ATWT Update Monday 3/8/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/8/04

By Glynis
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Molly comes over to Holden’s, and finds out that Lily and Holden are not working things out. Holden feels that keeping the children from Lily is the best answer.

Lily tells Lucinda that Holden has been keeping her from her children. She is searching for something on the desk. Lucinda thinks that Lily is looking for the address for the hospital, but that is not the case. Lily is trying to figure out where her children are. She has searched for her children, but she canít find them anywhere.

Lucinda feels that Lily needs to go to the hospital. Lily will not go into a hospital. She really needs her kids. She begs her mother to help her, but Lucinda canít do that right now.

Lucy is in the diner. She remembers what Aaron said to her. Aaron said that she had a chance to stop something really bad from happening in court. Lucy shakes her head to get the thoughts out of them. She turns to leave the diner, but bumps into Madison. She says that she isn’t testifying as Clarke’s father has a lawyer that always gets him off.

Alison is testifying. She is to be cross-examined now by the defense.

Paul is on the phone when he gets knocking at the door. He opens the door to Jack. Paul has asked him over. Paul tells Jack that Rosanna has vanished, and that is why they have to figure out something to do, in order to find her. Jack had no idea that Paul was even talking to Rosanna. He doesnít believe that Rosanna would call Paul and not her family.

Paul tells that Rosanna knows that Craig would be trying to find her, and that was why she kept things a secret. She is a grown woman, but Paul knows that Rosanna is missing.

Madison tells how Clarke has used the drug before, and gotten away with it. Madison couldnít win against him. Madison is afraid of him, and Lucy is too. Lucy however, didnít get raped. Madison did. Madison says that Lucy is smart to stay away from that trial. Madison wishes that they could testify, but they are not like Alison Stewart. Alison has no reputation to save.

If some lawyer brought out Madisonís mistakes, she would be too embarrassed. Madison knows that Clarke will be out, and try to do this again. Lucy is sure that Clarke will be convicted. Madison only finds that Alison is really brave, or really stupid.

Kim is at the courthouse, and Susan goes over to her asking why she is there. Susan knows that Kim doesn’t care for Alison. Kim tells that Alison is strong and determined, and she should be supported more than ever, and that is exactly what Kim is going to do. Alison is reminded that she should be telling the truth. The defense asks about Will Munson. He is her sister’s stepson. Will’s crimes are brought up, but there is a crime that he was convicted of that Alison really did.

Alison confessed to the crime, but not immediately. Alison was scared at the time. She is getting stressed on the stand. She went to prison for that crime. Alison is reminded that Will has been institutionalized for another crime. Alison feels that she is to blame for his being in the home. Alison is asked if she is trying to destroy another person with her behavior. There is an objection, but the lawyer withdraws his question. The lawyer moves on. There are other males in her life. The lawyer brings up the names of Christopher Hughes and Aaron Schneider.

Lucinda reveals that she agrees with the way that Holden has been handling things. Lily feels betrayed, but she will not have access to her kids until she is better again. She can see that her mother thinks that she is crazy. Lucinda says that Lily has never been so beautiful. She has been through a trying time with a dead wringer that is dead. She has to sort this out, and she needs help. Lily needs help and she knows it. Lily says that she now realizes that she can work with the foundation, and that will make her feel better. Lucinda found Lily’s lies to be silly. Lily apologized for that. Lucinda cares nothing about that. Lily promised that she would try to get better. Lucinda brings up other things that Lily did. Lily knows that she made bad choices, but going to Chicago made her feel better. She has said that she was better before, but Lucinda can’t believe her now. Lily says that she can work with the foundation now, and she knows that Rose would want her to be happy. Lucinda shouts at Lily to stop this. This isn’t about what Rose wants. Lily begs for her children to be returned. Lucinda will help Lily finds her way back to her children, but only when Lily finds herself again. Lily quietly agrees. She says that she will go to the hospital.

Molly learns that Holden has been taking care of his kids, and dealing with Lily’s illness. Holden hasn’t been able to train any horses, as he has been busy taking care of his family. Holden has to get going now. Molly will leave now, but hopes that things work out. She tells him not to blame himself. He wasn’t the one that pushed Lily over the edge. Holden knows that he is doing what is right.

Molly knows that he will doubt what he is doing later. She knows that he hasn’t failed anyone. He thanks her for that. She is leaving, but he stops her and says to her that he hasn’t been nice to her lately. She hasn’t felt any different than anyone else. She offers to help him if he ever needs anything at all. The phone rings. Holden gets a call from Lily. She would like to talk to him. She would like to come home. He will let her in. he is sorry that he was harsh with her before. She knows that he will be really surprised with what she has to say. She hangs up. Lily tells herself that this better work. It has to.

Paul knows that Rosanna would call him if she could. She would call to ask about the family. If she were going to be out of touch, she would have told him. Jack will do some checking on this, but Carly isn’t to be told that Rosanna is missing. Jack opens the door to leave, and Lucy is about to knock. She would like to talk to Paul. Jack is just leaving, and heads out. Lucy says that she would really like to go for a drive or something. She would like to be out of town for a few hours. She doesn’t want to be tempted to testify.

The lawyer asks about Alison recently being pregnant. Alison takes her time to answer. She admits that she was pregnant. She is next asked if there were doubts about the father of her baby. She tells that she knew that Chris was the baby’s father, but she did tell Aaron the baby was his.Because of that, Aaron married her. She let Aaron believe that he was the baby.

Alison lied to both men. He also lied to her family. The lawyer asks next how Alison’s baby died. Alison freaks out, wondering if she has to answer this. She said that she ran to Chicago, and Chris followed her. Chris followed her because of her lies, and then she fell. The lawyer then concludes that her lies have caused a lot of trouble in the past. Chris has heard enough. He shouts out that Alison is to be left alone.

Lucy tells Paul that she never wanted Aaron to help her out the way that he did. He wants to be her protector now, but she doesn’t want that. If he wanted that, he wouldn’t have ever have slept with Alison. Why is sending Clarke to prison her responsibility? Paul reminds her that Aaron was the one that alerted Paul to what was happening, so that Lucy could be saved. Lucy was going to be raped. Lucy knows that, but Alison was actually attacked, and that should be enough. Paul knows that might not be the case. Lucy still wants to stay out of court though. Clarke may get off, but how much of that will be her fault? Lucy says that she isn’t scared, she is angry. She is angry with Clarke. Paul wonders if that is true. Lucy tells that Aaron said that Lucy should do this for Alison. Lucy was in love with Aaron, but he slept with Alison. Now they want Lucy to go to bat for them. She will not do this. Paul reminds her that the only reason that Alison is in court alone is because she was trying to help Lucy. Lucy feels that the trial is probably over now. Paul has to agree. He tells her that revenge gets people nowhere. It always bites back. She may not be able to undo damage. Lucy would like to help, but he isn’t sure that he can. She wonders what Paul would think of her if she weren’t able to testify. He tells her that no matter what, he is her friend. She hugs him and heads to the door. Outside the door, Lucy leans back on the door and cries. The Judge quiets Chris, and the trial continues.

Alison is made to admit that she has lied on many occasions. Some of the most important occasions in her life have been lied about. She admits to it all. The lawyer ends with asking why Alison should be believed now? Why should anyone believe her?

Lily comes home to Holden who has been waiting for her. She tells him that she loves him. She messed up and she is sorry. Holden understands that Rose is her twin. She asks about the kids. Holden says that the kids are alright. She asks if the kids are with someone that she knows and trusts. Holden is reluctant to answer. She walks into the living room, and sees that the children’s things are packed and waiting in the room. She changes her mind. She doesn’t think that she should be locked up and away from her children. She would like to know why he wants her to be away. She is willing to compromise, isn’t he? Holden tells her that he is willing to sit and compromise with her. She turns to the couch and sees Holden’s cell phone. She then turns to him asking him to make some coffee, like normal. He leaves the room. Lily grabs the phone and dials the last number. She understands that he must have the kids with the sitter. Lily dials. Dawn’s phone rings. She is at the diner with the kids, feeding them a snack. She sees the number on the phone, and says, “One moment Mrs. Schneider”. She pauses to hand the kids a napkin. Dawn then returns to the phone. Lily reveals that she is really the one on the phone.

Dawn knows that she shouldnít be talking to Lily, but Lily says that she understands what is going on, and that she is to come and pick up the kids. She begs the young girl to tell where she is right now. Lily hears Dawn telling the kids that she will order them another snack in a minute. Lily suddenly figures out that Dawn and the children are at ‘Al’s’. She tells Dawn to forget about the call; she will talk to the girl later. Lily hangs up and drops the phone. She doesn’t leave it where it was on the table. She starts heading to the door. Holden comes in to the living room to find his wife on her way out. Lily says that she can’t talk right now. She has to think some more things over. She says that she will contact him when she is ready to talk again. He has no choice but to watch her walk out of the door. Holden looks back to the table and sees that his phone has moved. He goes to the phone, which is nearby. His spidey senses are tingling. Holden dials. Molly answers to a very desperate Holden. He asks her if she really meant that she would help him if she could. She did mean that.

Jack comes to see Paul to tell him that Rosanna checked out of her hotel very abruptly. She withdrew a million dollars from her bank account. That could be a deal that Rosanna was working on. There is knocking on the door. Paul answers to a deliveryman. He signs for an envelope. It is from Rosanna. Paul starts reading, as Jack waits to hear more. The letter reads that Rosanna is starting a new business venture. That explains the quick withdrawal, and Rosanna’s quick move. The phone rings. Jack leaves the apartment, and takes the note with him. He feels that the note arriving at Paul’s apartment an hour after he has made inquiries is a little too convenient.

Lily shows up at “Al’s” inquiring about their children. Holden comes into the diner behind Lily. He sees that she lied to him again. He sees that nothing has changed. He leaves the diner. Lily runs after him. She cries to him on the street. She asks where her children are. He tells her that he wants her to get better, and that she should love her children enough to do that. Holden walks off from her. “WHERE ARE THEY?”

Molly has come through with flying colors. She has the children, and is bringing them into her apartment. Lucas has many questions, but Molly only tells them that their father will be over to get them soon.

Alison is really on the hot seat. Why should anyone believe anything that she has to say about the incident at hand? Lucy walks into the courtroom. She hears what the lawyer has asked. She says that Alison should be believed because Clarke has done this before. Every head in the room snaps to the back to look at the new visitor to the room.

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