ATWT Update Monday 4/26/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/26/04

By Glynis

Katie has been out shopping for surveillance equipment. Henry is very suspicious of her and feels that they are going to get in trouble again. Katie wants Henry to use the equipment to find out what Pilar is up to. Henry will not help, as Pilar is always one step ahead of them.

Michael goes to the room where he is to meet with Pilar and he finds Pilar there working as a made.

Paul is accusing his mother of sneaking around his back. She had Walker answering her phone, and Paul would like to know where his mother was, and what Barbara was doing. Barbara admits that she was with Will. He was behind a one-way mirror. Will was lonely ad very lost. Paul wants to know why Jordan was giving authority to make purchases. That is Paul’s job. Now Jordan is taking over everything. Barbara says that she is committed other children. Everything that she has done has been for her children.

Jordan and Jennifer have been kissing, and Jordan sees that this is not a business dinner anymore. He is a little overwhelmed by the kiss. She is intelligent and beautiful, and he would like nothing more than to get closer to her, but there is a problem. They work together and she has her family around all day long. That would leave the relationship doomed from the start. Jennifer wonders if there is another problem. Rosanna?

Rosanna hangs up the phone. It is done. Jennifer will be kept from Jordan now. Rosanna called an associate who is crazy for Jennifer, and he will not talk to anyone at BRO but Jennifer. Carly finds all this a little suspicious after breaking up the dinner date. Rosanna thinks that things will go just fine now. Carly is to sell the sponsorship idea to Barbara, and once that happens, Jennifer will be off on a plane, and out of Rosanna’s hair. Carly sees herself in her sister and that is a little frightening to her.

Jennifer is upset with Jordan and feels that he is not interested in her. She feels that she has been used by him to get in good with Barbara. Jordan did not mean anything of the sort. She is clearly jealous of Rosanna. Jordan thanks her for cooking dinner, and is sorry for the way that things have turned out. He turns and heads to the door. She realizes that he is leaving and she rushes to make him stop but he is already gone. She sees that her evening is a mess and she sits at the dining table and cries.

Carly finds that this plan of Rosanna’s might be a bad thing. What if Jordan and Jennifer really should be together? Rosanna says that does not matter. It is not as important as getting her son back. Carly would be able to deal with this better if she had more information, but Rosanna will not tell all. Carly should just worry about getting to Barbara and getting her to agree to Rosanna’s idea.

Pilar tells Mike that she has made a deal with the motel manager to work for him for a place to stay. She has called Mike there to see that she is okay. The hotel manager arrives in the room. He remembers Mike from before. He tells him not to talk to Pilar too long as his office needs dusting. Pilar will be there in a short while. He leaves.

Mike can see that the person is dangerous. He was just coming on to Pilar. Pilar is going to make this work. She has been making mistakes ever since she arrived in town, and she is going to do something right now. She is not going to make Mike love her anymore.

Katie feels that she knows what Pilar is up to. She plans to have Pilar tell Mike the truth herself. Katie will tape the woman telling all at Mike’s house. Henry says that this plan is not going to work, as Pilar has already left Mike and is living in a motel and working as a house cleaner. Katie still thinks that Pilar is playing on Mike’s sympathy. Henry sees that this has been going on too long. He tells Katie that he has no desire to sneak around with Katie anymore. Katie can see that Henry is worried about her. He admits that. He is having a Debbie Boone moment. She finds him very sweet. That is just the person that he is. Henry gets her to agree to lay off sneaking around Pilar. Pilar is at the Wagon Wheel, and that makes things easier. Katie has heard what Henry has been saying but she has to put her plan in action. She will rent the room next door to get access to Pilar. Katie runs off and Henry holds his head in his hands.

Pilar and Mike talk. She seems to have a lot of guts. She has to get to work for her boss, and she rushes off. Mike warns Pilar that she had better be careful of her boss, Lyle. She says that she is not worried about that.

Mike’s phone rings, and it is Henry. He would like Mike to meet him for a drink. Mike will have nothing to do with him. Henry catches Mike’s attention when he says that Katie is up to no good, and that Mike would be better off knowing what she is going to do before she does it. Mike will be right here.

Barbara tries to explain things at work to Paul and they argue. There is a knock at the door.  Carly is at the door and Paul lets her in. Carly says that she wanted to talk to Barbara about an opportunity that she came across. Paul is angry that Carly has not come to him first. Barbara sees that talking about this in the morning may be a better idea. Paul would like to hear this idea now.

Rosanna goes into The Lakeview and finds Jordan there. He is not looking all that great. He says that dinner was a bust. Rosanna would like to do something for Jordan for helping her out earlier. She would like to give him a little gift. He is getting angry now. “I don’t want any little gift Rosanna! I want to know what was really up with you earlier.” Rosanna fakes understanding what he is talking about. Rosanna tells Jordan that when she had her accident she was going to call her assistant, but she realized that she really needed a friend.

He finds it funny that she thought of him to call. She tells how her husband betrayed her, how she lost her child and how Paul betrayed her. He understands how she could feel bad about Paul. She admits that Jordan was the one that she really needed to see. He is fine with her now. She asks if she can have dinner with Jordan, as she has not eaten all day. He is fine with that, and even offers her food off his plate in the meantime.

Barbara and Paul learn about Rosanna wanting to sponsor their fashion show. Barbara is beside herself. Rosanna wants a lot of publicity, but she also wants everyone to see her sister’s designs. Rosanna also says that Jennifer is to be the spokesperson for the sponsorship as one of the people responsible for this is someone that Rosanna knows is smitten with Jennifer. Barbara loves this. She can see how good it is going to be, and she rushes off to get started on work. Carly feels that she has done her work, and starts heading out to go home. Paul stops her. “Not so fast.”

Katie arrives at the motel, and gets a room. The manager of the motel, Lyle sees Katie going into the room and follows her in. He remembers her as the broad with the bat who beat up some person in his room. He tells her to get out. Katie says that she cannot as she is there for a very good reason. She says that one of the employees in the motel may turn out to be very lucky it seems. Katie says that one of the manager’s house cleaners has been chosen to go on a date with a famous person named Anton. The manager is not really interested in all this. He learns that the maid in question is Pilar. The manager is not sure that he wants Pilar involved in all this. The manager will have to think bout this, and he escorts Katie out of the room. Katie understands his hesitation, but she warns him that there is a deadline to getting this done tonight.

Henry says that Katie is up to something but he cannot be specific. Henry only knows that Katie is in love with Mike still. Mike will not listen to this. He knows that Katie is in love with Simon still. Mike says that things are not black and while like he thinks.

Barbara comes home to find Jennifer upset. She threw herself at Jordan and he turned her down. Jennifer is sure that Jordan likes Rosanna instead. Rosanna even ruined their date earlier by calling Jordan to come and save her. Jennifer said some horrible things to Jordan and cannot face him in the morning at work. Barbara says that Jennifer will not have to face Jordan the next day, as something has come up.

Paul wants Carly to help him. He is really confused. Things have been happening so quickly, and he has been losing control. He reminds Carly of the plan to take BRO. Back then, Rosanna did not want Carly working with Paul. Next, Barbara wants Carly, and she jumps at the chance without talking to Paul. Carly says that Paul should not worry about this because it is all happening for a very good reason. Paul is sure that Rosanna is trying to destroy him, and Carly seems to be letting him do it. Carly will not listen to anymore of this and she heads to the door, and leaves the apartment.

Paul starts following Carly, but stops in the hallway. He reenters his apartment and closes the door.

Lyle goes to Pilar and tells how a woman came to the motel and said that she was part of a TV show. Pilar knows who it is. Lyle says that he will get rid of the woman, and make sure that the room is bugged. Pilar asks Lyle to let Katie bug the room, but not tell Katie that anyone else knows about the bug. Lyle will do whatever Pilar wants, as long as she keeps smiling at him the way that she does.

Rosanna has Jordan up in her room to try some of her cognac. She has a question for him. He seems to have an air of confidence about him that is unshakeable for someone that grew up with no family. He says that he has been acting all these years. They clink glasses and have a drink. ‘Knock, knock, knock, knock”.

Rosanna answers the door to Carly who starts blurting out that things went well with the plan. Rosanna jumps in telling Carly that she should come in. She says that Jordan is there. Rosanna announces to Jordan that she is going to be the sponsor for the fashion show. Jennifer will apparently have a huge part in the plan, and will be flying out of town the next day. Jordan is interested in that news, and would like to know how long Jennifer will be gone for.

Carly sees that she has overstayed her welcome and kisses her sister before leaving.

Jordan would like to go now. Rosanna would like him to stay longer, but he is sure that he has to get going, since there are things that he has to take care of. He tells Rosanna that he heard that Rosanna was a tough cookie, but he finds that she is a soft touch. She would like that to be their little secret. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him back. She is working on the fashion show with him now. There will be lots of time for that.

Paul has a thought in black and while. All of BRO will be in front of a crowd. Barbara will give all the glory to Jordan, and Rosanna would think that he deserves no recognition. Barbara would call him a loser…Carly would just shrug her shoulders. All of them would walk off and leave Paul out of the company. He would shout out to them. “I won’t let this happen.”

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