ATWT Update Wednesday 4/14/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/14/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview

Tom told Margo he had the car ready and was set to go. Margo wanted to say goodbye to Jessica – she encouraged her to talk to Ben about the baby.

Jessica wanted to stay for a minute for a night cap. They talked briefly about meeting Doc Reese. She wanted to know what Ben was like as a little boy. He said he was a terror – wild and loud. The discussion finally came to what Jessica wanted to talk about. He thought she was going to say she was pregnant and was happy to find out she wasn’t. Jessica was a bit miffed by his attitude. She finally told him she wanted a baby – their baby.

Ben is shocked by her request because they have never discussed this before. She thinks he doesn’t want to have a baby. He thinks their lives are very full already. She is very happy with her life and because she has all this love to give, she feels like something is missing. He wondered if she missed 2 am feedings and dirty diapers. She asked him to promise to think about it. He is not sure she wants a baby for all the right reasons. He feels she wants a baby because Sarah and Bonnie both moved to Florida. It has to do with what a wonderful father and doctor he is – he wants a little boy who looks just like Ben. She asked him to promise to think about it.

She asked if he could see going through child birth and all of that with her. Ben wondered if she was willing to give up having adventures to have a baby. She said a baby is the biggest adventure there is. There is nothing they can’t do together. Ben wanted her to get an appointment with the doctor and get checked out. If the doctor said she was okay – they would talk about it again.

At Mike’s

Pilar talked to herself – wondering why he must make everything so complicated. She yelled out the door to Mike – saying she needed him. She said he shouldn’t have to sleep outside at his own house. She apologized for crossing the line. She told Mike he was right and it was time to get Russ out of her life for good. He suggested talking about it at breakfast. Pilar whined about Russ and how he would keep following her. She asked Mike to go to Russ and talk to him. Maybe Russ would listen especially if Mike tells him they are lovers.

Mike promised to help and talk to Russ – but will not say he and Pilar are lovers. If he goes to Russ he goes as her friend – nothing else. Mike agreed under one condition – he brings a cop with him. Pilar agreed to his terms. She said she would call Russ and set up a meeting.

Pilar said Russ would call when he was ready to meet with Mike. Before Mike left – Pilar said again how grateful she was. Katie arrived to tell Mike his life is in danger.

At the Motel Room

Katie confronted Russ – asking what he and Pilar wanted with Mike.

Katie hit him with the bat and Russ started to cry. Henry walked in on Russ being terrorized by Katie and her bat. Katie asked how this could be the guy Pilar is so afraid – she wanted to know what Russ and Pilar are up to concerning Mike. Russ said he is not Pilar’s ex boyfriend and he is no threat to her. He said Pilar had a plan, but he wouldn’t give up anymore information unless he got immunity and cash to get out of town and away from Pilar and Katie.

Russ asked if they wanted more information – they would have to pay. He isn’t not walking away empty handed. The manager knocked on the door – he said there are complaints about fights. Russ started screaming for help and Katie hit his leg. The manager walked in and thought they had a threesome going on. Russ tried to run – but Katie stopped him with the bat. The manager ran out saying he was calling the cops – Henry ran out to stop him. Katie grabbed Russ by the hair and threatened to pull it out unless he talked. He finally said Pilar planned to kill Mike.

Katie wanted to know why Pilar would want Mike dead – because he has been resisting her advances. All Russ knows is she is setting Mike up right now. Katie wanted to know what kind of trap Pilar is setting for Mike. Russ doesn’t know and will not say anything more because then he would be on Pilar’s kill list. The cell phone rang and distracted Katie – Russ ran.

Margo arrived – Henry told her the last time he saw Katie was with Russ.

At Barbara’s

Walker arrived and Barbara offered him champagne. He wanted to talk about the medical tests he wants to run. Barbara told him she had come up with a solution for the problem at work. She assured him the designer she made the job offer to would accept it. He said her life depended on immediate medical attention. After his short lecture, Walker accepted a glass of champagne. He wondered what the effect the champagne would have on a raisin. He dropped a raisin in the glass and demonstrated how it floated to the bottom and back to the top – again and again. Barbara wanted to know why it did that. He said there are scientific reasons, but he thinks it’s because “the raisin can’t decide whether to save itself or to drown.” Barbara wanted to know the moral of the story. He told Barbara she is running out of time: she saves herself or she will force him to do it for her, because he will not stand by and watch her drown.

Walker understands Barbara’s situation, but she cannot make life and death decisions on her own without her family. If she doesn’t tell them now – he will. Barbara tried to go to the door to kick him out – but suddenly cannot see it. Walker asked Barbara to get treatment because things are only going to get worse. She asked him not to tell her children without her consent. He said he would make that promise if she promised to tell them now. Barbara could not make that promise. She is looking forward to the moment at the fashion show when the models go down the runaway – knowing she created those images. Her company is a living, breathing thing and she has to give everything she possible can to it. He doesn’t understand because there is nothing more precision than human life. Walker is frustrated because Barbara is willing to through away her life for flowers and applause. He walked out – Barbara tried to stop him by telling him she knows what she is doing. Carly was at the door and wondered what was going on. Barbara explained Walker is a friend and they had a disagreement – no big deal.

Carly accepted Barbara’s offer. Barbara was thrilled and she assured Carly it was all above board. She needs Carly. Carly brought some of her sketches. Barbara loved the sketches – but then had some issues seeing again. She asked Carly to leave and they could talk in the morning. Carly pushed to get working. Barbara tried to leave the room, but was feeling the walls to leave. Carly noticed something was wrong and confronted Barbara.

At Metro

Jack met with Carly who told him about the job at BRO. He wondered what the difference is from the last offer from BRO. She said this time she would be working with Barbara – at her request. She asked what he thought – he said in a word run. He wondered how the offer came up. She told him Barbara came to her – she is way behind and needs Carly’s help and designs.

Carly said she has not forgotten any of the past issues with Barbara – she knows what to look for and be on the watch. She doesn’t believe Barbara knows about her plans with Paul. Jack wanted to know what Rosanna thought about it. Carly said Rosanna approved the arrangement – she has come to her senses concerning Paul. Jack gave his blessing – he wanted to know there is absolutely nothing else going on with Barbara. Carly said she was sure about that.

Carly admitted she was suspicious of Barbara’s motives. In spite of that she wants to do this – it has to be now at BRO. It’s the best work she has done ever and she wants it to be seen and produced. Jack concluded she has made up her mind. He knows she needs to design and he will support her in any way she needs.

At the Police Station

Tom asked Margo what she and Doc were talking about. He knew Doc was flirting with Margo. They started making out in her office. Unfortunately they were interrupted by Jack. Margo wanted a rain check.

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