ATWT Update Friday 3/5/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/5/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Carly passes the diner, and sees Craig inside. She goes in threatening to pour coffee on the man. She is furious. Craig tells Carly that Barbara has gotten wise to Carly’s plan to join BRO.

BRO is hard at work. Barbara is frantic. Darla is in town and Barbara doesn’t have time to meet with her. Jennifer says that she will be the one to talk to the woman about the design line. Jordan offers options, but Jennifer shows that she is the one in charge under Barbara. Barbara decides that both Jennifer and Jordan will do the interview together.

Aaron is at court talking to Curtis about Clarke. Alison and Chris arrive at the courthouse. Nothing has happened yet. Tom hasn’t been to the courthouse yet. Clarke shows up and plays sarcastic with the group. Clarke is with his lawyer who warns Chris not to pull anything.

Tom shows the group a motion that has been filed by the defense attorney that may suppress evidence that is needed to convict Clarke. Tom can only hope for the best now.

Lucy is up and goes into the living room of her grandmother’s house. Lucinda asks if Lucy is going to attend the hearing. Lucy feels that she can learn what she needs to about the case from the newspapers. Lucinda offers to go with Lucy to court if she would like that, but Lucy doesn't want to go. Lily comes out to see Lucy and Lucinda. She has gotten up early, and feels great. Lucy excuses herself. Lily learns that the girl is upset because of the case at court today. Lily feels better today, more than she has in a long time. Lily slept for the first time the night before in a long time. Lily has decided that this is the day when she goes back home.

Lily goes to the house where she lives, and Holden opens the door to her. She is ready to come home, and wants to tell Holden that. Holden is not happy to see Lily there. He wasn’t expecting her to show up like that. They had agreed that they would meet somewhere else to discuss what was going to happen with the family arrangements. She tells him that this is where she belongs. Her family is there and her children are in there. She desperately wants to be let in. He doesn’t let her into the house. She can’t believe this. Holden says that right now, she can’t be let into the house.

Carly almost lets Craig have it, and then she remembers that she is in a public place. She quietly goes to a booth, and sits down. Craig sits across from her. He warned her that he was going to tell Barbara what Carly was doing behind the woman’s back. Barbara must be on the warpath. Carly knows that everything that she does now is going to be sabotaged by Barbara. Why would Craig do this? He hates Barbara.

Craig says that she brought this on herself because of her lies. Craig wonders what Paul offered Carly. She thought that Craig was her friend, but he isn’t. Carly says that Paul is not responsible for what happened with the baby. She knows that Craig is the one. Craig knows what he has done, and has been made to face that.

Chris tells Alison that they can have no idea what is going to happen. He would like her to know that whatever happens; they are going to work through everything together. Tom comes to Chris and Alison, telling that the videotape has been suppressed. They might have no case.

Lily says that Holden has every right to question Lily’s change, but she is ready to come home. She needs her family. Holden would like her to have therapy, but she feels that all that she needs is to be home. She will be working with Dusty, and they will keep Rose alive. She hasn’t been let into the house yet, and she is getting cold. Holden finally decides to let her into the house.

She takes off her coat, and sees that the children’s toys are all over the house. She missed putting the toys away. She looks around the house feeling like she is in a library. Where is Faith and Emma? Holden tells her that they have to talk. She says that they have the whole afternoon, and offers to make coffee. Holden tells her no. He will not have them sit down and pretend that everything is back to normal. Nothing is normal. He also tells her that nothing is normal.

Barbara tells Jennifer that she should work with Jordan for the interview, as he is a very experienced. Jennifer turns to Jordan who is wooing Darla. Jennifer orders him to go and get her some coffee. He dutifully heads out.

Jennifer starts talking business with the interviewer, but Jordan returns in no time and joins the conversation. Darla flirts with the man, but Jennifer cuts off his compliments at every turn. Darla finds the man priceless. Jennifer tells her to make an offer.

Carly knows that Craig hates Paul, but she finds that he is getting out of hand with this vendetta. Craig warns that Paul is a paranoid person. He burned molly. Carly had no idea. Paul learned from Molly that Craig had a ‘funny’ adoption. In a second, the family was broken up, and Craig had nothing.

Carly was listening but wants to hear no more. She warns Craig to keep his nose out of her business from now on. He will stay out of her business, only if she stays away from Paul. She walks out of the diner. Craig gets his phone out and dials. He calls Molly to warn her that Carly is on her way over to ask about the adoption. Molly wanted to be left out of this, but Craig reminded her that she was the one that started this ball rolling.

Alison and her group learn that the judge is just going to listen to testimony and decide who is creditable.

Alison envisions what being on the stand is going to be like. Aaron and Curtis feel that there is too much in Alison’s behavior. Tom shows them how things could easily turn in Clarke’s favor. Clarke and his lawyer come to Alison, asking her if she is going to drop the charges, as it seems that nothing is going to happen to Clarke. Clarke smiles coyly at Alison, knowing that he will probably win this one.

Lily says that she finally wants to work things through. Holden can’t believe her. She wants to work things out now? Holden says that Lily needs professional help, but she only wants her husband’s arms around her. Holden wants to call the Dr. Michaels. Lily demands to know where her children are. Holden tells that the kids think that their mother is at the hospital, and if she wants to see them again, she better get herself into that hospital.

Holden only knows that he has been lied to. She maintains that she is a grown woman who didn’t run off. She only lied to get away. She is sorry for doing that. Seeing Dusty was more important than keeping her word to her family. Lily says that checking into a hospital is something that you do for yourself. Someone shouldn’t force you into doing that. Holden remembers all the things that Lily has done in the past. She has been unfair. She even went on TV with the baby, and hired a psychic. She tells him that he has no idea what it is like to lose someone that you love. He knows exactly what that is like. He has lost his wife. She knows that she has messed up, but she feels that she is better now. Unfortunately, her word means nothing right now. Holden tells her again that her children think that she has checked into a hospital, and that is the way that it has to be.

Carly shows up at Metro, saying that she is there to see how her cousin is doing. Molly knows that she is lying. Molly says that she is still living in a hotel with no children or man in her life.

Molly turns the tables on Carly. How is her life? Carly says things are hectic. Carly is sorry that she has been out of touch. She says that she is designing again. She has only been at it a couple of weeks, but it is coming back to her. Carly says that she is going to launch her own company. She has a backer. Molly guesses the backer is Rosanna. Molly says that she hasn’t spoken to Rosanna. She knows that the woman was devastated. Molly asks what it is that Carly wants from her.

Alison says that she will testify against Clarke.

Clarke says that no one will believe a word out of Alison’s lying mouth. Clarke’s lawyer drags the guy out of the courthouse by the arm. Chris tells Alison that is she wants to step down, she can. She doesn’t want Clarke to walk for this. Tom warns her that all that they have to pull this off is she. The bailiff comes over to the group, telling them that it is time to start the case. Aaron and Curtis decide that they have to go off and do something. Alison is worried seeing them leave her as she is going to testify. Aaron tells Alison that he is going to make sure that she isn’t going to be left twisting in the wind.

Aaron shows up on Lucy’s doorstep. She tries to shut the door, but he stops her. He tells her that she has to do the right thing, and testify. She says that she already decided that she couldn’t go through that. Aaron tells her that if she wants to help wit the case, she will have to testify now. Lucy says that testifying is too humiliating. She says that he should go, as she doesn't need him to rescue her. He tells her that he is there for Alison. She helped Lucy out, and now Lucy needs to return the favor.

Molly reveals that she knows why Carly is there. Molly knows that Craig told her that she had information. Molly can see that some things never change. Craig is a liar, and will do anything to save his butt. Molly says that she knows nothing about the adoption. She doesn’t want anything to do with Carly, and she doesn’t want to see the woman’s face. She orders Carly out.

Jennifer discusses the line for the juniors, but Darla is more interested in Jordan, who has something to show her. Darla’s phone rings, and Jennifer prompts her to talk the call, so that she can talk to Jordan. Darla takes her call, and Jennifer tells Jordan to sit down, and shut up. Darla is finished with her call. Jennifer starts her spiel again, but Jordan is right there to intervene. He can’t help it is the woman likes him. That is a good thing…right? Darla asked about Will, and if he will be joining the family in the business. Jennifer is suddenly quiet. Darla knows about the taping that was a disaster on television, and she asks if she can have a tape of that. Jennifer gets upset and tells the woman sharply that this is none of her business.

Jordan can see that things are getting out of control. He jumps in and calms the interviewer down. She complies with Jordan’s wishes, and nicely ends the interview. Darla leaves, promising to call Jordan in the future. Jordan tells Jennifer that he wasn’t trying to trump her to win over Barbara; he was only trying to keep the sharks at bay. Jennifer is suddenly quiet. Barbara returns to the office, and Jennifer is about to tell the truth, but Jordan jumps in saying that Jennifer was great at the interview. Jennifer admits that she lost it at the interview. Jordan saved her though. Barbara knew that she left her daughter in good hands. Jennifer thanks Jordan, and shakes his hand. He holds her hand, and tries to kiss it, but Jennifer tells him to save that for Darla.

Craig sees Carly returning to his table. He sees that she is still angry. Carly picks up Craig’s water, and dumps it on him. Carly says that Molly denied what Craig has been saying. Carly sees that Craig is losing his mind. Craig can’t control his own life, so he really should stop trying to control hers.

Curtis says that he has found out that the bartender from “Yo’s” quit his job and left town the night before. He was someone that could have helped them.

Alison is called to the stand. The bailiff swears her in.

Aaron explains that Alison is going to look bad when every mistake is thrown in her face. Lucy didn’t ask Alison to do this. Alison only did this because she wanted to make up for breaking up Lucy’s relationship. Aaron wants her to think about all the girls that got used by this guy. He will do it again. Aaron hopes that Lucy can live with herself, if she does nothing.

Lily is crying now. She sees that she is beaten. She would like to at least say goodbye to the children. Holden tells her that she already said her good-byes. Lily said that she was going to come back when she was better, and she feels that she is better now. Holden knows that not much will change over night. He will prevent her from seeing the kids until she gets help. He would really hate to take her to court, but he will. She sees that he means business. She tells Holden that she is not going to let anyone keep her from seeing her children, not even Holden. She has her coat on, and she marches out the door.

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