ATWT Update Wednesday 4/28/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/28/04

By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Margo enters the interrogation room and informs Doc that he's wasting his time and hers by waiting for Jessica to show up and defend him. Doc smiles, saying she will show up. Margo snipes "In your dreams, Doc." Doc arrogantly remarks on how he must lead a charmed life, because all his dreams come true. Margo asks him if he really thinks so and he replies smugly that he doesn't just think so, he knows so. Suddenly the door opens and Margo's face falls - it's Jessica and she asks if someone needs a lawyer, Doc replying that he did. Jessica sneers at him, saying now that he's in trouble, he's willing to call on the "cold, self-centered, career woman" to bail him out, adding that she overheard what he'd told his date when they were at Metro. Doc shakes his head, replying that some of the words she put in his mouth, but for the words he put there himself, he completely apologized. He went on, saying he was just talking and Jessica cuts him off, firmly stating that he doesn't need to be talking about her; he doesn't know her, he doesn't know her life, Doc interrupting with "I do know you are the best lawyer in this town. I do know that, and I want the best." "And you always get what you want." Jessica replies condescendingly, Doc inhaling sharply. He asks if that is a bad thing as Jessica rolls her eyes. Doc tells her that he'd had a little run-in with the law, but he knew someone that was as smart and sassy as she was, could make the whole thing go away in no time flat. Thinking he's persuaded her, he asks, "So what do you say there, counselor?" Jessica narrows her eyes and tells him his wasted his flattery and his one phone call. Then she adds sharply, "Find yourself a lawyer who gives a damn."

Chris is busily working on a chart at the nurses' station, when Bob comes up and greets him, saying if they didn't work at the same hospital he doubted they'd ever run into each other. Chuckling, Chris agrees, saying it's because of all the extra shifts he's been pulling at the clinic. Bob asks him when he sleeps, Chris replying that it's not that bad - it's good experience, he feels like he's making a difference and the extra money is nice. Bob tells him that money isn't everything and he needs to take time for himself and for Allison, "You know, keep those home fires burning bright." Chris finishes his notations and tells his dad that the home fires are burning plenty bright as he walks around to the waiting area. Bob turns, warning his son that doctors young and old have fallen into the trap believing that everything was fine at home, but in reality it wasn't. Smiling, Chris reassures his father that everything is fine with Allison and
that they are perfectly in-synch.

Allison is busy at Metro, calling Aaron over, telling him that she has some really great customers and that that she knows they'll be good tippers. Aaron tells her good luck and she giggles, saying she doesn't need it, she's got the magic touch. Emily enters and starts walking down the steps as Aaron sees her and becomes alarmed. Immediately he runs over to her and greets her loudly as he puts his arm around her and shuffles her away from where Allison is. He then asks her if she's there to see anybody and Emily replies, "You could say that." Aaron asks if it's anyone he knows and she says maybe. Still trying to cover for Allison, he tells Emily that she can tell him who and he'll make sure she knows when he finds them. Just as he says that, Allison bustles up behind them to the bar and tells the bartender the order as Aaron winces and Emily raises her eyebrows. She tells Aaron thanks, but she just found who she was looking for and turns to go talk with Allison. Sliding up beside her sister she comments that it was true, her sister was a cocktail waitress. Allison groans and turns away.

Carly joins Paul at his table at the Lakeview telling him she got his message and asks him what the problem is this time. Paul replies that the problem is that there is something in the air that he couldn't figure out and he hoped that she would be able to ease his mind. Carly asks him if this could've waited until the morning, but Paul begins talking over her. He says that not to long ago, Roseanna threatened to disown her if she had anything to do with him; but now Carly is working for BRO and Cabot Motors is going to sponsor the Vegas show, true or false? True, she replies as he nods his head. He then says his mother's right hand man and new best friend is starting to get cozy with his former best friend, Roseanna, all in secret of course. Carly interrupts him, saying she doesn't think it's in secret and Paul cuts her off with, "True or False?" Exhaling sharply, Carly says it's true, she supposes. Paul, undaunted, then says that out of the blue Jennifer gets called for a mysterious meeting at Cabot headquarters, all because of Roseanna's generosity. Staring at him with wide eyes, Carly asks, "What exactly do you want from me?" "I wanna know exactly what you and your sister are planning, Carly; and I wanna know when it's all going to blow up in my face."

Barbara is lying on the couch in her suite with a cold compress to her head as Walker finishes his phone conversation and hangs up. He walks over and bends to her, waking her up. He asks how her head is and she replies unbearable. He asks if she can sit up and she slowly rises, asking if there is more news she shouldn't hear lying down. He then informs her that Ben has arranged for her to get her radiation treatments during off hours whenever possible, early in the morning or late at night, the hospital will be deserted, you'll go in under an assumed name and no one will have to know. Breathing a sigh of relief, Barbara asks when she starts and Walker replies tonight.

Molly and Holden enter The Windy City Cafe in Chicago that Lily has been singing at. Holden says the Molly had told him all the way from Oakdale, that he would understand once they got to Chicago. He goes on, saying they are there and he's not seeing any answers. She asks him if he wants a drink and he hotly that he wants answers and he wants them now. Peering to the stage, Molly tells him to just watch and listen. The nightclub owner takes the stage and introduces Miss Violet Palmer. Holden looks at Molly curiously, then back at the stage as Lily walks up to the microphone. The crowd applauds, Holden calling out for her as Molly pulls him back and encourages him to just wait and listen. Lily tells the crowd that music is magic; it can heal a broken heart, crystallize a moment, a person or free your soul. And music was a way for her to bring back someone who was very close to her. She then dedicates the song to Rose, who taught her how to fly and Holden, her safe harbor here on earth. As she sings, Holden gazes at her.

Allison says she thinks she knows what this looks like to Emily, who replies that it looks like she's working. She lies to Emily, saying that she'd just dropped in that night to talk to Aaron and they were short staffed, so she was pitching in. Turning, Allison asks Aaron if he could take her order to table six and he does. She then tells Emily that she's sure the big rush is over and that she can leave. Emily asks if this is what happened the other night, Allison looking shocked asks what other night. Emily tells her that one of her friends heard that Allison was working at Metro and she thought she'd come to see if it was true. Allison reiterates that she doesn't work there and that she's only helping out Aaron. Impatiently Emily tells Allison to stop lying; it's obvious that she's working there. Allison becomes indignant and Emily presses her to find out why she's trying to cover it up. Allison finally admits that it will make Chris upset and tells a stunned Emily that she has to forget everything she saw there.

Jessica turns to leave as Doc tells her to wait "a hot minute. You're pulling my leg, right?" Jessica bluntly tells him she doesn't joke about the law or turning down a client. He begs her but she's insistent, telling him he needs to "let his fingers do the walking" as Margo cracks up. She also tells him that if his credit card is rejected again not to hit up Curtis, but to call Margo and she could put him in touch with the public defender's office. As she storms out of the office, Margo chases after her, telling her she should take the case. Jessica is appalled that Margo would even suggest it, Margo persuading her by saying that Casey and Curtis would hate them if their favorite sportscaster lost his job. Reluctantly, Jessica agrees. They sit down to discuss his charges, Doc not taking any of them seriously and Jessica points that out, telling him all the charges he's up against. He's incredulous that he could be charged with so much for just breaking a pad lock and swimming in the pool. Smugly Jessica tells him that this could be the most expensive skinny dip in history. Irritated, Doc complains that Oakdale doesn't know how to have fun, Jessica replying sharply that they do and they don't have to break the law to do it. Doc swears it was just innocent fun and that he even tried to pay for the broken lock, but the night manager was a jerk. Jessica suggests they go over the night manager's head, since she knows the owner of the Lakeview and see if they can't work something out, which encourages him. Jessica warns him not to get too excited, since the owner isn't a football fan. Cut to Lisa following Margo into the interrogation room. Excited, Lisa runs over to Doc and starts gushing profusely as a stunned Jessica and amused Margo look on.

Emily pursues Allison as she continues her work, telling her she thinks it's very responsible of her to get a job to help Chris pay for the Condo, Allison becoming prematurely relieved. Emily then adds the she's out of her mind if she thinks she can keep this a secret from Chris, Allison replying that she has so far. Emily continues to try and talk some sense into her, saying if she found out, anyone could, but Allison shakes her head and tells her not to worry. Emily asks what Kim, Bob and Nancy think and Allison reports to a surprised Emily that Nancy is on her side. Allison argues that she has no other way to help him besides sneaking around. Emily warns her that she's playing with fire, but grudgingly agrees to keep her secret. Her elation soon turns to despair as the biggest ticket of the night stiffs their bill.

Carly tells Paul that he's being paranoid and he believes he has every right to be. Every time he turns around someone else is messing with his head, but he never thought she would and he never thought she'd join forces with Roseanna. Carly explains that Roseanna is her sister and that they aren't plotting against him. He doesn't believe her, so she reminds him of how when Roseanna came back to town she was still extremely hurt and now she's calmed down and willing to let Carly work at BRO, reassuring him, yet again, that none of it has anything to do with him. Paul seems to buy it and then asks her is she can explain Barbara's strange behavior. He tells her of his suspicions about Jordan and that because he's been there before and knows when he's being played. Carly repeats that he's delusional but he offers more proof that it isn't in his mind. She reticently agrees, asking him if Jordan is involved in some major scheme, who is he working for? He tells her that's why he wants to know how she's involved in it. She flatly tells him that she's the one that gets to tell him his cracking up, refusing to see the big picture and the world doesn't revolve around only him. Impervious, he goes over all the signs again telling her he knows better. She reminds him of how he lost Roseanna's friendship over getting revenge on Craig and warns him that he could stand to lose a whole lot more this time.

Walker tells Barbara it's time to go and she hesitates. Walker tells her not to be afraid and compliments her courage, Barbara interrupting him and telling him she doesn't fell that brave and the word radiation scares her. He reassures her that she's not alone, that he'd promised her that he's see it through until the end and he doesn't break his promises. Extending his hand to her, he tells her to lean on him. She grasps his hand and they leave.

Lily is still singing, moving everyone in the audience especially Holden. Molly comes up behind Holden and reminds him how much they love each other. Lily spies Holden and abandons the stage.

Jessica is surprised that Lisa is such a football fan and Doc tells her she shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Lisa explains how her grandson's got her interested, Doc seizing the moment to tell her she's not old enough to have grandchildren. Lisa laughs and replies that flattery will get him everywhere and they banter for a while, Lisa inviting him to come over some time. Jessica interrupts the lovefest, asking Lisa about the incident at the Lakeview. Lisa agrees to drop all the charges if he obeys the rules and becomes the golf pro. Doc agrees as Jessica shakes her head.

Emily had gone to the hospital and is talking with Chris about how he's been taking on more hours and how he'd asked Allison not to get a second job. He explains that he doesn't want Allison to worry about the money he lost in the condo and that it was okay. Emily then tells him that she admires him for taking care of Allison, but that he should let her also shoulder the financial burden, since Allison feels solely responsible for the Condo mess. She then informs him that Allison is feeling isolated and that her with time on her hands and being bored is never a good thing. Chris apologizes for making her feel that way, but he did it to keep her out of trouble. Emily asks what trouble and he replies Aaron Schneider.

Allison frantically asks Aaron if he took all the money from table ten and he tells her he didn't since he's been busy with his own tables. She begins to fuss, saying she's in so much trouble. Aaron asked what happened and she told him she saw him pull out his money, but became distracted when another table became unruly. When she came back, they were gone, just like her job. He assures her that they'll figure it out and she won't lose her job.

Lily asks Holden how he found out and he tells her that Molly brought him there, upsetting her. He explains that Molly didn't do it to be spiteful and he left her no other choice than to tell her about his wife, Lily asking what he means by that. He tells her it's his turn to ask questions. "What are you doing here?" he implores, Lily replying that he wouldn't understand and he says try me. She explains that it's not like it was before and that she's not going off the deep end and to trust him. He tells her he knew she was okay the minute she stepped onto the stage. Lily tells him she loves him and the kids and that she knows that she'll never see Rose again, but being on stage was a way for her to be close to her sister. Holden asked how she ended up there and she told him how she'd been there when she came to get the check for the Rose Foundation. They talk longer about Lily's attachment to Rose, Holden telling her he understands. The nightclub manager approaches them and asks "Violet" if she's all right, because when she left the stage it had scared him. She assures him she's fine and asks if she can have a moment alone with Holden. Holden teases  her about "Violet" and she admits she was afraid to use her real name in case someone in Oakdale found out. "Like me? You were afraid that I'd find out?" Holden asks, Lily saying she knows it's silly. He then tells her he feels responsible because he forced her to choose between him and Rose and he had not right to do that. She says she doesn't blame him because she's been so deceitful and promises to never shut him out again. Lily then suggests they go, Holden telling her he thinks she needs to finish her song.

Allison is looking under the table for the money and tells Aaron that it's gone. He asks her why she left such a large sum of money just sitting there and she told him she'd only turned for just a minute. He asks how much and she tells him almost $385.00. Aaron advises her the only thing she can do is tell Molly, Allison becoming distressed and asking if she just couldn't skip town. Aaron says that's what the old Allison would do and persuades her to just go tell Molly.

Emily asks Chris what's so horrible about Aaron and if he was holding any grudges about what happened in Chicago, he was being unreasonable. He explains that he didn't like the idea of her working in a nightclub and when her and Aaron get together there's always trouble. Emily then tries to convince Chris that Aaron is a good person who wouldn't let anything happen to her and she would feel safer knowing that Aaron and Curtis were there to look out for Allison. Finally she sways him to think over letting Allison work at Metro and then he thanks her for her advice.

A disguised Barbara narrowly misses Paul as Walker takes her to the hospital. Paul rejoins Carly at their table and she tells him not to let his imagination run away with him. He retorts that it is his mother they're talking about and could Carly truly make him believe that Barbara isn't out to get him. She agrees that she can't and they rehash much of what was said earlier. Finally, Carly asks him what she can do to prove that no one is out to get him. "You can take your designs and walk away from Barbara and never look back." Astounded, Carly tells Paul that she just can't walk away because she's made commitments she intends to honor them, adding that she's sorry if it doesn't work for him, but that's just the way it is. As she stands to leave, Paul swears that he's going to get to the bottom of whatever it is that's going on, and anyone not on his side when he's done, is going down with Barbara.

Walker and Barbara are checking her into the hospital under the name of Granview. The nurse tells them they're ready for them and can go right in. Barbara stops, telling Walker that her knees are shaking and she just can't do it. He asks her if she trusted him, if she thought he'd let them do anything to her that would hurt her in anyway. He then added that bravery isn't the absence of fear, but being afraid and moving forward anyway. She complies.

Chris runs into Bob, exclaiming he's a genius. He'd figured out a way for Ally to get a second job - she could work with him at the clinic.

Allison tells Molly that she's so sorry for letting that table stiff them and Molly says she understands, but Allison will have to come up with the missing cash. They agree that Allison will have $25.00 a paycheck deducted until the total is repaid. She thanks Molly again and swears she'll never let something like that happen ever again.

Doc shmoozes with Lisa until she leaves, telling Jess to take good care of him. Margo tells "Mr. Reese" he can leave and he asks what it would take for her to call him Doc. She replies, "Stay out of trouble and don't ever let me see you around here again." He replies that he hopes to see her someplace and she shoots him an amused glance as she leaves. Doc tells Jessica that he owes her a lot and she agrees, asking where she can send her bill, also informing him that he needs to get another lawyer. He stops her, saying since he's paying for the entire hour, he'd like to ask her a couple of questions. Jessica groans, but stays. He then asks how married Margo is, Jessica asking him how he'd like to get slapped. Arrogantly he replies, "That depends. Where and just how hard." Disgusted, Jessica leaves.

Lily finishes her song to an adoring Holden. Once she comes of stage, the manager asks her if she'd sing again and she tells him that she's found everything she'll ever need, so she wouldn't be back. Taking her hand, Holden and Lily leave the nightclub.

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