ATWT Update Thursday 4/1/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/1/04

By Lea
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At Margo’s

Katie tried to convince Margo that she was right about Pillar being up to something. Margo refused to tell Katie what Mike told her about the threat on Pillar’s life. Katie said she cannot stay out of the situation – she loves Mike and wants to protect him. Katie vowed to find out what was going on.

At Mike’s

Mike continued to grill Pillar about her friend; however he wasn’t buying her story. He told her he thought she was lying. Pillar started to pack her things. She said she couldn’t tell him everything and what little she does makes no sense – she understands his disbelief. She told him to forget about her – he wanted to know where she was going – she wouldn’t tell him.

Katie dropped in on Mike and asked if Pillar was around. She told him about their encounter in the park. He refused to discuss Pillar with Katie and told her it was none of her business. Katie said she would wait and ask Pillar herself. He told her Pillar was gone.

Mike tried to call Pillar’s cell phone – but she didn’t answer. Katie said he hadn’t seen the last of Pillar. Mike said the only reason Pillar was out there all alone was because he let Katie’s suspicions get to him.

Mike threw Katie out. He called Pillar again and he asked her to come back. She hung up on him and then told her friend, “Its working perfectly.”

At the Lakeview

Paul is somewhat miffed by Jordan’s questions about his motives concerning BRO. Paul wondered what Jordan’s mother was like. Jordan said he never met his mother. Paul explained with a mother like his – you reach a point where there’s no point in arguing anymore. Jennifer brought martinis for everyone and noticed the tension at the table. She wondered if something was wrong – Jordan said he thought so. Paul reminded Jordan he was the boss and he didn’t answer to his employee. Jennifer wanted to know what happened.

Lucy walked into the bar and Paul went to talk to her. He asked if she had seen Rosanna – she is confused. Paul told her Rosanna is back and is safe. Lucy is now thrilled. Lucy wanted to go and see her right away, but Paul needed to tell her something.

Paul told her about Cabot and tried to justify his actions. He said he didn’t set out to hurt Rosanna – he wanted to hurt Craig. Lucy asked why he didn’t go to Rosanna. He said he couldn’t be sorrier – he reached out to her – but she pulled away.

Lucy was angry with Paul and didn’t understand how he could have done this to Rosanna. She left to talk to Rosanna. He vowed to make it up to her – but she told him he couldn’t.

Paul had a drink in the lounge and Carly arrived to talk about her decision.

At the Cop Shop

Jack continued his interrogation of DeGrassi – saying he was Rosanna’s patsy. DeGrassi told Jack he could ask Rosanna what she hired him for – when Jack found her. Jack finally got Carly’s message about Rosanna just as she walked in the door. Carly told Jack she had just seen Rosanna at the Lakeview. He wanted to know if everything was okay – Carly said not exactly because Rosanna is still pretty raw and torn up about Cabot. Carly also said Rosanna had just found out it was Paul who called the Canadian authorities about Cabot. She also told Jack about Rosanna’s ultimatum concerning working with Paul. Jack asked Carly what she wanted – she wants her sister and wants her career. Jack tells her to go for it.

Jack said he would support her decision to continue working for Paul – he had her back. Carly still isn’t sure what to do – because she understood where Rosanna was coming from. Jack asked if Rosanna mentioned where she had been or what she had been up to. Carly didn’t think it was important since Rosanna was back.

Jack went back to DeGrassi and offered to drop all charges if he would tell him how Rosanna is involved in the whole mess – all of it from the start. DeGrassi wanted the deal in writing and Jack assured him it could be worked out.

DeGrassi and Jack finished hammering out the deal. Jack wanted to know all of it. Rosanna arrived and stopped DeGrassi from talking.

Rosanna’s Room

Carly was stunned by Rosanna’s ultimatum. Rosanna said she would bankroll any venture with Carly – but not with Paul attached. She could not have him in her life. Carly understood how Rosanna felt, but she tried to defend Paul. She explained the hard time Paul had gone through at that time. Carly blamed Craig for the situation. Carly understood how grief stricken Paul may have struck out and not been thinking. Rosanna doesn’t like the rationalization Carly is engaged in – and wonders how she would feel had it happened to her. Before Carly can answer the question, Craig knocked on the door. She told him they had a lot to discuss and he was the reason she came home.

Rosanna invited Craig in and dismissed Carly. She asked Carly to think about what she said and give her a decision later. Craig told Rosanna he missed her and Lucy did too. Things fell apart when she left like she did. Craig tried to claim he didn’t know the adoption of Cabot wasn’t legal. Craig said he lost a child just like Rosanna did. He knows how she hurt and is devastated – he is too. He did all he could to make her happy – and he was happy because they were happy. To feel her slipping away was difficult, but he was still wearing his wedding ring because he loved her. He would go to counseling to make things better. She asked if he could bring Cabot back. She then handed him an envelope – containing divorce papers. That’s all she wants from him.

Craig rejected the idea of divorce without even trying. Rosanna said their marriage was already under duress and he got her a child to soften her up. Even when she asked him point blank if the adoption was legal he told her Cabot was theirs. Craig told her everything he did … he did out of his love for her. She said she couldn’t survive his love. She offered him a very generous deal and her attorneys assured her there is no way he can prevent the divorce. She wanted him to do her this one favor and make it easy on her.

Craig said it’s supposed to be hard to sever that bond and he vowed not to make it easy for her. She told him in that case he would lose everything he had: his house, his club and every cent he had. She would drag him to court and tell every lurid secret to the press – and Lucy would hate him more than she already does. Rosanna told him to sign the papers or its war. Craig said he wouldn’t sign the papers and Rosanna gave him some time – very little time. Craig told her DeGrassi was in custody in Oakdale. She asked Craig to leave and make a decision about the divorce. After he left Rosanna grabbed her coat and purse and muttered under her breath, “DeGrassi how could you be so stupid?”

Lucy knocked on Rosanna’s door, but she wasn’t there. Lucy left her a note under the door.

At Metro

Jordan told Jennifer about his talk with Paul. He said he had taken her advice and just asked Paul about his motives towards BRO. Jennifer wanted to know why all of this suddenly concerned him. He said it was something Rosanna had told him. Jordan told Jennifer about his conversation with Rosanna … specifically her suspicions that Paul with either hurt Barbara or sandbag BRO. Jennifer was confused – she believed Rosanna and Paul were friends.

Jennifer tried to defend Paul and Barbara to Jordan saying if Rosanna was upset then that’s why she would put a bad spin on things. Jennifer said Paul built BRO and put Barbara on the map and that’s why he came back. Also after they found out Will killed Rose … Paul felt the only way to bring the family together was to grit his teeth and forgive Barbara. He had to let go of his resentments and anger.

Craig stared at the divorce papers.

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