ATWT Update Thursday 3/11/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/11/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Katie can’t keep away from Pilar’s room. She sees that Mike is in there. Pilar says that she has no idea how she made it to his house. He offers to get her some tea. He remembers how she likes it, and that makes her happy. Mike leaves to get the key. Katie asks the nurse how Pilar is doing. She is stable now. Katie offers to give her one of the blankets that she is holding. The nurse leaves, and Katie heads to the room where Pilar is sleeping.

Casey checks that no one is around, and Sarah then is invited to come downstairs. He is worried that Sarah is going to get caught there. Casey got Sarah some money so that she can go to Atlanta. She would like to eat before going to the bus station. Casey can see that Sarah is more trouble than she is worth.

Margo and Jessica discuss Sarah and whether she has left town or not. Maybe she has gotten herself a ride somewhere. Jessica can’t sleep. She has been playing her mistakes over and over in her head. Jessica shouldn’t have lied to the girl. Margo only wants to concentrate on whether or not Sarah is okay. Margo decides to ask the staff if they have seen Sarah. The waitress remembers seeing Sarah and a friend sneaking out of the diner the day before. Jessica overhears the waitress’s statement. She comes over. Margo asks the waitress to look at a picture to confirm that the friend was her son. The waitress confirms that.

Carly tells her husband that she is going to go on a trip with Lucy and Paul in the plane later on. Jack warns her to be careful. Jack checks on the news about the note that was sent to Paul, supposedly from Rosanna. The officer that hands the report back says that the note didn’t come from Rosanna.

Craig is at home, and he learns from the house staff that Lucy had an appointment to go to have an interview with a college. Craig calls Lucy and leaves her a message that he can still get her to the college in time for her interview if she wants.

Lucy listens to the message, and says that once again Craig proves to be too late. Paul comes to Lucy to see if she is ready for the trip in the airplane. Lucy is more than happy to see him, and ready for the trip to the college. Carly arrives. She is all perky. She is ready to go too. Lucy looks a little puzzled. Paul says that Carly is going to go with them on the trip. He hopes that Lucy has no problem with that. Lucy says that she is fine with Carly coming on the trip, and she heads to the ladies room before they leave. Carly can’t help but notice that Lucy seemed a little put off by Carly being there. Paul notices nothing, but Carly does. She smiles coyly to herself. It is a girl thing after all. Paul says that she probably just is a little nervous about her interview. Lucy returns, announcing that she is ready to leave. Carly smiles sweetly at her. Lucy walks off with Paul in step, and Carly waits behind to smile at the sweet little scene.

Katie walks into Pilar’s room and offers her a blanket. She brings up the knife wound that the woman suffers. Pilar isn’t very talkative. Katie sees the gorgeous flowers, saying that whomever gave the flowers must like the woman a lot. Katie asks if the guy that was there before left the flowers. Pilar admits that Mike was the one. Katie says that she knows Mike, and that he is a great guy. Katie goes to get some water at the sink, but she really wants to talk more. Pilar tells that she isn’t from there. She might be just visiting. Katie has too many questions. Pilar doesn’t want to answer them. She tells Katie that the flowers really have to get in some water. Katie sees that she has overstepped and she walks out of the room with the flowers to get some water.

Sarah goes on and on about how her grandfather is going to help her when she gets to Atlanta. The phone rings. Margo is on the phone, telling Casey that he has to get down to the diner right away. She would like to talk to him. Casey is freaked out, but he can tell by the tone his mother uses that he better get to ‘Al’s’ right away. Casey leaves the house, but before he does, he makes Sarah promise to get back up in the attic. She promises to go. Once alone, Sarah looks around, and then decides to plop down on the couch and read a magazine.

Jack goes to talk to Craig. He has some questions for the man. Craig seems to have no answers for the man. It doesn’t take Craig long to see that something is up, and before he answers anymore questions, he asks what is going on.

Casey arrives at the diner. His mother reminds him that he was with Sarah after school the night before. The waitress comes to the table, and Casey sees that he is caught. Casey says that he has no idea where Sarah is.

Jessica says that she is worried sick about Sarah. She may get taken advantage of. Margo says that he should just give it up. Casey says that Sarah wanted to get out of town. She said that she wanted to get a bus ticket. Jessica knows that Sarahís grandfather is in Atlanta. Maybe that was were she was going. Margo tells that when Casey gets home, he will have to have a talk with his father about all this.

Sarah is in Margo’s house, looking at pictures in a shoebox. Someone is at the door. Sarah panics and drops the box of photos. She goes running to hide. Lisa comes into the house calling for Margo. She walks in, and sees the box of overturned photos on the floor. She wonders what has been going on there. Sarah hides in a corner as Lisa walks through the room.

Katie is back to talk to Pilar some more. She starts talking about Mike and what kind of a guy he is. Pilar just stares at her and listens. Katie is way too curious about Mike and Pilar. Pilar says that Katie must be more than friends with Mike. Katie seems to know a lot about Mike. Katie admits that she and Mike are in fact more than just… Mike enters the room. He calls to Katie. She turns to find Mike there. She is definitely embarrassed.

Paul, Lucy and Carly arrive at the school for the interview. Lucy is very short with Carly. Paul sees that Lucy is nervous, and he manages to make her laugh. The secretary enters the room, telling that the dean will be with them soon. She leaves. Paul is so happy and proud of Lucy. He leans in and kisses her. Lucy is beside herself. Carly watches the whole scene smiling. Men are so blind.

Jack tells that Rosanna is missing. A note was sent, but it didn’t come from Rosanna, as it said it did. Jack says that Rosanna is gone from the hotel where she was staying, and money has been taken from her account. Craig thinks that he understands. Rosanna must have been kidnapped.

Craig freaks out when he puts two and two together. He decides to go to St. Bart’s to see if he can’t find his wife. Jack makes Craig see that they have to take things one step at a time. Jack points out that Rosanna could be making things difficult, so that Craig will not follow her. Jack is only saying that Craig should sit tight, and Jack will be sure to keep him in the loop.

Paul and Carly are waiting for Lucy to finish her interview now. Carly talks about Lucy, but Paul only wants to discuss the designs that Carly has been doing. He loves the pictures. Her ideas are really working. She is very talented. She loves to hear it, but he doesn’t have to keep telling her that. Paul makes Carly stand up so that he can show her where to make a change in one of her designs. As he is touching Carly, Lucy quietly walks into the room. Lucy is clearly unhappy with what she is seeing. Paul and Carly have their back to her, and they have no idea that they are being watched. The smile leaves Lucy’s face.

Lisa is demanding to know who is there. Sarah is still hiding. She hears Lisa calling out. Casey enters the house. He is rattled finding Lisa there. She can see that something is wrong with him. He sees the overturned photos, and starts picking them up. Lisa has to go, and heads out the door. Sarah comes out of hiding. Casey told her that she didn’t keep her promise. She should have been upstairs in the attic. She wants to know what his meeting was about. He tells her that he had to admit that she was heading to see her grandfather. She is angry with that. Everything is messed up. What is she to do now?

Katie is standing in the room when Mike returns with the special tea that Pilar likes. Mike sees that Katie is still there, and he asks her to get them some hot water for the tea. She leaves to do that. Mike asks what Pilar was talking about with Katie. Pilar only says that Katie was curious about her relationship with Mike. Pilar feels bad that she stopped Mike from leaving town. He is fine with staying. He will make sure that Pilar is fine before leaving town. Pilar asks Mike if there is something between he and Katie. Mike denies that there is anything between them.

Katie has been listening to Mike’s confession to Pilar. She has the hot water in her hand. She can’t face going in there now. She asks another staff member to bring the water in the room for her, and then she just rushes off upset.

Pilar thanks Mike for saving her the day before. She feels like the kitten in the tree that Katie was talking about. Mike would like to know what else Katie said. Pilar said that more was said by what Katie didnít say. Pilar guesses that Katie is the reason that Mike is leaving town. She can see the hurt in his eyes.

Pilar says that if Mike still loves Katie, and Katie loves Mike, he should go to her. Nothing should stop him.

Henry meets with Katie as she asked him to. She needs his help. She gives Pilar’s name. She knows that the woman is from Mike’s past. Mike once left Oakdale for the woman. Henry has no idea why Katie is doing this now. Mike is leaving. Katie explains that Pilar is too perfect in her timing. She shows up on Mike’s doorstep, and know Mike is all over her. Katie doesn’t want him, but she doesn’t want him jumping at the next available girl. Henry laughs at Katie. She is so easy to tease when she is such a lovely shade of green.

Lucy is finished with her interview. She had to talk about Social Politics and World Hunger. It is time to return to Oakdale, but that isn’t going to happen. Carly looks out the window. It is snowing. All 3 look out the window.

Jack gets a report on Rosanna, and he isn’t very happy. Craig is called. Jack says that Craig has to get down there. There is something that he has to see. It is about Rosanna. Craig goes running out of the house.

After Craig is gone, a man who has been hiding comes out. He is wearing black. Black pants and back shoes. He sees that the room is empty, and he enters freely, but quietly.

Katie denies that she is jealous. Henry knows better. He can see that she is possessed. She says that she is only a little confused. Henry says that soon Mike will have to get on with his life, and she will have to move on too. Katie hates this. Mike was hers for a long time. She admits to being a little bit jealous, but if she has to hand Mike over to someone, she has to be perfect. Henry will find out anything that he can about Pilar. Katie would like to know what Pilar wants from Mike. What does she mean to Mike now?

Jessica and Margo are at the diner talking. Jessica says that Sarah hasn’t arrived at her grandfather’s yet. The man might not be able to help Sarah out. The man is also sick. Margo is sorry that Casey lied to them. He was only looking out for a friend. Margo is sure that Sarah will show up soon. She is just a little girl, and she has no home. Jessica’s is the closest thing to a home that Sarah has had for a long time. Jessica is going to have to make some decisions when they find Sarah.

Casey says that Jessica was really upset about Sarah. Casey would like Sarah to talk to Jessica. Sarah won’t do that. She figures that she will be sent to juvi-hall anyway. Sarah will have to hitch a ride. Casey says not to do that. He wants nothing to happen to Sarah. He would feel too guilty. She needs a place to sleep, but Casey will not let her stay there. He has another place that is perfect.

Paul goes to the secretary, asking for a hotel for the night. She tells him to use the yellow pages. Carly knows that Jack isn’t going to be happy, but they can’t be blamed for the weather. Lucy is fine with staying over night. This is like an adventure for her. Carly turns to find the girl beaming at Paul.

The maid at Craig’s house is working hard at her dusting. Suddenly, she is lifted off her feet. A hand is placed over her mouth, and she is being strangled in mid air.

Craig arrives that the station to find out what Jack has learned. He has a picture that Craig needs to look at. It is a man that has been associated with the investigation into Rosanna’s whereabouts. The picture was received by fax. It isn’t a good picture, but you can still see the man’s face. Craig has to wonder if this man is the kidnapper. Jack has no proof that the man is anything at this point. They will have to look into this further.

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