ATWT Update Thursday 4/8/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/8/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo

At the Hospital

Allison practiced saying sorry for shoving Tish’s head in the toilet. She seemed nervous and Chris wondered what was wrong. Tish arrived with her neck in a brace – demanding that Allison be arrested.

Tish told John, Chris and a police officer that Allison attacked her the night before. Chris said Allison was with him the night before – all night. John said the attack took place in the ladies room and he’s pretty sure Chris wasn’t in there. Chris said there was a party going on – someone would have noticed Allison decking Tish. Chris told Tish if she was doing this because of him she was wasting her time. There has never been and never will be anything between them. She said she wasn’t doing this because she was jealous. She was doing this because that animal Chris is so taken with pushed her in a bathroom stall and dunked her head in the toilet. Chris said that’s crazy – then Allison finally spoke up and said it was true.

Allison was arrested and John told her she was on suspension – he had no choice. Though he believed half the staff would have loved to do to Tish what Allison did. Chris said he would call Tom.

Chris told Tish about some pills to give to a patient. Tish whined that she was in pain and was going home. She also told Chris his girlfriend was a delinquent.

Jessica told Ben the girls had both gotten off to Florida just fine. Jessica tried to get Ben to take the rest of the day off and she would show him how happy she is, but he couldn’t leave. Jessica was disappointed. She was sad because everybody has someplace to go – except her.

Jessica said she was sorry for getting all emotional. Ben didn’t want her hiding her feelings from him. Today’s goodbye was hard because normally Jessica could throw herself into her work.

At Metro

Craig called Jack and got voice mail. Craig wanted to know if Jack was investigating Rosanna’s suspicious behavior. He asked Jack to meet him at Metro. Lucy met Craig – he said a letter arrived from Williams College concerning a fellowship for which she applied. She was accepted – she and Craig were very excited. He wanted to celebrate like old days, but Lucy said maybe another time. He told her he had news about Rosanna.

Craig told Lucy that Rosanna asked him for a divorce and wanted him to sign the papers right then. She didn’t want to talk about it and no waiting period it had to be right then, right there. Craig said he signed the papers. Lucy was a little surprised her father was getting divorced – again. Craig didn’t understand her surprise – he figured she and Rosanna would have talked about it by now. She said she had to go. She thanked him for encouraging her to apply for the fellowship and told him she would see him later. He tried to get her to stay – but her grandmother was expecting her. Lucy told Craig she didn’t know Rosanna filed for divorce and hasn’t talked to her since she returned to town. Craig wondered why not. She said she guessed Rosanna was divorcing her too. Craig said Rosanna loves her and wouldn’t do that. Lucy told Craig not to use her.

Craig just wanted to spend time with his daughter. He wanted to know how her life was going. She said things were a mess. He asked if Paul had turned her against him. Lucy said she didn’t care about Paul anymore. Craig wondered why. She told him that Paul was the one who had contacted the police.

Lucinda arrived to see why Lucy had not gotten home yet. Lucy told her she would be home soon. Lucinda reminded Lucy to pick up the desert for dinner that evening. The chocolate decadence cake from Al’s Diner (while she is saying this she is giving Lucy an intense look and Lucy looks back with understanding – seems like something more is going on and being said). Craig seemed confused by the conversation. When Lucinda left – he declared her a breath of foul air. Craig told Lucy he loves and misses her – he wanted her to be his little girl again because he needed her now more than ever.

He wanted to patch things up between them. Lucy said she could not move in with him. Craig just wanted to see her and talk to her every now and again. She agreed to this and Craig hugged her. She said she needed to go. He wanted to say something about Rosanna – she is going through a tough time and might be uncomfortable talking to Lucy. Lucy said anything she talked to Rosanna about would be between them – she would not be Craig’s spy. He said he didn’t expect her to be one.

Jack met Craig. He told Jack he had made up with Lucy. Jack surmised that Craig was going to use his daughter as a spy.

Aaron and Allison talked – he had picked her up from the police station after Tom got her released. He said he could help her with a job. She suggested the TV station – as a weathergirl. He suggested at Metro.

At Al’s Diner

Paul and Jennifer arrived to have lunch. She wanted to talk to him about Jordan and his questions about Paul’s intentions. She wanted to know if Paul really intended to replace Barbara’s designs with Carly’s. Paul asked if she really believed he would do that. She didn’t know what to believe anymore.

Jennifer told Paul that Jordan got his information from Rosanna. He told Jennifer about his part in Rosanna losing Cabot. He said he wanted Rosanna to know what a lying, manipulative piece of garbage she was married to. Jennifer said right and you are the all knowing perfect judge. She told her brother that Rose hurt him so he humiliated her in front of the whole town. Craig hurt him and Paul took his child away – and Rosanna getting hurt is just too bad because all is fair as long as he gets revenge. Jennifer realized Jordan was right about Paul plotting against Barbara. She told him to drop whatever plan he had going on – unless he planned to lose her.

Jennifer asked Paul what he planned to do to Barbara. He told her he didn’t plan to do anything Barbara didn’t deserve. He admitted he could never completely forgive Barbara for what she did to him, not to mention Will or Rose. Jennifer believed Barbara wants to change. He said there is no secret plot and Carly was not waiting in the wings – he said it was a great plan, but it’s not happening. Jennifer asked him to make her believe.

Jennifer left and Lucy walked in. Lucy told Paul she got the fellowship. It would have been a huge celebration for her family. Paul said he never intended for Rosanna, Lucy or Cabot to get hurt. Lucy’s friendship is very important to him.

Carly called in the middle of the conversation. She invited him over and said he wouldn’t believe what just happened.

Chris walked in after his shift and saw Tish take off her neck brace.

At Carly and Jack’s

Carly looked over her portfolio before Jack walked in early from work. Carly was intent on seducing her man. She told Jack she was happy to be through with Paul and his wacko mother.

Jack asked if she was sure she really wanted to walk away. She said she would design, because itís what she was meant to do but she didnít want to go through another round of sneaking behind Barbaraís back to stage a coup. It would be tougher on her own, but she could do it. Jack left for work.

The doorbell rang and Carly opened the door to Barbara. Barbara said she needed Carlyís help. Barbara asked to come in and talk to Carly. Carly wondered if James was lurking in the bushes. Before Barbara could walk away – Carly wanted to know what kind of help Barbara needed. Barbara said she couldn’t finish her designs. She asked Carly to join BRO as a designer. Carly was buying her offer. Barbara told her if she wasn’t comfortable working with her – Carly could work with Paul or Jordan. Carly said she wasn’t going to be an assistant. Barbara agreed and said if Carly came to BRO she would be made a partner. Barbara once told Carly she had a modest little talent – Carly wondered why she would want her as a partner. Barbara explained she only said those things because she was jealous. Carly had some questions she needed Barbara to answer: Why me and why now?

Barbara said why now and it’s because she got a late start and is under the gun. She had a list of designers and Carly came up. Barbara said because of her kids and all kinds of reasons she couldn’t afford to have the show be anything less than brilliant. Carly mentioned Barbara hating her guts. That’s true, answered Barbara, but I love your work. Barbara said the first time they worked together they brought out the best in each other – creatively. Barbara said she knew Carly didn’t trust her and had very little reason to do so – but she had a wake up call recently. BRO needs help – Barbara needs help – Barbara needed an answer. She asked Carly to think about it at least.

Paul arrived and asked what happened. Carly said Barbara offered her a job and partnership. Paul is determined to find out what Barbara is up to.

At the Lakeview

Barbara had lunch with Walker who again told her she must go to the hospital for more tests. She told him the latest episode the night before for over an hour. He was very concerned because the episodes used to last minutes and were now lasting over an hour. He told her if she put off treatment the tumor could be fatal.

Barbara said she can’t die and she won’t let her company die. She said she had damaged her children and now she had the chance to give them the kind of life she should have – if she hadn’t gone off the deep end. She wouldn’t walk away from this chance and walk into a hospital – she will not do it. Walker asked what it would do to her children if she died. What will her children say if they find out she could have saved her life and didn’t. Barbara just wanted time. Walker said she had no time – the tumor wouldn’t give her time. As Barbara prepared to leave she told Walker she might be able to get treatment and save her company too.

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