ATWT Update Tuesday 3/30/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/30/04

By Lea
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Margo’s House

Katie arrived and told Margo she didn’t have a lot of time to discuss the night before. Margo explained how much trouble she should be in for stealing Pillar’s address book. Katie said Pillar is up to something – though she has no proof except her gut. Margo called her on this excuse: she thinks Katie is upset because Pillar is Mike’s ex and might make a play for him. Margo told Katie it was time to deal with her feelings for Mike.

Katie said Pillar didn’t just drop in on Mike – she is in Oakdale for a reason. Katie is trying to find out the reason for her visit. Margo wondered it’s so important to her and why she has to break the law – to put her life on the line for this. Katie doesn’t know how to explain her feeling about Pillar.

Mike came to the door just as Katie was leaving. Margo set the meeting up so they could spend some time alone. She asked Katie to be honest with him.

Katie said Margo believed she still loved Mike and that’s why she set up the meeting. She said Margo still treats her like she’s in junior high. Finally she said Margo was right – she is still in love with Mike.

Katie said it felt really good to say ‘I love you.’ It always does because it’s a gift that goes both ways. She said, “I love you Mike and this whole thing with you and Pillar is making me so crazy … so jealous … I can’t think straight. There you happy?” Mike didn’t know how to answer that and he wondered why she hadn’t mentioned Simon. He accused her of still being in love with Simon. He said she had no right being jealous of Pillar or anyone else. He wished she would stop telling him how she feels – he loves her and she loves him, but they will never be together. He asked her to leave Pillar alone and she agreed it would never happen again. Mike thanked Katie for being honest before he left.

When Margo returned Katie told her she told Mike she still loved him and she was researching Pillar out of jealousy. Katie said she needs to find away to stop loving him and being jealous of every woman who crosses his path. Margo told her the only cure for that is time and it can’t be solved in one day.

Mike’s House

Pillar woke up whining about her stab wound and about Katie stealing her address book. Mike assured her Katie would be leaving her alone from now on. After Mike left Pillar placed a phone call.

Later at the park Pillar – in disguise met a man named Russ. She wanted to conduct their business by phone, but he had insisted they meet in public. He wondered what was going on. She informed him they were right on schedule and told him to be patient.

Mike returned home to find Pillar gone. As she left the park Pillar ran into Katie – who wondered what she was doing out of bed.


John talked with Dusty and Lily about the Rose Foundation. John asked Dusty for a private conversation. John doesn’t trust Dusty to be in charge of the Foundation. Dusty refused to defend himself to John and he would not beg John to trust him. John wondered if the Foundation is a scam. Lily watched the confrontation and then defended Dusty.

Lily knew Dusty gave John many reasons not to trust him – she felt the same way often since his return. She thought he deserved the benefit of the doubt … especially from John.

Jack and Carly’s

Jack got home as Carly greeted him at the door with questions about Rosanna. She wondered if De Grassi had kidnapped Rosanna. Jack told her not to ask anymore questions – though he had one for her: where was she yesterday when he called to check in? She said she was with Paul in St. Bard’s. Jack is not happy, “You and Paul are out of the investigating business for good … or do I have to arrest the two of you to prove it?”

Carly tried to explain they weren’t trying to go against Jack, but Paul got the idea to go to St. Bart’s after Jack had already left. He told her she could have called and let him know what was going on. The reason she didn’t was because she knew he would blow a fuse. She admitted that was true. Carly did not like sitting around doing nothing about her missing sister. Jack vowed he would do whatever it took to find Rosanna. She explained she doesn’t want to lose Rosanna again – so soon after they found each other again. Jack understood, but he still doesn’t want anything to happen to her. He needs Carly at home so he can touch her, hold her and protect her even if she doesn’t want him to. She agreed to stay out of the investigation from now on.

Jack and Carly cuddled and he mentioned having to go to the station to grill De Grassi. Carly remembered finding an envelope with De Grassi’s number on it in Rosanna’s hand writing.

Paul arrived and told Carly Rosanna was back in town at the Lakeview. He assured her that Rosanna is not hurt. He told Carly that he and Rosanna would not be friends anymore and once he told her why – he doubted they would remain friends either.


Jennifer and Jordan got more coffee and continued to discuss Rosanna. She finds it very strange that Rosanna doesn’t seem at all concerned about people believing she was kidnapped.

Paul overheard them talking and asked why they were discussing Rosanna. Jennifer told him she was there earlier.

In her room Rosanna talked with someone named Greta who was to inform her the moment Jordan headed up to his room.

Paul sat down and grilled Jennifer and Jordan about Rosanna. He asked if she said where she had been. Jennifer mentioned Rosanna seemed annoyed rather than concerned about the kidnapping theory. Paul thought it might have been because she was tired – Jordan refuted that theory, “she looked pretty rested to me.” Jennifer also said when she told Rosanna that Paul and Lucy would be relieved she was okay – Rosanna said she hadn’t asked anyone to worry.

Paul knocked on Rosanna’s door – he was happy to see her, but she didn’t seem as thrilled. He tried to hug her and she stopped him – she told him not to touch her.

She said she had a cold and didn’t want to get him sick. She invited him in – they had much to discuss. Paul wondered if there was a problem and didn’t understand why she seemed upset by his concern. She accused him of faking his concern. He was confused by the accusation and said he was her friend. She told him he is her enemy because he had Cabot taken away from her. He was the one who called the police and told them where he was.

Jennifer and Jordan finished the interview with the reporter from Vogue. He was impressed with her and she assured him she couldn’t have done it without him. He asked her to celebrate the interview – but she’s worried about Paul and was going to stop by his place. Jordan convinced her to go out and bring her cell phone so she could be gotten hold of easily.

Paul tried to deny Rosanna’s accusations, but she has everything documented. He admitted to calling the Canadian police and giving them Craig’s name. However, they already knew about Craig and it was only a matter of time before they would have come for Cabot anyway. She asked how he could do it to her. She asked him, “who put up your bail when you were accused of murder – who defended you to anyone who would listen – and this is how you repay me? You cost me my son?” He told her it wasn’t about her – it was about Craig. He hadn’t thought about how it would affect her. He asked her to forgive him. She said she was done forgiving people and she was done with him.

Rosanna asked Paul to leave and never return. He said the reason for everything was Craig – it was his fault. Rosanna said that while Craig’s methods were wrong – he had the best intentions getting her the child she wanted. Craig’s sins pale in comparison to Paul’s. Paul took a baby from its mother, but he was driven by revenge and cruelty.

After Paul left, Greta called to tell Rosanna that Jordan was on the way to his room. Rosanna ran into Jordan in the hallway of the hotel.

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