ATWT Update Wednesday 3/10/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/10/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Lily goes to Lisa asking if she has seen her husband. Holden is gone and he has taken the kids with him. Dusty enters the restaurant hearing that Lily is looking for her kids. When Lily sees him, she runs to him with her problem.

Holden goes to Molly where his children are. He has brought a video. Lucas is not happy to be there. The baby starts crying as Molly holds her. Molly asks Holden just how long this party is going to be for.

Casey hears Ben telling Jessica that Sarah is going to be removed from their home. Someone is going to come to pick up the girl later that night. Casey springs into action after hearing what is going to happen to his friend, and leaves as quietly as he came.

Mike opens his door to leave town, and he finds a woman at the door. He puts down his suitcases and looks at the woman who doesn’t seem right. She is listless. She says nothing. She falls forward. Mike holds her and brings her in the house. There is blood. She seems to have been stabbed. Mike calls the paramedics for help.

Mike has the woman taken to the hospital, and learns that her condition is very grave, but she should be okay.  Mike is with the patient when she wakes. He tells her to be quiet and rest. He holds her hand, and kisses it, glad that she is going to be okay. She is someone that he knows. She sure has a way to telling him that he is back in town.

Katie is at work, and she passes a door to a patient’s room. She thinks that she sees someone that she recognizes inside. She goes closer to the window to the room, and sees that the person sitting with an ill patient is Mike. He hasn’t left town as he said that he would. Katie has to wonder what has brought this on. Katie goes to the nurse’s station. No one knows who the woman is in the room with Mike. Katie sees that her sister is there. What is that all about? The nurse asks Katie what she is going on about, but Katie covers and walks off.

Mike is there when the sick woman wakes. “Michael?” She sees Mike and is happy. She thought that she was dreaming.

Casey tells Sarah that she is going to be taken from the house. All the stuff that Sarah did with the letters has caught up with her. Sarah has no idea where they are going to put her. Casey says that Sarah should just talk to Jessica. Sarah is afraid to do that.

They see that Ben and Jessica are coming into the diner with Tom. Sarah hides. Ben is sure that Sarah would have done something else to hurt Jessica if she didn’t get caught for what she did with the letters. Jessica would still like to give Sarah another chance. The child has lost everyone that she has ever loved. She can’t be rejected anymore. Tom says that Sarah has to be shown that there are consequences for her actions. The waitress comes to give water to Jessica, Ben and Tom. She sees that Sarah and Casey have run off. Ben says that there is nothing that can be done to help Sarah any longer. After this night, she will be someone else’s problem.

Sarah looks in from outside the diner. She knows that she has to get out of there.

Molly tries to get Holden to see how Lily must be feeling. He hates that he has to do this to his family, but if that is what it takes, then so be it. Molly is fine with that. She will take care of the children for him.

Lily tells Dusty that she has no idea why Holden is doing this to her. He is angry that she isn’t going to the hospital. Dusty finds that taking her kids isn’t going to help the situation. Lily needs her family, and she needs to keep Rose alive. Dusty totally understands. She would like him to talk to Holden for her. He can’t do that. It is her marriage. He will not put himself in the middle of that. No way.

Sarah knows that Jessica will not help her now. She has a trust fund, but she can’t go into the bank to get the money. Maybe her grandfather can help her. The man is sick. She hopes that he will take her if she shows up. Casey knows that the man may be too sick to keep her. Sarah wants help, or she will do this on her own. She will go to Atlanta, and she is going to get her money. Then she won’t need anyone anymore.

The ill woman tells the story to Margo of how she ended up in the hospital. She was walking down Delancy and a man walked behind her. He had a knife, and he tried to get her purse. He also demanded her jewelry. She tried to take her bracelet off. Someone was coming, and the man panicked. He grabbed her bag, and stabbed her. She can’t remember what the man looked like. Margo presses the girl. She seems to remember that the man was medium built. The man talked to her, but he had no accent. She doesn’t remember the man’s voice. She remembered where Mike lived. She went to a phone book to get the right address. She decided to go and see Mike right away, instead of going to the hospital. Margo has questions, but she stops so that the woman can rest. The patient is going to have some tests, but she should get some rest in the meantime.

Margo leaves the hospital room, and Katie is right there to ask what is going on. Katie is told that Mike is in the hospital room with an old friend. Margo says that Katie should go and ask Mike about his friend Pilar. Katie remembers that name. This is the girl that Mike followed to Spain.

Dusty tells Lily that her kids love her. He knows that Holden will bring the kids back to her. Holden is better than that. Dusty can’t really help her. He has to run now. He wishes her good luck.

Molly gets the kids popcorn for their movie. Holden tells Molly that the baby is sleeping and the other two kids will be asleep soon. Molly has arranged for Faith to sleep with her. There is knocking at the door. Holden panics. Molly says that she just asked the doorman to get her some diapers. She answers to the doorman and thanks him for the diapers. As they are talking, Dusty is walking by, and hears Molly talking to the doorman. Dusty hides behind a corner, and listens to the very strange conversation, which leads him to believe that Lily’s kids, are in Molly’s hotel room. Molly goes in the room for a moment, and returns with a tip for Charlie, thanking him again for his help. Molly reenters the room, closing the door. She and Holden hear knocking again. Molly opens the door easily thinking that Charlie has returned for some reason. Molly finds Dusty on the other side of the door. She is surprised to see him. He asks to come in. She tells him that she is tired. He tells her that she really isn’t a very good liar. He asks Molly if Lily’s children are inside. Holden is hiding behind Molly and the door, and he hears that Dusty has guessed that Lily’s children are inside the room.

Ben and Jessica are ready to go home and talk to Sarah. Curtis enters the diner and presents a note that he found at home. Sarah has run off. 

Pilar is sorry that she stopped Mike from leaving. He says that he was leaving Oakdale for good. He has a lot of reasons to leave. Pilar asks if he is leaving because of a woman.

Katie finds it very funny that Pilar has shown up with a stab wound, and goes to see Mike instead of going to the hospital. Margo reminds Katie that this investigation is confidential.

Molly denies that she has kids in her apartment. Molly tells Dusty to get lost. Dusty tells her that Lily is downstairs freaking out over her kids. Molly tells him that there is someone in the room, and that she would like to get back to him. Does she mean a boyfriend? Dusty would like to see this person, then he will leave. Molly closes the door in Dusty’s face. Dusty shouts at her that this is wrong. What she is doing is wrong.

Holden gets a call from Dusty who is outside. Dusty tells Holden to open the door, because Lily would like to see her kids. Holden tells Dusty to stay out of this. Dusty says that Holden is to go downstairs and tell his wife where her kids or, he will be the one to tell her.

Mike says that he was leaving Oakdale because it was time. He wasn’t running, but she feels that he might have been. He was seeing a woman, and they both agreed that they should be apart. He would like to let her rest, but she would like to talk more.

Margo knows that Katie loves Mike, but she can’t get by Mike having that woman draped all over him. Margo says that Katie shouldn’t care about whom is draped over Mike. Katie would like to know what kind of name is ‘Pilar’ anyway.

Tom comes to Casey asking if he knows where Sarah is. He says that she might be at the gym. Ben and Jessica tell Casey that Sarah has run off. Casey says that the will call them if he hears from her. Curtis is on the hunt for Sarah too, but Ben wants him to go home and wait for Sarah there. Casey watches as the group leaves the house together to find Sarah. Casey can’t believe what Sarah has done by causing all this fuss. There is knocking on the door. Casey opens the door to Sarah. She apologizes to him for treating him badly before. She really needs him to help her.

Dusty goes to Lily downstairs in the hotel. Dusty says that Holden is wrong, but Lily is too. Holden is only trying to protect his kids. Lily only needs to show that she isn’t nuts.

Lily looks over Dusty’s shoulder and sees Holden standing there. Dusty wishes her luck, and then walks off. Holden is sorry for doing what he did. The kids really miss their mother. Holden didn’t want this. Lily says that she knows that. Holden has to wonder. She used to know what is in his heart, but now he has to wonder. She is cold and defensive, and he can’t make her out. She is a mother to the kids, but is she really? Holden felt backed up against the wall, and he used his kids. He wanted her to see what she was risking. He knows that he shouldn’t have done this. It was a mistake, and he was sorry. Now the kids are all confused, and he was only trying to protect them. He can’t protect them or strong-arm her. He can only tell Lily that he loves her, even if that is not enough. Lily knows that nothing will ever be the same again. Lily says that Holden wants her to go back to living her regular life, but she just can’t. Holden will have to accept that. He will try. He will not give up on them. He takes her hand. She clutches his. Lily says that she will call Dr. Michaels in the morning. She will do therapy. She will do whatever it takes. Holden nods his head in understanding.

Casey tells Sarah to call her parents, but she will not do that. Casey worries that Sarah may get hurt. She begs Casey to let her stay there somewhere. He reminds her that his mom is a cop, and his dad is the DA. She suggests staying in the attic. Casey could bring her food. She is sure that Casey’s parents will not find her there. She only needs time to get a ticket to Atlanta. She sees that Casey is reluctant to help, so she heads to the door. He calls her and tells her that he will help her. He tells her to get up to the attic before his parents return.

Pilar’s condition has been upgraded to ‘serious’.

Margo gets off the phone, seeing that her sister has conveniently heard the news as well. Katie pretends that she doesn’t care. She says that Mike will be out of there as soon as he can so that he can move out of town.

Mike tells Pilar that he will stay in town until she is doing better. Katie peeks into the room using the window, and she sees that Mike is still by Pilar’s side.

Molly talks to the kids, and convinces them that they have to accept that they have to stay there. There is knocking, and Molly opens the door to Holden and Lily. Lily takes her baby and goes to her other kids. Molly is glad that things worked out. Holden tells her that Lily has agreed to go and see the doctor about treatment. Lily hears what Holden says to Molly, and she loses the smile on her face for a moment. Lily really wants to get out of there. She heads to the door, and gives Molly a really dirty look on the way out. Dusty is in the hall when Lily comes out of the hotel room with the kids and her husband. She smiles at him, and walks off with her children. Holden looks up at Dusty and pushes the package of diapers that he has in his hand into Dusty’s chest. He walks off. Dusty goes to Molly’s door and knocks. Molly opens the door to find a smiling Dusty there. She asks him why he just couldn’t stay out of this, and leave well enough alone.

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