ATWT Update Tuesday 4/20/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/20/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Chris comes home in the morning, and is glad to find his mother with coffee brewing. He has had a long night. Kim worries about her son, and how he pushes himself. He doesn’t want to eat breakfast yet. He has been working doubles and should eat though. He asks for Alison but she hasn’t been up yet. Kim says that she hasn’t been around yet this morning.

Alison is in her room counting her loot from working all night at Metro. She hides the money when she hears Chris coming. He enters the room, and wants to make love, but she isn’t in the mood for that. She offers to make him breakfast, but he wants to be with her. He has another shift to do, but would rather stay in bed. She looks by the side of the bed, and sees that her loot box is sticking out and could be seen if Chris looks down. She pushes him to take a shower, leaving the room.

Once Chris is gone, Alison gets her box from under the bed and she hides in the closet.

Jessica has been to the doctor, and she tells Ben that they have to get working on having a baby, as she hasn’t got all the time in the world left.

Jordan comes in while Barbara is putting in her eyedrops. He helps her with that. She is sorry that Paul got into it with Jordan before. He means a lot to her, and is glad that he has come back to work with her. It is official. Carly is working with BRO now. Jordan looks at her portfolio. They are very good. Jordan has to admit it.

Carly shows up and hears that Barbara and Jordan love her sketches. Carly and Jordan have met before. Jordan welcomes her to the company, and is glad to be working with her.

Jack comes to see Rosanna. He has something to talk to her about. He pulled Di Grassi’s credit cards and knows that the man, who is definitely Rosanna’s friend, has been working in Canada. That is a weird coincidence Jack finds. Why is it that Di Grassi has been working in Canada, which is where Cabot and his mother lives.

Jordan serves Carly and Barbara something refreshing to drink while they look over her sketches. Barbara has a funny look on her face when she looks at the sketches. Carly sees the look thinking that Barbara doesn’t like what she sees. Barbara says that she would prefer to have Jordan look at the designs. She will not admit to Carly that she has a problem seeing. Barbara says that she has to leave for a while, but that she will be back. She is very lucky to have Carly with her. Jordan walks Barbara to the door and she gingerly walks out.

Carly says to Jordan that she thought that he was on the unemployment line. Jordan says that there was a simple misunderstanding, but that is cleared up now. Jordan wants to get to work. He likes the work that she has been doing. Jordan says that they should talk about ground rules. She finds that typical. She can see that he isn’t sure if he likes her or not. He does like her, but doesn’t know her yet. She is sure that in time, they will get to know each other better. Jordan informs her that he isn’t a liar, and he doesn’t play games. Carly has to question if he is working for the right company or not.

Rosanna says that there is no big mystery with Di Grassi, and she would like to drop all this talk. Jack reminds her that they are family. Jack has always liked Rosanna, and appreciated her sense of right and wrong. Jack knows however, that the break-in at the house was a fake. Jack would like to forget about Di Grassi, but he can’t get over the fact that Di Grassi in Canada. He asks Rosanna point blank. “Are you planning to take Cabot back?”

Alison goes to the kitchen and makes breakfast. Kim asks Alison what she was doing the night before. Alison says that she stayed in the house and leafed through some magazines. Kim finds that answer interesting. She asks Alison, “Did you do that before or after you went to Metro last night.” Alison spills the milk when she hears the question.

Kim apologizes to Alison for making her spill the milk. She also thinks that Alison saw her at Metro. Kim says that Chris thinks that Alison was home all night. Alison says that she only went to Metro because she owed Aaron $20.00. She didn’t say anything to Chris because he feels funny about Alison’s friendship with Aaron. Kim tells the girl that Chris loves her and would like her to be honest. Alison would like to be honest.

Chris arrives wondering if there is a problem. He knows that his mother is worried about him working alone in the relationship, and he defends Alison working only one job. He wants his mother to respect his decision to work extra and not let Alison do it. Kim sees that she has overstepped, and she heads out.

Chris hates that his mother treats him like a 3-year-old. Alison knows that Kim only wants the best. Chris knows that, but his only concern is his relationship with Alison.

Ben would have hoped that he and Jessica would have had more discussion about having a baby. Jessica says that she made a mental checklist. She found that the negative sides didn’t outweigh the things that really matter. She remembers when Bonnie was a baby, and she wants that back. He sees that she has been doing a lot of remembering. She is quick to say that her decision hasn’t to do with Bonnie being gone. She reminds Ben that she loves him, and that she would like to have a baby with him. She wants Ben to say what is in his heart. He is lost for words. Having a baby is like putting a baby back in a bottle. Once it is said, it is all that you can think about. This morning he got to the hospital, and he went to labor and delivery. He was looking at the infants, and he was thinking of the science of it all. However, that is not the important thing. Life is about faith and miracles. She tells him that she is going to make them a miracle. He will do the same.

Carly wants to know more about Jordan. He tells her that he went to Paris and tried to get a job there. He didn’t get it. He heard that BRO was rebuilding and he wanted to be a part of that. Carly says that she made her first design when she was 3. There was lots of glitter. Carly is very curious about him. She says that Jordan is the same way. She invites him over to her house, and tells him to bring his girlfriend. Jordan says that he hasn’t got one. Carly says that she saw him with Jennifer, and that looked like something. Jordan says that Jennifer is only his friend. Carly tells him to bring his friend then to the house. Jordan begs out. He has something else to do that is important.

Jennifer enters and is glad to see Carly and Jordan there. Jordan has something that he has to get to, and he leaves the room.

Jennifer asks Carly what she thins about red on a redhead. Carly wants to know about the occasion. Jennifer says that she is cooking dinner for someone special, and she would like to look perfect for him.

Rosanna hates that Jack is asking her a lot of questions about Cabot. That hurts. She says that she knows that she can’t have Cabot back, and would like to drop this line of questioning. Jack says that he needs to know what she is up to, or he is going to have to investigate more. If that happens, he can’t help her then. He will find out what she is hiding. She decides to tell him what is going on. She is in a lot of pain. She remembers that she had to give up her child, and she says that is her secret, and that is all that she is hiding. She has given him no choice in the matter. He will get all the information that he can. If she doesn’t tell him what he needs to know, he will have no choice but to expose whatever it is that she is up to, and then it will be too late.

Ben and Jessica see the doctor and discuss having a baby. She is in a new group now for having a baby, and conception will be more difficult. They have to check that her body is going to cooperate. They will do some blood work.

Rosanna decides that she has to confess all to Jack. She admits to hiring Di Gassi. She gave him the floor plans, and sent him over to the house. She wanted something there. She couldn’t do this herself. She wanted to put a little fear in Craig. She wanted Cabot’s hairbrush set. She used to read the boy a story and brush his hair. She didn’t want Craig to see her. She sent Di Gassi to Canada because she wanted Cabot’s mother to have the brush set. She thought that if the mother brushed Cabot’s hair, he would remember Rosanna. That is her crime. She loves her child, and she can’t stop it. She bent the law to send Cabot something that would remind him of her. This is very private to her. This is between Rosanna and Cabot. She wanted no one to know. Jack is sorry to have upset her. She is set off very easily these days. Jack asks her to come to the house to see the kids soon. She would love to do that.

Jack thinks back to seeing Rosanna with the baby and Carly at his house not long ago.

Jack will call her with a date for dinner. He gets up and leaves her alone.

Jordan offers to give Carly a tour of the place, but she has been there before, and knows most of the people. She will leave now.

Jennifer whispers to Carly that she is thankful for the advice on the dress for her date. Carly leaves.

Once outside the office, Carly pauses to listen to what goes on now that she is thought to be out of the room.

Jordan asks if they are still on for dinner. Jennifer says that everything is on schedule. They make a date. Jordan says that he will bring the wine. Jennifer beams at the thought of cooking this man dinner.

Outside the office, Carly can hear everything that has been said inside, and she smiles coyly to herself.

Alison explains to Chris that Kim only felt that she should be helping with the bills. Chris wants this dropped. He would like to see Alison take some classes, and dive into something. He believes in her. Chris says that if his mother says anything more on this subject, they will be having a very stern conversation. Alison says that she hates being alone in the bed when he is at work.

Jennifer loves the new stuff for the teen line. Barbara is marking the designs that she wants in her show. It I going to be fabulous. Jennifer has to go for a couple of hours. She is picking up something for dinner the next night. Barbara finds it funny that she is doing groceries so early in the week. She, Jordan and Barbara were going to have dinner, but Barbara can’t make it. Jennifer is more than happy to make the dinner for two.

Carly goes to see Rosanna who tells her that Jack was over to visit. Carly says that she was with Jordan that day. Rosanna is making her sister do this to be discreet.

Rosanna wants her sister to understand and respect her privacy. Carly tells that Jordan is back at BRO. Rosanna already knew that. Why did he go back? Carly says that Jordan might be into Jennifer. She saw Jennifer, and she was on fire for Jordan. When a redhead puts on a red dress, she is saying, “Don’t put the fire out.” Rosanna panics at the news. Jennifer is clearly head over heels, and ready to light the match!

Chris would like to make love, but Alison stops him to let him that he has changed her life, and that everything that she has done has been for him. He understands that.

The examination is over. So far things look good for Jessica. There are more tests to look at later. There is a high chance that Jessica will be able to conceive. There will be tests for Ben too. He is offered a plastic jar. He is a doctor; he knows what to do.

Jordan needs to get to work. Time is running out. They have a Vegas deadline to meet. Barbara writes a note for Jordan, giving him authorizing him to make any charges and decisions that he has to. He takes the note and leaves.

Jennifer tells her mother that she was being very obvious pretending to be busy so that her daughter gets to dine with Jordan alone. Jennifer wants to be careful so that Jordan doesn’t find her too desperate.

Jennifer knows that when Jordan sees her in her new dress, dinner will be the last thing on his mind.

Carly says that Jordan is acting so-so, but Jennifer is on the warpath. Rosanna knows that she has to move soon. Carly knows at Jennifer plans on being the entrée for this meal. Rosanna is glad that her sister is looking out for her. Carly finds all this intrigue to be fun. She is itching to get out and stir things up. She isn’t looking for trouble, but she doesn’t want to be predictable. Carly promises to watch her sister’s back as much as she can. They can’t believe that they spent all these years fighting. Carly still would like to know all that Rosanna has planned. Rosanna will not budge. Carly needs to know what Rosanna will do about this dinner that is coming up. Rosanna wonders what her sister would do. That is easy. Carly would remove the competition if this were her gig. Rosanna finds that she will have to do the same.

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