ATWT Update Thursday 3/4/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/4/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Alison tells Tom that she will testify. Chris comes into the hospital room, and hears that his girlfriend is going to testify. Tom tells how a rapist could walk. Chris would like to talk about this later at home, but Alison wants to do the talk now. Tom leaves the room. Alison says that this is Chris’s fault. He tells her that she always takes the easy way out, and she isn’t going to do that this time.

Holden is taking his kids to their grandma’s. Lucas is upset with this. He knows that something has happened with his mother again. The doorbell rings. Lucinda is at the door. Holden sends the kids out of the room. Lucinda reports that she can’t find Lily anywhere. The kids return to the room, and Lucinda offers to buckle the kids in. Off they go. The phone rings. Holden answers the phone, thinking that Lily is on the line. It is Molly. She says that she has seen Lily, and she is a little worried about the woman.

Lily is at Dusty’s house. She wants to talk about Rose. Lily can’t handle losing Rose. They had such a connection. Lily feels so isolated. Her family can’t fill her void. Dusty knows that she has to figure this out. Holden must be afraid to set her off all the time. Dusty knows that Rose would tell her sister to stop feeling sorry for herself.

Barbara knows that Jordan is ambitious, and good for the company. Jordan comes up behind Barbara and her daughter. He hears that Jennifer is upset that he is working with them. Jennifer is upset that she wasn’t consulted about this new hire. Jordan tries to talk to her, but she rushes off, not willing to hear anything from this man.

Jennifer heads over to Paul’s house, and tells him that their mother has hired a right hand man without consulting anyone. Paul is not as freaked out about this guy as Jennifer would like him to be. She can’t believe his reaction to her announcement. She told her mother that Paul would be angry for sure. Paul sits in a chair, and that angers Jennifer. She wants Paul to get over to the office and throw this new guy out on his keister. Paul only smiles at her, as he is clearly not in agreement with Jennifer’s feelings.

Alison is doing this to make Chris and his family proud. She knows that she will look responsible by testifying. Chris warns her that Clarke’s father is going to make mince meat of her. She could be questioned about her jail time, and it isn’t going to be pretty. Alison thinks that Chris is ashamed of Alison, and that is the real reason that he doesn’t want her to testify.

Holden and Lucinda arrive at Metro, and Molly tells how Lily showed up there. Lily asked to find Dusty. Molly gave Lily the address for Dusty. Dusty seems to be staying in a hotel in Chicago. Lucinda and Molly will get over there. Lucinda runs off. Holden has no idea why Lily would like to see Dusty. Molly feels that Holden was the one that pushed Lily in Dusty’s direction.

Lily knows that there is nothing that she can do about Rose being dead. Dusty remembers Rose, but now she is gone. Lily can fight to keep Rose alive, but she isn’t doing that. Lily tried to deal with things, but she isn’t like Rose. She is only like herself. Dusty tells Rose that when he first met Lily, she was just like Rose. Lily says that she has changed now. She watched her kids, got a security system and tried to watch out for things that might go wrong. Dusty feels that he has failed Rose too. It is over now. Rose is gone. They can’t afford to waste the days that they have left. Lily is so tired. She is so tired. She has no idea why she is with Dusty at this time. Lily can see that her regular life isn’t working. Dusty tells Lily that she has to remember that her sister is gone, and that she better stop walking around like a ghost. Lily feels like something inside is broken. Dusty can’t help her. He isn’t in that business anymore.

Barbara apologizes for her daughter’s behavior. She didn’t have time to prepare her family for Jordan coming on with them. Barbara’s family has been through a lot. Jordan has read about some of Barbara’s tragedies. Jordan knows about Will. Barbara says that Will paid the price, and now the family is trying to heal. Jordan will try to help in anyway that he can. Barbara warns that she is very demanding. Barbara is very passionate about the company. She will keep the company in check. She wants Jordan to be her buffer between she and her son. She would like Jordan to tell Barbara everything that Paul does. Paul doesn’t like to have Barbara watching over his shoulder, so Jordan will have to be the one that finds things out. Jordan wonders if Paul is going to even like him. Jordan can see that working for Barbara may be more difficult than he thinks. He feels that if his working there is going to cause problems, then he will leave right now.

Paul tells Jennifer that Barbara felt that he was plotting against her. She apologized, and now she has gone out and gotten herself an ally. The guy is probably going to fit in very well with the business. Paul says that the guy is probably a spy. Jennifer doesn’t think that Barbara would do that to them. She might not do it to them, but Paul is sure that he will be watched. Jennifer wants him to stop their mother from doing this. This was supposed to be something to show their little brother that they are a family again. Paul will have to act then. He is going to do what he does best.

Barbara will not accept getting involved in the family problems. Jordan says that if Paul feels the same way that Jennifer does, then this will not work. Paul walks into the office with Jennifer in town. Paul goes up to Jordan and introduces himself. Paul is willing to listen to all of the man’s ideas for the company.

Alison is willing to be beat up by a lawyer to get Clarke convicted. Tom and Emily enter the hospital, and tell Alison that they have to move on this. Chris says that he doesn’t want her to do this. Emily is so proud of Alison. Tom has to leave now. Chris can see that Alison’s mind is made up and that there is nothing that can change it. Emily can see that Chris isn’t being supportive. Chris will not discuss this with anyone but Alison. Emily leaves. Chris said that he thought that they were going to do things differently now and make decisions together. Alison can see that they probably have a problem, if he can’t see things her way this time.

Molly tells Holden that Dusty didn’t want to start a foundation. He wanted to use the money he got to pay off Molly to leave the business. Molly feels that the foundation thing was just an idea to get a hold of Lily.

Lily has had enough. She goes to the door. Dusty tries to stop her. Dusty tells her that he has been working on a foundation, when Lily accuses him of hiding from everyone in a hotel. Lily is surprised to hear that. Dusty says that he has found a lawyer to help him with this. He has also rented an office space for the foundation. Dusty will make sure that people all over the world knows about Rose. That is a piece of immortality. Lily is impressed. Dusty says that she is welcomed to stay if she wants to help, but if not she can go. Dusty will be the one that keeps Rose’s life alive.

Jordan and Paul really hit it off. Paul tells Jordan that there is room in the company for a lot of opportunity. Jennifer knows that if Jordan is an opportunist he will do very well there. Paul tells Jordan that he will fill him in on everything that he needs to know. Barbara says that is not necessary. Paul says that Jordan will be a help to them. He says that sometimes he forgets things. Jennifer finds that her family is not acting right. Paul tells his mother privately that he knows why Jordan has been hired. She denies that she has a reason for doing that.

Emily asks Chris how he can expect Alison to live with the guilt of letting a rapist go. Emily tells her sister to stick to her guns. Bob comes in announcing that Alison has her blood clean now from the drug. She can go home now. Alison is dying to go to Al’s. Emily and Bob leave. Chris tells Alison that they are not done discussing this. She tells him that he may not be finished with this, but she is.

Holden can see that Molly is making up stories because she was burned by Dusty. Lucinda tells Holden that they have to get going. Holden turns to Molly saying that he trusts his wife, and nothing can come between them. Molly remembers that Paul and Rose thought that nothing could come between them and then came Dusty. Holden has to wonder when Molly became so bitter. Holden goes running out. Molly calls after him, but she is too late. She asks herself what the hell is wrong with her.

Lily says that she has come to see Dusty because he used to understand how she felt. She heard Dusty say that he blames himself for not protecting Rose. Dusty knows that he messed up bad. He watched Paul, but he didn’t see what happened coming. Dusty knows that he didn’t deserve Rose. Lily says that is wrong. Rose should have listened to Dusty, and so should Lily have listened. Dusty should have loved Rose the right way. Dusty asks Lily again to help him, to work with him on this foundation.

Bob congratulates Susan. Susan knows that Alison is lucky that she didn’t get herself killed. Bob was talking bout Alison deciding to testify. Susan didn’t know about that. Chris might not be happy about this. Doesn’t matter though. Alison has guts. Kim has no idea about this new development. Bob will tell her later. Susan feels that Kim will probably wring her hands, and blame something on Alison. Bob says that Kim is only concerned about her son. She would like to come to an understanding. Susan feels that this whole thing is about her getting involved with Bob a long time ago. Bob says that Kim doesn’t want to be at war anymore. Kim is only concerned about how young Alison is, but she is showing signs of maturing. Bob knows that people do change. Bob feels that Susan should let go of the past too.

Chris can’t get his mind off the trial coming up. Clarke enters the diner, and walks up to Chris and Alison. Chris rises immediately. Alison tells Chris to stay away from the kid, as he only wants to cause trouble. Clarke says that he is going to get his shot now, and that this time, he is going to be on top.

Jennifer is freaking out. She is at Paul’s place with him. Paul tells her to play things cool. Once Barbara trusts them again, Jordan will be turned into a gopher. Jennifer sees that this new guy needs to be watched. Paul tells her that if she wants to watch the guy, that is her problem.

Lily tried to keep Rose away from Dusty once. She said that the children couldn’t see her anymore unless she dumped Dusty. Lily feels that she may have killed her sister herself. Dusty will not hear that. He thought that Rose was moving to Paris because she was sick of listening to him. They both need to move on. Lily can’t do this. Rose is a part of Lily’s past now. Dusty finds that is why the foundation is needed. Rose can become a part of the future this way. Dusty asks her again to work with him. The pay is low though, and if she falls apart and cries she is fired. Lily laughs for the first time. Banging on the door. It is Holden. He shouts out that he is outside the door, and he demands that the door be opened. Dusty opens the door. Holden tells him that he is looking for his wife.

Clarke taunts Alison about her life at the detention centre. Chris moves to hit the man. Alison stops him. Clarke says that he can’t wait to see who is going to be believed in court. Clarke heads out. Chris can see that Clarke needs to be stopped, and now he is fine with Alison testifying.

Paul says that Jennifer shouldn’t worry about Jordan so much. Jennifer finds that the man is devious. Paul says that the man is a little over eager, but that may not be a bad thing. Jennifer says that she will have to be the one that shows Jordan the straight and narrow.

Holden comes into the hotel room. He demands answers. Lily says that she will explain later. She tells Dusty that she will go home, but will talk to Dusty later in Oakdale. Lily and Holden leave the hotel room. Holden demands his explanation. She ran from her family. She says that she was running from herself. She says that she did go to get help, but not from the hospital. Lily says that she is ready to move past Rose’s death. Holden can see that he has tried everything, and nothing is working. He tells Lily that she is out of chances. Holden is going to make Lily stay at Lucinda’s that night. Holden will then have to go home to the kids and explain to his kids why their mother lied to them about going to some hospital. The next day, Holden will sit down with Lily and they will come up with a solution to this problem, one way or the other.

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