ATWT Update Tuesday 4/27/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/27/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Walker walks into the Lakeview and bumps into Ben and Jessica. He is kind of busy and going to make a house call. That is when Margo arrives. Ben and Jessica ask both Margo and Walker to join them. Walker leaves. He has an appointment. Margo sits with her friends. Jessica explains that they were at Metro but the environment was not that great, so they opted to come to the Lakeview instead. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Everyone turns to see Doc entering the restaurant. Ben and Jessica roll their eyes at the sight of him. Doc enters with 3 lovely ladies hanging off his arms. He announces that he is the party and so the party is right here.

Walker arrives at Barbara’s and delivers her prescription. She tries to close the door, but he will not let her. He has the doctor downstairs, and he would like Barbara to see the man now.

Lily is at home with Holden sleeping on the couch. She is humming to herself, and in her robe. She gets an idea. Lily heads into the bedroom and changes into her gown bought specially for Violet. She looks over at Holden. He is still sleeping. She promises him quietly that this will be the last time, then she heads out the door.

Pilar gets Lyle to agree to play a game on Katie. She will pretend that she has no idea that the room is bugged. Lyle agrees not to tell Pilar’s secret. He loves the way that she smiles.

Doc talks to the owner of the Lakeview asking him to allow some swimming for he and a lady friend. Ben has to go to the hospital for a while, and he leaves Jessica and Margo alone. Margo looks over at Doc and finds that the man is quite interesting.

Jessica says that Doc is a joke. Jessica overheard Doc talking about Jessica as if she is too busy to have a family. Doc isnít the person that should be analyzing anyone. Jessica is testy. She says that she found out that getting pregnant is going to be a challenge. Jessica feels that she has waited too long to have another baby. She feels like this is her fault.

Ben arrives at Barbara’s apartment and Walker lets him in. Ben asks about the mystery patient. Barbara comes from behind a wall in the apartment.

Lily goes to see Molly, and asks her to help with her getting out of town to Chicago again. Molly will not help Lily with this again. She tells Lily to go home and be with her family. Molly will not help her again with this, ever.

Pilar gets paid for her first day. She is paid in cash. Lyle loves having a pretty lady like Pilar working at the motel. He offers to buy her a drink now that she is off work. Pilar gets a call from Russ who is in custody. The DA has offered him a deal, and Russ is thinking that he should take the deal. Pilar shouts at the man to keep his mouth shut, or he will ruin everything.

Mike and Katie talk about how they ended up like this. Katie cares about him so much. Even after everything that has happened, she still cares for him.

He only wanted the best for her. He only wanted her to be safe and happy. He does not want to make her unhappy. He means is. Katie says that people keep telling her that she should just go to Mike and tell him how she feels. She asks if that would make a difference. Things are so complicated for her, because nothing has changed in her life. She is still married to a person that has run off. She has nothing new to offer him. Mike knows that. She cares too much about him to let him just walk away.

Molly finds that Lily sounds like a junkie. She begs Molly to cover for her to get out of town one more time. Molly cannot understand why Lily cannot just sing in town. Lily says that this helps her to say goodbye. Molly has lost someone that she loved once, so she knows how Lily is feeling. Molly is asked to tell Holden that Lily is with her. Molly promises that this will be the last time. Lily promises to be back quickly. Lily rushes off. Dusty comes over to Molly telling her that Lily looks beautiful tonight. Dusty warns Molly that she is playing with fire.

Holden wakes and finds the note from Lily. “Had to run out. Be back soon.” Holden knows that something is going on. Holden gets on the phone and asks his mother for some help.

Jessica reports that Isaac, Bonnie and Sarah are all doing well. Jessica misses them, but will be busy soon when she gets back to work. Jessica says that she may have to take time off from work if she is to use procedures to get pregnant. The maitre’d to the Lakeview comes to Margo asking for her help. Doc is out of control. Doc is shouting for cooperation from the establishment. Margo leaves to find out what Doc has been up to. He has just had a swim and enters the dining area in nothing but a towel. Doc goes to the bar and orders a drink. Margo follows him, telling him that he is under arrest. “You have the right to remain silent.”

Ben examines Barbara, and tells her that he can tell that she has been having headaches. They are coming more frequently and are longer and longer. Ben does a series of tests on Barbara. Things are not looking that good. Ben says that the pieces can be put together easily.

As Walker watches on Ben tells her tumor is growing rapidly. They have to work fast. She has to have another MRI and she needs radiation treatment as soon as possible.

Pilar shows up at the station and finds Tom talking with Russ. Russ was about to talk, but he stops when he sees Pilar behind Tom. Tom visits with Pilar shortly. He leaves. Russ is angry that Pilar has not gotten the charges on him dropped. She tells him that she is working on things. He tells Russ that he better not cross her on this, or jail will be the least of his worries. An officer comes over to Pilar asking what she wants with Russ. She says that she is an ex of Russ’s and she has just shown up to make sure that he is going to get what he deserves.

Mike and Katie talk about what happened. He tried to take care of her, but she pushed him away. Katie has tried to get over him but she cannot. He wants her to say what she feels, but she cannot do that. She cannot promise him a future, and she has no idea what is going to happen down the road. All Katie knows is that she is not finished with Mike yet. He demands to know what she wants from him. She would like him to let her help him be safe from Pilar. Mike knew it. He sees that she really does not love him. This is all about Pilar again.

Katie denies that this is about her caring for Mike’s safety and not about jealousy. Katie can see that Pilar is acting, and Mike is buying. Mike smiles when Katie says that Mike might get murdered.

Holden enters Metro and goes to Dusty. He has been really patient with Dusty but he is beginning to feel like he is being played. His wife is hiding something and Holden wants to know what that is.

Margo brings Doc into the station in cuffs and a towel. The officers all whistle at the sight of him. Margo puts Doc in a chair. Doc complains that he is just a little bit chilly. Margo shouts out for someone to get some clothes for the person.

Barbara learns that she has to go and get her treatment right now. The timing is a little unorthodox but they have to start now. Walker tells Ben to set this up. Walker will make sure that Barbara is ready to go in an hour. Ben leaves. Barbara says that she cannot do this tonight. Walker will listen to no buts. Walker will not let Barbara go blind. He is going to get her that treatment, and he is going to get it that night. Barbara worries about her children. Walker says that Jennifer is not the issue. Walker will wake the girl and tell her everything if he has to. Barbara is scared to death of this. Walker knows. He knows that it is okay to be afraid. That is normal. Barbara would like to confide in her children, but she cannot. Walker is there and he will be there through the whole process. She smiles up at him. She throws her arms around him and cries. “I’m not going anywhere Barbara. I am not going anywhere.” Barbara calms herself. Walker does not want her to waste any energy crying over this. She is going to need all the strength that she has to fight this thing. She marvels at the way he takes care of her. He makes her smile, and he finds it so lovely. She looks at him, and her sight gets blurry. He can tell that it is happening again. He walks her to the couch and sits her down. He puts her head on his shoulder.

Ben returns to his wife downstairs. Jessica tells Ben what Doc has been up to since Ben left. Jessica is angry that the man is supposed to be a role model and instead he acts like a spoiled brat. Ben would rather talk about them instead.

Doc is dressed in some spare clothes at the station. Margo tells Doc that he has to wait and cannot leave yet. Margo has to wonder what is up with Doc that night. His date was crazy to put up with Docís behavior that night. Suddenly it comes to her. Doc created a disturbance so that his date could escape without getting in trouble.

Doc recognizes the perfume that Margo is wearing. She ignores that. She tells Doc that he should not be getting in trouble if he is a celebrity. Doc did not think about that. He should do some damage control. He goes to the phone, and asks Margo to give him Jessicaís phone number. Margo will not do that. She laughs as she tells Doc that Jessica is not about to help someone that things that she is too busy with her job to have children. Doc is screwed. Jessica is the only lawyer that he knows in town.

Katie tries to make Mike understand that he is in danger. Katie has no idea why Pilar is doing this. She only knows that she has to protect Mike. Mike tells Katie to get on with her life. She can wait for Simon or whatever she wants, but she must leave him alone. He walks off.

Katie’s phone rings. She answers to Lyle, the manager at the motel. He says that everything is clear for her to come and do her show. Katie is glad to hear that, and says that she will be right over.

Holden demands that Molly tell where Lily is. Molly says that she is going to do better than tell Holden where Lily is. She is going to show him. She grabs her coat and they head to the door.

Barbara is sleeping on Walker’s shoulder on the couch.

Ben and Jessica hold hands and look into each other’s eyes over the table. They talk about the baby that they are going to have. He hopes that the baby has her smile, and his charm. She wants to make sure that Ben is on board with this idea. He is definitely on board, and would like to go home and explore some options. Jessica’s phone rings.

She answers to Doc. He tells her that he needed a lawyer and Margo said that they would bet on whether Jessica will help him or not. Doc demands to know who wins the bet. Jessica hangs up.

Margo laughs at Doc and the way that Jessica has treated him. She throws the phone book at him, telling him to call a lawyer. Doc decides that he will sit at the station for a while with Margo.

Russ is brought into the station, and Pilar is there waiting. She knows she is being overheard by officers, and she tells Russ that if he does what is right, then they will be able to put all this behind them. The officer tells Russ that he is a lucky person.

Mike enters the station and is not shocked to find Pilar there. She says that she wants to put what happened behind her. He tells her that he was with Katie just now. She knows that he still cares for Katie. Mike is happy for her. She still finds a way to stay positive in light of everything that has happened. Pilar offers to buy him hotdogs, and maybe some chili. She remembers that he used to like that.

Henry has just finished bugging Pilar’s room. He has a very bad feeling about all this. Henry and Katie enter Pilar’s room and close the door. Lyle sees Henry and Katie enter Pilar’s room, and he calls Pilar right away.

Pilar is with Mike when the call comes in. she is glad that Henry and Katie have bugged her room. She hangs up. Pilar tells Mike that was just her boss, and he has given her extra hours. She tells Mike that everything is working out just like she wants it to. She throws her arms around Mike’s neck with the biggest smile ever on her face.

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