ATWT Update Tuesday 4/6/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/6/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo 

At a Motel

Pilar checked her cell phone and there were five messages from Mike – asking her to call him. She told Russ to go fetch some food – he said he didn’t get paid for errands. He gets paid to threaten her and make sure Mike comes to her rescue.

Russ arrived with the food. He wondered what happened with Mike. She told Russ not to get too comfortable because Mike was on his way.

Pilar called Mike again to tell him she is safe and at a motel. Katie tried to follow Mike, but lost him. Russ told Pilar if she wanted to get to the finish line with this she would need him. Mike arrived at her door.

Henry questioned the desk clerk at the motel. He confirmed Russ and Pilar were both at the motel. Henry tried to call Katie only to realize he didn’t have his phone.

At the Diner

Katie has hired an artist to do a drawing of the man she saw talking to Pilar in the park – the drawing is of Russ. She asked Henry to pay the artist the $50.00 for his work. Henry said that’s like five martinis plus tip. She promised to pay him back. He wondered what Katie planned to do if she found someone who saw Russ and Pilar talking – “find out if he’s a good conversationalist?” Katie plans to find out where he lives and stake out the place. Sooner or later Pilar will visit there and Katie can prove to Mike that Pilar and Russ are cooking up something.

Henry told Katie to call Mike and tell him she wanted him back. Katie said she was only trying to protect someone she cares about – Pilar is up to no good.

Russ walked into the diner and Henry recognized him from the drawing.

Henry left a note for Katie and followed Russ. Katie came back to the table and was surprised to find Henry gone. His note said he would call – but he left his phone.

Henry finally called Katie and told her where Russ and Pilar were.

Pilar continued to play her guilt card with Mike. She told him she lied about the man in the park. She said the man was threatening her and Katie was right because she would only bring danger to his life.

Katie arrived at the motel with a camera. She kissed Henry to thank him for his help. Mike talked Pilar into going back to his house. As they walked out the door Katie took their picture.

At Metro

Dusty talked to Rose’s picture – saying they did great tonight. Lily walked in and they talked about her singing. Lily said it was like she and Rose were together again. She was going to tell him a secret – but Mike interrupted with a picture of Pilar. He wanted to know if she had been in at all that evening.

Dusty and Lily tallied the checks. Lily thought about singing that night. She told Dusty on stage was the first time since Rose died that she wasn’t terrified that her memory was going to leave. It was like they were singing a duet. Dusty said he thought Rose would have her singing all the time – not just at charity events. He thinks Lily is a great singer.

Rose appeared to Lily and told her she should sing again because she was great on that stage. Lily said her singing days were over.

At Jessica’s

Sarah is giving Jessica the silent treatment. She doesn’t want Bonnie to move so far away. Bonnie walked in and wondered where all her clothes were – Sarah said many were in her room. Jessica told Ben she couldn’t let Bonnie take Sarah to Miami.

Jessica said she promised Bonnie she would take care of Sarah while Bonnie was in jail. She doesn’t think Sarah moving to Miami is good for any of them. Ben realized Jessica has made up her mind on the subject. She wondered how she would tell Bonnie. Bonnie heard that and wondered what her mother had to tell her.

Bonnie guessed that Jessica did not want Sarah to go to Miami. Jessica made excuses about newlywed couples needing time alone – but Bonnie knows the real reason is Jessica loves Sarah. Jessica just wants what’s best for Sarah and she believes that means staying with her and Ben. Bonnie agreed.

Bonnie told Sarah she is sad because she’s leaving tomorrow. Bonnie told Sarah they were going to find a two bedroom house so she could visit when school was out. Sarah wished she could move to Florida with Bonnie. Jessica overheard the conversation. She told Sarah she would be moving to Florida with Bonnie. Jessica said they belonged together.

At the Lakeview

Jack and Carly had champagne and discussed how they missed the charity event – Jack was on a stakeout. Carly told Jack she quit the job with Paul. He was disappointed she let Rosanna push Carly into the decision.

Jack told Carly that Rosanna should feel too guilty to sleep – she coerced her out of a fantastic opportunity. Carly said Rosanna gave her an ultimatum – something they do a lot of in her family. She wondered why he seemed so much more upset about it than her. He said he was not a big fan of emotional blackmail. She didn’t buy that excuse and told him to try again. Mike interrupted another conversation to flash the picture of Pilar. Finally getting back to their conversation – Carly guessed Jack is afraid if Paul doesn’t bankroll her venture – Rosanna will. Jack doesn’t want her to cash the blank check because it will mean Rosanna is the boss and Carly owes her. He wondered if she really wanted Rosanna to have that much control over her. Carly didn’t believe Rosanna would try to control her, but Jack she already is – the ultimatum proves his point.

Craig arrived with his box just as Carly wondered why Jack thought Rosanna had a secret agenda. “That is the question isn’t it,” said Craig. “And the answer begins with this box.”

Craig explained that not everything was in the box. Carly wondered what it had to do with Rosanna. Craig said Jack dropped the charges against DeGrassi. Jack explained it was Rosanna who had him sprung. Rosanna said DeGrassi was an old family friend. Cabot’s silver comb and brush set are the items missing from the box and Craig wondered why Rosanna had to hire someone to steal those memories of Cabot.

Craig said Rosanna and DeGrassi are working together somehow. Craig is trying to figure out what Rosanna wants. Jack said Rosanna wants her kid back and since she can’t have him she’ll settle for souvenirs.

Jack and Carly are alone again and they talked about Rosanna. He said she this take no prisoners look in eye that he doesn’t like too much.

At the Cop Shop

Craig is looking through a box of things from the pawn shop in New York. He said some things were missing and he wanted to know why and he wanted to know when Jack would be back.

Craig has a list of items that are not in the box – he is asking an officer where the items are – the officer does not know. The cop told Craig that DeGrassi had been released and was long gone. Craig screamed for Margo – but the cop told him she wasn’t there either. As Craig left with his box – Mike arrived. Craig told him that neither Jack nor Margo were in. Mike made the mistake of letting Craig know Jack was at the Lakeview.

At Lily’s

Dusty accompanied Lily home. She picked a flower for Holden because he had been so great during the night. Dusty said he was going to Chicago in the morning. Lily said she would go and pick up the check in Chicago and did not need Dusty’s company.

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