ATWT Update Friday 3/12/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/12/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Jessica, Ben and Margo arrive home after looking for Sarah. They haven’t found her, and it is so cold. She could be looking for comfort in all the wrong places. Curtis comes in next saying that the kids around town haven’t seen Sarah, but he thinks that they may also be covering. Margo says that she is pretty sure that Casey is lying. Curtis knows that Casey is a good kid, but if Sarah made him promise not to tell anything, then he won’t.

Lisa is in her store, and Casey has brought Sarah there. She is to stay hidden or the both of them are cooked. Casey will have to distract Lisa so that Sarah can hide.

Lily is playing with her son in the living room, and acting like herself again. Holden comes in announcing that it is time for Lucas to go to his grandmother’s. He scurries out. Holden says that Dr. Michaels should be there any minute. Lily hates to be reminded that she has to see the doctor about her mental health. The doorbell rings. Holden goes to the door thinking that he will find Dr. Michaels there, but instead he finds Dusty.

Carly, Paul and Lucy are stuck out of town because of the snow. They get settled in a room. Paul is heading out and Lucy asks him if they could go for a walk in the snow for a short while. Paul tells her that is fine. Carly smiles to herself.

Jack can’t effectively investigate what has happened to Rosanna. He has no jurisdiction in St. Bart's. Craig is not happy to hear that Jack is laying back on this. Jack wants to make sure that Carly hears nothing about this. Craig is told to go home and eat dinner. Craig says that his maid doesn’t even know how to cook. She is probably sitting with her feet up at his place watching TV.

Back at Craig’s house. Phyllis the maid is on the floor bound and gagged. She is lying on the floor, on her side. She is trying to shout for help, but she can’t. The house is disheveled. Someone has gone through everything there. She struggles and struggles, but Phyllis can’t get herself free.

Casey will talk to his grandmother, and that will be Sarah’s cue to run and hide in the shop. Casey goes to his grandmother and starts a conversation with her. As he is talking, Sarah scurries about. He offers to walk his grandmother to her car after she has closed up. She loves the offer, and takes the boy up on it. She goes in the back room to put some things away. Sarah has found herself a place to hide. She promises to stay put for the night. Lisa returns ready to go home. The lights go off, and Sarah is now alone in the shop for the night.

Dusty says that he only came to see Lily to say good luck to her. Lily is glad to see Dusty. She invites him in. Holden watches as Dusty tells Lily that he wants her to take her time getting better. He will wait for her to get better, and then she can help him with the foundation. Holden pipes in that Lily may not be able to help with the foundation. Dusty feels that decision should be Lily’s. The doorbell rings. Lily goes to the door. She finds Molly there. She tells the woman that she is the last person that needs to be there now.

Carly calls her husband. She tells him that the snow has closed down the airport, and that she will be staying overnight. Carly has already called the sitter to ask her to stay late. Jack is very careful not to mention Lucy’s name in the conversation, as Craig is still with him and would flip out hearing that Lucy is with Paul out of town for the night.  When the call is done, Craig asks questions about Carly and where she is, but Jack quickly pushes the questions to the side. Craig would like to talk more about Rosanna anyway. Jack will see what he can do. Jack goes to an officer, asking that he get a list of all the police chiefs in the Caribbean.

Lucy and Paul return to the room where Carly is. Paul leaves the room to go and talk to the airport to see when they can get out of town. Lucy remarks that Paul is a wonderful guy. Lucy gives Carly the toothbrush that she bought for her while out, and Carly heads to the bathroom to have a shower. Lucy dips into her shopping bag of emergency things for the night, and takes out an oversized T-shirt that she has bought to sleep in for the night. She holds it up to her thin frame and smiles secretly to herself.

Lily just about jumps in Molly’s face for holding the children from her. Holden stops that action by getting in between the two women. Holden thanks Molly for coming by, and says that he will call her later. Molly leaves. Holden turns to Lily for an explanation for her behavior. Dr. Michaels enter the open door to the house, asking if she can come in.

Sarah is in the dark at the shop. She sees flashlights outside the shop, and guesses the security must be checking on things. It is freezing there. The heat must have been turned off for the night. She finds clothes on racks that are gorgeous. She drapes a gown over her shoulders. “Not bad…” Tonight she will have a gown in every color.

Lisa and Casey arrive at Tom and Margo’s and learns that Sarah is missing. Margo is sure that her son knows where Sarah is. Lisa says that Casey has been with her and that he can’t have any idea where Sarah is. Curtis suddenly understands. He says that he has to leave the house and take care of something. Curtis leaves the house, but he doesn’t go anywhere. Instead, he takes out his cell phone and calls Lisa who is inside the house. Lisa answers her phone, and Curtis tells that he knows where Sarah is, but he doesn’t want the others to know so that he can help to keep her safe.

Lucy is in her overnight shirt for the night. Paul is in his room when he gets a call from Jack. Jack says that he knows that they have to stay out of town for the night, but Jack would like to make sure that Paul takes care of things. Paul promises just that. There is a knock on the door. It is Lucy in her college T-shirt and nothing else, but bare sexy legs. Paul says that she looks very collegiate dressed that way. She comes into the room, and closes the door behind her. He seems a little stressed out, and she climbs up on the bed behind him, and gives him a massage. That catches Paul’s attention. He remarks that the massage feels very nice. He looks back at her, and sees that she is grinning from ear to ear at him.

Curtis, Lisa and Casey arrive at the shop pretending to be security, and they turn on the lights to find Sarah trying to hide.

Holden is at the diner with Molly. He tells Molly how Lily is beside herself. Molly can see that must be tough for Holden. He admits that he has been living a nightmare. One day everything seems like it is getting better, then it just gets worse. Anyway, Holden says that he is sorry for getting Molly involved in all of this. She says that she wanted to help, and that if he ever needs anything, he only has to ask her for it.

Lily is with the doctor at her house. She tells how Holden threatened her, and she feels that she has had her free will taken away. Dr. Michaels asks if Lily feels that therapy could help. Lily says that therapy might help her. She isn’t sure though that she wants to be helped. Lily would like to be a good mother and wife again. She misses that. Something is stopping her from being the person that she used to be. She feels like she has a compulsion to keep Rose alive, and there is no room for anything else. Dr. Michaels says that feeling the way that she does for Rose is actually an honorable thing. What Lily has to figure out is the proportion of what she has to do. She has to decide what is more important to her, Rose’s memory or her family.

Craig sees Lucinda and asks about her meeting. Craig says that he hasn’t heard from Lucy all day. Lucinda says that she has to tell him something that he doesn’t want to hear. He demands to know where Lucy is. Lucinda says that Lucy is out of town, and will be staying overnight. She went to her interview. Craig is glad to hear that. He wanted to take her to the interview. Craig was the one that suggested that Lucy go to the interview. Craig read the essay that Lucy wrote for the interview, and Craig was blown away. Craig would have liked to have been with Lucy at the interview. Lucy called Lucinda and told her that she loves the town. Craig can see that Lucinda wasn’t with Lucy for the trip, so who took Lucy out of town? Lucinda tells that Paul was the one that took Lucy on the trip.

Paul has had enough of the massage, and tells Lucy that he is ready to turn in now. He tells Lucy that he likes her, but they are friends. Carly is at the door, and she hears what Paul is saying to the girl. Lucy tells Paul that she was only giving a back rub. Carly knocks on the door, saying that Lucy can have the shower now. Lucy takes her cue and heads out. Carly turns to Paul. She says that he should have been honest with her about why she was invited on this trip. He says that he has no idea what she is talking about. She can see that he really needed a chaperone most of all.

Sarah starts with her smart mouth, but Lisa points out that she could have been in jail instead. Ben and Jessica arrive telling Sarah to give Lisa an apology. Sarah says that she is sorry. Lisa accepts the apology and leaves. Casey will talk to Sarah the next day. He leaves too. Ben knows that Jessica wants to talk to Sarah alone. He leaves. Curtis asks that Jessica go easy on Sarah. He leaves too. Jessica says that if Sarah wants to go with Children’s Services, then she can go. But if she stays, she will have to want to stay. It will be up to her.

Lily says that she can balance her mourning and family. Lily says that the priority would go to her family. Dr. Michaels is glad to hear that. That is all they are going to talk about for the day.

Carly pushes Paul to talk to her about Lucy. He didn’t realize that Lucy had a thing for him. He will deal with this, but he will not hurt her. She was told to come on the trip to talk about BRO. She has an idea. She was in the shower, and she came up with something. She thinks that they could market the line with jewelry that matches the clothes. They could hook up with a small company who would be willing to work under their label. Paul thinks that the idea is great, and he wishes that he had thought of it himself. Outside the door, Lucy goes to the door, and hears Paul telling Carly that she is really terrific.

The officer at the station tells Jack that there has been a robbery at Fairwind. Jack learns that the maid has been found tied up and the place has been fleeced.

Lucinda tells Craig that he has to give Lucy space. She will never trust her father if he pushes her about Paul. Lucinda says that he should try a little finesse. Craig asks when Lucy is coming home. It won’t be this evening, as Paul’s plane can’t fly. Craig finds that interesting. He walks off. Craig is going to let Carly pay for this. He understands everything now.

Jessica warns that Sarah will have to be respectful if she comes home. If she breaks one of the rules, she will be gone. Sarah is still sarcastic, but she does have a choice. She finally agrees though to come home with Jessica and respect the rules. Now Jessica only has to get the court to agree that she should stay too.

Dr. Michaels leaves saying that she will see Lily in the morning. Lily finds that it isn’t necessary to visit often. Dr. Michaels feels that it is. Holden arrives, and says goodbye to Dr. Michaels who leaves. Holden wants to know what happened with Dr. Michaels. Lily asks for her children. She will not give Holden a scorecard on her visits with the doctor. She is following his conditions, and would like him to respect hers. Holden leaves to get the kids and bring them home. The doorbell rings and Dusty is let in. Dusty says that he meant what he said earlier. He will wait for her to get better before starting the foundation. She tells him that she is ready to work with him now. Dusty knows that Holden will not like this. She says that the decision is hers.

Carly and Paul are in his room and they find beer in the fridge. They clink glasses to their success. Lucy is her room that she shares with Carly. She is all alone. She looks out the window, then draws a heart on it. She puts her initials in the heart with Paul’s.

Phyllis is talking to Jack about the robbery. She didn’t see the perp’s face. Craig hasn’t been home, and knows nothing about what happened.

Craig is in his car driving to get his daughter away from Paul. He is listening to the radio, and there is storm warning. Unnecessary driving isn’t advised. That is too bad, because Craig is going to get to his daughter, and get her away from that horrible man Paul. Paul cannot have his daughter. Craig will drive no matter what the conditions.

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