ATWT Update Wednesday 4/21/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/21/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ben and Jessica arrive home, but Curtis isn’t there. Jessica sees they are alone, and she suggests that they start having a baby. Jessica seems to be fine so far, so she will try having a baby now. She has more results that will be available the next day, but for now, she will pretend that she knows that everything will be fine. Ben would like to get to it, but first Jessica would like to start things off with ‘the burning of the diaphragm’.

Doc is about to appear at the station, and he asks Kim if he can jazz up his commentary a bit. She says that he can go ahead with changes if he wants, but they have to be in the boundaries of the station.

Chris comes to talk to his mother, so she takes him into her office. Chris would like to talk to Kim about Alison, and how it seems that Kim is meddling. Kim defends her position, but Chris lets her know that Alison was upset by their talk. Alison wasn’t the one that sent Chris to her, Chris was the one that figured to come and see his mother himself. Kim says that she will do her best from now on not to upset Alison.

Molly wants Alison to come in to work that night. Aaron says that Alison should be off that night. Molly says that if Alison doesn’t come in, she is fired.

Alison is home cooking a special dinner for Chris. The phone rings.

Aaron is on the phone, telling Alison that she has to come in for work, as they are short a waitress. She says that she can’t do it, as she has something special planned for Chris. Aaron says that she ha as to come, to prove that she really needs the job. She has only worked one day so far. Alison decides that she should show up, and promises to show up.

Lily arrives home and takes out the hot spaghetti strap black and green dress that she has just bought. She gets the card out to the karaoke club in Chicago. She books a space for Violet to sing that night.

Lily shows up at Metro to talk to Dusty. He tells her that there is some guy who works in cheese, and he has some money that he would like to donate to the Rose Foundation. Only thing is that he and Lily will have to meet with the guy that night to talk to him before accepting the check. Lily says that she can’t make it because she has personal things to attend to in Chicago. Dusty doesn’t like the sound of that, but he will make another appointment for the client. Lily has another favor. She would like Dusty to say that she is in Chicago on business for the Rose Foundation if anyone asks especially Holden. Dusty isn’t interested in lying to Lily’s husband for her, but she begs and she begs.

Alison has to go, and she hurries to write a note to Chris about the dinner in the fridge. She writes that she is going to the movies with Emily and her mother. She grabs her coat and heads to the door. She opens it.

Chris is on his way in. He is glad to find her there. He wants to spend the evening with her.

Molly is upset that Alison hasn’t arrived to work yet.

Curtis is upset that he hasn’t been given back his money yet by Doc. The man promised. Curtis has to get that money before his father finds out.

Curtis calls Doc and asks him about the money for the credit card that he promised to pay back. Doc forgot to return the money, but he promises to get it to Curtis right away.

Curtis hangs up and looks at the clock. He should be going on air in about 20 minutes. He gets up and starts running out.

Kim sees Doc leaving his chair, and gets concerned, as the show is about to start. Doc assures her not to worry her pretty little head, as he will be right back.

Ben and Jessica are together about to make love, when the phone rings.

Jessica answers to the credit card company. She learns that Ben is needed on the phone.

Ben talks to the operator on the phone and learns that Curtis has charged a bar bill of a couple a’ hundred dollars to Metro.

Holden looks around the house for his wife, but she isn’t anywhere to be found. The doorbell rings.

Lucinda arrives looking for her daughter. Lily has been avoiding her. Lucinda learns that Lily is out, and she offers to wait for her to return. Holden has no idea where his wife is, or when she will be back.

Lucinda can see that something is up between the couple. Holden says that Lily seems to be hiding something from him. Lily was in Chicago and came home very late. She left her cell phone there, and wanted to go back to get it, instead of waiting till the next day.

Dusty refuses to lie to Holden for Lily. Does she have a guy in Chicago or something? Lily denies that. She only wants to go to Chicago alone for one night. Dusty can see that Holden doesn’t trust his wife, and he understands why. Lily says that she has been looking out for her marriage, so there is nothing to worry about. Dusty doesn’t believe her.

Chris tells Alison that he went to his mother and set her straight, even though Alison asked him not to do that. He wants his mother to see that Alison is a woman who will not be pushed into doing anything that she doesn’t want to.

Doc comes to Metro to return the money to Curtis. Curtis is happy to see him.

Aaron comes over to Curtis, telling him that his father is on the phone.

Curtis learns from his father that the credit card company has called, and that he is in big trouble for making a charge like that to Metro. Ben says that he will show up there to talk to his son in person. Curtis knows that will be a bad scene, and so he offers to come home to talk.

Kim is looking around frantically to see if Doc is around. He is nowhere to be found.

Ben if furious when he learns the story of how Doc used Curtis to pay his bill. Curtis is really getting yelled at. Someone is at the door.

Jessica answers to Doc. He walks into the room to explain about Curtis paying his bill the night before.

Holden tells Lucinda that he is worried that things might not be getting better between he and his wife.

Dusty hates that Lily I using the foundation to cover her tracks while she sneaks around on Holden.

Molly comes over to Lily later to talk. She saw that Lily was arguing with Dusty. Lily explains that she asked Dusty to run interference for her, but he wouldn’t do it. Molly asks Lily why she keeps bringing up barriers in her marriage. She knows that Holden is really wonderful, and can’t for the life of her, understand why Lily can’t treat him accordingly. Lily’s cell phone rings.

Lily digs around in her purse to get her phone out. As she is doing so, a card falls out to the ground. Molly sees the card, but says nothing. Lily hasn’t noticed the card has fallen.

Lily is too late. She has missed Holden’s call, and knows that she has to get home soon, so he doesn’t worry. She runs off.

After Lily is gone, Molly stoops and picks up the card. “Windy City Café in Chicago”

Doc explains about Curtis helping him out. Ben is fine with things now. He only asks that Doc ask someone else if he ever needs money again. He is asked to stay for a drink, but has to go, as he will be starting his show at any minute.

Chris is feeling very sexy, but Alison isn’t really interested right now. He was very amorous with her that morning, and he would like to be that way again right now. She knows that she has to get going, or she will lose her job. She can’t tell him that. She says that she isn’t into making love right now, but her body says something different.

Lily comes home, and finds Holden holding her dress in his hands. He says that he really likes that dress. She mentions that she may not be keeping that dress. Holden asks Lily if there is something that she would like to talk to him about. He says that she shouldn’t worry if he is going to freak out or not. The doorbell rings.

Molly is at the door. Lily looks at her funny. Molly asks Lily if she is ready to go. Lily says nothing. Holden moves closer to the door. Molly tells Lily to get her coat and purse so that they can go shopping in Chicago. Lily gets it. Molly is trying to help Lily get out of the house without getting Holden suspicious. She slides into her role once she figures things out. “Oh, I forgot.”

Chris’s shift is going to start in a little while, and Alison convinces him that he has to get going so that he can get some sleep before his shift starts. Alison says that she will be staying in the house that night alone.

After Chris leaves, Alison phones Aaron, who tells her to get her butt into work, as the club is very busy. Alison grabs her coat and purse and heads to the door. Alison opens the door, and starts running out.

Alison bumps into Nancy who is coming into the house. She asks Alison where she is off to in such a rush.

Ben and Jessica are alone again. They turn the conversation again to making babies. Finally.

Lily turns to Holden telling him that she was going to tell him about Chicago but forgot. Molly says that they came up with the idea not long ago. Holden is unsure about this, but goes along with Lily’s desire. Holden leaves the room.

Molly says that she called the Windy City Café and found out that Violet is expected to sing that night. Molly isn’t sure what is going on, but she knows that Lily better get going if she wants to make it on time. Molly leaves, and Lily smiles to herself, that things have all worked itself out.

Lily goes over to her dress, and holds it up with a knowing smile on her face.

Ben is watching Doc on the television and he is really engrossed in it.

Jessica comes downstairs in her peignoir set to seduce her husband, but he really wants to see the scores of the games that were played that day. She stands in front of the television, and then walks to him, kissing him in her special way. She then slowly walks away. He can’t stand it, and comes running after her.

Lily applies her lipstick, then heads to her dress to take it with her. She then goes running out the door.

Dusty hates that Molly helped Lily. Molly doesn’t care that he doesn’t like what she did. She found a way to help someone, and she did it. Dusty smiles at her. He is finished with Molly and the rest of them.

Alison lies to Nancy saying that she needs to go out and pick some things. Nancy asks her about what she is going to get, and gets her into a big conversation. Alison explains that she was cooking that night. Nancy loves hearing that and offers to eat some of the casserole with her. Alison has to get out of there. She tells Nancy that she will be going to bed now, but that Nancy can go ahead and have as much casserole as she wants.

Alison runs to her room, and she is about to climb out the window to get to her job when the phone rings.

Alison answers to Chris. He is at work, and has just called to tell Alison that he loves her. She says that she was about to lie down and have a rest. He assures her that he will be home in the morning to see her, and they hang up.

Alison heads to the window, and opens it. She climbs out onto the roof, and scoots on her butt closer and closer to the edge to figure a way down.

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