ATWT Update Thursday 4/22/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/22/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Chris and Alison are talking and making lovey eyes at each other. Nancy hears them talking and she hears that Alison lies to Chris when she tells him that she was sleeping all night. Nancy remembers peeking in Alison’s room, and seeing that she had not been in there at all. She drops her teacup, and Alison and Chris see that they are not alone.

Jennifer is getting ready for her date. Her mother is with her when the door indicates that a visitor is there. Barbara heads to the door, and opens to Walker. Walker has come to tell Barbara that a specialist can look her at for her condition. She will have to go and meet the man soon. Barbara is glad to hear that.

Rosanna is putting her plan into action. Carly has a role in this. He is expected to help her sister snag this man Jordan, but Rosanna will not tell all. Jordan is a stranger, but that does not matter to Rosanna. She just has to get him at all costs. She tells her sister that if she is able to get a hold of Jordan, she will be able to get her son back.

Paul discusses Jennifer’s new beau with Hal and Emily. Hal wants to know more about the person. Paul says that Jordan works well with his mother, but Paul has not managed to make the person a true friend yet. Barbara is working hard Paul notices, and she has been getting really tired. Hal has to admit that Paul and his mother are really trying to get along. Paul is not so angry anymore. Life seems to have changed him, but has it changed Barbara?

Walker has really helped Barbara with her problems. He is a good friend to her, and she has no idea why.

He knows that he is too smart to pass up an opportunity to spend time with a fascinating woman like Barbara. Jennifer comes into the room, and is surprised to find Walker there. Barbara says that she and Walker will be going now. Jennifer has a date. The doorbell rings. Barbara opens the door to Jordan. Jennifer is in the back. Barbara learns that Barbara and Walker are heading out for an appointment. Jennifer returns and Jordan finds that she looks incredible. Barbara and Walker quickly head out. Jordan presents his wine. Jennifer shows him where the corkscrew is. He looks at her remarking that she really does look good in red.

Carly needs to know more now. How does Jordan fit into the picture? Rosanna stops there with her answers. Carly says that whatever her sister is doing, she will never get that baby. The law is on the mother’s side. They can hope and pray, but Cabot is not going home. Rosanna says that if she were sure that Cabot was safe with his mother, she would walk away. Carly wants to know more, but Rosanna cannot say anymore. Carly wants to help. Rosanna says that she has seen things through. She has to marry Jordan because she will have her baby Cabot back. If she does not do this, no one will ever see that baby again.

Chris and Alison clean up the mess that Nancy made by dropping her teacup. Kim comes home and finds everyone there. Chris and Alison leave right away to do some errands. Nancy can see that Kim is worried. Kim tells how Alison was at Metro the other night after she lied to Chris about being home. When Kim saw her, she was all dressed up and with Aaron. She made up a story about having to return money to Aaron. Kim knows that she was lying. Even if that were true, why would she have to lie to Chris, and sneak out of the club when she knew that Kim was there. Kim worries about Chris and Alison. Those kids are like smoke and mirrors. Love should be built on more than a healthy libido. Chris is working himself to death for a new place. Is that really Chris’s choice, or is he afraid that Alison may leave him if he does not give her everything she wants.

Chris has told Kim to mind her own business, so she cannot interfere. Chris and Alison return to the room. Chris has to leave for work now. He kisses Alison and heads out. Kim leaves too. Nancy tells Alison that she would like the girl to have tea with her. Alison says that she cannot do that right now. Nancy shouts at Alison to stop this. She knows that Alison has been lying to Chris and Kim, and now Alison is doing it to her. She wants to know why Alison is doing this.

Rosanna knows what she has to do, and she will do it with or without her sister. Carly wants to know more. Rosanna would help Carly with her kids if she were needed. They swore to each other that they would treat the kids like brothers and sisters, but Cabot is alone now and he has no one. Carly says she is fine now. She will help get the baby back. Rosanna thanks her sister for this. They have to get their plan in action, and they do not have a lot of time to do it.

Jordan helps Jennifer on with her necklace. They are so close right now. The tension is thick. There is a knock at the door. Jennifer answers to Paul. He sees that she is looking great. He learns that Barbara is out with Walker. She is supposed to be at some fundraiser. Paul sees that Jordan is in the apartment and pushes his way in. Paul finds it strange that everyone knows about the fundraiser but him. Jennifer says that Barbara and Walker are at the Metro, so he should go there and look for her. Paul was just at the Metro and he did not see his mother there. Jennifer pushes him to the door, saying that he should go and track his mother down then.

Jennifer is alone with Jordan again. She discusses her parents, but then feels selfish that she has been talking about her parents when he has none. He says that you cannot really miss what you never had. When Jordan got older, he got an apartment, and filled it with things, but without people to share things with, it means nothing. Jennifer has been lonely too in spite of her family. There is knocking at the door. Jennifer answers to Carly. Carly says that there is a huge emergency and she needs Jennifer to come with her right away to help her out.

Walker and Barbara are at an appointment at the mental hospital. Barbara would like to go in alone to visit her son, and she gives Walker her cell phone to hold while she is in the inner room. Walker watches her as she goes in. Seconds after Walker is left alone in the corridor, Barbara’s cell phone rings. He answers it. Paul is on the telephone. He demands to know whom he is talking to. Walker tells him. Paul figures that since Walker is answering the cell phone, he must know where Barbara is, and he demands to talk to her right away. Walker stalls and lies to Paul about where he is. He says that he is having dinner at Metro right at that moment. Paul decides that he will talk to his mother later.

Nancy says that she knows that Alison sneaked out the night before. Nancy warns that she will tell Chris if Alison does not tell her the truth. Alison goes and gets the box, showing Nancy her loot. She did not put the money in a bank, cause she likes looking at the money. Alison’s heart is in the right place, but what she is doing is wrong. Alison just wants to avoid a fight. That might make things worse. They might not make up. Nancy says if that happens, they were not meant to be. They hear voices. Chris is talking and he is coming into the bedroom. The door opens, and Kim and Chris enter. They are surprised to find Alison and Nancy there. Nancy asks Alison, “Are you going to tell him, or shall I?”

Carly says that she needs Jennifer to help her with some work that she is doing on some designs. Jennifer says that she will take care of this in the morning, but Jordan knows that he will need those garments ready first thing. Jennifer sees that she has to go.

Jennifer goes ahead with Carly, and Jordan lags behind. Jordan is alone now. His phone rings. He hears that Rosanna is on the line. She is out somewhere in her car. She says that she lost control of her car and spun out of control. She begs Jordan to come and save her.

Barbara is done with her appointment with Will. She is sad. She thinks that she will lose her sight. She is crying now. Walker is sorry that she is so sad. She remembers Will and how happy he used to be. Now he just sits with blank eyes. She would like to have her son back home with her. Walker knows that the boy will be with her. Walker tells how Paul called thinking that they were at Metro and Walker made him think that they were there. Walker says that they could go to Metro if she wants. He is asking her to dinner. She feels that might be just what she needs. She takes his arm, and they walk off.

Paul goes to Metro asking if his mother has been there that night. Hal and Emily say that Barbara has not been there all night. Hal and Emily leave, but will call Paul soon. Paul sees that he has been lied to. “Okay Barbara, what is your game this time?”

Nancy covers for Alison this time, but she will not do it again.

Jordan offers to call a tow truck for her, but she wants him to come and help her himself. She does not want the cops to come.

Jordan heads out and finds the car in a ditch. He might be able to push her out. He wants to know why she did not want the cops to come. She says that she had a couple of drinks, and did not want to be in the papers the next day. She has not got a lot of friends unfortunately. He will help her get her car back on the road. It has been a long time since he helped a damsel in distress.

Jennifer and Carly return to the apartment. Jennifer forgot her cell phone, and insisted on coming home to get it, since she has to work all night. Jennifer finds a message on her phone. Carly tries to rush her back to the office, but Jennifer wants to check if her message if from Jordan first. She dials some numbers. Carly pushes and pushes for them to get out of there and back to work. Jennifer puts her hand on her hip, announcing to. “I know what you are doing Carly.”

Nancy tells Alison that she is lying, and no matter how innocent the lie, it is still a lie. Nancy is old, and people think that she is nice and sweet, and has no energy. She is wise, and she can be sweet, but she has energy to fight. She warns Alison that if she hurts Chris, she will make Chris look like a pussycat when he is angry.

Jennifer figured out that Carly has been lying to her, and she wants to know the truth this time.

Jordan tells Rosanna that she has to push the car for them to get the car out of the ditch. She cannot believe her ears. He stoops behind the car. She pretends to fall and he catches her, holding her in his strong arms. “Oh!” She bats her eyes at him, as he smiles down at her, their faces only inches apart.

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