ATWT Update Friday 4/16/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/16/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo

At the Police Station

Craig arrived to bail Katie out and Margo told her why she arrested their sister. Katie tried to convince Craig that Mike’s life was in danger. Katie told Craig the whole story – about how Pilar is taking advantage of Mike and how his life is in danger. Craig agreed to post bail. Katie wanted Margo to take her side. Katie apologized for not being around for him with Rosanna and everything. Margo told Craig posting bail was a mistake – Katie needed to spend the night in jail.

Margo came in with Russ in custody. Pilar told Katie that Mike saved her from Russ. Katie tried to convince Mike that Pilar and Russ were conning him, but he wouldn’t listen.

Katie watched as Margo took Pilar and Mike’s statement. Pilar continued to act as though she is afraid of Russ. Margo needed to talk to Mike further – and left Pilar and Katie in a room together. Pilar made sure no one could hear them and she told Katie she was not a problem because she is stupid. No one believed a word that came out of Katie’s mouth and she was making everything so easy for Pilar. Katie wondered what she was making easier.

At Mike’s

Russ pretended to attack Pilar – Mike ran in and punched him out. Mike called Margo to come arrest Russ. Pilar thanked Mike for saving her. She hugged Mike and smirked at Russ over his shoulder.

At Lakeview

Jordan told Paul he reported to Barbara and would not consider himself fired unless she agreed. Paul demanded that Barbara fire Jordan when she arrived at the lounge. Jordan dared Paul to tell her the reason why he was being fired. Paul told Barbara that Jordan believed he was out to destroy her. Barbara defended Paul saying she and Jordan had already talked about this. She tried to talk to Paul alone – but he told her it was either him or Jordan. Barbara thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t and wanted her to make a decision right then. Barbara fired Jordan. He said he would be out of the office within the hour. Paul was glad it was over. Barbara said it wasn’t over yet.

Barbara told Paul she wanted to talk calmly – if they worked fast enough they could do damage control and Jordan would be back in the office by morning. Barbara said she backed Paul up in public because they have worked so hard to come back together. But in private she would fight him – she said Jordan was good for BRO. Paul said he didn’t like Jordan – she said she didn’t like Carly and hired her. Paul was surprised to hear Carly accepted the job offer. Barbara wanted Paul to change his mind about Jordan. She thought back to Jordan helping her with her attacks. Barbara told Paul she needed Jordan.

Paul said if she wanted to hire someone to shadow him – she could hire someone new. Barbara said she didn’t hire Jordan to shadow Paul – he was hired for marketing and showmanship. She said she needed them both for the Las Vegas show – BRO will fall apart if the show fails. If that happened Barbara would never forgive herself. Paul and Jennifer had been so forgiving and generous – she wants to leave them with something real – something worthwhile. Paul wondered if she was going somewhere. She is sorry about what happened with Will and Rose and she is trying to make up for it … the only way she knows how. If she can make BRO a success – she can leave Jennifer, Paul and Will something they are not ashamed of – something they can be proud of. Paul acknowledged Barbara has done a lot of the company and for Will.

Paul told Barbara she could rehire Jordan. Jennifer arrived wondering why Jordan had been fired. Barbara worried that he was already gone. If Jennifer’s vote counts in this family – she wants Jordan back. Barbara assured her they were going to rehire Jordan.

At Rosanna’s Room

Carly asked Rosanna why she wanted to marry Jordan. Rosanna clarified she doesn’t want to marry – she needed to marry him … it’s necessary. Carly wondered for what. Rosanna said it was for what she needed. Carly said Rosanna was barely on a first name basis and wanted to know why she needs to marry him. Rosanna said she told Carly she couldn’t tell her all the details. Carly demanded to know why she must marry Jordan or Rosanna would be on her own.

Rosanna said she thought Carly understood. Carly said she would understand if Rosanna’s story didn’t change so often. First she wanted Carly to make sure Jennifer and Jordan didn’t get too close, then she was supposed to watch Jordan because he is such a sweet guy and now she is planning to marry him. Not because she loves Jordan, but because she needs to. Carly said if the situation were reversed Rosanna wouldn’t put up with it. Rosanna doesn’t want to tell her everything because then Carly would have to keep the secret from Jack. Jordan is a means to an end to get what she wants. Rosanna begged Carly to keep the secret – no matter what. Rosanna must marry Jordan because it will bind her to him legally – it’s all for Cabot.

Carly tried to understand what Rosanna is saying – she has to marry Jordan because she lost Cabot? Marriage to someone she doesn’t know will not ease Rosanna’s pain. Rosanna said the pain will never lessen. There isn’t a day that goes by she doesn’t think about Cabot. Rosanna asked Carly not to make her let go – Cabot needs her. Carly said Cabot is in Canada with his birth mother so how would she know Cabot is in danger? Rosanna said marrying Jordan is a means to an end to protect Cabot. Rosanna asked Carly not to tell Jack – and Carly said she wouldn’t know where to start since she doesn’t understand herself. If Carly tells Jack it will destroy Rosanna’s son.

Carly told Rosanna she was acting desperate. Rosanna said that’s because she is desperate. She is a mother just like Carly – they will do anything to protect their kids. She would die before bringing harm to Cabot. Carly promised not to tell Jack – but Rosanna still had to tell her what was going on.

Rosanna found out Jordan was on the way to his room – she met him at the door. He told her he had just been fired. She asked him to come in her room and tell her about it. He told her that he had a conversation with Paul and things didn’t go his way – Barbara backed him up. She said it might be fate – he could work for her. He wanted to stay in the fashion business. She hugged him and said it was all her fault and she was sorry.

Rosanna said she never should have said anything about Paul and Carly. He didn’t blame her – he appreciated her telling him those things. He told her he would be fine and he would find a job. Rosanna kissed Jordan.

At Jack’s

Jack continued to investigate the link between Rosanna and DeGrassi. He said he thought he knew what everything was all about.

Craig arrived to see what Jack found out about the missing items. Jack said DeGrassi had left town. Craig said Rosanna was hiding something – she hired DeGrassi to steal the brush and comb. Craig asked Jack to tell him what he knew about Rosanna.

Jack told Craig to go home. He said his home is empty and he wasn’t leaving until Jack told him about Rosanna. Carly came home and wondered what was going on. Jack was worried about where Carly had been. She said she accepted the job at BRO and she was meeting Barbara tomorrow. Then she went to see Rosanna. He asked how Rosanna seemed. Carly said she seemed okay. He wondered if that was all they talked about. Jack told Carly he had a theory about what was going on with Rosanna.

Jack told Carly about the brush and comb that were missing from the stolen items. Jack said DeGrassi went to Canada after robbing the house. He said Rosanna had DeGrassi steal the items. Jack thinks Rosanna is going after Cabot.


Jordan arrived to empty his desk – Jennifer is stunned to learn he has been fired. He said Paul fired him and then Barbara backed him up. Jordan has an hour to pack up. Jennifer said he couldn’t go – she wouldn’t let him. Jordan said he would contact Jennifer as soon as he knew where he was headed. She wanted him to contact her before he left town. After Jordan left – Jennifer ran out.

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