ATWT Update Monday 4/12/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/12/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo 

At the Hospital

Chris told Allison she cannot work at Metro. Allison said his ex girlfriend helped her lose her job – she can make more at Metro. She wanted to know why he doesn’t want her working at Metro.

Chris said she is putting enough hours in at the hospital. Trying to work at Metro at night would make working at the hospital more difficult. Chris said she had a good thing going at the hospital – if she is tired of making beds she could take some classes.

Allison does not want to go back to school – she hates school. He said she hated high school – college is different. She wants to help save for their new place. He simply doesn’t like the idea of her working at Metro. He doesn’t want her spending time with Aaron.

He admitted Aaron is a factor because the two of them tend to get in trouble. Allison said there are times that they do get into trouble. He wants some peaceful times for the two of them – so they can enjoy each other. He does not want her at Metro because he would worry. She still said she would make more money. Chris said it wasn’t about money it was about the two of them.

At Holden’s

Holden wonders where Lily is – she should have been home hours ago. Holden is still worrying about Lily – he tried to assure Luke she is fine.

Lucinda arrived looking for Lily and wondering how the trip to Chicago went. Holden said Lily is not back yet. Lucinda said she needs to work on trusting Lily more. She felt the old Lily again during her song at Metro.

Lily finally returned home. She apologized for losing track of time. Holden said he was worried she had car trouble and he missed her. He was not worried she had another episode or something. Lily is surprised by how much money she has collected for the foundation. Suddenly the phone rang – it was the guy from the Windy City Café. He told her she left her cell phone. He said he had a feeling about her – she can sing. He asked for an address so he could return her phone – she told him to hang onto it – she would pick it up.

In Chicago

Lily’s cell phone rings just as she is about to go onstage. Lily assured Holden she is fine and her meeting took a lot longer than she expected. She also said she found more people to contribute to the Foundation. She left before singing – but dropped her cell phone.

At the Lakeview

Jennifer introduced Jordan to Bob, Tom, Margo and Molly – she had a hard time keeping the familial ties straight. They are waiting for Coleman Reese – a new sportscaster for the TV station. He’s late and didn’t bother to call Molly. Molly asked Bob how much he knew about the guy – Bob said not much.

She said she did some research, but before she can tell more – the man of the hour arrived.

Coleman wondered why Molly seemed to have it in for him – without having ever met him. He insisted she call him Doc – everyone does. Doc met Tom, Curtis, Ben and Jessica. Ben was worried about Jessica because she is still upset about Sarah and Bonnie moving to Florida.

Jordan told Jennifer that Doc is hands down the most amazing linebacker to play the game. Jennifer wondered what a linebacker was. He explained Doc was the captain of the defense. Jennifer chose to talk shop – she liked Doc’s suit. Jordan told Jennifer about Barbara hiring Carly. He told her Barbara offered Carly a partnership. Jennifer is stunned and doesn’t understand why Barbara would do this. Jordan encouraged her to ask Barbara herself. Jordan is not sure what kind of offer Barbara made Carly. He told her to concentrate on asking her mother why – her motivations. Jennifer was convinced Carly would not take the job because Rosanna hates Paul. She also said Rosanna is bank rolling Carly in her own venture. Jordan was surprised Rosanna would spend her money to keep Carly from BRO. Jennifer said unless Rosanna wanted Carly there – though she could not think of a reason why.

Molly told Bob that Doc’s history is problematic. Margo declared Doc gorgeous.

Margo told Jessica she’d like to see Doc naked – Jessica is shocked. Jessica said she happens to be a happily married woman – Margo said she is happy as a clam – she’s just not dead. Margo caught Doc’s eye.

Molly wondered why Doc would leave a bigger market in the Twin Cities for Oakdale. Margo went to answer a page – Doc said he had to make a phone call – he was trying to meet Margo.

Doc stared at Margo – admiring her curves. She introduced herself – he said he liked her name and adored redheads – especially married redheads.

At Carly’s

Rosanna told Carly she wants her to take the job at BRO. If that’s what Carly wants – she will support her. They shared sisterly ‘I love you’s.’ Rosanna said it would be the best thing for both of them – Carly is confused by this statement.

How can Carly working at BRO be the best thing for the both of them? Rosanna said her wonderful designs would see the light of day. Carly said she would end up working with Paul. Rosanna said she had a change of heart concerning Carly working with Paul. Rosanna said she has moved on – because she has a plan. Carly wondered if the plan was to use her to hurt Paul. Rosanna denied what Carly said. Carly demanded to know about this plan.

Rosanna wants Carly working at BRO because she needs her help. Rosanna is interested in Jordan Sinclair. She wondered if Carly had ever met him – she had met him briefly. Rosanna was going to tell Carly about her interest in Jordan – but it’s a secret Carly has to keep from everyone – including Jack. Carly said she doesn’t keep secrets from Jack. Rosanna told her it was her private business – so Carly did not need to share the secret. Carly agreed. She must get as close as possible to Jordan as soon as possible. Craig has agreed to the terms of the divorce and Jordan is the next step. Rosanna said she had offered him a job. Rosanna wanted Carly to spy on Jennifer and Jordan. Carly told her if she wants her to keep the secret – Rosanna would have to tell her why the guy is so important.

They talked about Cabot and how much Rosanna misses her. Rosanna wants to visit Sage soon. Rosanna promised to tell Carly about her plan as soon as she can. Rosanna assured Carly her plans are good – she isn’t trying to hurt Paul or Craig or Jordan – especially not Jordan. She is trying to make things right – so she can be happy. Rosanna begged Carly to help her. She asked Carly to trust her for a while longer. She told Carly to take the job at BRO – her whole life depended on it. Carly agreed to take the job. Rosanna promised everything would be okay.

At Metro

Allison arrived to tell Aaron she couldn’t work there. After she saw the tips Aaron was making she decided to take the job behind Chris’s back. She told Aaron she could start working tomorrow night.


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