ATWT Update Monday 4/5/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/5/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo 

At the Hughes’s

Lisa, Bob, Kim and Chris were waiting for Allison to get ready for the Rose Foundation benefit – they were running late. Lisa mentioned how at Allison’s age she remembered taking forever to get ready. Everyone thinks she looks breathtaking.

At Metro

Lily added a rose to the poster of Rose. Dusty and Lily talked about Joe and how broken up he has been. Lily is worried she will forget her sister: her voice, her face and everything else. Dusty reminded her that the Foundation was for that very purpose – not to forget. Dusty handed Lily a check from Paul. He said he didn’t care how many zeros were on it they should not accept it. Lily doesn’t look like she is so sure.

Lily showed Holden the check from Paul. Holden thought the cause was more important than the players. Dusty disagreed – reminding them how Paul had trashed Rose in the church. Holden was not sure Rose would agree. Lily asked what he meant. Holden said Rose loved Paul and had wanted to marry him. He also felt Rose would have forgiven Paul if she were still around. Lily asked Holden what to do. He said, “The Rose I knew would have cashed the devil’s check to get this Foundation off the ground.” He said he couldn’t make the decision for her.

Aaron told Allison she looked like a movie star when she asked which one Emily told her, “Grace Kelly with a touch of Audrey Hepburn.” Allison said Emily could hang with her and Chris since Hal had to work. Tish was straightening out Chris’s tie – Allison was not amused. Tish told the Hughes clan she was a local girl and that she went to college in Washington DC, “being in our Nation’s capital was very stimulating.” Tish wondered where Allison had gone to school. Allison said she had gotten her GED while at the girl’s penitentiary – then she walked away. Lisa followed and offered her some advice: don’t put yourself down. Lisa said Tish was nothing more than a royal suck up and Allison is the real deal. Lisa said Allison reminds her of herself when she was young. She told Allison to hold her head high and don’t apologize for who you are or where you’ve been.

Tish told the Hughes’s about a geriatric patient Chris had helped. It was Allison who helped the man by getting him lottery cards – he won and the next thing they knew he was wheeling to physical therapy.

Dusty brought Lily a drink to get ready for her speech. Lily was nervous because this speech is special – it’s for Rose. Just before she went up – Paul arrived to talk to her alone. Dusty told Paul to leave – Lily would not talk to him. He reminded Paul about the church in December. Lily agreed to talk to Paul. She asked what he wanted. Paul said he missed Rose and he loves her. He said there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t think about the hateful things he said to Rose that day in the church. He cannot forget it or block it out and that’s his prison. He said the one person who should be there – laughing and charming the room is reduced to a photo that doesn’t come close to capturing the real Rose. Lily wanted to know what Paul wanted from her. Paul wanted her to keep the check – she didn’t have to let anyone know where it came from. Lily invited him to stay.

Dusty introduced Lily for her speech. Lily spoke to the crowd about what she wanted for the Foundation and what it would have meant to Rose. Much to Dusty’s dismay – Lily mentioned Paul’s contribution to the Foundation. Holden congratulated Lily on her speech – as did Emily.

Jennifer talked to Jordan about Barbara – she is worried her mom is up to something. Jordan told Paul he must feel pretty good about himself tonight. Paul wasn’t sure what he meant and he said he didn’t like riddles and he would hate to have to fire Jordan – since he had such a bright future at BRO. Jordan was sure Barbara wouldn’t fire him. Paul said he shouldn’t count on Barbara’s support – family first is her motto. Jordan wondered what Paul’s motto was.

Allison invited Chris home with her – since her mother was working late at the hospital. Tish declared war on Allison after Allison shoved her into the toilet.

At Jessica and Ben’s

The women arrive home from a day of shopping. Ben greeted them at the door wondering if they bought enough. Jessica said they should be going back tomorrow to finish the job they had started. Jessica wanted to have a fashion show. Ben and Bonnie talked about her plans – she promised to tell her mom tonight. Jessica overheard – and Bonnie told her she wasn’t staying in Oakdale.

Bonnie and Isaac are getting married and she wanted Jessica to be happy for her. Bonnie told Sarah she was moving to Miami with Isaac. Bonnie said she still wanted Sarah in her life. Bonnie told Jessica that she wanted to take Sarah with her to Miami. Jessica is not thrilled with the idea. Bonnie can see Jessica’s feelings for Sarah have changed and no matter what she does someone is going to get hurt.


Jennifer talked to Jordan about attending the Rose Foundation Benefit. Barbara said Jordan is a remarkable man and she isn’t the only one who has noticed. Jennifer said Jordan is nice to her because he knows she doesn’t like going places alone. During the conversation Barbara had trouble with her eyes – her sight was very blurred – she could not see Jennifer clearly. Jennifer wondered what was wrong.

Barbara told Jennifer she had a headache because she had been working non-stop. She told Jennifer to enjoy the Benefit – she was going to write Will a letter and then go home. Once Jennifer left Barbara wondered why all of this had to happen now.

Jordan walked in and helped Barbara. She said she had been unable to see for about 30 minutes. He said he wanted to take her to the hospital. She begged him just to bring her home.

At the Lakeview

Jordan met Rosanna in the lounge – but told her it had to be quick because he had plans. She told him she was right about his boss – Paul is trying to destroy his mother. She said the whole reconciliation is a complete scam. Jordan wanted to know where she got her information. Jordan said he had done some digging on his own and found nothing – at least not yet. Rosanna said Paul hired another designer and his plan is to replace Barbara’s designs and publicly humiliate his mother. He wanted to know the name of the designer – she told him it was her sister Carly. Rosanna advised him to get out of BRO before it’s too late.

Jordan disagreed – the Ryan’s had been through a tough time and have become a really good team. Rosanna told him again that when Paul showed his true colors – Barbara would not be the only one to suffer. He was sure he could land on his feet. He asked if he did leave BRO – what then? She said he could work for Cabot Motors.

Jordan is surprised – he hadn’t expected their meeting to turn into a job interview. He wondered why him when she has her pick of talent. He was further surprised to learn she had investigated him – informally she said. He promised to think about working at Cabot.


The band finally arrived, but the lead singer was out sick. Lily is disappointed because they were supposed to perform Rose’s favorite song. Lily sang the song as a montage of Rose was played.

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