ATWT Update Monday 3/29/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/29/04

By Lea
Pictures by Boo 

At the Coffee Shop

Allison and Chris talk about her hangover – he gave her a milk shake to help. Emily stopped by at Allison’s request. Chris made Allison promise she would not ask Emily for money to help him buy the condo. She promises and then immediately asked Emily for money.

Allison wants her college fund to help Chris out with the condo situation. She wanted Emily to ask Susan for the money. Emily refused to get into the middle of things. She also read Allison the riot act for getting drunk. Susan is an alcoholic and seeing Allison drunk upsets her.

Allison still begged Emily to talk to Susan about giving her the college fund. Emily tried to explain that Susan had saved that money for Allison’s education. Allison said she hated school – books, homework, and detention. “They don’t have detention in college,” Emily said.

Emily wanted Allison to think about her future. Chris will be a full fledged doctor making more money than Oprah – Emily wondered what that had to do with anything. Allison said they would be married. Emily did not seem convinced and Allison asked if she doubted Chris’s love for her.

Emily explained she thought she loved many men before she married Hal – and she thought all of them were the “perfect guy.” Allison knows she and Chris are headed in the direction of marriage. Chris put down his life savings for a home for the two of them. She doesn’t want to buy his love; because she already has it – she wants to pull her weight … put her share in it.

Emily agreed to talk to Susan later that day – but there was no need to wait because Susan joined them and wondered what was going on. Allison left Emily to do her dirty work. Aaron surprised Allison as she spied on her mom and sister outside the restaurant. He apologized to Susan about Allison getting drunk. Allison apologized belatedly.

Susan rejected the idea of using the education fund for buying a place for Allison to shack up with her boyfriend. Allison said Chris put down all the money for the condo and she wanted to contribute. She also said a home was a good investment – she wanted to spend it on her future. Allison suggested turning the money over to Chris instead if Susan thought she was too young. Allison promised if Susan gave her the money she would never drink a drop of alcohol again. Susan agreed to these terms – against her better judgment.

At the Hughes

Molly arrived to talk to Tom and was waylaid by Bob. She was disappointed to hear about the Rose Benefit that she has not been invited to at the Metro.

Chris talked to Tom and Bob about all the money he lost over the condo. Bob wanted to talk to Chris about Allison. Chris didn’t want to talk about her, he wanted his parents to accept the fact he loved her. Bob suggested it was time to get Allison to grow up a little.

Bob thought it might be time for Chris and Allison to begin socializing with colleagues from the hospital. He pointed out if they were serious about each other … it was time for her to feel comfortable in Chris’s world.

At The Metro

Dusty setup security for the night’s event as Holden and Lily discussed the guest list. She wondered where to put Rose’s picture – Holden wondered if it was a good idea. She assured him it was, “put up her picture, drink champagne, have fun, raise a lot of money.” Lily said she didn’t feel sad, she felt lucky.

Lily wondered why Holden agreed to help with the benefit. He said it was fun. She saw through that though and knew he was watching over her to make sure she didn’t crack from the pressure. Holden said the pressure seemed to agree with her and it was nice to see her like this. Lily told Holden she was okay and she wanted him to have faith in her again. “I never lost faith in you … I’m too selfish for that … I need you,” he said before he kissed her.

Aaron came in for work and he told Holden he thought Lily looked great. Holden talked to Aaron about getting Allison drunk. Aaron explained what really happened – that he tried talking to Allison, but talking to her is like trying to “nail jell-o to a tree.” Holden asked Aaron to apologize to Susan – even though he didn’t do anything – “just do it for me.” Aaron agreed to talk to Susan.

Molly arrived and asked Holden why no one told her about the benefit. She told him she really wanted to make things right and would do anything to help out with the fund raiser. Lily was upset that Molly was there and Dusty volunteered to get rid of her. Lily declined … she went to talk to Molly. She said it was a very important night and she asked Molly to be a part of it.

Molly was surprised to be invited to the benefit – she told Lily that she didn’t owe her anything. Lily told her she was tired of keeping score. Molly decided not to attend the benefit itself, but did give Lily a check. Lily hugged her after seeing all of the zero’s on the check.

Dusty wondered what was up with Lily – one minute she was angry about Molly walking through the door and the next they were bosom buddies. He wanted to know if she was setting Molly up.

At the Cop Shop

Jennifer brought Hal coffee and he wondered how he rated. He also apologized for missing their breakfast date. Hal told her that Jack and Craig were searching for Rosanna – though Jennifer didn’t know she was missing. Hal said it’s not for public consumption but there is some evidence that shows Rosanna’s extended absence is not entirely voluntary.

Hal said they had talked about her brother, her mother and his job – he wondered what was missing from the conversation. “Pork futures?” Jennifer cleverly said – which amused her dad. However, he still wanted to know what was on her mind. He told her about the interview with Vogue – to which Hal responded, “The magazine?”

She told her dad she knew he worried when Barbara, Paul and her went into business together, but it seems to be working … they rely on each other. She also told him Jordan was prepping her for the interview and said Jordan was growing on her.

At the Lakeview

Jordan is talking on the phone when he literally bumps into Rosanna. She apologized for running in to him. Jordan recognized her right away and told her he was happy to see she had not moved out of Oakdale. He asked what brought her back.

Rosanna said she was in town on some family business … Jordan hoped she didn’t think he was grilling her by asking the question. She assured him she was not just visiting and would be in town for awhile. She finally asked who he was and he introduced himself – as they were shaking hands they seemed to be flirting a bit.

Jordan joined Rosanna for coffee just as Jennifer arrived at the Lakeview. Jennifer saw Jordan at a table with a woman and thought it was the reporter from Vogue – she was stunned instead to see Rosanna.

Jennifer joined Jordan and Rosanna at the table. She told Rosanna that everyone thought she had been kidnapped. Jennifer asked if Rosanna was staying at the hotel and wondered where she had been. Jennifer called her dad to tell him Rosanna was okay.

In her room, Rosanna called Lucinda trying to find Lucy. After the call she removed a photo of Jordan from a file.

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