ATWT Update Tuesday 3/9/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/9/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Carly is on her cell phone when she crashes into Jordan spilling a drink all over him. He knows who she is, and is fine with her spilling her drink on him.

Katie comes to see Mike. He will be leaving town in a couple of hours. He doesn’t let her in. They have already said goodbye. He has nothing more to say to her. She has something for him. She presses a bag towards him.

Lucy has showed up for the trial. She would like to testify. She knows that what Clarke has done to Alison is true. Clarke gets very uncomfortable. The defense thought that Lucy wasn’t going to show up, but she has. She has personal knowledge about the case. The judge will hear her. He tells Alison to step down, even though the defense isn’t finished with her.

Lucy has changed her mind, and Tom would like to know why. She turns to the back of the courtroom, and sees Paul standing there. He knew that she would be there somehow.

Katie has brought Mike his watch that she had given him as a gift. He left it at her house when he was fixing her water heater. He has no use for the watch. It is engraved with all her love. Katie canít apologize for the way that she felt about her husband. Simon is gone, and now Mike is leaving.

She has no idea what she would do if she were he, but when she gave Mike the watch, she wanted him to keep it and do with it what he wants. He can throw it in the river if he wants. She would like for him to keep the watch. She doesn't want to pretend that they never happened, as he means too much to her. She is about to cry, and she runs off. Mike starts following her, but then stops.

Jordan knows about Carly, as she is the competition. Jordan says that he is about to meet with Barbara and Jennifer to celebrate a coup. Jennifer and Barbara enter the restaurant and can’t believe that Carly has her hands already on her new employee. Barbara rushes up and hustles Carly off to a corner. Jennifer smiles. She knows that there is going to be fireworks. Barbara has Carly in a corner. She says that she knows that Carly has been asking Paul for advice, and Barbara is going to give her some. She says that Carly needs to quit now, as she will be beaten. Carly only smiles at her, thinking that she may have been about to reveal that she knew what Paul had been up to.

The judge refuses to call a recess for the defense. Lucy testifies. She tells how Clarke spent time in her house. Her grandmother found Clarke to be a gentleman. Tom brings out more. Lucy classified Clarke’s behavior as pushy. He wanted the two of them to have sex, but she wasn’t interested in doing that with him. Clarke then continued to ask Lucy out. He seemed to understand her feelings on the matter of sex. Lucy trusted him.

Aaron explains to Alison that Tom questions Lucy in a manner to show that she wasn’t responsible for the attack. Lucy continues to describe how she doesn’t drink, and Clarke brought her a soda, and that was all that she drank. She then started to feel dizzy and sick. She told some friends how she felt, but Clarke insisted that he would be the one to take her home. Clarke took her to the car, and she was feeling really dizzy, and she passed out. When she woke up, her coat was open, and Clarke was touching her, and kissing her. She remembers the scene easily. He tried to pull her dress up, and she was screaming. She almost comes to tears telling her story. Tom turns over Lucy to the defense. The lawyer has trouble with his end of business, as he hasn’t had a chance to learn more about this witness. He whispers with Clarke, and then he approaches the bench. Tom, the defense and the judge head to the chambers during a recess. Tom later comes out of chambers to announce that Clarke has changed his plea to guilty. Lucy says that Alison was the one that caused all this to happen. Alison can’t help herself, and she hugs her friend, who smiles at the result of the trial. Paul tells Lucy that she really did the right thing. Tom tells Lucy that she can go now. Tom will make his sentencing recommendations. Lucy really wants to get out of there. Paul escorts her out. Aaron runs out after Lucy. He tells her that she is great. Lucy says that everyone thinks that she is a hero, but the reason that she didn’t want to show up is because of him and really nothing else. He is the reason that she didn’t want to be there today.

Jennifer explains to Jordan that he will learn more about the way that Barbara operates if he lasts with the company. Barbara taunts Carly. She tells Carly that she is not to talk to Paul anymore. She wants all of Paul’s energies with her. Carly says that Paul will be happy to know that his mother wants him to be her slave. Barbara warns Carly to stay away from her son. Carly can see that Barbara is scared. She knows that Carly’s designs are good. Carly understands the market in a way that Barbara can’t. Carly walks off. Barbara returns to her daughter and Jordan. They were to have champagne, but that will have to wait. She would like to have a chat with Jennifer first.

Lucy tells Aaron that he never listened to her when she said that Alison shouldn’t have been used as a decoy. Lucy wants him to realize that things are over. She has no desire to be his girlfriend anymore. She is over him, and now he has to get over her. She says goodbye.

Chris thanks his mother for coming to court that day. Bob would have been there too. Kim sees how important Alison is to her son, so she will treat Alison better. Susan is watching this incredible scene unfold. Alison promises to be better in the future. Kim knows that they have to remember that Alison isn’t a kid anymore. Kim offers to get something for dinner, and then she will meet them all at home. Susan is proud of her daughter. This is Alison’s first good ending. Susan likes that Alison is doing so well with Chris and his family. Susan has to get going. There is something that she has to do. She rushes off. Aaron returns to Chris and Alison. He spoke to Lucy, but she has gone home. Aaron has no hopes now that he will get back together with Lucy.

Lucy and Paul arrive at Lucinda’s house. She isn’t there. Lucy says that she will be fine alone at the house. Paul offers to check that someone is in the house, so that she will not be alone. He heads out of the room. Lucy finds a letter on the desk, and she sits down crying. Paul returns to the room, and finds Lucy crying. He rushes to her, and holds her. She easily goes into his arms.

Mike has packed up his things. Lucinda arrives just in time to have a talk with the man, and stop him from leaving. Mike sees that his staying in town will never work out. Lucinda says that two people never want the same things at the same time. Mike had perfection with Katie and he will not settle now for less. Katie has disappointed him but Lucinda would like to see him stick things out. Lucinda is going to miss the kid. He is so cute. She will not forgive him for leaving her. She shows him a box that was hanging around. Mike claims it as his own. It has personal things in it. Mike finds the velvet box, and takes out Katie’s engagement ring. He remembers something that someone told him about a gift freely given.

Katie shows up at Margo’s pretending that she is okay. Margo sees through all that. Katie admits that she can’t be without him. Can you really marry someone, knowing that you were really second best? Margo says that Mike would make a better marriage than Simon would have anyway. Margo says that Simon would never settle down anyway. Mike is a settling down kind of guy. He even builds houses.

Paul has made Lucy feel better, and she stops crying. Paul can see that she has been through a lot. He sees the letter in her hand. It is something from Williams College. She thought that she wanted to go to a good school. Maybe even grad school. She puts the mail in the garbage. It was a confirmation for an interview for the college.

Paul canít see the problem. Lucy says that the interview is the next day, and she canít face it right now. She will live without the fellowship. Paul says that he will be the one to fly her to the interview. They will be back by dinnertime. She canít believe that he is doing this for her. She throws herself at him, hugging him and thanking him.

Barbara tells Jordan about Carly, and the kind of person that she really is. She tells how Carly is coming after her. Jordan has no idea why he is being told all of this. Jordan only ran into Carly for a minute. Barbara says that the random meeting wasn’t random. It would have been something else if not that. Jordan knows that Carly is talented, but might be up to playing games. He calls her Barbara’s business rival, and Barbara hates that. He isn’t there to settle scores. He will give Barbara his decided loyalty, but he isn’t her dog. If she wants that, she will have to find herself someone else to do her bidding. Jordan tells Barbara that it was a pleasure meeting her and her daughter. He is ready to give up his job. He stands, and Barbara tells him to sit down. She is sorry that she has been losing her temper. Carly has been getting to her, and she shouldn’t have taken things out on him. Jordan doesn’t feel that Carly is threatening. She hasn’t got the whole package, so they shouldn’t waste their time on the woman. She has his friendship, and BRO has his loyalty. Barbara is fine with that. Jennifer is glad that has been settled. Jennifer tells her mother to go and get the champagne from the maitre’d. She will do that. She leaves the table. Jennifer loves that Jordan has stood up to her mother. Jordan knows that if they are going to succeed, all their input will be needed. He keeps surprising Jennifer.

Kim is getting take-out for dinner at Al’s. She turns to find Susan standing behind her. Susan followed her there. She knows that she has made a lot of assumptions about Kim, but in the end, Kim has been more than fair. Alison isn’t perfect. She didn’t have a perfect childhood, or mother. She has made poor choices. Kim could have used the testimony today to prove that she was right about her son being with someone with so much baggage, but she didn’t. Kim sees what Susan means. Susan really doesn’t get it. Why is Kim so willing to open her heart to Alison? Kim says that her son loves Alison, and she loves her son.

Aaron tells Alison that Lucy wants to move on, and already has. Alison is sure that Lucy will change her mind, but Aaron knows better. Emily comes to Alison telling her that she has to go back to work. Alison hugs her and Aaron. They both leave. Alison feels a little blown away, but good. Chris is sorry that he gave Alison a hard time about testifying. He should have been more supportive, and he feels really bad about that. Chris doesn’t want to hold her back from taking chances. So from now on, they are really going to be there for each other in many ways.

Paul lets Carly in, seeing that she is freaked out. Carly thought that Barbara knew the truth for a minute. Carly can see that Barbara hates her, and is probably having her watched. Carly can’t think about clothes right now. She needs also to have a meeting with Paul. Carly needs something but she has no idea what. She really needs a safe place where Barbara isn’t. Paul says that he has a solution to their working things out. Paul tells Carly that he has to go to Massachusetts the next day and Carly can come with them. . Craig has no idea about the trip, but that doesn’t matter. Rosanna asked Paul to watch out for Lucy. Carly agrees to come with them on the trip. That just might be what she needs.

Lucinda doesn’t like that Paul pressured Lucy to testify. Lucy is fine with what Paul did. Lucinda feels guilty for not helping. Lucinda saw the mail and knows that Lucy has an appointment the next day with the college. She has arranged to have her pilot fly Lucy to the appointment, but that is not necessary. Paul is going to take her to the college. Lucinda pauses after hearing that.

Katie has always loved Mike. She tried to tell him that. He won’t listen though. To him, she made a choice. The wrong choice. A deliveryman comes to the door with a package for Katie. Katie knows that the package is from Mike. He knew that she was going there. Katie finds the ring in the package. She knows that the ring means that he is saying goodbye.

Mike is ready to go. He opens the door to leave, and finds a beautiful dark woman standing on his doorstep. He recognizes her. “Pilar!Ē The girl says nothing. She seems listless.

He goes to her, and she falls limp in his arms. He feels something wet. He looks down to see his hands covered in her blood. Her eyes are open, and she is looking at him, so that is a good sign.

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