ATWT Update Tuesday 3/16/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/16/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Chris gets Alison a present. It is the keys to their own place. He canít wait to move in with her. She has something for him too. She makes him close his eyes. She gets the gift, which is a picture that she drew when she was 5. She told her mother that she was going to move into a place like the crayon house in the picture.

Chris starts taking the picture from Alison and it goes crashing to the ground. She is upset. That is 7 years bad luck. He will replace the glass for the picture. They kiss. Kim and Nancy enter the house, and find the couple kissing. Kim would like to buy Chris and Alison some things for the new place, but Chris is fine with the couple of tables that have already been bought for them. Chris asks Kim and Nancy to come over later for dinner. They will be having pizza.

Alison and Chris arrive at their new place. She is carrying a big box, and he makes her put it down so that he can bring her into the new place in his arms. She jumps into his arms, and they open the door to find a big mess, and not the gorgeous apartment that they were expecting.

Jordan and Barbara discuss business, and he has set up a meeting with Lisa. Barbara wouldn’t have come to the meeting if she knew that she was going to meet with Lisa. Lisa arrives at the restaurant, and learns that Jordan has set up the meeting with Barbara without telling her. She has no idea what Jordan thinks that he is up to, but she will have no part of it.

Katie has Mike to herself at the dress shop. She tries to tell him that they need to talk, but he will not listen. He walks off from her. She calls out to him, but Mike will not listen. Katie suddenly panics. What if Henry isn’t finished drilling Pilar yet?

Henry has been busted. Pilar has discovered that Henry really isn’t a priest. She gets the phone to call security, and Henry heads to the door, without his fake collar, as Pilar has ripped it off him.

Ben comes to the door to enter Pilar’s room. He bumps into Henry. He says hi, but has to wonder what Henry has been doing in this room. Pilar tells that Henry was pretending to be a priest. Ben is very interested now. He asks Henry to give him the full story.

Jordan makes Lisa stop and wait while he goes to talk to Barbara privately. Barbara says that she has no interest in putting her designs in Lisa’s old shop. Jennifer learns that Lisa was told that Jordan was representing a brilliant designer, and that she would like to have the designs in her shop.

Lisa used to be close to Lisa, but now Lisa wants nothing to do with Barbara or BRO for that matter. Barbara is so mad that she could fire Jordan. Jordan explains that working with Lisa was a sound business idea. This shouldn’t be personal. Barbara would like her own line of stores one-day, but they don’t have time to do that before the line comes out. Barbara agrees, but there has to be some other place where they can peddle their wares. Jordan says that Lisa represents commitment to the community, and that could only help. Jordan only wants her to talk to Lisa and see what can happen from there. Lisa tells Jennifer that she has some new dresses and she knows that Jennifer would love to see them. Jordan and Barbara return to Jennifer and Lisa. Jordan tells how the 2 businesswomen could benefit by working together. Lisa says that she has to get to work now. Jordan asks her to please stay and have a look at things that Barbara has been working on. Barbara has nothing with her to show Lisa. Jordan says that he will be responsible for anything going wrong. The ladies decide to work together after all. Lisa and Barbara head to the door together to go and talk business. Jennifer is seeing more and more that Jordan really is a miracle worker.

Chris and Alison look at the rubble that is their new home. It is a complete mess. The refrigerator doesn’t even have a door. Chris decides that they should just finish moving in. This is still their home, and they have to live with this. Alison suggests going back to Kim’s house, but Chris says that they will have to work on the house together, and finish it themselves. Nothing has ever been easy for them, so why should this experience be any different. They will clean up and move their stuff in, and they won’t even remember that the place was a mess.

Henry learns that Ben and Pilar are good friends. He tries to leave again but Ben stops him from leaving the hospital room. Mike walks into the hospital room and is shocked to find Henry there. Pilar tells how Henry pretended to be a priest to get her to confess to him. Mike is not pleased. Mike knows that Henry didn’t come up with this idea himself.

He clearly had help. Katie comes bursting into the hospital room, saying that Henry needs to say nothing. She assures that she has all of this under control. Mike asks Katie what it is that she wants of him. What is it that she is trying to learn about he and Pilar?

Kim has forgotten to give Chris and Alison a present for the new place. She will wait to go over there. The house is suddenly quiet now. Kim has to admit that she misses Alison a little bit. She livened up the place. Nancy can see that Alison was a pretty good kid after all. She still is so young, and really needs Chris. She counts on him to make everything right in her world. She wants the perfect life, and Kim knows that the perfect world hardly ever exists. Kim has to wonder what will happen when things go suddenly wrong.

Alison and Chris are fixing up the place. Alison is unhappy as some door in the apartment is stuck. Chris has gotten her some flowers to perk up her day. She loves them. He has also replaced the broken glass in the picture that she had for him before. Alison would like to call her mother to tell her about the new place, but Chris would like their parents to wait for a while before coming over, so that they can fix up the new place. “Yoo hoo!” Kim has come over. She wanted to drop in for a visit. She stops short at the sight of the apartment. She can see that it isn’t quite finished yet.

Ben sees that Katie and Henry have been up to something, but now is not the time. Ben escorts Henry out of the room. Katie tries to leave too, but Mike asks her to stay and ask whatever she wants. She clearly has some fears. Pilar tries to make Mike talk nicely to Katie, but Katie tells her sharply that she doesn’t have to help her. Katie turns and leaves the room.

Pilar asks what is going on. Mike says that Katie is married and she will always love her husband. Mike will not be second best. He knows that Katie has only been around to see how well he gets on with Pilar. Pilar tells how Henry was staring in her eyes, trying to pull things out of her. Mike wonders if she has things that she has been hiding. He would like to hear if she does.

Lisa and Barbara are at Lisa’s shop. Lisa has to check her messages, but Barbara doesn’t like waiting around for her. Lisa says that she can leave whenever she wants. Lisa heads to the back room. Once alone, Barbara starts laying out her garments to show Lisa and come up with a strategy that they can both work with. She walks right into a clothing rack, which falls heavily to the floor. Lisa hears the clatter from the back room, and she comes running to the front to find Barbara shaken from almost getting hurt. She says that she didn’t see the clothing rack even though it was right before her eyes. Lisa makes the woman sit, and then she runs off to get something for her to drink. Barbara is left alone for a moment to think of what has just happened, and to wonder why she didn’t see the clothing rack that was clearly in front of her.

Jennifer tells Jordan that he has done a good thing. He knows that Barbara used to be a good friend to Lisa, so he just played the odds. They must have missed each other, or they wouldn’t have decided to work together. He knows people. He lived in a home for abandoned children. The place was pleasant and clean, and he could always get a baseball team together. Jennifer jokes about her mother, but she has to see that Barbara is in this for the long run. She wants the business to succeed, but she is also doing this for the family. She watches her children closely and Jordan hasn’t had that, and he admires it. He finds that the people at BRO are a family, and that sells. She can see that he never stops working. Jennifer hasn’t had that passion to achieve. She would like to know what it would be like to be on fire for something. Maybe that just isn’t her.

Barbara and Lisa discuss business. Barbara whips out a disclosure form for Lisa to sign. It protects Barbaraís designs. Lisa gladly signs it. They talk nicely. Barbara has to say that the shop is very nice to look at. Lisa likes Barbaraís designs. Lisa brings up a jewelry broker that they used to know. The man was after Lisa for a while there, but she never went out with the man.

They find themselves laughing together. What happened to their friendship? Sometimes people get torn apart, but sometimes they come together again. Barbara remembers her children, and has felt that she really wanted to call her friend to talk about them. She was afraid that Lisa would just hang up on her, but Lisa says that she would never do that. The two women hug.

Mike has questions. Why did Pilar come back to Oakdale? What if Mike hadn’t been there for her when she got stabbed? Pilar skirts the question. Mike has had enough. He gets up to leave. She stops him. She admits that she hasn’t been truthful to him. She knows that it is time that she started telling him things.

Chris tells his mother that the contractor hasn’t called back about the mess in the condo. Chris waived the walk-through of the apartment with the contractor, but now he wishes that he didn’t do that. Chris says that he will sort this out, and not move back home. He and Alison will deal with this. Alison says that living at the condo while it is being fixed up will be a nightmare. Chris says that they will not be moving back to his mother’s, and that is final. Kim has something for the new couple. It is a picture that says, “God Bless Our Home”. Alison says that he better, as they will need it. She walks out of the room.

Jordan tells Jennifer that she doesn’t lack ambition or passion, as she is just like her mother. Ambition is like falling love. When you find the thing that is right for you, passion falls in line. She wonders when she is going to experience this. He tells her that this may be closer to her than she thinks.

Katie and Henry whisper at the nurse’s station. Katie is afraid that Mike may rebound into Pilar’s arms. Henry feels that Katie should march right into the room where Pilar is, and lay a big kiss on Mike’s lips in front of the girl.

Mike is getting the full story about Pilar. She tells him that she is in trouble. She really needs him now, and he is her last hope.

Chris makes up with Alison, and she feels better about the situation. They put up their first picture together. As Chris is hammering a nail into the wall, a chandelier behind them crashes to the ground. Alison screams and they both turn to see the broken glass on the floor behind them.

Barbara shows Lisa a design, and she tells about the fabric that she is going to use. The fabric if pale with a subtle pattern. Lisa’s phone rings, and she goes to answer it. Barbara is worried. She is alone now with a swatch of fabric. She can’t see a pattern on it, as Lisa does. She sees nothing at all. She sees the color of the fabric, but not the pattern on it. Her vision is all blurry, showing only color.

Katie tells Henry that he is a like a brother to her. Henry doesn’t want to help with this anymore. Katie wants to make sure that Pilar isn’t going to hurt Mike. Henry won’t go back into the hospital room. He will be home having a drink.

Pilar tells Mike how she met a man, who was rich and had parties. She found him new and exciting. She won’t tell the name of the man. The reason for that is that the man is accustomed to owning whatever he wants. Pilar decided to leave the man, and he became violent. He said that he would kill her if she left him. She tolerated her abuse long enough to make an escape. She bought her ticket with cash, so that she could escape. She came to town to think and plan a future. Mike finds that she did the right thing. Now she has lost her money, and can’t support herself. Mike offers to take care of her for now. He would like to talk to the police about this but Pilar tells him that he can’t do that. She will be in more danger. He agrees to keep her secret. She thanks him. He really is her one true friend.

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