ATWT Update Wednesday 4/7/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/7/04

By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Holden gives Lilly flowers because she did so well at the Rose Foundation benefit. She’s very modest and says the audience was just being polite. Holden tries to get romantic with her.

Rosanna runs into Jordan. He tells her that he was at the Rose Benefit. She asks if he’s had a chance to consider her job offer. Jennifer interrupts them before he can answer. Rosanna thinks it was strange for Jennifer to attend considering how Rose died, but Jennifer tells her (Ro) that Jordan thought it would be an act of good will. Rosanna thinks that Jordan is one of those guys that always makes the right decision. He invites her to join them for a nightcap, but Ro politely declines with an excuse of a busy morning.

Rosanna calls Craig to ask him to her suite. Craig asks if everything is ok. She tells him to get there ASAP.

Katie and Henry are waiting to catch Pilar with the stranger, but she leaves her room with Mike. Mike is surprised to find them there. Pilar thinks that since they followed her there, then her ex will be able to find her too. She puts on a good show of being scared that he’ll find her.

Katie tries to find the guy that she thinks is in there. Katie tries to convince Mike that Pilar is playing him for a sucker, but he can’t see it. He tells Katie that she’s turning into a conniving, immature little girl. Henry tries to take up for her, but it just makes Mike more upset. Henry backs off. Mike tells them that Pilar explained her meeting in the park to him, and that it was an ex that she saw. Pilar is upset that Mike told them. Mike wants their word that they aren’t going to tell anyone where Pilar is staying. Pilar acts like she’s mad at herself for getting Mike (who she’s calling Michael) involved in this mess.

Lily and Holden are basking in their “afterglow” telling each other how much they love each other.

Jordan asks Jennifer if there’s something on her mind. Jennifer thinks that Rosanna is not happy with her. Jordan suggests that it’s because she’s mad at Paul and projecting some of that onto Jennifer. Jennifer tries to defend her brother. Jordan says that Paul isn’t the easiest person to get along with and that he hurt Rosanna and humiliated Rose. Jennifer tells him that he doesn’t know anything about that because he wasn’t there. Jordan asks if any of it is untrue. Jennifer tells him she isn’t going to tolerate anyone talking about her brother while she’s around.

Craig arrives at Rosanna’s suite. He tries to charm her, but ends up annoying her more. She asks if he’s going to sign the divorce papers, and he tells her “no.”

Pilar is still upset that Katie knows where she is staying, and thinks that somehow her ex is going to find her. Mike tells her that isn’t going to happen. Pilar plays Mike and tells him that he has restored her faith that there are good people in the world and that he is changing her luck.

Katie and Henry figure that the ex left and Mike arrived during the time that Henry left to make the phone call to Katie. Henry thinks that if they give all the facts (sketch, phone call, etc.) to Mike, he’ll believe them. Katie thinks they need more proof since Mike’s into protecting Pilar now. Katie vows to find a way to show Mike that Pilar is a phony. Henry asks how, and Katie says she’s working on it.

Jennifer tells Jordan that she’s sensitive when it comes to Paul. Jordan asks if her loyalty to Paul is reciprocated. Jennifer asks if he’s trying to tell her something. Jordan tells her that Paul hired Carly to design for BRO, and he’s planning to toss Barbara out. Jennifer tells him that Craig came to her with that story weeks ago, and it wasn’t true then and it’s not true now. Jordan tells her that he found out from Rosanna who was told by Carly herself.

Craig continues to try to charm Rosanna, but she keeps getting more and more frustrated. He tells her that he’s not giving up. She throws a glass at him. He tells her that he made a commitment to her, and that he’s not giving up hope. She tells him that he humiliated her, broke her heart, and now he’s insisting on torturing her. She tells him that she’ll use every dime she has to destroy him if he doesn’t sign the papers tonight.

Rosanna asks Craig if he’s happy that he’s upset her again. She tells him that he only knows how to make himself happy and that he doesn’t know what love is. He asks if there’s anything he can do. She tells him to sign the papers and free them from each other once and for all. He finally agrees to signs the papers, but tells her that loves her and that it’s not over.

Jennifer is trying to deny that Paul could conspire with Carly to take down Barbara, but she seems to be doubting that everything she’s heard could be just rumors. She says that if she confronts Paul everything could come crashing down around them. Jordan tells her that’s a risk they may have to take, and he’d rather take it with her.

Holden suggests that he and Lily go away together to Montana for the weekend since they started over there before. She can’t because she told Dusty she’d go to Chicago to pick up a check for the foundation. He’s disappointed, but tells her that he understands and that they can do it another time. He gets up to go make some sandwiches, but opts to stay and do a repeat performance.

Afterwards, Lily daydreams that she is on stage singing again and Rose is cheering her on to sing more. Holden appears and tells her it is time to go.  Holden brings her out of her daydream and declares his love for her.

Jennifer tells Jordan that she’s going straight to the source and confronting Paul. He asks if she’s one of those people that hate the messenger of bad news and asks if they are still friends. She tells him she’s tired, and he offers to walk her to her room. She doesn’t think that’s a good idea since her mother may still be up. He tells her that he had a really great evening up until a few minutes ago. She thanks him for being up front with her even if it was hard to face. He tells her he doesn’t want any secrets from her.

Katie tells Henry he’s brilliant. He thinks so too, but doesn’t know why she’s bringing it up. She tells him that he was right about telling about the sketch, phone calls, etc. Henry is confused since they both thought Mike wouldn’t listen. Katie says they are going to tell Margo since she’s more open to seeing the holes in Pilar’s story. Katie hopes that Margo doesn’t hang up on her.

Mike asks Pilar if she’s ready to go. She again thanks him and tells him that she owes him so much. Pilar kisses Mike. He says that she has the wrong idea. She tells him that she wanted to kiss him so many times, and she just couldn’t stop herself. He tells her that he’s not in the right place for that now and hopes she understands. She lays her act on thick with telling him that he’s the kind of man that only comes along once in a lifetime, and that he’ll heal and be able to share himself with someone again someday, and blah blah blah. He is eating it all up.

Katie can’t get a hold of Margo. Henry suggests they go to the Lakeview for drinks. Tom arrives and asks to talk to them. He says that Mike & Pilar filed a complaint against Katie & Henry, and that Margo has filed a restraining order against them. Tom then tells them to consider themselves served.

Craig is at the bar talking to the bartender. He wonders why Rosanna was so insistent on him signing the papers tonight. He thinks she’s up to something.

Rosanna finds Jordan and asks if he’s retiring so soon. He says he’s got an early morning. She suggests that will give him more time to think about her job offer. He tells her that he’s made a commitment to BRO and that he’s going to stick to it. She tells him that he’s smart and loyal. Jordan hopes there’s no hard feelings. She says that she can always find people to work for her, but friends are harder to come by. He says he’s honored that she considers him a friend, and that if she needs anything, all she has to do is ask. Rosanna tells him that he can call or stop by anytime and she will drop everything.

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