ATWT Update Tuesday 4/13/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/13/04

By Lea
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At the Hospital

Katie day dreamed of Pilar saying she finally has everything she wants: Mike all to herself and all the time in the world. He wondered where Katie was and Pilar vowed to do something about her. With Russ and a shot of something – plus Mike is chained to the bed.

Henry called Katie and interrupted her dream. She was bummed out about the restraining order out on her. He asked her to meet him at Metro. Henry pointed out the restraining order doesn’t mention Russ. Henry found out Russ’s full name: Russell Terry and he has quite the list of crimes in California: fraud and running con games. Katie wanted to go find Russ and tell him the game is over.

Henry stopped her. He asked her what if Pilar is telling the truth – what if the guy is really threatening Pilar? He might then come after Henry and Katie. Katie speculated they were trying to con something from Mike – and it might not be money.

Henry attempted to pick the lock on Russ’s room. Katie had a bat and wanted Henry to hurry up or she would have to use the bat – on him. Katie was convinced the secret to Pilar was in the room.

All Katie could find was fast food wrappers and old newspapers. Then she found the telephone book open to the page about placing international calls. Henry left the room to look for Russ and told Katie not to do anything insane. The phone started ringing – it was Pilar – who hung up before Katie could answer.

Pilar called Russ on his cell phone and told him since Mike cannot get Katie out of his mind they needed to take her out of the picture.

Russ returned to the room and found Katie digging through some papers. She grabbed the bat as he moved towards her.

At the Lakeview

Molly continued to spread the word that Doc is trouble. Jessica defended Kim’s choice. Doc continued flirting with Margo – who showed him her wedding ring. He wrapped his arm around Margo, but she taught him a little lesson. Bob wondered how Doc was and he said he thought he was in love – while staring at Margo.

Bob told Doc that Margo was a wife, mother and police detective. Doc was surprised Margo is a cop. Bob said she was his daughter-in-law. Molly advised Doc that the next time he hits on a stranger he might want to make sure she isn’t related to the boss. She also said she heard Margo sleeps with her gun. Casey arrived to meet Doc Reese and begged her for an introduction.

Jessica wondered why Doc Death and Margo looked so furious. Margo admitted she enjoyed the flirting. Margo told Jessica being hit on by a great looking guy like that is a kick. Jessica pointed out she is married. That’s what makes it a bigger kick, said Margo. He sees her as Margo, not Mrs. Hughes or detective Hughes.

Bob warned Tom that Doc seemed to really notice Margo. Tom said he didn’t blame him: Margo is beautiful, sexy and smart. Bob advised him to take her home and tell her all those things.

Molly asked Doc if he was worth the aggravation to raise ratings. She wondered why he left his last job. He said he would be happy to discuss it in more detail – perhaps over dinner. She laughed and asked him if he ever quit.

Margo told Jessica that Casey really missed Sarah. Jessica said she was starting to feel a dull ache – like something was missing. She is happy, but things feel incomplete. Margo said she needs to get back to work. Jessica said what she really wants is to have a baby. Margo said Jessica is in maternal overdrive because Sarah and Bonnie are gone. Jessica said it wasn’t just about them being gone and not just boredom. Margo wondered why Ben had to say about the subject. Jessica hasn’t told him yet – Ben walked up as she asked Margo not to mention anything to him.

Ben said they were talking about him and he wanted to know what was up. Jessica said he needed to be home because he had an operation early in the morning. Doc told Margo he hoped to see her again.

At Lily’s

Lily heard Rose’s voice again – talking to her about singing at the club in Chicago. Holden came in and wondered who was on the phone. She said she had forgotten her cell phone at a restaurant in Chicago. Dusty arrived and wondered why she hadn’t called after picking up the check. He thought she was lying about the meeting going long.

He said he tried her cell phone and got no answer. He also called the people she had a meeting with and she got the check hours ago. She accused him of checking up on her.

Dusty wanted to know what she was up to in Chicago. She said there was no secret and it was no big deal. He accused her of having an affair. She told him she went window shopping and sat in a café by herself – she felt free. She thought that might hurt Holden.

She told Holden she was going to Chicago tonight to get the phone.

At Mike’s

Pilar fixed Mike a drink and told him he was a very forgiving man. She promised not to take advantage of his hospitality for long. He told her he wants her to get rid of her ex. She deserves better than to be hounded by an abusive man. She told him she wants to be happy like she was when she was with him. He protects her from everything – even Katie. He assured her with the restraining order she didn’t have to worry about Katie anymore. Mike headed to bed, but before he could go into the other room – she asked him to help unzip her dress.

Pilar woke Mike up – she was dressed in lingerie. She asked Mike to make love to her. He pulled away, but she told him they could have what they did before with no commitment and no strings. Mike did remember what it was like between them – especially when she left. He is willing to help her in anyway – but he will not be the guy who makes love to her so she can pretend everything is okay. She accused him of pulling away because of Katie, because he is still in love with her. She said his situation was worse than hers. He was in love with a married woman he could never ever have.

Mike told Pilar he could not get over Katie by getting together with her. He would not let things go too far. Pilar said they enjoyed one innocent kiss. He said there was nothing innocent about it. She needed to get her life back and stop depending on him. Mike said he fell in love with his best friend – he couldn’t help it and he would probably always love her. Mike told her they would never be together again – nothing like that would happen between them. Mike left to stay by the lake.

In Chicago

Lily arrived at the café and heard Rose’s voice tell her to sing. She asked the owner if she could sing.

He let her have a spot on the schedule. The owner said if she had sung earlier folks would have asked for an encore. He told her she had a good set of pipes. He returned her phone. Dusty called wondering what the music was. She lied and said she was in front of the television. The owner of the café told her not to be a stranger.

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