ATWT Update Thursday 4/29/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/29/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Paul has a scary dream where he envisions everyone at the office laughing as he is being let go from the company. They all make jokes, and that Jordan is the one that replaces him at the office. He even says that he can fill Paul’s shoes with one foot. His mother and Jordan coming in to work awaken Paul from his dream. He jumps up when she taps him on the shoulder, asking if he has already been replaced by Jordan. He has to hurry. He is the one taking his sister to the airport to handle the sponsorship. He fixes his clothes to head out. Jordan hates that he is running late. There is a lot of work to be done. Paul knows what has to be done, and in fact points out that he is the one that has done these shows many, many times over.

Hal has learned that Walker was the one that took Barbara to see Will. There was no contact, but the rule was still broken. Hal will resolve this. Hal calls the police, and asks for Walker’s number.

Carly comes to see Rosanna and she says that they have problems. Jennifer is supposed to be leaving town, soon and that is all that Rosanna cares about. Carly says that there is another problem, and that is Paul. He is going after Rosanna, he is acting strange and there is nothing that he will not do to get what he wants.

Paul gets ready for work and settles down after his outburst. Jordan warns Paul that they have to get ready for the fashion show. Paul asks Jordan how many fashion shows he has put together. Paul has to hurry as he is the one that will be taking Jennifer to the airport for her business trip. Paul does not like Jordan poking into family business. He leaves.

Barbara goes to Jordan asking him why he antagonizes Paul. Jordan denies that he has been doing that. Jordan does not want to talk badly with Paul. Barbara will talk to Paul about this problem. Barbara knows that the date with Jennifer did not go well, and Jennifer feels terrible about that. Barbara tells Jordan that when Jennifer returns, Jordan can help things by keeping his distance from Rosanna.

Rosanna is not afraid of Paul, and will not change her plans for him to feel better. Rosanna plans to call a detective agency to get help with this situation. Carly says that Rosanna should just go and talk to Paul about this. Rosanna wants to just focus on getting to Jordan. If she does not do that, then Cabot will be lost. Carly asks what is going on with that child, but Rosanna will not say. Rosanna promises to tell all as soon as she can. Carly will do anything to get her sister through this. She will not desert her sister ever. Rosanna asks Carly to help her pick out an outfit for lunch with Jordan. She has to find something that says, “Marry me today”.

Walker arrives at The Lakeview and meets with Hal. Hal asks about Barbara and why he violated a court order for Barbara. Hal knows that Will have a visit because Walker got Barbara in the hospital. Walker says that Barbara was upset and he arranged for Barbara to visit her son, without any contact. Walker has to wonder if he is going to be arrested. He is not. Hal just wanted to say that Walker is to stay away from Barbara from now on.

Lily shows up at Metro, and she is happy as a lark. Dusty gets her a club soda. Lily says that they are getting so much donations, that they are ready for the next step. Dusty is being cold to Lily, because she asked him to lie to Holden for her. She did not know how to tell Holden that she was taking off to sing. Lily is not singing anymore. She does not need that. Holden came to Chicago and saw his wife sing, and now things are better than ever.

Two thugs come into the bar, and Dusty starts acting strange. The thugs stand behind Lily as Dusty starts talking stuff. He tells Lily that his beer distributors are here and he finds them more interesting than she. Lily gets her purse and leaves. Dusty asks the men what they were doing there. ‘Kenny’ says that Dusty owed them a favor and he never came through. Dusty says that he was getting around to the favor in time. Kenny tells him that time is up.  The 2 men want to use the club to launder money. Dusty said no, but the men are persistent. They have even sent him a check to start business. Kenny says that Dusty owes him. Kenny did hard time for Dusty and he never rolled on the person. Now Kenny wants to be paid back. The plan is to funnel the money through the foundation. Dusty says no. Kenny says that he has already received a check from Lily Schneider for his donation. Dusty even offers to use the club for laundering but Kenny will not hear of it. He tells Dusty that he is to make the transfer this day. Kenny will be making another donation the following day. Dusty tries to punch Kenny, but the other man grabs him and lets him have it in the face. Kenny says that he is going to give until it hurts.

Walker explains to Hal that he trusts Barbara and knew that she would not have abused the privilege to see her son. Walker tells Hal that he will see whomever he wants. Hal threatens to arrest Walker if he does not do things his way. Hal tries to educate Walker on Barbara, but Walker will not listen. Emily can see that Walker is in pretty deep. She can see that Walker has much deeper feelings for Barbara. He has it bad.

Barbara says that a relationship with Rosanna could hurt her business. Jordan reminds Barbara that Rosanna is working with BRO now. Barbara knows that Rosanna could be up to something. She suddenly gets very tired. She sits down, rubbing her forehead. She tells Jordan that she started radiation the night before and she has another one scheduled for later in the day. Jordan would go with her but she knows that there is work to be done. There have been enough distractions as it is. Barbara worries that things are going to fall apart. Barbara tries to stay positive, but in the night, she imagines catastrophes. She is comforted by the fact that Jordan is with the company. Jordan offers to stay away from Rosanna, just until after the show. Barbara is happy to hear that. Jordan will talk to Rosanna later that day.

Jennifer is at home worried about the time.

Jennifer goes to the telephone to get a taxi for her flight but then there is a knock at the door. It is Paul. Jennifer opens the door and asks why she is going on this flight. She was only told that a big company was sponsoring the show and that was all. Paul cannot believe what he is hearing. That is all that she was told? Paul fills in the blanks. He tells his sister that Rosanna is the one sponsoring the show. Jennifer’s mouth drops.

Hal warns Walker to watch his back. Walker is quick to order Hal to stay out of his private life. After Walker leaves, Emily and Hal are ecstatic as this could mean that Barbara may turn into a nicer person. Hal finds that would be a miracle.

Jordan offers to call the office in Las Vegas to check the music. He goes to the telephone, but puts it down when he sees Barbara acting a little frazzled. Jordan tells Barbara that she is taking care of herself, and that is the most important thing. Barbara has no idea what she did to deserve Jordan, but it must have been something wonderful.

Carly has assisted Rosanna with an outfit for her lunch with Jordan. Carly has to go now, but she is not worried because Jordan will not be able to resist Rosanna. Carly knows that Jordan is going to be at Rosanna’s feet and he will stay there. Carly wishes her sister luck. She knows that everything is going to be fine. She expects a call later to learn what has happened.

Jennifer cannot believe her ears. Paul senses a pattern. Rosanna seems to be squeezing him out of the company. Jennifer is sure that there must be another explanation. Jennifer says that Rosanna is after Jordan. She is sure that Rosanna cares nothing about Paul and Jennifer. She only wants Jordan and she will do anything to get him. Paul listens, but he is sure that this is about him.

Dusty has blood on his face. Lily returns asking what happened. He says that someone left the stockroom door open and he walked into it. Dusty would like to forget what happened between them earlier. Lily worries that Dusty really is not okay. She offers to help. Dusty only says that he needs the financial papers of the foundation so that he can make sure that everything is alright. She will call the accountant from the car. He tells Lily that she is a great partner.

Carly meets Emily who has picked up Parker for Carly. Parker told Emily that he is a big boy and would like to see the doctor by himself.

The nurse comes to get Parker for his appointment. Carly decides to let the boy go in with the nurse alone.

Carly and Emily sit and talk. Emily tells how she was to have a romantic lunch, but then they had to talk about Walker Daniels. Turns out that Walker let Barbara in to see Will. Walker got angry and told them to mind their own business. Emily feels that Walker has a thing for Barbara. Carly laughs at that. How does she do it?

At that moment, they spot Walker walking down the hall.

Then they see Barbara in a scarf and sunglasses walking behind Walker.

Walker talks privately to Barbara, telling her that Hal tried to make him stay away from her. He will not let anyone keep him away from her. She gives him her hand and they head to a room for her appointment.

Paul gets the 411 on Jennifer and her date. Paul points out that Barbara lied to her daughter, but sending her on this trip without all the information. Jennifer knows that Rosanna is doing this to buy herself a man.

Jordan comes to Rosanna’s door and knocks.

Rosanna answers with a very sexy dress and shoes on. She is flirting madly. “Party can’t start without you.” She bought him a present. It is a bottle of that cognac that they were drinking the night before. Rosanna took the liberty of ordering lunch for them.

He has something to talk about with her. He finds that funny as there is something that she would like to talk to him about. She goes first. “I haven’t been exactly hones with you Jordan. In fact, I have been lying to your face.”

Carly and Emily see Barbara and Walker talking again after a while in the hall. Her appointment is over and he wants to take her home. He leaves her in the hall to change for home.

Carly and Emily wish that they could read lips and know what Barbara and Walker were saying. Emily says that Carly should go and talk to Barbara and see what she can find out.

Carly starts walking to a wall, but she cannot see where she is going. Carly starts walking again, and Carly is shocked when Barbara bumps into her and says, “Oh I am sorry. Please excuse me.” Carly is shocked. She cannot believe that Barbara just pretended not to see her. She calls out to Barbara. “Can you explain why you just pretended not to know me, and you have just walked by?” Barbara recognizes this voice.

Paul does not believe what his sister is saying. He is sure that he has to act with Rosanna or she is going to ruin him.

Rosanna confesses to Jordan that she does not want to be his friend. She wants much more than that and she will not take no for an answer. She moves even closer to Jordan and she plants a kiss on him, and he lets her do it.

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