ATWT Update Friday 4/2/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/2/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo

At Susan’s

Susan, Allison and Chris had dinner together. After dinner Allison asked Susan if she had something to speak to Chris about – the real reason they had been invited to dinner. Chris wondered what was going on. Susan gave Chris an envelope with a check. Susan explained it was Allison’s college fund for a down payment on a house. Chris said he could not accept it.

Chris told Allison he wouldn’t take the money for one very good reason – he wanted her to use it the way her mother intended. He told her she had a wonderful mind and maybe someday she would join him in his practice or have one of her own. She could be a lawyer or a teacher – whatever she wants. Susan overheard the conversation and was thrilled.

Allison asked about getting a place together – are they going to be living at their parents forever. He told her it would be just a while longer and then they would have another nest egg.

At Margo’s

Jessica dropped by and Sarah thought she had come to see Margo who was out with Casey. Jessica told her she had come over to hang out with her and talk.

Sarah wanted to know what was up. The judge from family court approved her moving back in with Jessica and Ben. Jessica wanted to know if that’s what Sarah wanted.

Jessica wanted to know what Sarah thought of the judge’s decision. Jessica was glad she wouldn’t lose Sarah. They can promise to not lie to each other anymore.

At Jessica and Ben’s

Jessica arrived home to Ben. He had cooked and she hoped he had made extra because she had a surprise: Sarah moved home.

Ben had a surprise of his own: Bonnie was home. Jessica said if she was dreaming she didn’t want to be woken up. Jessica was surprised no one let her know Bonnie was being released – she would have picked her up.

Jessica said Curtis left in the morning an only child and was coming home to two sisters. Jessica and Sarah went upstairs to get Bonnie’s room ready. Ben asked Bonnie, you didn’t tell her? Bonnie said she couldn’t and to let Jessica have tonight – she would tell in the morning.


Jordan broke into Paul’s office to do some investigating because of what Rosanna had told him. He got into the locked file cabinet with a letter opener. He didn’t find anything, but hid when he heard Barbara enter the office. He was going to talk to Barbara when suddenly Walker stepped into the office.

Barbara assumed it was bad news – but he said they didn’t know that for sure. Something was found in the tests that warranted more investigation. He needed her to get to the hospital for more tests. She was concerned everyone would find out if she went to Memorial. Walker said a spot was found by the MRI – there is a strong possibility she has a brain tumor.

Barbara wondered how much time she had – Walker told her she was getting too far ahead of herself – there were still more tests to deal with. She needed a few weeks – she needed to get her company up and running for her children. Walker told her waiting was a mistake. She said her family was her life and she needed a few weeks. Walker told her to call him if she changed her mind. Jordan let Barbara know he had overheard her conversation.

Jordan explained he was working late and was about to say hello to her when Walker had walked in. She asked if he enjoyed spying on her. He told her to go to the hospital and get taken care of. Barbara said if the competition sensed weakness it would not help the company. She had worked too long and too hard for that to happen. Jordan told Barbara she is only human and she is allowed to get sick – he encouraged her to let the doctor’s take more tests – let them help. Barbara doesn’t want Jordan’s sympathy or pity – and she will get the care she needs – after the show.

Jordan encouraged Barbara to tell Jennifer and Paul what was going on with her. Barbara refused – she had work to finish. He wondered if she would be able to see the work well enough to finish. She said 90 percent of the time she could see as well as the next person – sometimes things went blurry. If she waits for awhile things go back. He told her if she tells her children – the four of them could plan around her treatment. Everything depends on the success of the show – it’s the most important thing she has ever done in her life.

Jordan offered to help Barbara – whatever she asks – her way. Barbara made him promise he would tell no one – no hinting, no suggesting. She wanted help getting through the show. He asked where do we start.

At the Lakeview

Walker called Barbara with her test results. He wanted to talk to her at Memorial. If she wasn’t going to come to him – then he would come to her.

Paul and Carly had to hide so Barbara would not see them together. Paul said the Lakeview might be the best place for them to meet. She said it wasn’t important because it wouldn’t happen again. It would be the last time they would see each other. He told her not to do this, but she told him it was already done. Rosanna had forced her to choose between a relationship with her or a career with him – Carly chose her sister.

Carly said she and Rosanna had been enemies for too long and now that they were close she was not going to jeopardize the relationship. Paul told her she was about to launch a new line – something she has been dreaming about for years – he begged her not to give that up. Carly is very aware another chance like this may never happen again and it’s killing her. If that is the case then there has to be a way for us to work this out, Paul said. The only way would have been for Paul to be honest with Rosanna and he wasn’t. He lied to Rosanna and broke her heart. Carly told Paul until he admitted and accepted he was the reason Rosanna lost her child – then there was no hope for him at all. She told him to stop blaming other people and stop trying to change her mind – because it wasn’t going to work.

Carly said she made many sacrifices for Paul – she gave up time with her children – lied to her husband and now she had nothing to show for it. She told him to stop pretending he is the injured party. She told him not to call her or follow her – its over.

Chris invited Allison to join him and other couples from the hospital at the Rose Foundation – she accepted the date. Meanwhile some nurses from the hospital arrived at the lounge who knew Chris. They joined the table and ordered another round of champagne for themselves and a Shirley Temple for Allison.

At the Cop Shop

Rosanna told DeGrassi in the absence of a lawyer he should retain his constitutional right to remain silent. Jack thought it sounded as though the two of them had something to hide. Rosanna laughed and finally acknowledged Jack’s presence in the room – agreeing it had been a long time since she had seen him. He asked her to take a seat – and hear what DeGrassi had to tell Jack about their relationship. Rosanna explained she and DeGrassi were old family friends. They met at St Bard’s and she hired him to do some odd jobs since he was down on his luck. He must have listened when she talked about Fairwinds and how she was never going to return and he got some ideas. DeGrassi agreed that was exactly how it happened. Jack wondered then how DeGrassi had gotten Rosanna’s business card with the security code written on it – in her handwriting. Rosanna had no idea how he got the card. She said she wrote down the code because she never remembered it and he must have seen the card in her purse. Rosanna chose not to press charges. Jack said he is facing more than one charge – he is facing assault charges too. Jack suggested she hire DeGrassi a good lawyer.

Carly found Rosanna in the interrogation room. Carly told Rosanna she ended her partnership with Paul. Rosanna thanked her. Rosanna promised Carly she would help get her career off to a flying start. Rosanna said she gave Carly a blank check because she believes in her and knows she can do anything and will. There isn’t a doubt in her mind that both she and Carly can have it all – it’s just a matter of moving the right obstacles.

Rosanna told Carly she gave Craig divorce papers. Carly said that couldn’t have gone well – Rosanna said he hadn’t quite accepted it yet, but he will – he has no choice.

Jack walked in to say DeGrassi was being released: someone had changed the DA’s mind. Rosanna told him if he needed anything else, she would be at the Lakeview. Before Rosanna could leave Jack stopped her and told her he would be watching her. He would find out what she was up to.

At Metro

Paul went to get a drink. Molly knew he wanted something – he doesn’t like Dusty or Craig – so he wouldn’t be there for a drink. He said he was there to see her. He wanted to know if Molly told Rosanna that he tipped off the authorities about Cabot. Molly was surprised Rosanna was back in town. Paul wasn’t sure if her shock and amazement was real or fake.

Paul asked Molly who told Rosanna. Molly didn’t even tell Carly when she came snooping around. A poster arrived for the Rose Foundation benefit. Molly mentioned that everyone in town was going – well almost everyone. He said he wasn’t surprised she wasn’t on the guest list either. She told him she made a sizeable donation and was on the guest list. He was amazed Molly offered and Lily accepted. Molly told Paul she made the donation for her – because she did some miserable things to Rose and she wanted to score some points with the big guy upstairs. Paul asked if she believed in God. She said you have to believe in something, but lately she wasn’t sure if God believed in her – so she figured she would do some good deeds. She has to do something right if she expects to see Jake again. Paul cannot even think about the afterlife – he’s having too much trouble with this life.

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