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As the World Turns Update Monday 3/22/04

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Jordan and Jennifer arrive to witness Aaron being left in the lurch when his bartender runs out on him to go to a call back in Chicago. Aaron tells Jordan and Jennifer that he will only be serving soft drinks tonight, since he isn't of age to serve alcohol. Jordan saves the day by jumping behind the bar and mixing drinks. Jennifer is impressed again. She asks Jordan if there is anything he can't do. He explains that he put himself through school by bartending. Once Aaron is finally able to get a real bartender there to cover, he thanks Jordan for helping out, he is sure that is not how Jordan and Jennifer planned on spending their date. Jordan and Jennifer both fall all over themselves trying to explain that they are just colleagues, they are not on a date.

Aaron tells them they drink on the house tonight to thank them for helping out. Jennifer and Jordan sit down at a table to enjoy their drinks. Their conversation gets around to talking about his biological parents. Jennifer wonders why he never tried to find out who they were. He explains that he is more interested in the future. They talk about fashion and enjoy their drinks. When Jennifer comments that she has never been able to talk fashion with any of her other dates, Jordan is quick to remind her that they are not on a 'date' again. When he sees that he has hurt Jennifer's feelings, he tries to explain that he just doesn't think their dating is a good idea since he is the only non-family member of the 'board' at B.R.O. Jennifer suggests that they could fix that. Jordan is a little afraid to ask her what she is proposing. She jokingly tells him that they could ask Barbara to adopt him. They decide it is getting late and decide to take off. When Jordan offers to see her safely home, she comments that she will have to send her real dates to him for pointers.


Barbara is frantically trying to make the good Dr. Daniels understand that she can't loose her sight. She tries to get the doc to tell her that it is something really simple, and nothing to worry about. Walker won't say anything without an exam. While they are talking, her vision starts to blur again. Walker asks her how much she has had to drink. Barbara tells him she has had nothing to drink, and starts to panic slightly as it usually clears up sooner than it is now. She begs Walker to help her. Walker gets her to calm down a little bit. Once her sight returns to normal, he asks her to tell him everything that has happened since these episodes started. Barbara goes through the list. Walker thinks she needs a full check up and offers to take her to Memorial. Barbara is insistent that she can not go to the hospital. No one can find out about this at all. She explains that if word gets out to the press, it will not only ruin her company but it will ruin her family also.

She is trying to keep them all together for Will's sake. Walker understands and tells he that he can refer her to a friend in Chicago. Barbara agrees to hire a car and have someone drive her there. She is worried she may have another episode on the way, and asks Walker if he will go with her. Walker tries to explain that he just doesn't have the time to go with her. Barbara explains that she has no one else to ask. Can't he just examine her here? He explains that she needs to see a specialist. She decides that she will just have to do it at a later date then. She doesn't see a glass and spills it all over the table and Walker. As Walker tries to convince her not to worry about it, he asks her if she is having another episode. Jennifer and Jordan walk in and Jennifer asks Barbara if she is okay. Barbara obviously can't see a thing, but tries to cover. Walker catches on and helps her cover. Jennifer and Jordan have no idea that she can't see a thing right now. Walker offers to walk Barbara to her room. Once they are out of sight of Jennifer and Jordan, Barbara thanks Walker for coming to her rescue. Walker tells her that he will see what he can do to help her. Back at the table, Jordan and Jennifer say their goodbyes.


Jessica has clearly stunned Margo into silence by suggesting to the court that Sarah live with the Hughes while the court investigates. After Margo tells the judge that she will need to discuss it with her husband, Margo and Jessica ask for a few minutes to discuss this. The judge asks Sarah to wait in the hallway as he leaves for his on chambers. As soon as Margo is alone with Jessica in the courtroom, she tells her that she will 'not' be taking Sarah into her home. Jessica tries to convince Margo that it is the best thing to do. Margo doesn't understand at all and defends her position. She thinks that it doesn't make any sense at all, unless Jessica is really starting to care for Sarah. Now that Margo realizes that Jessica really cares about Sarah, she starts to have a different view of the whole situation. They talk about how Casey helped Sarah.

It distresses Margo, but Jessica puts a 'kids will be kids' spin on it, and they end up laughing about the whole thing. Jessica explains her worries to Margo that Sarah will just fall through the cracks if she is sent back to a group home. The judge joins them again and asks if they have made a decision. Margo tells him that unfortunately, she has made a decision. It is clear that Jessica isn't quite sure what her friend is going to say next.

Outside the courtroom Jessica and Margo inform a very pleased Casey and Sarah that Margo has agreed to let Sarah stay with them. Margo puts her foot down on the rules and makes sure that they are all clear on them. Sarah is very agreeable and very thankful to both Margo and Jessica. She seems to really understand that they went to bat for her today.

Holden & Lily's house:

Lucinda arrives to check on Lily. Holden informs her that Lily isn't there, he thinks she is still in therapy. As they start to discuss how much the therapy may be helping Lily, Lily comes storming into the room. She confronts Lucinda with the check that Lucinda gave Dusty. Lucinda tries to explain her position and why she gave Dusty the check. It was for Rose, for the foundation. When Holden hears that the check was for 10 million dollars, he agrees with Lily that she stepped over the line.

He thinks they all should back off and let Lily make up her own mind. Lucinda gets ready to leave as she tells Holden that she hopes his wife appreciates her patient husband. She tells Lily that she should wonder why Dusty took the check as she rushes out the door. Holden questions his wife about her working at the foundation, he thought they had agreed. Lily corrects him, "We didn't agree. You made the decision and if I didn't stand by it, I don't get to see my kids." Holden doesn't want her to make him out to be a chauvinistic jerk. It was her idea to focus on her family and cut back on work he reminds her. He tries to convince her that she just needs time to grieve and stick with the therapy until things get back to normal. He wants back the woman that always put her family first. She assures him that she will always be there for the children and she will always be his wife.

A little later Lily walks into a front room that Holden has obviously tried to make look relaxing and romantic. He thinks they need a little 'alone time'. Lily tries to play along, but it is obvious to Holden that she doesn't have a romantic mood in her body tonight. He is visibly upset as Lily tells him that she had planned on doing some work tonight now that Natalie is asleep. Lily tries to 'fix' it but Holden can see that she is only doing it to make him happy. Lily informs him that she is doing what she needs to do to work things out on her own. She wishes he would respect that and storms out of the room again.

Paul's House:

A very distraught Lucy tries to explain to Paul and Carly what she overheard, and about the break in at Fairwinds. Carly starts to get alarmed also when Paul explains to her about the telegram he got from Rosanna, he is sure that she is okay. Lucy corrects them, telling them that Jack is at Fairwinds now, and the way he and Craig were talking they are not sure that Rosanna is safe. Lucy finally convinces them, and they all head over to Fairwinds.


Craig has just realized that Lucy is gone. Jack tries to calm him down by pointing out that they have no real proof that Rosanna is in danger. Craig thinks that whoever took Rosanna must have just grabbed Lucy too. Craig thinks now that he was wrong in not telling Lucy what was going on. She didn't even know she was in danger. Jack continues to try to get Craig to be rational. Carly, Paul, and Lucy enter the room and Craig rushes to his daughter. He was very worried about her. He gives Paul a look that leaves no doubt, he doesn't like that Paul was with his daughter again. Carly questions Jack about what is going on. Jack explains that he didn't want to worry her until they found out something for sure.

Craig and Paul argue while Lucy tries to stand up for Paul. Carly finally tells them all to just stop sniping at each other and all work together to find Rosanna. Jack tries his best to fill Carly, Paul and Lucy in on all that has happened since they left. Craig can't seem to keep his mouth shut and continues to mouth off like a catty woman through the whole explanation. He ends up getting around to accusing Paul of calling the Canadian police again, and suggests they tell Lucy the truth about all of that here and now. Carly reminds Craig that Rosanna left town because Cabot's adoption was illegal. Jack finishes up bringing them up to date by telling them about finding Rosanna's business card outside the house with the security code for Fairwinds written on it. Carly asks Jack to speak to her privately in the hall. As they leave the room, Lucy asks Craig if he is doing okay. Craig is obviously touched that she is thinking of him. He gives his daughter a reassuring hug as he shoots arrows through Paul again with his eyes.

In the foyer Carly demands Jack tell her everything he knows. He tries to explain that he already has. Carly tells him that now that he has lied to her, she can't believe a word he says. Jack tries to explain to her that he didn't say anything because he really didn't know what to think of everything that has been going on. His instincts are screaming at him that Rosanna is okay. He gets a call on his cell phone, Carly can not wait for him to tell her if it is about Rosanna.

Back in the front room Craig informs Lucy that she needs to be at her grandmothers house.

Paul agrees that Lucy should be somewhere safe until they figure out what is going on. Craig calls his driver and gives him instructions on taking Lucy to Lucinda's. As Paul walks Lucy out to the car, Jack and Carly rush back into the room. Someone has tried to pawn several of the items stolen from the house in New York. It is decided that Craig and Jack go to New York to identify the items that were pawned. Paul tells Carly that the two of them can start an investigation on their own.

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