ATWT Update Tuesday 3/23/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/23/04

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Alison is rushing into Lakeview to meet up with Chris when Aaron calls her on her cell phone. He wants to know if they moved into their condo yet. She is in a rush and tells him that it is a long story and she will call him back in a little bit. She tells him she is at Lakeview and hangs up as she gets to the table that Chris is at.

Chris if very upset and Alison tries to cheer him up. She tells him that Tom will be there any minute now to give them good news. Tom walks in and tells them he has bad news. He informs a shocked Alison and a defeated Chris that they have been ripped off. The contractor was a scam artist and he has just ran off with all the money. He offers to float Chris a loan, but Chris informs his brother that he will be okay. Tom promises to stay on top of it, and hopefully the police will catch up with this guy. He leaves Chris and Alison to discuss their options. Alison continues to try to stay positive. She is sure that something will happen to make things all better. Chris is frustrated and just can't seem to get the seriousness of their situation across to her. He raises his voice a bit and tells her that it will take a miracle to make this better. Alison is upset that he yelled at her. He tries to explain that he wasn't yelling. He gets more and more frustrated trying to deal with Alison and her bubbly, positive outlook. They start to argue a bit, Alison comes to the conclusion that Chris is twisting every thing around to make it all her fault. She tells him to go to hell. Chris tries to explain to a very young minded Alison that he is just too old to be living under his parents roof with his girlfriend. Alison really takes offense to this and yells at him that if she is such a burden to him, she will move back to her mothers house. He can then be free of her. Chris tells her to stop being so dramatic. He tries to tell her that is not at all what he was thinking. Alison is in a full blown 'immature-think only of me' mode now and not listening to anything  Chris says. At this point, Aaron comes bouncing in to give the happy couple a new house warming gift for their new home. It starts to dawn on him that he should have went by the condo instead of ambushing them like this. Chris just looks annoyed at the interruption and announces that he is going to work as he leaves.

Alison explains to Aaron everything that has happened, about the fire and the con man. Now Alison is completely worried that she has lost Chris again. Aaron tries to reassure her that they just had a fight, they will make up like all couples do. Alison is not easily convinced. Aaron grabs her and announces they are getting out of there. They are going to cheer her up.

Police Station:

Katie rushes in happy to find Margo. At first Margo is alarmed till she finds out that Katie is there to get her to help investigate Pilar. Margo tells her to get over it and move on. Katie explains that at first she was just a little jealous, but now that she has 'googled' Pilar, she knows that Pilar is trouble for Mike and she is worried. Margo is trying to work around Katie's pleadings, but Katie keeps plugging on. She lists all the things she found out through her 'research' on Pilar. None of which convinces Margo that Pilar is a threat to anyone. Katie again denies that she has any feelings other than friendship for Mike, she just wants Pilar to disappear for 'Mike's' sake. Mike comes into the station to pick up Pilar's purse. Margo goes to get the purse and Katie pounces on Mike. She finds out that Pilar is not leaving town any time soon. Margo returns with the purse. After Mike signs for it, he asks to talk to Margo alone. Margo escorts him into her office. Katie yells after her that they will finish their conversation later. Margo replies that the conversation is finished.

In Margo's office, Mike asks if there are any leads or suspects. Margo tells him no, it looks like Pilar was a random victim. Mike hints that it might be someone that Pilar is trying to protect. Margo promises Mike that whatever he tells her will stay between the two of them. Mike tells her about Pilar's abusive ex. Margo tells him that unless Pilar will come forward with a formal complaint, there isn't much the police can do. Mike doesn't think she will do that. He tells Margo that Pilar is going to be staying with him. Margo is happy to hear that he is sticking around town for awhile. He says he is going to accept the position at the hospital. When Mike leaves, Katie comes running back up to Margo wanting to know what Mike said. Margo tells her that she is pathetic. Katie begs her sister to tell her what Mike said, but Margo will not give in. She does tell Katie that Mike is going to be staying in town for a while longer. Margo is surprised to see that this upsets Katie, she thought Katie would be glad that he is staying. Katie says it only means one thing, that Pilar is the reason Mike is staying. She goes on and on about Pilar playing the injured kitten until she gets her claws into him. Margo tells Katie that she is leaving her to climb the walls about this by herself. Katie asks her what she should do about Mike. Margo tells her to 'love him or leave him alone' as she leaves. Katie comments to herself that she will leave him alone, after she finds out more about Pilar.

Mike's house:

Pilar is running around in her robe. She thanks Mike again for allowing her to stay there. She feels bad that he changed his plans to leave town for her. She asks what he will do for work. He tells her not to worry, he has something in the works. He tells her that the police station called while she was sleeping. They found her purse. He is going to go by the station and pick it up for her. He is a bit worried that her ex-boyfriend might find her. Pilar assures him that won't happen, she feels perfectly safe here with him. He tells her to get some rest and to lock the door behind him. She promises she won't answer the door to strangers.

Later Mike returns with the purse. Pilar is still running around in her robe. She again thanks Mike for all that he is doing for her. He tells her that he needs to know the whole story behind this ex of hers if he is going to be able to help her. Her cell phone rings in her purse. She is afraid to answer it because the name and phone number have been blocked from caller ID. Mike suggests she just wait and let the person leave a message.

They both wait anxiously for a few minutes, and then she checks the message. She tells Mike that it was her ex and he told her that if he catches her, he will kill her. Pilar decides she should leave so as not to bring danger to Mike. He insists that he wants her to stay and hopes this ex that likes beating on woman does show up on his doorstep. Pilar tells him what a wonderful person he is, especially after she was so awful to him in Europe. Mike tells her that is in the past and they are friends now.

Mike gives Pilar a nice long hug, as Katie watches on through the window.

A little later, Katie knocks on the door and Pilar answers. She explains that Mike is not there. Katie knows that, she is there to see Pilar. She apologizes to Pilar for the stunt at the hospital that she and Henry pulled. Pilar is grateful for the apology. Katie notices that Pilar is not looking too good. Pilar says she needs to get back to bed, and asks Katie to let herself out. [Who would really do this???] Once Pilar is out of the room, Katie snoops through her purse and finds Pilar's little black book. Katie is very proud of herself, this will give her all the information she needs about Pilar Domingo.


Aaron asks Molly for an early lunch. As he is leaving he runs into Lily who is there looking for Dusty. Aaron tells her that Dusty is in the back receiving a delivery. He tells Lily that she is looking great and hopes she is feeling better. She assures him that she is much better.

Aaron has to rush off, but tells Lily to 'kiss the monsters' for him as he rushes out the door. Molly overheard Lily say that she was feeling better and tells her that she is happy to hear that. Lily is in no mood to deal with Molly.

She feels betrayed by Molly and reminds Molly how it felt for her when Bridget and Michele were taken from her. Dusty enters and quickly gets rid of Molly. Rose is thankful for that, and says they can get right to work here at Metro on plans for the foundation. Dusty doesn't understand how they will be able to do anything without Lucinda's money. Lily says she will use her own money. Dusty thinks she is out of her mind. Lily is a bit defensive and questions why it matters where the money comes from. Dusty asks what Holden thinks of this. When Lily tells him that she hasn't told him yet, Dusty tries to get her to see what a terrible idea it is. Her husband and her mother will have her committed for messing with the children's inheritance. Lily gets a little more frayed when Dusty doesn't seem to be on her side, and starts to leave. Dusty stops her. He is on her side, but if they are going to work on this thing together, they need to get a few things straight first. He agrees they both want the same thing, but insists that she not use her own money and destroy her marriage in the process. They will raise the money with fund raisers. Lily happily agrees to this. She knows how to raise money she claims. Dusty tells her that it will be an uphill battle for them. Not many people will want to turn over money to the two of them. Her being a loose wire, and him being a gangster.

Lily sees what he means now. They will have to invite the criminally insane to their fund raiser. Dusty jokingly suggests Paul Ryan, to which Lily decides the next invitation should be to Paul's mother, Barbara. After they joke around a little bit more about the criminals they will have on the 'board', Dusty tells Lily that he likes seeing her laugh again, like her old self. Lily admits that it feels good to smile again, it has been so long. They decide to go for it and get to work.

Paul's house:

Carly comes into Paul's front room. Paul wants to know if she has heard anything at all from Jack and Craig. She tells him that she has not, but she wants to know what he meant about them doing their own investigation. Paul asks her if she wants to take a trip to the Caribbean. Carly is reluctant at first, worrying about leaving the kids again and what Jack will think. Paul finally overcomes all of her objections and she agrees to go with him to St. Barts, the last place Rosanna was seen. She rushes out to check on the kids before they leave. Paul tells her to bring her sketchbook, she can work off some anxiety on the plane. After she leaves, Lucy shows up and lets Paul know that she doesn't appreciate being treated like a child and being kept in the dark. Paul apologizes to her and tells her that he knows she isn't a child, he just wanted to protect her. She knows that her father went to New York now and demands Paul tell her what else she doesn't know. Paul tells her that he and Carly are also going to look for Rosanna, but they are going to St. Barts. Lucy gets excited and answers him "Well, good. When are we leaving?" Paul explains to her that is not going to happen. She can not come to St. Barts with them. He has no idea what they will find down there and he doesn't want to put her in danger. He apologizes for upsetting her and gives her a hug. As he is hugging her, Carly comes back ready to go and sees the embrace. Paul explains to Carly that he was just consoling Lucy because he has just told her that she can't go to St. Barts with them. Lucy excuses herself to the bathroom, at which point Carly lays into Paul explaining all the reasons they can't take Lucy with them. The top of the list is not pissing Craig off again so that he would run straight to Barbara.

She also advices him that having to have to hold Carly together will be bad enough, with Lucy that would be two hysterical woman on his hands. Paul understands all of this and agrees, but he explains that he is uncomfortable leaving Lucy alone in Oakdale too, until they find out exactly what is going on. Just as Carly is telling Paul that Lucy would be nothing but trouble, Lucy comes back into the room and hears Carly's comment. Paul promises Lucy that they will call as soon as they find out anything about Rosanna. He tries to hurry Carly out the door. Carly pauses long enough to apologize to Lucy and try to explain her comment. Lucy again proclaims that she is not a 'child' for the hundredth time. Carly promises to keep that in mind as she also leaves the room. Outside Paul's place, Carly thanks Paul for leaving her to explain to Lucy. Paul reminds her that she was the one to call Lucy a trouble-maker. Carly expresses her concerns for Lucy's safety also, not only on the island, but a little closer to home also. Paul is confident that he can handle Lucy and her little crush on him.

Holden and Lily's house:

Molly drops by to see how Holden and the kids are holding up. Holden is pretty shaken up. He feels like the Lily he once knew is gone forever. Molly tries to cheer him up and offers what she thinks are some of Lily's thoughts. Molly tells Holden that he just needs to let her go and do what ever she needs to do to get through this. He should take care of the kids, and love Lily.

Holden is afraid if he does just let go and let her deal with this in her own way, he is afraid of who she will turn into. Molly tries to ease Holden's fears. She knows that Lily loves Holden and would never leave him. If he will just give her time to grieve, the old Lily will come back to him. Holden is not so sure.

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