ATWT Update Monday 4/19/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/19/04

By Lea
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At the Hughes House--

Allison helped Chris get ready for work. She told him if she let her help, he wouldn’t have to work overtime on top of his overtime. Once he was out the door, she quickly changed for work at Metro.

Kim arrived home to find Allison’s robe discarded on the floor of the kitchen. Just as she was looking for Allison or Chris, Molly knocked on the door. Kim heard that the party for Doc went well from Bob. She said Bob was thrilled at meeting Doc. Molly wondered if Doc’s looks and the fact that he is an ex-jock make him qualified to be onscreen talent. Molly told Kim she did some research and based on that, and Doc’s behavior the other night, she thinks he is a walking time bomb.

Molly said Doc was fired from the last job because he mooned someone on the air. He is available because no one else would touch him. Kim knew she was taking a chance with Doc,  but they needed the numbers; someone who could shake things up a bit would help. Aaron called to tell Molly that Doc’s card was declined.

At Metro--

Allison arrived for her first night of work. Molly told Curtis to man the door and for Aaron to show her around. Curtis said the night was a little slow so she shouldn’t expect much in tips. However, Doc arrived with three women on his arm, so her prospects looked up because he was throwing money around.

Allison tried to give back the $50.00 tip Doc gave her because she thought he was asking for more than just table service. He laughed and explained the situation more clearly for her. He wanted table service and that was it. Doc declared Allison to be hilarious because she thinks he is a real doctor. Aaron tried to explain who he is.

Doc continued to hold court at BRO, buying drinks for everyone. Allison was concerned because the place should have been closed a half an hour ago. Finally, Allison told him it was last call and got his credit card to settle the bill. Aaron also explained Doc was an ex-football player, not a doctor. He said if his meeting the next morning went well, he would be partying at Metro often. His credit card was declined.

They needed to keep Doc at Metro, so Aaron offered coffee on the house to buy some time. Curtis was convinced the whole thing was a computer error. Curtis gave his credit card to cover the bill; he was sure Doc would cover him. Doc gave Allison another tip. Curtis told Doc his card declined and that he took care of the bill with a card his dad gave him. Doc thanked him and blamed his ex for the issue. Curtis needed the money to pay the card off before his dad found out about it. Doc promised he would give him the money.

Molly and Kim arrived and heard the bill had been taken care of. Allison saw Kim. Kim met Doc and commented on the good time he seemed to be having with Oakdale’s nightlife. He said he liked the people in town. Aaron found Allison hiding behind the bar; she told him Chris didn’t know about the job. Aaron was not surprised. Doc invited Molly and Kim to join his table. Doc thanked Molly for the good word. Kim called Bob to pick her up at Metro after his late shift. Aaron helped Allison sneak out (though not well enough because Kim saw her leave).

At BRO--

Barbara arrived to talk to Jordan. Jennifer told her he had already packed and left. Jennifer was not so sure Barbara was going to be able to hire Jordan back. She backed Paul up because she promised to do that in public. Barbara called the Lakeview and found out Jordan was still there. Barbara was concerned that Jennifer seemed so upset about Jordan. Jennifer said she likes Jordan a lot and thought something could happen between them, but now she wasn’t so sure. Barbara sent Jennifer to hire Jordan back, and she approved of a potential relationship.

Jordan came to BRO because Barbara had called. Barbara offered him the job back. He declined the offer. He said he didn’t deserve to be fired. Barbara explained she had to get Paul to change her mind. Jordan said Paul wouldn’t have been after him if he hadn’t been protecting Barbara. Barbara begged him to forgive them their sins and come back to BRO.

Jordan assured Barbara she didn’t have to rehire him to keep her secret. She said she wasn’t worried about that; she wanted him back at BRO. Jennifer asked if he would come back. Jordan wondered about Paul.   Barbara said he may want to give Paul some room for awhile. In the meantime, he could work more closely with Jennifer. He said he may need to sleep on it, but Jennifer asked him to say yes.  She said BRO’s heart was with him.

Jordan accepted the job offer.

At Rosanna’s Room--

Jordan said the kiss from Rosanna was unexpected, once the kiss ended. She hoped the kiss was not unpleasant; he assured her it was not. She said she wasn’t used to being so impulsive, but he didn’t look like he believed her. She asked if they should kiss again, but he warned her about a unique ability. He can always tell when he’s being played. He said the kiss was not out of the blue, so maybe she would like to save them both a little time and tell him what’s going on.

Rosanna denied she was playing Jordan. He asked for the truth, but when she hesitated, he told her it was nice getting to know her and kissing her.  Then he tried to leave. Rosanna stopped him and told him she felt bad that he got fired; she thought it was her fault. He wasn’t buying that excuse, so she told him she needed to be kissed and held. Rosanna said they had established he was attractive, and attracted, and yet he had questions.  She wanted to know why that would be. She wondered if there was someone else. He said he was unattached. He said it was just that he had rarely been that lucky--rich and attractive Rosanna turning to him.

Jordan said he had to get going; she wondered if he was concerned she would ply him with liquor and have her way with him. He said she didn’t scare him, but she makes him wonder and gives him ideas. He had packing to do because he had no reason to stay in Oakdale. Rosanna offered a job at Cabot Motors. Jennifer arrived at Jordan’s door.

He didn’t want her to see him coming out of Rosanna’s room. When he left, Carly called. She told Rosanna to forget any plans he had for Cabot. Rosanna went to Carly’s

When Rosanna got back to her room, there was a message from Jordan: he was turning down Cabot Motors and was staying at BRO.  Rosanna was thrilled.

At Carly and Jack’s--

Carly didn’t think it was odd that a woman would want to keep a memento of her lost child. Jack wondered why she would have it stolen. Jack wanted Carly to tell him everything Rosanna has told her about Cabot. Before Carly coulc answer, Sage started crying.

Jack was concerned because Carly seemed to be avoiding his questions. Carly said Rosanna was not planning to go to Canada. She defended her sister; she said Rosanna has lost everything in one fell swoop. She told Jack that Rosanna said her heart is broken and she is trying to find a way to move on. Carly didn’t know who Rosanna had been hanging out with lately.  She pointed out that she is Rosanna’s sister, not her babysitter. Jack could not shake the feeling Rosanna is up to something very stupid.

Carly demanded Rosanna tell her about her plans. Rosanna said she couldn’t tell him without jeopardizing everything. She promised everything would be over soon. Carly wanted to know what kind of trouble she would be in when it was over. Rosanna said she wouldn’t be in any trouble. Carly asked if Rosanna planned on kidnapping Cabot. Rosanna denied any plan like that but was concerned that Jack continued to meddle. Things were getting out of control and Rosanna was upset.

Carly asked if Rosanna was sure about Jordan losing his job at BRO. Rosanna apologized for keeping Carly up late with her problems. She offered to take Sage up to bed. Jack arrived home from the police station to see Rosanna and Carly talking.

Carly didn’t tell Jack that Rosanna had been there.

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