’ll cover for her.

Barbara assures Carly that she’s desperate and needs her. They argue some more and Carly tells Barbara that she can’t work this way. Barbara reminds her that she’d be walking away from her only chance to make it big without the tedium of trying to start her own company. Carly is assuaged and comes back in. They compliment each other and Carly again asks her about which fabric to use for the dress. Barbara incorrectly identifies the silk as the linen, piquing Carly’s curiosity. Carly jots down a stick figure and shows it to Barbara, telling her it’s one of her newest creations and that she’d like Barbara’s opinion. Barbara tells her it’s stunning and Carly tells Barbara that she knows she can’t see.

Roseanna is miffed at Jordan’s comment and takes him to task for not caring that she’d lost her family. He replies that he’d never had a family, but he never let it drag him down and let it affect his future. She apologizes as she rises to leave, saying that he must think that she’s a self-absorbed woman.

Jordan tells her he thinks she’s a lot of things and all of them are good. She asks him if he hates her and he replies he doesn’t, but that there’s a battle going on to stay away from her and he’s losing it.

Paul finds the folder Rosseanna has on Jordan and asks why she’d have an investigative team check him out while she was in St. Barts. He then says he knew she was lying and he was going to find out why.

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