ATWT Update Wednesday 3/17/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/17/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Alison is upset because everything in the condo is coming unglued. Chris is sure that the contractor will be there to start over with a new team to work on the place. There is a knock at the door. Chris answers to the downstairs neighbor. He heard a crash and came up. He knows that sound. The same thing happened to him. He had to pay a lot of money to fix his place up. Chris is told that he better be ready to write a lot of checks.

Casey is with his mother, and she is furious that Casey has done the wrong thing hiding Sarah. Margo tells Casey that he can’t hang out with Sarah anymore. Casey is upset that he might not be able to say goodbye to his friend.

Jessica and Sarah are at court. Jessica will plead with the judge to give Sarah one more chance if that is what Sarah wants. Sarah guesses that is what she wants. Jessica says that Sarah has to be sure this time, and she has to promise that things will be different. She will have to obey the rules. Those are the terms. Sarah says that she wants to stay. Jessica promises to do her best for the child. She can’t do any better than that.

Jennifer comes to her mother at Lisa’s shop. Barbara can’t seem to see properly, everything is blurry. Barbara keeps that problem to herself. Barbara says that BRO and Fashions are back in business together. Jordan did a really nice job fixing this up. Jennifer is sorry that she gave her mother a hard time about hiring Jordan. Barbara’s vision gets blurry again, but she covers for it. She asks about Paul. Jennifer says that Paul will be home as soon as he can fly. An attendant comes to Jennifer and her mother, showing her an outfit. Barbara would like to have her daughter try the dress on, and if it fits, Barbara will buy it for her. Jennifer runs off with the outfit to try it on. Barbara tells the attendant to tell her daughter that she had to run, but will see her later.

Carly asks Paul again if he is sure that things are going to be okay for them. Paul assures her that things will be fine. Paul has all the answers, and is sure that Barbara will not learn anything about Carly being on the trip with him. Carly would feel better if Paul called Craig now to make sure that he will not fink to Barbara. Paul is fine with that, but he feels that Carly should be the one to make the call.

Jack tells Craig that he has been robbed. Jack would like to know where the hell he has been. Lucy comes into the house, and sees that things are in disarray. She sees her father talking to Jack and has to wonder what that is all about. The phone rings. Craig answers to Carly. She tells Craig that he better have kept her secrets about the trip and her being with Paul. That is if he really values his daughter.

Craig turns and finds his daughter standing behind him.

Chris still thinks that he can get the new place fixed up. Alison knows that the contractors are not coming back. They have been conned. Chris will not go nuts until he has a reason to. Alison sees a lot of reasons for Chris to go nuts. Chris will talk to the sales office, and they will make things right.

Sarah and Jessica are waiting to talk to the judge. They are going to go in separately. Sarah worries that she will not know what to say. Jessica tells her to say the truth. Ben was going to come, but then he had to do surgery. His thoughts are with them though. Margo arrives at court to be with her friend at this time. She has Casey with her. Sarah talks to Casey. She can see that he really wanted to see her. Casey is glad to be there. Jessica is called in to talk to the judge. Margo warns Casey that he better stay close. She leaves him with Sarah. Casey talks to Sarah and makes her feel better about the case. Sarah would be nuts now if Casey hadn’t come to be with her. That is what friends are for.

Craig kisses his daughter, but goes back to Jack. Jack says that the man that entered the house had his face hidden. Lucy remembers that she received a message, but she ignored it. She thought that was just an excuse to get her over there. Lucy is asked to check and see if anything is missing. She starts leaving, but Craig calls her back to ask about her trip. Lucy tells that she wishes that she could have stayed out of town longer. Craig is glad that she is okay. She can see that he is trying to keep his promise, and she appreciates it. He knows that she will learn to trust him again.

Carly is starting to believe that things are going to work out for she and Paul. She has a million ideas. She isn’t used to so much optimism. There is a knock at the door. Paul answers to his mother. Carly hears her voice and gets her things running into the back room. Paul tries to get his mother to come back another time, but she tells him that she can’t do that. She pushes her way into the apartment. Carly isn’t in the room.

Alison is trying to deal with the state of the condo, but this is supposed to be their home. Chris has made a bed of blankets, and he has a cooler and music. He makes her dance with him. She warms up to him soon enough. They start kissing and are soon lying on the blankets to make love.

Sarah explains to the judge what she did. She tells the truth. She acted impulsively, and that seems to be the pattern that Sarah follows. The judge is concerned about Sarah’s behavior. The judge would like to see if Sarah has learned anything. The judge will watch her over the next 30 days, and then he will render a decision. Until that decision is made, Sarah will be remanded to the custody of the state of Illinois.

Jennifer has the dress on and is looking in the mirror at it in the shop. Jordan is behind her, and finds that the dress is beautiful, but still doesn’t do her justice.

Jack tells how Phyllis was very brave during the break in. Craig is sure that this is about Rosanna being missing. Lucy can’t believe her ears. Her father was supposed to be honest with her, but he didn’t tell her this.

Barbara is over to talk to Paul, but he would like her to leave and meet him for a drink later, elsewhere.

Barbara starts talking but then her vision blurs. She decides that she has to leave suddenly. Paul says that he is sorry for rushing her out, but he has been tired lately. She has been feeling the same way. She asks Paul if his eyes get tired sometimes. He tells her that they do, and that is when he decides to take time off. Barbara believes that is a good idea. She really feels that Paul is pushing her out of the apartment. She guesses that someone is there. She caught a whiff of expensive perfume. She can tell that someone is in the apartment. She smiles at her son.

Lucy is angry that she hasnít been told about Rosanna. Craig says that he knows nothing about Rosanna yet. No one has heard from her. The police havenít really thought of her as missing yet. Jack confirms some of the things that Craig has been saying. Craig feels that the robbery may be a connection to Rosanna going missing.

Jack asks Lucy if anything has been missing from her room. She says that nothing is missing. She wants to get back to her grandmotherís house. Craig would like her to stay the night, but Lucy feels that is a bad idea. She will call him later. She leaves. Craig tells Jack that he thinks that Rosanna has been kidnapped, and they have to save her. Lucy is outside the door listening to her father. She knew that there was more to this.

Kim and Bob decide that they are going to celebrate tonight. Chris and Alison have moved out, and Bob has his lovely wife all to himself. They toast to themselves and their nest. They have the house all to themselves.

The lovemaking is over. Alison sees Chris’s point of view now. As long as they are together, they can face anything. Alison smells something. Chris doesn’t smell it at first, but then he really smells it. They both sit up in the bed.

Jordan has come to the shop to see how things went with Barbara and Lisa. Jennifer tells him that things went great and the two ladies are going to be doing business together.

Jennifer starts heading to the dressing room to change back into her clothes, but Jordan tells her to keep it on. He thinks she should go out with in that dress.

Barbara would like to meet the woman that Paul has hidden in his apartment. Paul tells her that isn’t going to happen now. Barbara has many questions. Paul answers them all briefly. She is happy for him that he is a single man. Barbara is outside Paul’s door. She knows that something is really wrong with her because of her eyesight.

Carly comes out of hiding, and is worried that she was almost caught. Paul says that Carly shouldn’t worry about Barbara. She trusts her son. In fact, she trusts her son so much that she is going to take a few days off. A smile comes to Carly’s lips.

Barbara is at the restaurant. She takes out some pills, and when she bends over to get them, her eyesight blurs again. Dr. Daniels finds her looking not right. Barbara has a question for him. He will answer any questions that she has for him.

Jennifer asks Jordan who she should go out with. He tells her that she should pull out her little black book. Telling him that she doesn't need it, she walks to the other side of Fashions and makes a call on her cell phone.

Jordan's phone rings. When Jordan answers his phone, Jennifer turns to face him and asks him to escort her out for the evening.

Jack can only wait now for more information on Rosanna’s movements. Craig says that something else has to be up. Now that his place has been broken into, he is sure that this is more than Rosanna running off.  An officer tells Jack that he has found something. It is Rosanna’s business card.

Jessica begs that Sarah be left with her. The judge feels that he has to weigh what is right for this girl. The judge says that Sarah’s behavior has put her in personal jeopardy. The order is for Sarah’s own protection. Jessica says that Sarah has made real progress since she came to live with Ben and Jessica. Sarah never used to laugh, but now they hear Sarah on the phone, and she laughs so hard. Her room used to be a mess, as she didn’t believe that the room was really hers. Now that she understands that the room is hers, she takes care of it. The judge has ruled. He will not make a decision until 30 days have passed. Sarah is declared a ward of the state. Jessica has another idea. Sarah rushes to Casey’s arms. He holds her knowing what she must be feeling inside. Jessica says that she has another idea that she is sure that judge will be able to live with. Jessica says that she understands his removing Sarah from her home, but what about another foster family? The judge would be willing to look at that. Jessica says that Tom and Margo would make excellent foster parents, and that option should be looked at.

Bob and Kim are dancing slowly to music. Kim gets frisky. They seem to be thinking the same thing. Chris and Alison are gone. Nancy is gone out. They are all alone. Bob kisses Kim’s lips. Bob would like to make love to Kim, but somewhere different. She suggests where she makes the meatloaf. Bob lies her on the table, and continues to kiss his wife. The door flies open. Bob and Kim struggle to stand upright so that they will not be embarrassed. It is Chris and Alison.

They are dirty and ragged looking. Alison tells that the condo has burned down, and that everything is gone. They will have to move back into the house.

Dr. Daniels sees that Barbara would like to tell him something. She says that she needs a medical opinion. It is her eyes. She has been having episodes where things get all blurry. The episodes vary. Sometimes they are short, sometimes they are long. She wants to make sure that she isn’t going blind.

Carly learns that Barbara will be out of commission for a few days, and that will be all that they need to get the new line going.

There is a knock at the door. Paul opens the door to Lucy. Carly comes out when she hears the girl’s voice. Lucy tells that Rosanna is missing, and that she needs to get Paul to help her with this.

Jack and Craig look at the business card that has been found. It has Rosanna’s handwriting on it. It looks like it might be the code to the security system. Craig worries that someone must have forced Rosanna to write these private numbers down. Jack has to admit now that it is looking more and more like Rosanna has been kidnapped.

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