ATWT Update Friday 3/26/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/26/04

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Jordan and Barbara are discussing the success of her new line. Jordan tells Barbara that all the top magazines want an interview with her, before her new line is released. They are about to toast their success with champagne when Jennifer joins them. She asks what they are celebrating. Jordan announces that Barbara has a major interview set up for tomorrow. Barbara tells him it is impossible for her do one tomorrow. Jordan tells her that it is ‘Vogue’, and you just don’t cancel on Vogue. Barbara gives in and says she will manage it somehow. She sees Walker at the bar and goes to thank him for helping her out the night before. He tries to tell her that he has found a good neurosurgeon in Chicago, but she tells him she is all better now. He was right when he said it was just stress. He tries to convince her to get a check up anyway, but she insists that she is just fine now.

She flirts a bit with him, which causes him to back off a little. Barbara rejoins Jordan and Jennifer and they start to go over some sketches. Barbara’s sight gets all blurry again and she can’t see anything. She does a pretty good job of covering up. She tells them that the production line messed up her designs again. She needs to have some uninterrupted time to work on the designs.

She tells them that she has booked herself into a spa in Chicago for a couple of days. That is just what she needs. She tells them they can handle the interview with Vogue tomorrow. Now she is going to go upstairs and pack for her trip to Chicago. Jennifer and Jordan are a little stunned, but accept what she tells them. Barbara tries to fake her way out of the bar and up to her room, but she keeps bumping into people and spilling drinks. She makes it to the hallway safely where Walker comes to her rescue again. He tells her that he will take her himself to see this specialist that he knows. Barbara is very thankful to him. Back at the table, Jennifer is concerned about her mother, but she rationalizes Barbara’s actions. They both decide to go back to the office and practice for the interview the next day. Jennifer has to run up to her room and grab a few things. Jordan promises to wait at the table. Jennifer comes back to the table and they leave for the office.

In a quite corner table a woman dressed in black sits quietly. We do not see her face. A bartender delivers a bourbon on the rocks, and apologizes for the wait. The executive suite will be ready momentarily. We get a glimpse of her reading the paper with her face hidden as Barbara stumbles blindly by. We get another glimpse of her as Jennifer runs by to get a few things from her room.

When Jennifer and Jordan leave we see the woman again. She slowly lowers the newspaper to reveal to us that it is Rosanna.


Jessica runs in to meet Ben for lunch. She has been out shopping and complains about the crowds during the week. Ben assures her that she will be back to work soon, and won’t have to worry about it. He notices a bag and asks what she bought. When she tells him it’s nothing, he thinks she is trying to hide something from him and grabs the bag. He thinks maybe it is lingerie and tells her he can think of a few ways to fill up her afternoons until she goes back to work. Jessica tries to stop him, but he pulls out a nice little sweater and asks her who it is for. It is for Sarah she reluctantly admits. Ben wonders why she didn’t want him to know that she bought something for Sarah. Jessica is a bit embarrassed but explains that she just wanted to do something nice for the girl. Ben knows that she is a loving woman, and he also knows that she talked the judge into letting Sarah stay with Margo and Tom because she cares about Sarah. Just then, Ben sees Walker and calls him over to the table. He explains to Jessica that Walker has a patient he wants to refer. After greetings go around, Jessica announces that she has something to do and she will be back later. Walker tells Jack that the patient he was going to refer is nothing that needs discussing anymore. Ben is surprised as the symptoms sounded serious. Walker explains that the patient in question is more afraid of a diagnosis than she is of the doctor.

A little later Walker has left and Jessica returns. She tells Ben all about her visit with Sarah. How happy Sarah was. She thinks Sarah doesn’t need her. Ben tells her that Sarah does need her, and so does he.

St. Bards:

As the manager rips up the phone records, Paul and Carly both try to stop her. Paul even tries to bribe her, but she stands strong. When Carly sees that she is ready to call security she jumps in and pulls Paul away from the lady before they all get arrested. They decide to try to find Putney and take off looking for him. The manager picks up the phone and tells the operator that she needs to place a call to the states.

When the three musketeers can’t find Putney again, the discuss what they do know. None of it makes sense to any of them so they decide they should just get back to Oakdale and find out what Jack and Craig learned in New York.


Carly and Paul are sitting together going over some of Carly’s sketches. Lucy is sitting across the isle from them sleeping. Carly is concerned about Lucy. All of this is so hard on her.

When Paul refers to her as a ‘little girl’ Carly again tries to warn Paul to listen to her. Lucy is no little girl. She is a young woman. Lucy starts to dream. She is on a plane that looks to be empty. She has her seat belt on. She sees Craig walk by slowly and go to the door of the plane. He slowly turns to look at her before he jumps out of the plane. Then Rosanna walks by holding Cabot and does the same thing. Finally, Paul and Carly walk by holding hands and also turn to look at her before they too jump. Lucy tries desperately to get out of her seat belt but is unable to. She is yelling at all of them to just wait, not to leave her there alone. Paul shakes her awake and tells her that she is having a bad dream. She plunges into his arms and sobs for him to never leave her. Carly looks on anxiously. Lucy tells Paul all about her dream. She is so worried about Rosanna also. Rosanna is also her friend. Lucy doesn’t understand anything that is going on. Paul tries to calm her down and reassure her that Rosanna is okay. He holds her to calm her down. Carly is still watching, knowingly. Paul takes Lucy back to his seat with him, Carly sits across the isle now. Lucy falls back to sleep with her head on Paul’s shoulder. Paul tells Carly that he understands Lucy because he was the same way. As a kid his family was rich and all, but they were a total mess. Carly just warns Paul not to make it harder on Lucy in the long run. Paul promises to be careful. They again talk about how confusing all this is. It doesn’t make sense that Rosanna may have hired De Grassi, but it also doesn’t make sense that she could have been his mark. Paul thinks she is way too smart for that. He decides they can do nothing now till they get back to Oakdale, but promises to hire an investigator to look into all of it when they get back. He suggests that Carly sketch some more to take her mind off of everything.

New York pawn shop:

Jack is sure that the customer that just came in is the man they are looking for. He has another box full of Criag’s stuff. Craig wants Jack to bust him now, but Jack wants to wait to see how much money he wants for all of it. De Grassi tells Lev that he has more stuff from his uncle’s estate to sell. Lev asks him how much he wants and De Grassi tells him to name a price. De Grassi gets a call on his cell and he steps away from the counter for a sec to answer it. It is the manager from the motel in St. Bards. She has called to warn them that they have a problem. There were people from the states there looking for Ms. Cabot she tells him. De Grassi hangs up and tells Lev that his uncle changed his mind. Lev thought the uncle was dead. De Grassi says he is. When Jack and Craig figure out that he was tipped off and is leaving, they jump out and stop him. Craig shoves Rosanna’s picture in De Grassi’s face and demands to know where she is.

De Grassi claims to not know her. Jack informs him of all the evidence they have on him and threatens at least 10 years unless he tells them where Ms. Cabot is. De Grassi is not phased at all. He asks to see a badge. When he sees that Jack is from Oakdale, he calmly tells him that he has no ‘juice’ here in New York. De Grassi prepares to leave. Jak tells Lev to call NYPD and ask for a Det. McCall, and tell him that he needs back-up since they have a known felon on the premises. De Grassi isn’t worried, he won’t be there for long. Jack grabs him and he and Craig drag him out to the alley. Craig has a bat in his hand. Jack tells De Grassi that he better talk or he will turn Craig loose on him. De Grassi is still not phased. He just laughs at them both and tells them that they have no idea who they are dealing with. The NYPD arrive and take De Grassi into custody. The whole time, De Grassi isn’t moved. NYPD promise to book him and help in any way they can with extradition. Craig tells Jack that they will never get anything out of this man. He is obviously more afraid of his boss than he is of them. Det. McCall calls Jack on his cell phone to inform him that De Grassi is processed and all ready to go. Craig is frustrated and worried. Jack tries to calm his fears and tells him that they are making progress. Craig is really worried about Rosanna.

Tom & Margo’s house:

Casey is moving his things from the bathroom upstairs to the one downstairs. Sarah stops him and retrieves something that is hers. Casey asks Margo why he has to move his stuff downstairs. It is obvious that Margo is trying to keep these two from becoming ‘involved’. She explains to Casey that she has to leave, and Tom is not there either. Casey doesn’t understand so she tells him there are a few ground rules now that Sarah is staying there. They are to stay out of each other’s bedroom.

Casey thinks that is gross and promises his mother that they are only friends. Margo wants to keep it that way. She tells them to order pizza when it gets close to dinner time and to order enough for her and Tom also. She leaves for work. Sarah comes downstairs to ask if they are all alone now. Later, Sarah is sitting on the couch sketching in a sketch pad. She has her bare foot propped up on the couch. She has the food channel on the TV. Casey is surprised she is watching that. She informs him that she is ‘listening’ to it. He asks her why she is drawing a picture of her foot. She explains it is for art class. He thought she was supposed to be doing a ‘still life’. She responds that she isn’t moving her foot. She wonders what is for supper. Casey tells her they are going to have pizza. She is tired of pizza. The chef on TV is cooking lamb chops. When Casey tells Sarah that they have lamb chops in the fridge, she convinces him that the two of them should make a good meal for his parents. Casey runs off to download the recipe while Sarah watches the instructions. A little later, Jessica stops by to find Casey and Sarah both very busy in the kitchen. The kids explain that they saw the recipe on TV and decided to fix dinner for the folks. Jessica gives Sarah the sweater she bought for her, but Sarah tells her that Casey’s grandmother bought her the same sweater. Jessica looks disappointed as she watches the kids make supper. The kids are obviously very busy and obviously very happy making this meal. Jessica tells Sarah that if she needs anything she should just call. Sarah is fine and doesn’t need anything. Jessica can see that everything is under control here and sadly leaves.

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