ATWT Update Monday 3/15/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/15/04

By Glynis
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Mike comes to see Pilar who is sitting up and playing with her food. She gets him to move the tray from the bed. Pilar can leave the hospital that day. Mike is not happy with that news. She asks him again to answer her about his feelings for Katie. She asked if he were still in love with the woman. It seems to be obvious. Mike admits that he does love Katie. Pilar tells him to go to Katie and fix this thing today.

Henry arrives at the hospital with news on Pilar. Seems that Mike and Pilar met racing. They reunited in Spain. Katie feels that Pilar might be in town for another reason. Katie needs more information on Pilar. Henry has an idea.

Dusty is talking with Lucinda about business. Lucinda can see that Dusty is working hard on the foundation already. Lucinda has a check to start off the foundation.

She offers Dusty a check for 10 million dollars. Dusty is happy to see the money. Lucinda will give up the money only if Lily isnít allowed to be part of the foundation.

Lily comes into the house, and snaps at Holden when he asks her how things are going. Holden didn’t mean anything when he asked how Lily has been doing. She says that he can go now that she is back. Holden decides that he is going to stay at the house until his mother gets there. Lily finds that funny. Holden only wants to say hi to his mother, he says. Lily wants him to cancel his mother coming over to baby-sit her. She orders him to call his mother and cancel her visit.

Paul has bad news. They all have to stay in town for another day. The snow is still bad. Lucy seems happy at the idea that she will have another overnight together.

There are donuts in the room, but Lucy asks that Carly go out and get something else for them. Carly leaves the room. Paul tells Lucy that he would like to talk to her anyway. He is glad that Carly isn’t there right now. He tells her that she has to make sure that no one finds out that Carly was with them on the trip to town.

Carly is outside the room, getting herself ready for the walk in the snow, while Paul and Lily have a chat. There are footsteps coming her way. It is Craig. He has arrived to save his daughter as he said he would. Carly asks him what he is doing there. He says that depends on her.

Mike tells Pilar that he doesn’t want to talk with her over Katie. He would like to know more about the woman’s attack. Pilar says that she will tell everything later on. Mike offers to go and buy her some new clothes. Her old clothes are covered with blood. She thanks him for that. Mike rushes off and Pilar settles back to do some reading.

The door opens. Henry enters dressed as a priest. “Good morning my child. I thought that you could use some comfort.”

Craig says that he has come to find Paul and the girls because he heard that they were all shacked up together. Craig still thinks that Paul is trying to get at him for some reason. Carly knows differently. Craig is sure that Lucy will get hurt in Paul’s scheme. Craig would like to have Carly help him. She will not do that. Craig has a theory as a to why Carly is on this trip. Craig guesses that Carly and Paul are brainstorming for the company. Carly denies again that she works for BRO. Carly says that the trip was important, and Carly wanted to fill in for Rosanna, who would have taken the trip instead. Craig doesn’t believe that. Craig did his homework, and got receipts from the hotel to prove that Carly was on the trip. He offers to show the receipts to Barbara if Carly doesn’t get Lucy out this.

Lucy says that she will not say anything about Carly being there. It is kind of a lie, but Paul wouldn’t ask if this weren’t important. The day is open to them now. What can they do? Lucy says that there is a pond nearby, and people were skating. Paul laughs. He will go skating with her, but hopes that she doesn’t laugh at him when he falls down. Carly comes in happy that she has found a way for Lucy to get home. “Isn’t that great news?”

Dusty sees that money can buy a lot of influence in town. Lily isn’t well now, but Dusty knows that working on the foundation will put Lily right on track. Lucinda says that Lily has to concentrate on getting better, and she can’t be distracted. Things like trips to Chicago are out of the question. Dusty finds that Lily doesn’t need people telling her what to do. The foundation has been the first thing that created a spark in Lily. Dusty says that he doesn’t know Lily better than Holden, but she should have a chance to decide what she should do. Lucinda leaves the check with Dusty. Lucinda says that she wants to make sure that Lily will have nothing to do with the foundation, and she will do anything to keep the young woman away from it.

Holden sees that Lily is angry again, and he has no idea why. He thinks that she is trying to make herself look better, but she is really not. She feels condemned for feelings that she doesn’t understand. She is sure that he will regret things that he has done. He has regrets already. He could have tried harder not to judge her. The doorbell rings. Lily goes to the door. Emma enters. Lily announces “Your watchdog is here. You can go to work now.”

Carly says that she met people that are from Oakdale. They are willing to take Lucy home. There is a bus leaving for Boston in half an hour. She will be home in time for afternoon classes. Paul says that they really should stay together. Lucy says that she will stay with them out of town, as this is her decision. Lucy ends up getting ready to go. She has been pushed into leaving when she would much rather stay. Paul kisses the girl’s cheek. He tells her that he will call her when he gets home. Lucy leaves. Carly breathes a sigh of relief. Paul asks Carly about the coffee that she was supposed to get. She says that she forgot all about that.

Carly says that she got Lucy out of there, so that her chance will come true to have things happen for her. This might be her last chance, and Carly isn’t going to let that slip through her fingers.

Lily comes into the room with Emma and Faith. She apologizes for snapping at the woman earlier. Emma has been good to her, and Lily hasn’t really been grateful. Lily knows that she is lucky to have this woman in her life. There is nothing in the world that Emma wouldn’t do for her. Lily asks if she could be left alone with her children. Emma explains that she isn’t there because of Holden asking her to do anything. She is there because of what she has seen for herself. She knows that Lily hasn’t even started to heal.

Lisa learns from Mike that Pilar is going to be fine. Lisa says that she has Pilar’s size in the computer, and after she gets the information, she sends Mike over to a dress rack to buy Pilar some clothes. Mike is at the clothing rack looking at clothes when Katie spots him through the window. Katie enters the shop and stands behind Mike, watching him look over the women’s clothing. She is standing beside a mannequin, and knocks it over, causing a stir. Mike turns and finds her standing behind him. She mentions that this is quite a coincidence.

Pilar and Henry talk, while he pretends to be her priest. He has questions about her past and her future. She tells him that she is not that much of a talker. He tells her to unburden everything right now. She thinks that he may be right. She asks Henry to hear her confession. He can’t believe his luck. He tells her that he would be more than happy to listen to her confession.

Lily tries to make Emma see that she is better now because of Dusty. Emma knows that is not true. She sees that Lily has a huge chip on her shoulder. She is looking for forgiveness, but she will not give it. She is moving further from her husband.

The Lily that everyone knows would realize that she has to get together with her husband. Lily is sorry that she has been using the wrong time of therapy to get better, but she has lost her sister, and she will deal with this the way that she likes.

Craig is in the car when his phone rings. He gets a call from the Phone Company. Seems that there has been a problem with his voice mail, but it is fixed now.

Craig gets his messages, and learns from one of them that his home has been broken into, and his maid was tied up. He reaches for the seatbelt.

Carly finally breaks down and tells Paul that Craig was there on the other side of the door. He is afraid that Paul is trying to steal Lucy from him. He has proof that Carly has been with Paul. He was ready to give the proof to Barbara. Carly knows that Craig will come after them again. Things seem like they are ending, and they haven’t even started. Paul knows that Craig can be stopped. That is true, but Jack and Lucy know that Carly is with Paul. Paul tells her not to worry. The plans will go on just as plan. Carly worries that maybe one day Paul is going to throw her to the wolves. He knows that she has no guarantees, but she will just have to trust him on this.

Mike is picking out clothes for Pilar, and Katie corrects a choice he has made. He tells her that he hasn’t asked for her help. She offers to find more things that Pilar would like to wear. Mike asks Katie why she has been following him.

She says that maybe he has been following her. He pays for the clothes and starts heading out the door. Katie gets in his way again. She would like to talk to him about some things. He has no idea why she wants to talk to him. Suddenly it comes to him. She would like to talk to him about Pilar.

Pilar says that she would like to do her confession like she does at church. She would like the traditional prayers and procedures follow. Henry says that he hasn’t been good at the old fashioned ways. People don’t mind just saying what they have to say to him. She says that she is fine with casually confessing to him. She asks him to move closer to her, so that she can whisper in his ear. He moves closer to her. She grabs his collar. “Bless me father…For you have sinned. Now who are you?”

Dusty and Lily are at the restaurant, and he tells her that he would like to work on the foundation himself. She looks at him with horror in her eyes. He can’t lie to her. He produces the 10 million-dollar check that Lucinda wrote out. The check has strings attached. Dusty is to make sure that Lily never works for the Rose Foundation. Lucinda feels that Lily thinks too much about Rose as it is. Lily takes the check, planning to rip it up. Dusty says that the check is for a lot of money. They should think about tearing it up. Lily knows that Rose wouldn’t take a check this way. Dusty sees that she is right. Lily says that she will be working on the Rose Foundation until she decides to stop. Anyone that doesn’t like that can get out of her way.

Carly tells Paul that Craig said that he would sell her out at some point in this deal. Paul tells Carly that she has to decide at some point to trust him. He has decided to trust her, as long as they both want the same things. He wants her to tell him that she trusts him. She tells him what he wants to hear. She tells him that she trusts him, and is with him, and is having no second thoughts.

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