ATWT Update Friday 4/9/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/9/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo

At Metro

Allison filled out an application to be a waitress. Aaron promised to talk to Molly about the job. Molly overheard and said she would not hire Allison because she is always in trouble. She also wondered why Allison would be looking for work since she is at the hospital. Allison explained she was let go, but for personal reasons not related to her work performance. She told Molly about Tish and what happened during the Rose Foundation fundraiser. Molly thought it was funny and offered Allison the job.

Aaron and Molly talked for a minute about Holden – he said Holden and the kids were at Al’s for dinner.

Chris called Allison and told her to meet him at the hospital right away. John, Tom and Chris waited for Allison. Just as she arrived Tish came back from dinner. Chris said he saw her at Alís. He said she wasnít wearing her brace.

He talked to a doctor who danced with Tish all night with no problems. Also she was fine this morning at exercise class. She never saw any doctor about her neck problem. John said both young women made bad choices. He said it was to be the last time their personal animosity was to get in the way of work.

Allison thanked Chris for all his help. She told him about her new job at Metro. He told her there was no way she was working there.

At Al’s Diner

Chris watched Tish remove her neck brace and do some work. At one point the brace dropped to the floor and she leaned over to pick it up with no problem. Chris knew she was faking.

Holden and the kids were having dinner and waiting for Lily to get home from Chicago.

Molly arrived and joined Holden and the kids for dinner – explaining the trick to taking kids to a restaurant is one adult to each kid.

Molly told the kid’s stories as Holden said Lily was in Chicago for the Rose Foundation.

In Chicago

Lily went to a club that was featuring live music. She talked to Holden and told him the meeting was taking longer than she expected. Lily sat and watched various people singing and thought about her song at the benefit. She found out it was open mike night. The owner of the place said he would put her on the schedule next week – she wondered if she could get on tonight. He got her on the schedule next. She told the owner her name was Violet Palmer.

At the Lakeview

Rosanna stopped a hotel worker and asked if he had seen Jordan today. He said no but she might want to try Jennifer Munson’s room.

Jordan joined Rosanna for a drink – he needed advice. Jordan said he told Barbara about Paul and Carly’s plot. He told her that Barbara offered Carly a job at BRO. Rosanna was shocked.

Rosanna wondered if she missed a headline about hell freezing over. Jordan assured her that Barbara wanted to hire Carly. Rosanna wondered if Carly had accepted the job. Jordan said she is still thinking about it. Jordan said Barbara has been under personal pressures lately and that’s why she made this job offer. Jordan is not a big fan of bringing Carly on board because of her alliance with Paul – under normal circumstances he would have been all for it. Rosanna told Jordan she would take care of this – she promised.


Jordan was making plans for the upcoming fashion show. Barbara came in and told Jordan she isn’t getting treatment until after the show. However, she did take his advice about something – she has hired someone to help with the show. He assumed she went to New York. She told him he made an offer to Carly. Jordan told her hiring Carly was a huge mistake.

Barbara told Jordan she wanted Carly because she has a reputation as an emerging talent. Jordan wondered what changed Barbara’s mind about Carly. One of the conditions of his employment at BRO was to go no where near the woman. Barbara acknowledged she and Carly had had their differences, but things change. He wanted to know how. She said desperate times call for desperate measures. Barbara said Carly knew the company and it meant she had an inside track that other designers did not. Jordan said she may have more of an inside track than Barbara thinks. He said a reliable source told him about Carly and Paul’s plot. When Barbara asked for proof – he had none to offer. Barbara trusts Paul’s loyalty. She told Jordan he was a smart young man and a great asset to the company and to her personally, but though her eyes may not see clearly – her heart does – Paul wants the family together the way she does.

Paul walked in and demanded to talk to Barbara about Carly. She wondered if he was surprised. He wanted to know what was going on. Barbara explained she has been thinking about hiring Carly for some weeks now. She said Carly is in town, she knows the company and she knows the company’s market. Paul said Barbara hated Carly like the devil. Barbara said the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Paul wondered what fresh hell she had planned for Carly: is there a secret dungeon or secret room behind a wall. Barbara wondered if they were ever going to get past that. He was having a hard time with this change of heart towards Carly. She thought Paul believed in her and believed in her change. The job offer is 100 percent legit – no strings attached. Paul pointed out the last time Barbara made this kind of offer to Carly – she wound up shipped out of the country. Barbara told him to tell Carly she could bring a bodyguard to work everyday if she wanted.

At Carly’s Place

Carly and Paul discussed Barbara’s offer. Carly was sure Barbara would never make this kind of offer without a catch. Carly thought Barbara must have found out about her plans with Paul. She said she has been on the receiving end of Barbara’s revenge too many times. She already backed out of the plot with Paul. Carly told him he got her into this and he better find a way to get her out of it.

Paul told her not to jump to conclusions – Barbara could have made the offer for any number of reasons. He would try to find out what was going on.

Paul returned and told Carly the job offer was legitimate. Barbara did not suspect anything about their former alliance. Carly asked Paul what she should do. Paul told her if she didn’t trust Barbara she should walk away. Paul told her to go with her gut on this one.

Rosanna dropped by. She told Carly she knew about Barbara offering a job at BRO. Rosanna told her if she wanted to take the job she wouldn’t stand in her way – in fact she wanted Carly to take the job.

At Holden and Lily’s

Everyone got home from dinner – and Lily still was not home.

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