ATWT Update Thursday 3/25/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/25/04

By Boo
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New York pawn shop:

Craig and Jack are in New York at the pawn shop that reported some of the stolen items from Fairwinds being pawned there. There is a customer in the shop, so they decide to wait till the customer leaves. Craig wants to make sure that Jack is hard on the owner because he may be able to lead to a man that knows where Rosanna is. Jack warns Craig to let him do his job.

Craig is only there to identify the items Jack reminds him. Craig then bugs Jack to call Carly and see what she is up to while he is out of town. Jack resists saying that he doesn’t need to. Jack warns that Paul will be moving in on Jack’s territory if he isn’t careful. Craig makes a phone call and finds out that Paul called in and took the day off at B.R.O. and didn’t leave a phone number where he could be reached. Jack tells Craig to back off, he and Carly will be fine without Craig’s help. Craig just doesn’t want to see Paul do to them what he did to Rosanna and himself. Jack reminds Craig that his family fell apart because of Craig. No one else. They see the customer leave and approach the owner. Jack introduces himself as an Oakdale police officer and explains why they are there. The owner tells Jack to call him Lev. Jack is being polite and Craig is impatient and kind of rude to Lev. When Lev goes to get the items in question Jack reminds Craig to keep his mouth shut. Craig wants to know why Jack is ‘kissing up’ to Lev. Jack explains that he needs his cooperation. After going through the box of stuff that Lev has delivered to them and confirming that all of it is Craig’s, Jack asks Lev to describe the man that pawned the stuff. Lev tells them the guy is coming back to pawn some more stuff. If they want to see what he looks like, they should just stick around. Craig asks why Lev is so sure that the guy will come back like he said. Lev has been in this business long enough to be able to tell he informs them.

They decide to wait it out. While they are waiting, Craig continues to try to make Jack see what a bad person Paul Ryan is. When Jack won’t listen to him, he calls Jack’s house to talk to Carly. Being the arrogant jerk he can be, he proudly informs Jack that there is a babysitter at the house with his kids. Carly went out to a movie ‘alone’ Craig reports. Jack is still not reacting the way Craig thinks he should, he rubs in the point that both Carly and Paul are ‘unaccounted’ for. Craig presses Jack to try Carly on her cell phone. Jack knows if she is at the movies, her cell will be turned off. He finally agrees to try the cell number to shut Craig up when they see De Grassi enter the pawn shop.

St. Barts:

Carly and Paul have arrived late to St. Barts. They only have two hours before the last plane back to Chicago takes off. Carly thinks that isn’t enough time to do anything. She also worries that she should have called Jack and told him what they were doing. Paul tells her to stop worrying, nothing can go wrong. They turn to find Lucy standing in front of them. ‘What took you guys so long?’ she asks them.

Paul and Carly both remind Lucy that she wasn’t supposed to be here. Lucy pleads her case complete with tears and Paul caves in. Carly heatedly reminds Paul how Craig could ruin all their plans, not to mention that Lucy has a crush on Paul. Paul thinks Lucy is just a kid and he can handle her. After a few more heated words between the two friends, Paul informs a delighted Lucy that she can stay. She throws herself in Paul’s arms to thank him. Carly looks on disapprovingly. They decide to get to work and approach the motel clerk. Paul tells ‘Mr. Putney’ that they are looking for Rosanna Cabot. Mr. Putney knows her well. Paul tells Mr. Putney that he knows that Rosanna has checked out, but wonders what they do with items that a customer has left behind. Mr. Putney starts to explain company policy to them when Carly makes herself known. Paul introduces Carly and Lucy. Carly tells Putney that her sister had told her that she was mailing her a letter and she never got the letter. She pretends to break down crying because she is so worried about her sister. Putney gives in and leaves the room to fetch whatever Rosanna left behind. Carly reminds Lucy to call and check to see if her father left any messages. As she walks off to do that Carly informs Paul that Lucy is upset with her because she was the one to talk Putney into helping. She tells Paul that Lucy wanted to be the one to do that so she could impress him. Paul still is not worried and claims he can handle Lucy. Putney comes back with a large envelope and announces that this is all that was left behind. Carly and Paul go through the contents and are disappointed to find that it is all Cabot Motors papers.

As they are about to put the papers back in the envelope, Lucy notices some writing on the back of one of the papers. They all agree that Rosanna wrote the name and the phone number down. The name is De Grassi, the man she is known to have left with. They decide that she may have called him. Carly again puts on her ‘poor sister’ act and again approaches Putney. At first he refuses to give them the phone records, until Carly tells him that her sister was so found of a man named ‘Rodney’, he was the reason her sister always came here. She asks to speak to ‘Rodney’. Putney’s chest swells out as he tells Carly that he was so proud that Ms. Cabot always remembered his name, she would always say “Good morning, Rodney”. He quickly leaves to get the records as Paul praises Carly, and Lucy again gets her feathers ruffled. She suggests that Carly go back to be with her kids, she will stay and help Paul. Putney comes back and announces that he found the phone records. Just as he is about to hand them over, the manager steps in and nix’s that idea. She tells Putney to clock out, she will deal with him later. Carly tries to explain that Putney was just trying to help her find her sister. The manager is not moved.

Aaron’s Apartment:

Chris and Aaron continue to argue about Alison. Chris tells Aaron that he has no right to tell anyone how to treat a girlfriend. Aaron tries to reason with Chris and explain to him how Alison felt. She felt like she completely ruined Chris’ life. Aaron tells Chris that she probably went to find her mother. Chris knows where Susan is and starts to leave. When Aaron asks him not to jump on Alison about being drunk. Chris reminds Aaron that Alison is not his worry anymore and he should just butt out.


Susan guides a stumbling Alison to the couch to find out what is going on. Kim and Emily look on from the bar as they bicker back and forth. On the couch, Alison happily rambles on about her wonderful plan. She tells Susan that her plan will fix everything.

She has a goal in life now. Susan is happy to hear that Alison has a plan in life now and reminds Alison that she has always supported her. Alison knew that Susan would be great about all this. She tells Susan that all she needs is for Susan to give her the money that was being saved up for her college fund. Susan asks her if she came up with this brilliant plan before or after she got drunk. Alison gets angry that her mom doesn’t understand how important this is to her. She needs that money so badly. Susan tries to get her to come home with her and sleep this off before Kim figures out that she is plastered. Alison can’t believe her mother is worried about what ‘Kim’ thinks when her whole future is at stake. She begs Susan to give her the money. Susan tells her of course she will give her the money, as soon as Alison shows her an acceptance letter from a college. Alison screams that it will be too late. Susan tries to calm her down and find out exactly what Alison is talking about. Alison explains that she really messed up this time, she didn’t just ruin her own life she also totally messed up Chris’ life. Alison explains that she wants the money to pay Chris back for the money he lost on the Condo. She knows that it is all her fault. Susan tries to explain to Alison that Chris is grown man and he made his own choices. Aaron and Chris walk in behind Susan and Alison. He overhears some of the conversation as Alison again begs her mother for the money, she will lose Chris without it and she can’t stand to lose him again. Chris speaks up now and tells Susan that he doesn’t want or need Alison’s money.

Back at the bar, Aaron approaches Emily. They are both happy that Chris is now talking to Alison and Susan. They decide things are going well and decide to leave. Kim is going to stay behind, much to Emily’s dislike. On the couch, Chris asks Susan to let him have a few words alone with Alison. Susan quickly gathers her things and heads to the bar to bark at Kim again. Kim tells Susan that she knows they are kids, and sometimes kids make bad decisions. Susan snaps at Kim again, asking if she thinks Chris’ bad decision was to get involved with Alison.

Kim tells her that she is so good at carrying on two sides of a conversation, she doesn’t understand why Susan bothers to speak to her. Susan apologizes again, she just keeps remembering years ago when Kim had to pour her into a cold shower to sober her up. Kim agrees, that was 100 years ago, and at the time she was doing what she thought was best. They both agree that Alison and Chris really love each other. Susan tells Kim that Alison may even be good for Chris. Kim politely smiles in response.

On the couch, Chris and Alison patch things up and the two are happy little love birds again. Alison isn’t feeling too well now, but she doesn’t want to go back to Kim’s place. She thinks Kim will ‘really’ think bad of her now. Chris assures her that will not be the case. Alison then runs off to the ladies room to get sick. An amused Chris watches her.

The old mill:

Katie can’t tell who is behind the flashlight that is shining in her face at first. When she realizes it is Margo, she is relieved at first then curious as to why Margo is here.

Margo is not too happy about having her one hour alone with Tom interrupted at just the wrong moment. When Katy tries to profess her innocence, Mike shows up with the address book and asks what Henry was doing with it. Margo tells Mike that she is there because Pilar called her. Katie tells Mike to talk to his friend, Margo is way too busy to be bothered with this. Mike defends Pilar, she was upset about losing her address book. Katie wonders if Pilar pulled her crying bit to get Mike to help her. Mike warns Katie to stay out of Pilar’s life. Katie wonders if that would be the life that she shows everyone, or the secret life she leads. Margo wonders what Katie is doing there. At first Katie tries to say she was just out for a ride, and came here because her and Simon used to come here. When Mike brings up that Katie called one of Pilar’s friends pretending to be Pilar, Katie finally admits that she was supposed to be meeting someone here. Katie tells Mike she is only looking out for him. Mike informs her that he can look out for himself, and if she hurts Pilar he will never forgive her. Mike calls Pilar to let her know that he has her address book back, and tells her he is at the old mill. She insists on catching a taxi and meeting him there. Once Pilar arrives, Margo wants to know everything that is going on.

Pilar explains that she called her because she was afraid Katie would start going through her book and calling everyone in there. She didn’t want Katie to call the wrong person. Katie comments that R.C. was a real charmer. Margo asks if R.C. was the one that stabbed Pilar. Pilar reminds Margo that she didn’t know the man that stabbed her. Katie tells them all that when she talked to R.C. and R.C. thought she was Pilar, he told her it was dangerous for them to meet. Pilar turns to Mike and pleads with him not to let Katie turn him against her. Katie comments on Pilar bringing out the trembling chin and sobbing. Mike stands up for his friend, but Katie keeps up with her remarks. Margo pulls Katie away to speak to her privately. While Margo and Katie talk, Mike tries to reassure Pilar that all will be okay. Margo warns Katie to leave Pilar alone, she could have pressed charges. Katie is still determined to get something on Pilar before she hurts Mike. Margo comments that she is going to call Tom and see if he is still talking to her. Katy praises Mike on his loyalty when she sees him holding Pilar. Mike wants to talk to Katie alone, but Pilar doesn’t want to wait in the car alone. Margo offers to walk Pilar to the car and wait with her while Mike and Katie talk. Mike warns Katie to let things go. He will take care of things this time, but if Katie messes with Pilar again, he will let her go to jail. As he walks away, Katie tells him she will gladly go to jail to keep Mike safe from Pilar. After everyone has left Katie calls Henry on the phone to find out if he is still at Metro. She tells him to wait there for her.


Katie finds Henry at the bar. She yells at him for ratting her out until he turns to look at her. She sees that he is holding an ice pack on a huge black eye.

Henry tells her that he didn’t give up the address book easily. Katie is upset that Mike turned to violence like this to protect this ‘girl’. Henry asks her what all went on and Katie explains the whole scene to him. Henry tells her that he thinks they should just forget the whole thing. He turns to look at her again taking the ice pack off his eye. Katie informs him that his ‘black eye’ is running down his face. She can’t believe he would use make-up to fool her like that. Henry explains that Mike didn’t hit him, but someone had to put a stop to all this madness. Katie tells Henry that she is not crazy. She knows something is up with this girl. She swears she isn’t doing this to get Mike back. Henry thinks that is good, because everything she is doing is only making Mike more protective over his little ‘Spanish songbird’.

Mike’s house:

Mike has made some herbal tea for Pilar. He explains that he bought the tea for Katie. Pilar apologizes again for calling Margo, but she didn’t know what else to do. Mike assures Pilar that Katie got the message this time. He asks about R.C. and why R.C. would say that it was ‘dangerous’ for them to meet. Pilar explains that she used to work with him and she told him her story. She guesses that he said that because he was trying to protect her. Mike looks a bit skeptical. Mike wants to know how she knew Katie had her address book. Katie was the only other person that had been there after he brought her purse home. He again asks her to go to the police and let them help her. She could get a restraining order to keep this guy away. Pilar insists that a restraining order would not stop this man.

Mike comments that she knows how to pick her men. She reminds him that she has picked him as her friend. He tells her he is a friend, but he is no sucker.

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