ATWT Update Wednesday 3/24/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/24/04

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Aaron’s apartment:

Aaron continues to try to calm Alison down. Alison is convinced that her and Chris are over. She believes that Chris thinks she ruined his life. Aaron tries to explain to her that Chris loves her. They are a couple, couples fight. Aaron has the blender that he bought for Alison’s housewarming present going full speed, making them some smoothies. When he pours one and hands it to Alison to try, she thinks it could use some improving.

She pulls out a bottle of vodka from her purse and pours it into the blender. Aaron tries to stop her and tell her that she doesn’t need to be getting hammered right now. Alison is determined to get drunk. She is convinced that she ruined her life with Chris. Aaron continues to try to reason with her. He tells her how bad it would look if Chris came looking for her to apologize and finds her all sloppy drunk. Alison doesn’t believe he will come looking for her, he thinks she trashed his life, so there is no reason that she shouldn’t get trashed too. She gets a good start on being totally trashed when she thinks up a solution.

She just needs to replace the money that Chris lost. She decides that she needs to talk her mother into giving her the money that was stashed away for her college fund. She won’t be going to college, so this is the perfect way to make sure she still has a wonderful future. She is ready to go now and talk to her mom and starts to look for her keys. Aaron will not let her drive in the state she is in now. Aaron tries to get Alison’s keys away from her, but Alison isn’t giving them up easily. She is positive that she has come up with the perfect solution. Aaron is finally able to reason with her when he gives her money for a cab. She thanks him and runs out the door to catch a cab. Aaron hears her scream and sees her running back into the apartment. She is panicking now because Chris is out front. Aaron helps her to hide on the fire escape and then answers the door. Chris demands to talk to Alison. Aaron pretends he doesn’t know where she is. Chris knows that is Alison’s car out front and notices there are two glasses on the table. If Alison isn’t there, who was drinking out of the other glass he wonders. Aaron still tries to cover for Alison as Chris searches the fire escape.

When they both realize that Alison is gone, and she is drunk, Chris blames it on Aaron. Aaron corrects him and tells him that it is all his own fault. Alison only got drunk because Chris was being a total jerk to her all day.


Susan is telling Emily all about Chris and Alison losing their condo when Chris comes back looking for Alison. He tells Susan about the argument he had with Alison earlier and that he can’t find Alison now. She called in sick to work. They both agree this isn’t a good thing. Kim comes in to ask Chris if he has found Alison yet. Chris discusses his woes with his mother, admitting that he should have listened to her about not buying the condo so quickly. Kim tells Chris that he and Alison should move back home with her and his father. They can save their pennies that way, build up their savings and find another condo that he and Alison will like even more than the one they lost. Chris thinks he may be looking for a one bedroom if he doesn’t find Alison and settle things. When he remembers that he last saw her with Aaron, he decides to go to Aaron’s and see if she is still with him. Chris rushes off. As Kim prepares to leave also, Susan rushes over and ambushes her with all kinds of accusations about how she thinks Kim feels about her daughter.

Kim tries to stay polite and rational, but Susan is upset because Chris made Alison feel like all of this was her fault. [No wonder Alison acts the way she does, she is just like her mother.] Kim informs Susan that Chris and Alison came to her home after the fire, and she hugged them both. She cares about both of them. Susan finally calms down a bit and apologizes to Kim for acting like a crazed lunatic. Susan is just worried that Alison will go out and do something they will all regret. As they are all getting ready to go, they promise each other they will call if Alison shows up. Alison comes stumbling in. Obviously very drunk. She is happy to find ‘mommy’. She knew if she could just find her mother, everything would be okay.

Mike’s house:

Pilar congratulates Mike on getting the job at the hospital. Mike tells her that she can now stay at his place for as long as she needs to. Pilar again tries to get Mike to talk about his feelings for Katie. Mike doesn’t see the point in that as Katie has moved on, he needs to also. Pilar doesn’t think that Katie has moved on at all. She tells Mike about Katie’s earlier visit. Mike is happy to hear that Katie came by to apologize. Pilar can see that every time Katie’s name is mentioned that Mike still has feelings for her. She promises him that she will take very good care of him and his broken heart. She apologizes again for treating him the way she did in Europe and tries to talk him into letting her give him one of her ‘massages’ and run him a nice bath.

Mike thinks a bath is just the thing he needs, but lets her know that he can run his own water. Pilar again offers to give him an ‘innocent massage’. Mike knows there is nothing ‘innocent’ about her massages and leaves the room to take his bath. Pilar’s cell phone rings. She is unhappy to hear that it is R.C. on the other end. He is confused, didn’t she just call him? She tells him no she didn’t. He explains that some woman called and told him she was Pilar and asked him to meet her at the old mill. Pilar realizes what must have happened and runs to her purse to make sure. She is correct, her address book is gone. She promises R.C. that she will take care of it.

Mike comes back from his bath [wrapped in a nice little towel] and hears the end of her conversation. He wants to know what is going on. Pilar tells Mike that she is missing her address book. She lies to him and tells him that she was on the phone with the hotel that she stayed at in Chicago, thinking maybe she left it there. She is sure it was in her purse when he brought it home from the police station. She realizes that Katie must have took it and tells this to Mike. Mike doesn’t believe that Katie would do something like that. Pilar convinces him that she is right, and now she is really scared. What if Katie starts calling the numbers in her address book? What if she calls Pilar’s ex? Mike assures her that if Katie did take the book, he will take care of it. Pilar hopes it isn’t already too late. Mike tries again to get Pilar to tell the police about her ex. She still will not involve the police. Mike promises that if it was Katie that took the book, he will deal with it. Pilar can’t believe that he trusts a woman that broke his heart. He reminds her that he trusts her also, and she also broke his heart. He takes off to find Katie, reminding Pilar to lock the door behind him.


Katie paces as she anxiously awaits Henry’s arrival. When he does show up, Katie shows him the phone book she took from Pilar’s purse. Henry wants nothing to do with this and tries to leave. Katie stops him and explains that she knows this is just what she needs to prove to Mike that Pilar is up to no good.

She admits to Henry that she hasn’t gained any info yet from it because it is all written in Spanish. As she flips through the book again she finds a post-it note that has a cell phone number for ‘R.C.’. Katie is positive that this is the break she has been looking for. Henry is not as enthused as Katie. Katie explains to Henry that when someone ‘hides’ a phone number in the back of their phone book, it means that they don’t call the number enough to know it by heart, but it is still very important. Henry tries to get Katie to stop with these schemes she comes up with, but Katie is on a roll. She needs to find out who this guy is. Against Henry’s best advice, Katie decides to call the number and pretend to be Pilar. Henry tries to talk her out of this. It is a crazy idea. When he sees that she is serious, he gives her his handkerchief to put over the mouthpiece and told her to cough a little bit. Maybe the person on the other end will think it is Pilar with a cold. Katie calls the number and tells R.C. that she is Pilar and needs to meet with him at the old mill. R.C. is not happy to hear from ‘Pilar’. He reminds her how dangerous it is for them to talk. When Katie hangs up on him, she tells Henry she was right.

The guy said it was ‘dangerous’ for them to be talking. Henry is concerned now. He said ‘dangerous’ and she just set up a date with him. He doesn’t understand why she would do this for Mike when she claims not to care for him. Katie corrects Henry. She does ‘care’ about him. He was her best friend for a long time and he protected her many times. If anyone is going to hurt Mike, they are going to have to go through her to do it. Henry tries to talk Katie out of going. He is worried about his goofy friend. When he realizes that Katie is determined to go to the old mill, he tells her to park down the road and walk to the old mill. Not to let R.C. see her. He tells her to get R.C.’s tag number from his car, and he will do some checking for her. Katie runs off to change clothes and tells Henry she will be back in ten minutes. Henry looks at Pilar’s address book and wonders if she knows any super models. Katie returns a few minutes later dressed in all black with a black scarf around her head. Henry once again tries to talk her out of going, but Katie is determined to follow through with her plan. She leaves as a worried Henry looks on. Henry goes to the bar and starts to go through the phone book when Mike shows up and takes the book off his hands. He is really angry with Henry, but he wants to know where Katie is for the time being.

Holden and Lily’s house:

Holden thanks Molly for hanging out with him for the day. Molly is happy to be there. She asks Holden what he is going to do about Lily working with Dusty. Holden says he has a choice. He can either support Lily in this, even though he doesn’t think it is the best thing for her to be working with Dusty, or he can lose her for good. Molly tells him just to give it a little time. Holden’s phone rings in the other room. Molly offers to hold Natalie while Holden runs off to answer the phone. Molly settles in on the couch to read Natalie a story when Lily comes home. Lily is not too happy to see Molly there and lets Molly know this in no uncertain terms. She accuses Molly of always trying to steal what isn’t hers. Holden comes back from the call and tries to calm Lily down. Molly tells Holden it is okay, she needs to get back to Metro anyway. She will leave after she has a word alone with Lily. Lily doesn’t want to hear anything Molly has to say. Lily promises her that if she will give her five minutes, Lily will never have to see her again. Holden takes Natalie and leaves the room. Molly lays into Lily and tells her to stop being stupid and open her eyes. She has everything any woman could want. Lily doesn’t need Molly to tell her all this. Molly disagrees with her and tells her that Holden thinks he is losing her. Lily denies this and insists that Holden knows she would never leave him. Molly tells her she is wrong, she needs to remind Holden how she feels, show him how she feels. Molly warns her to listen, she knows how cold and lonely the world can be. Molly has said what she wanted to say now and leaves a confused Lily alone in her front room. Lily sits down on the couch looking as she has just been hit in the gut. When Holden returns to the room, she tells him that she loves him very much. She wants him to be her partner in this foundation. She wants him to work with her for the fundraisers and all that will be needed to get the foundation on it’s feet. Holden knows that the foundation is important to her. Lily wants to show Holden that her choosing to work with Dusty on the foundation doesn’t mean that she is choosing Dusty over him and her children. Holden agrees to work with her.

The old mill:

Katie shows up with a flashlight looking for the mysterious R.C. She doesn’t see him anywhere and thinks that she may have been stood up. Then she turns to find a flashlight shining in her face.

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