ATWT Update Wednesday 3/31/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/31/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo

At Mike’s

Mike continued to search for Pillar and Margo arrived to apologize for interfering in his life. Margo is surprised to her Pillar’s life had been threatened by her ex-boyfriend.

Margo told Mike there was no way to file a missing person’s report this soon and that Pillar was probably just out for a walk. She said she would check the hospitals.

Mike found it odd that Pillar was out walking around when someone had threatened her life. She told Mike she saw Katie at the park. Pillar made it sound like Katie was following her again. Mike believed the friend Pillar saw at the park was the ex who was threatening her. Pillar was upset by Mike treating her like a criminal.

At the Park

Pillar asked Katie if she was following her – Katie told her she was just running errands. Katie also noticed Russ leaving the park and wondered who he was and why Pillar had been talking to him. Pillar explained he was an old friend she just happened to bump into at the park. Pillar told Katie she would have her arrested for harassment if she didn’t leave her alone.

Katie told Pillar she promised Mike she would leave her alone. Katie wondered what was up with Pillar’s disguise. She said she was trying to stay out of the sun. After a few more of Pillar’s lame excuses – Katie was convinced she was up to something.

At the Cop Shop

Craig waited for Jack and wanted to in the loop on De Grassi. Craig wanted to know if De Grassi knew where Rosanna is – Jack said, “if he does he’s not saying.” Craig wanted him to go harder on the witness or they may never see Rosanna again.

Craig demanded Jack do his job. Jack told him questioning required patience. He didn’t think patience was doing the trick. Jack wondered if he thought bamboo shoots under the fingernails might help. Craig was thinking cattle prods.

Jack told De Grassi he had talked to Rosanna and knew the reason she had gotten in touch with him.

Craig knocked on the interrogation room door and tried to tell him about the message. Jack ignored slammed the door on him. De Grassi agreed to talk to Jack and sent his lawyer away. De Grassi knows Jack is bluffing because Rosanna would not have told him why she called.

At the Lakeview

Rosanna flirted with Jordan – they discussed soccer and basketball. She invited him in her room and offered him a drink. He wondered if Paul had seen her. Jordan said he heard Rosanna and Paul were good friends. Rosanna told him Paul Ryan is not the man he appears to be.

Downstairs Jennifer ordered a drink while she waited for Jordan. Jordan finally arrived for their date just as Jennifer was about to leave. Jordan wanted to ask Jennifer some questions about BRO before they went out. He wanted to know why Paul had changed his mind about his mother after everything with Rose. She believed the main reason they reunited was because of her little brother Will. The family felt coming together would help Will heal. She wanted to know why Jordan was so interested. Paul walked in right then and Jennifer suggested Jordan ask the man himself. Jennifer asked Paul to join them in the celebration of the interview.

Jordan tried to question Paul about BRO, but Paul told him the company was none of his business. Jordan disagreed.

Jordan said he was confused – he was led to believe that Rosanna and Paul were friends. He also mentioned her putting up his bail money. Rosanna told Jordan that Paul is not his friend. She hinted the reason concerned her son – but would not go into details. She simply said he lied and betrayed her. She felt she should warn Jordan – to only take things Paul said at face value. Rosanna also told Jordan doing business with Paul – especially now – might be a good idea. The reason was she thought Paul was using BRO to get back at his mother. Paul is not the type of person to forgive and forget – he would use the company to destroy his mother. Jordan wondered how it would affect him. She explained if the company went down it could take his career too.

Jordan thanked Rosanna for giving him a lot to think about. He wanted to draw his own conclusions. He left to meet Jennifer.

Rosanna was very happy to see Carly. Carly said she had been scared she would never see her again. Rosanna hugged her sister. Carly explained she thought something bad had happened to Rosanna. Rosanna wanted to know what was going on with Carly. Carly tried to change the subject to Craig and Fairwinds. Rosanna did not want to talk about the subject.

Carly invited Rosanna over for dinner. Rosanna wanted to know how Carly found her – she admitted Paul had informed her. Carly told Rosanna that Paul had asked her to design a line at BRO. Rosanna wanted to know if Carly could work for BRO now that she knew what Paul had done. Rosanna told Carly what’s done is done and the important thing was where they went from there. She told Carly that Paul was her enemy and she couldn’t have her sister associate with him for whatever reason. She gave Carly a choice: give up working with Paul or give up her sister forever.

At Jack and Carly’s

Paul told Carly that Rosanna never wanted to see him again – because he was the one who told the Canadian police about Cabot. Carly told him to leave and said she wanted nothing to do with him.

Paul wouldn’t leave and Carly threatened to call the police. He begged her to listen to him and if she felt the same way – he would leave. He tried to explain his reason: revenge against Craig. Carly wondered if he ever thought about Rosanna. He tried to remind her how he was there for Rosanna in the end.

Carly didn’t think that made up for what he did. He agreed, but said Carly should remember the reason behind everything that happened. Carly said, “Oh that’s right and passing the buck to Craig always makes people feel better about themselves.” Carly told Paul that when he found out what Craig had done he should have gone to Rosanna – not the police. Paul doesn’t want to lose Carly like he has Rosanna. She told him if someone hurts a person she loves she hurts too. She also reminded him about how he lied to her when she confronted him about the baby. He tried to convince her not to give up on him, but she told him something was broken and it could not be fixed.

Paul told Carly he wasn’t expecting her to forgive him or even understand. He wanted her to remember their relationship went beyond friendship – they have a company together. As soon as they got Barbara out of the picture at BRO – Carly would be on the World stage. He questioned whether she would throw all that away. She refused to answer one way or the other. She told him she wouldn’t make any promises, but she would be in touch. Carly called Jack at the police station and left a message about Rosanna – which Craig overheard. Craig finally found out where Rosanna was.

At Margo’s

Katie told Margo about Pillar at the park. Margo was going to call Mike but Katie told her Pillar was on the way home. Katie tried to convince Margo that Pillar was up to something – again, however Margo wasn’t interested.

Katie told Margo she would not let Pillar hurt Mike no matter what anyone says.

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