ATWT Update Friday 4/23/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/23/04

By Lea
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Ben comes to see his wife. They are waiting to see the fertility specialist and to get the results of their tests. The specialist enters glad to see her patients. He tells them that they have their work cut out for them.

Jennifer knows that Carly has been lying to her. Carly denies that she has been lying. Carly said that the fit model was not going to be available for the job that night. Jennifer has to wonder why Carly would do what she did? Jennifer suddenly figures it out. This is about Jordan. Carly seems to have wanted the man out of there.

Jordan and Rosanna are trying to push her car out of the mud, but nothing is making it budge. All of a sudden, Rosanna falls backwards in the mud. Jordan laughs and laughs at her. She sits up and starts throwing mud at him. Soon they are having a mud fight.

Paul finds his mother finally at Metro. He demands to know why he knew nothing about the fundraiser. Barbara answers his questions, but Paul still feels that his mother is up to something. He demands to know what is really going on. Barbara has a pain in her head, and she suddenly gets blurry vision. She turns from Walker and Barbara and waits for the blurred vision to stop. Paul can see that something is wrong. He asks his mother what is going on here.

Ben seems to be okay to have a baby. Jessica on the other hand has been having her period all over the place. Jessica has had some stress lately. The specialist says that Jessica may be menopausal. That means if Jessica wants to have a child, she better hurry. Jessica has to take her temperature everyday for the next few months. That will help them know when to get pregnant. They can do that. If natural conception does not work, they can try other things. They are not there yet, but there are options. The doctor leaves the office. Jessica is immediately upset. She says that if she had married Ben earlier, they could have had a baby by now.

Carly apologizes for interrupting Jennifer’s evening, but she felt that she was under the gun. Jennifer is not buying this. She sees that Carly was interrupting her evening with Jordan and that was the point of this. Jennifer sees that they could have even brought Jordan with them. Carly does not’ really know the person that well. Jennifer says that Jordan loves her work and could have been a big help. Carly says that she could have done this differently, but she did not mean any harm. Jennifer tells Carly to call the other model to help with the fittings. Jennifer grabs her telephone and starts dialing. Carly asks who she is calling, but Jennifer will not answer.

Jordan and Rosanna are romping in the mud, and when she thinks that it is over and she tries to get up, he pulls her down again. This time he is on top of her, and they are about to kiss. His cell telephone starts ringing. Jordan answers to Jennifer. She says that she is finished working now, and if he is still hungry, she will be more than happy to have him over. He says that he may not be hungry now, but there is something else that he might need. Rosanna can see that her plan has been thwarted.

Paul wants an explanation about why Walker and Barbara are acting so funny. Barbara still cannot see, and has her back to Paul. Walker says that he has been spending time with Barbara. Paul cannot believe that they seem to be dating. Walker corrects that statement by saying that they are just friends at this time. Paul stares at Walker in wonderment. Barbara is fine now and she takes Walker’s arm as they walk out of the club. Barbara tells her son that they will have a talk the following day.  Paul stares after his mother and her new beau. He knows that more is going on than he knows, but he cannot dream what that can be. He has to figure this out, and he goes running out of the club.

Ben tells Jessica that she should not worry. He will help her as much as he can with having a baby. He has a letter for Jessica from the Bar Association. It is good news. She as been reinstated and can practice law again. She is excited, but does not really act that way. She was focussed on the baby idea. Ben says that they only need patience and a little faith. Ben is going to take her out to celebrate that night. She wonders how he always makes everything okay.

Walker and Barbara arrive at Barbara’s office. Her pain is much better now. The drops that Walker gave her have been helping. Barbara is very grateful. She worries that Paul may have noticed that something is wrong. She needs time to work on her collection. Walker seems angry with her for not treating her illness in a different manner. He could be fighting this for her but she only cares about work. The tumor does not care about what she wants. She promised that she would go and see the specialist, but she did not do that. She is worried about Paul finding out the truth. Barbara finds Walker very gallant, but Paul is persistent and he is going to start nosing around. Barbara wants Walker’s office to be sure to keep her secret. (Someone is outside the office door listening to their conversation.) Barbara continues. No one can know about this but you and Jordan. “Just give me time. I promise you. Everyone will get what they deserve." Paul hears this and panics when he hears his mother saying that everyone will get what they deserve.

Jordan and Rosanna start cleaning up. Jordan knows that Rosanna does not like Jennifer, and he sees no reason for that. They are waiting for Jennifer to come and pick them up. A car arrives. It is Jennifer and Carly. Jennifer finds that they got a little dirtier than one usually would. She finds that interesting. Jennifer suggests that she call a tow truck. Jordan explains that Rosanna did not want to have publicity over this. Jennifer assures Rosanna that she knows a person that will treat this with the correct amount of privacy. She offers to call the man. Jennifer still has dinner at her house if Jordan would like to come over still. Rosanna looks over at them in horror. Jordan smiles at Jennifer. Of course he would like to continue the evening. Carly and Rosanna share a look of defeat.

Paul is snooping around in Barbara’s things, and he finds the authorization that Barbara signed for Jordan to work freely. Paul feels that the paper may indicate that Barbara is handing over the company to Jordan.

Walker helps Barbara with her eyedropper, and remarks that she has beautiful eyes. She promises to go and see the specialist first chance that she gets. She tells Walker that he can go ahead home, but he worries about her and what she is going to do. She cannot go home now, as her daughter is having her dinner date there. She loves that Jordan and Jennifer make such a great package. Walker tells that sometimes it is not the way that people look that makes the package. There are other reasons why people fit together. It is clear that Walker doesn’t want to leave. He asks for coffee. Barbara sees that the man continues to care for her. She doesn’t want to be a charity case. He says that she isn’t a charity case at all. He finds her to be someone that he likes to be around her. He asks her again to make him some coffee.

Paul hears keys at the door, so he closes the suitcase and locks it. Jennifer enters with Jordan. Jennifer turns on the lights. She is upset to find that Paul is sneaking around in there. Jennifer heads to the kitchen to get dinner. Paul asks Jordan why he has been given authorization to make large-scale purchases. That is Paulís job.

Jordan had no idea that Paul did not know about this. Paul finds that all of a sudden, things are changing. Jordan is only there to help Barbara with the creative side of things. This was Barbaraís idea, but Paul finds that Jordan wants to be indispensable. Jordan offers to call Paul every time that a decision is to be made. Jennifer returns with the food. She really would like her brother to leave now. Paul kisses his sister and heads out.

Barbara is confused. She wants to know what Walker wants from her. He rubs his head. H knows that Barbara’s life is complicated and this is probably the last thing that she expected, but the fact is that he likes her. She is strong, and she is complicated. He would like to get to know her better. He would like to explore the feelings that he is having. He would like to have dinner with her and look at art with her. He likes movies and maybe a good argument afterwards. He hates women that never argue. They could go fishing, or boating and not talk. She likes baseball, and she likes jazz like he does. She thinks that what he is saying sounds lovely. The telephone rings. Barbara answers to Paul. He wants to talk to her in person. Barbara questions what he wants to talk about. Paul tells her that she is to meet him at her house in a few minutes. He hangs up.

Ben and Jessica go to Metro, and they bump into Doc and a date. Ben’s beeper rings and he heads out to answer the call. Doc and Jessica discuss Ben his having to run off all the time because of the hospital calling. Doc asks about Curtis and if there are other kids. Jessica admits to only having Curtis now. Jessica runs off to talk to Curtis for a moment. While Jessica is gone, Doc talks to his date who immediately recognizes Jessica. She is a top-notched lawyer, and the girl would like Jessica in her corner if she ever needed a doctor. Doc can understand now why Jessica has no children of her own. Women like her, who are too busy with their jobs, never have time for children. Jessica has returned to continue talking with Doc, but she hears what he has said while she has been standing behind him. She stays quiet.

Rosanna and Carly arrive at Rosanna’s and Rosanna has to admit that she felt a little chemistry while she was fighting in the mud with Jordan. Carly loves hearing that. Maybe trying to get hooked up with Jordan will not be that hard.

Jordan tells Jennifer that she is a great girl for not getting angry with him for all the things that happened that night. She is fine with what happened. She knows that Jordan and Rosanna have become friends, but she just wishes that Rosanna were friendlier. She has been very unfriendly since her falling out with Paul. Jennifer can understand that though. She is just glad that the dinner was saved. Jordan says that he was a little unhappy to find Carly with them that night. Jennifer hears and knows what he means, and so she gets ready to tell him something that he should know about Carly.

Ben returns to spend time with Jessica at the club, but she would like to go somewhere else instead and she walks out. Ben goes running after her.

Carly tells Rosanna that Jordan is not stupid, so her sister feeling that she feels something for the person is definitely going to help snag the man. He is so much better than Craig. Rosanna is not looking for someone to love here. Jennifer is competition, and she really just wants the person. Rosanna asks her sister to monitor the relationship that Jennifer is starting. Carly is Rosanna’s sister, and Rosanna knows that Carly will do anything for her sister. Rosanna says that it is time for them to send Jennifer out of town.

Jennifer tells Jordan that he is brilliant, and generous. He is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Paul, and Jennifer respects that. Jordan says that he has a flaw. He can only take one or two compliments. He would like to have dinner now. Jennifer stops him from rising. She asks him if he is happy there. He tells her that he loves it there. He loves his job and he likes her, and he is very happy. She tells him that she feels the same way too. Jennifer leans into an unsuspecting Jordan and kisses him madly on the lips.

Paul is alone at home waiting. There is a knock at the door.

Paul opens the door to his mother. The room is dark. Paul turns on the lights. Something has happened. Paul tells his mother that he knows what she has done. He knows her secret.

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