ATWT Update Thursday 4/15/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo

At Rosanna’s Room

Rosanna bids good night to a picture of Cabot before she goes to sleep. Jordan knocked on her door. He told her he confronted Paul about his plotting with Carly. Rosanna said she was a little envious of Barbara – having him to look out for her. He said it was just part of his job. He wondered if she talked to Carly – she said Carly was not a problem. Jordan said they would have to concentrate on Paul – who burst into the room.

Jordan told Paul to leave, but Rosanna asked Jordan to let her talk to Paul alone. She gave him five minutes. He wants to fix the issues between them. He wants her to stop feeding Jordan rumors about him. Rosanna asked what rumors he thinks she has been telling Jordan. He said the idea he wanted Barbara out of BRO and replaced by Carly. She said it’s not a lie – it’s so close to the truth it makes him nervous. She wondered if he expected an apology. He said no and tried again to apologize and asked for a truce. She asked if he can understand what its like to lose the one thing in your life that really matters because someone you thought was a friend took it away. She knows what that’s like – thanks to Paul. He said he made a stupid, angry and impulsive mistake – but now they were even. Rosanna said she stopped him from making a corrupt business decision and he took her child – they were not even. Paul said the police took Cabot because he was never hers to begin with. She said she was his mother – Paul threw a tantrum and cost her that joy. He almost makes her feel sorry for Barbara because he must be impossible to have as a son. Paul said she could do what she wants – but she better keep Jordan out of it. He will fight and she doesn’t want to be caught in the crossfire.

Paul said Jordan was his enemy and he will treat him as such. And if Rosanna is involved with him – she is his enemy too. Jordan is Barbara’s lap dog – not Rosanna’s. Paul once again tried to blame Craig for everything that happened. Rosanna called him a vindictive hypocrite. Losing Cabot was inevitable, said Paul. He just made it happen a little earlier. Paul said he would do anything to be her friend again. She would do anything to get her child back. Paul said then they are sworn enemies. He plans to deal with Jordan.

Rosanna tried to call Jordan to warn him about Paul. Before she could Carly arrived to talk about BRO. Carly said she met with Barbara that night and was planning to take the job. Rosanna was thrilled. Carly needed to understand why it was okay now. Rosanna said it was because Carly could get close to Jordan. Carly wondered how close she was expected to get.

Rosanna just wanted Carly to watch out for Jordan and not let Jennifer get too close. Rosanna said she liked Jordan and didn’t want him to get hurt. Carly said she was going to count to three and if she didn’t hear the truth, she would call Barbara and refuse the job. Carly got to three – and Rosanna agreed to tell her the truth. The reason Carly should care about Jordan is that Rosanna plans to marry him.

At Barbara’s

Carly wanted to know why Barbara wouldn’t look at her sketches. Barbara told her she wanted to see them – she is just tired right now. Carly accused her of plotting something. Barbara promised again that everything is above board. Barbara said she had a headache and her eyes were tired. But if Carly insisted – she would look. Barbara looked at the portfolio – not able to see, but pretended. She promised to look at everything with a fresh eye tomorrow. Carly said she knew Barbara was hiding something and she wouldn’t give her one single sketch until she knew what it was.

Barbara told Carly she wasn’t hiding anything. Normally Barbara would give her eye teeth to see the portfolio and now she wouldn’t even look. Barbara said she took a look at it at Carly’s place. Barbara finally said she had received a new evaluation about Will and he is more withdrawn than ever. Carly believed her and backed off. Barbara said she and Carly are not that different – they love their children and their work – and they try to balance their needs and the needs of their family. Barbara assured Carly all she wants is her work. She knows Carly has been waiting for her chance – watching as others got the applause. That’s why she was putting so much effort into the comeback for BRO and why she needed Carly’s help. Carly agreed to join BRO. Barbara thanked her for saving her life. After Carly left – Barbara called Walker and left a message and said the symptoms were worse and she was in pain.

Walker arrived with something for the pain. She apologized for calling so late and disturbing him. He wanted to know about the last attack. He said things had accelerated – she needed to take care of herself. She wanted to make sure her kids were okay. Walker said they were grown up – Barbara agreed they didn’t need their mommy anymore.

Walker recommended Barbara see Ben for a consultation. He is one of the foremost surgeons in the country – he is an expert on this type of surgeon and is up on all the most recent treatments. Barbara wanted someone else. She said he couldn’t break confidentiality. He told her he would break that rule for sure – she wasn’t going to die on his shift. Barbara agreed to see Ben if Walker could get her in to see Will. He told her it was impossible. She promised no physical contact – she just wanted to see him in case she never saw him again. Walker said he would do his best – but she would have to do hers – total cooperation with Ben.

At the Motel

Margo questioned the motel manager about Katie assaulting a man with the baseball bat. Henry said, “You know bubbles she looks like a magnolia blossom, but she swings like Hank Aaron.” Margo wondered where he was – since he knows how Katie can get. He asked why he would stop her from defending herself. Henry told Margo that Russ wasn’t attacking Katie, but he has a criminal record. Margo told Henry he better start talking now. He said he saw Russ and Pilar together at the motel. She said he was going downtown to make a statement.

At Mike’s

Mike let Katie in the door. She hugged Mike and said Pilar was planning to kill him. Pilar threatened to call the police because Katie is not allowed near her. Katie told Mike about Russ and how he told her about Pilar’s plans. She said Pilar was supposedly so afraid of Russ and yet was sharing a motel room with him. Pilar said Katie was lying and that Russ was no where near that place. Pilar pretended that Russ must have broken into the motel room. Pilar threatened to leave and Mike stopped her. Katie told him to let her go. Margo arrived.

Margo said Katie assaulted Russ with a bat and would say anything she wanted him to. Russ was upset because Katie had broken into Russ’s room. Pilar smirked in the background as Mike and Margo didn’t believe Katie’s story. Katie said Margo had to help her. Margo agreed and arrested Katie.

Pilar wanted to know if Mike believed her. Mike is having a problem believing Katie hit someone with a baseball bat. Pilar pretended to understand – she says Katie is living with a lot of regret. Mike was going to sleep outside but the phone rang – it was Russ. Mike agreed to go talk with him. Pilar assured him she was safe with Katie behind bars. Mike called for backup. He said with any luck Russ would be out of her life and out of town by tonight. When Mike left – Pilar called Russ to tell him Mike was on the way.

Mike arrived at the motel and found out Russ ran out on the bill and wasn’t at the room. Mike wondered why Russ would have called for a meeting and then not be there. Mike suspected Russ would go to his place.

Russ broke into Mike’s with a tire iron. Pilar yelled at him for taking his time to arrive. He whined about Katie hitting him with a baseball bat. Pilar is sure Mike is on his way to save her. Mike called and Pilar pretended Russ was attacking her. She told Russ that she had done her part and now it was up to him to prove Katie is wrong to Mike. She told him to do his worse – he said with pleasure.

At the Police Station

Margo wanted to know why Katie had to go on a crime spree. Margo is sorry that Katie has been through so much after Simon. Now she has to see Mike with another woman. Margo asked Henry if he ever heard Russ say that Pilar was planning to kill Mike. Henry hadn’t heard anything – he was out talking to the motel manager. Margo told Katie she loved her – but she didn’t believe her.

Margo said Katie was a mess – she needed to give Mike up. Katie said she could have Mike back anytime she wanted. All she had to do was tell Mike she no longer loved Simon. Margo told Katie she needed a good lawyer. Margo had Katie booked for assault and battery.

Katie called Craig and left a message about Margo arresting her. She begged him to come down and bail her out. Margo arrived and Katie would have to spend the night.

At the Lakeview

Jordan met Paul in the lounge. Jordan accused Paul of sabotaging BRO. Hiring Carly was a sneak attack against Barbara and the company. Jordan asked if Paul found it amusing when he heard Barbara hired Carly. Paul told Jordan that Rosanna was lying. There never was a secret plot with Carly. Paul told Jordan to back off – his relationship with his mother is none of Jordan’s business. Jordan told Paul he was not trying to replace anyone in Barbara’s life – much less Will. Paul wanted to know what Jordan’s angle is concerning the company. Paul told Jordan he would no longer have access to Barbara – Jordan answered to him. Jordan told Paul he worked for Barbara. Paul said he was wrong and he hoped Jordan enjoyed his time at BRO – because he was fired.

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