ATWT Update Wednesday 3/3/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/3/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Barbara finds a strange man in her office. The man says that he has been sent to her.

His name is Jordan St. Clair. He tells her that she is there to help him. He shows her a fax. He wants her to hire him to work with her.

Kim tells Bob about what happened with Lily that day. Lucinda ended up calming Lily down after she learned that Holden was speaking to a doctor about her health. Kim turns the conversation to Susan and the way that she has been acting. Bob has to wonder if Kim really doesn’t want to get on with Alison. Kim says that Alison is just a reckless girl, and someone is going to get hurt because of her. Bob suggests that they ask Chris and Alison to move out.

Chris comes to see his favorite girl at the hospital. He brings her donuts. She loves donuts. There is a silver box in the bag as well. It is a little pin that Chris gives Alison for her bravery. Alison knows that what she did was wrong, and she promises not to do anything like that again. She should have checked in with Chris before doing what she did with Aaron. She has to learn how to be in a relationship. They start kissing. The door opens. Tom has entered the room. Chris says that he was just examining Alison’s tonsils. Tom announces that Clarke is going to be charged, depending on what Alison does now.

Lucas brings his skates and things to his father. Holden packs a bag for him. Lucas asks about his mother. She hasn’t been around a lot. Holden tells how Lily slept over at her mother’s. Holden had a disagreement with her, and that happens sometimes. Lucas thought that his mother would be better by now. When is she going to get better?

Lily has come into the house, and she hears the question that her son poses to his father. Lily tells the boy that things are going to get better right now. “Things are going to change.”

Kim reminds Bob that the kids are buying a condo, and that is totally unreasonable. Alison wants the moon it seems. Bob only sees that Kim is finding fault. She admits that she is doing that. Bob tells his wife that Chris loves Alison. Kim will have to give the girl another chance. Bob remembers that his mother wasn’t crazy about Kim at the beginning. Kim hates when Bob is right. Then again, that is why she loves him. She thanks him for their talk.

Tom says that Alison has to testify in court. Alison is fine with that. She has been in court before, and she knows what is involved. Alison will just tell the truth. Alison would like to talk to Chris about this some more. Tom has to go and see other people involved in the case. Alison tells him that he should be talking to Madison as well about this.

Tom leaves the room, and Chris follows him to have a quick talk. Tom says that if he can find other girls that are victims, this should work out just fine. Chris returns to Alison, and he tells her that he doesn’t think that she should testify against Clarke.

Barbara decides that she will talk to this man in her office. She asks for his resume. She looks it over. He has an MBA. He finished college early. He is eager to get a job in the fashion industry. He never had any money, and always looked at people’s clothes when he was growing up. That is how he got interested in BRO. He made a list of fashion houses and dwindled it down. The man would like to make an impact. BRO knows that the company is in trouble, and that is why he is there to help make things better. He says that he doesn’t want to waste her time, so he is being very straightforward with her. She would like to know what he knows about her company being in trouble.

Lily says that she would like to talk to Holden alone, and then she will talk to her son. Lucas happily leaves the room. Lily apologizes for her behavior the previous day. Holden wanted Lily to talk to the woman, but she wouldnít do it. Lily knows that he is afraid to leave her with the kids. Holden says that he only got the sitter, so that Lily could rest, or go over to Roseís place. Lily says that she goes to Roseís house because that makes her feel close to her sister, but now that isnít working anymore. She has been trying to sleep, but she canít.

Lily wishes that she could get over this, but she canít. Holden reminds her that they all love her. She knows that everyone loves her. She has been trying to deal with her feelings, but she has no way to do it. Her heart is broken, and she isnít sure that she can heal it. She sees the brochure about the hospital, and she knows that she has to try to heal. She says that she is going to check herself into the hospital that very day.

Jordan explains that Barbara needs a new face in the company. He shows her his portfolio, and she is very impressed with the man. She hires him. He will start immediately. She wants him to meet her son and daughter. Jordan has made excellent points. The phone rings, and she asks him to answer it. Jordan answers the phone and takes a name and number to return the call with information on a dye lot number. Jennifer walks in at the tail end of the conversation that Jordan is having. She waits until his ends his call. He turns and finds her staring at him. He tells her that she is even more beautiful in person. She demands to know who he is.

Tom goes to see Lucy, and tells her that they have Clarke in custody. Tom will need her to testify. Lucy says that she can’t talk about this in public. She is embarrassed. She feels that this is her fault. She shouldn’t have gone out with Clarke. Lucy is reminded that she was very lucky. She could have ended up in the hospital, like Alison. Lucy didn’t know that Alison was in the hospital. Alison will be fine, but Lucy is needed to get Clarke convicted.

Alison would like to know why Chris wants her to drop this case. Chris says that this isn’t her problem. Lucy should be the one that testifies. Aaron enters the room, asking how Alison is doing. Aaron apologizes for the both of them getting hurt. Chris says that they will be okay. Aaron says that Clarke is going down. Chris says that Alison isn’t sure that she is going to testify. Aaron can’t believe his ears. The nurse enters the room announcing that it is time for Alison to give blood. Chris suggests that he and Aaron leave the room.

Once outside, Chris says that he doesn't want Alison pressured about this. Alison only helped Aaron because she was feeling guilty about the baby. Chris only finds that Aaron wanted to be seen as the hero in all this.

Lily says that she will have her mother take her to the hospital. She wants Holden to be home with the kids. She says that Holden has been helping her, and now she wants him to help her with the children. She feels pressure to get better, and that weighs heavy on her. Holden only wants her to hang on to what is good in their lives. She has to know that things are only going to get better. She knows that he is right. She has to go now. She should talk to the kids now. She will say goodbye now. She has a bag at her mother’s, so she doesn’t really need to pack anything. Holden leaves to get the kids. Once Lily sees that Holden is gone. She says that she is sorry to do this. She hates lying to her husband. Lily explains to her kids that she is going to leave for a while. She says that she will be resting and taking long walks. Holden asks the kids to leave the room. He will take them out to see the horses later. They hug their mother, and leave the room. Holden offers to call the hospital to make sure that all the arrangements are made. She says that she has taken care of all that. Holden would like Lily to call him as soon as she gets to the hospital. He makes her promise that she will come home soon. Lily tells him that she will be home real soon. She gets her things, and leaves the house. Once outside, she tears up the brochure, and puts the pieces in her purse.

Jordan flatters Jennifer. He has seen her in fashion shows in the past. He introduces himself to her, but she doesn’t extend her hand to him. Barbara comes bustling out of the back, and says that she is glad that her daughter has met Jordan, as he will be working with them.

Aaron says that Alison knew that she had to testify before she did all this. Chris and Aaron argue over Alison testifying. Lucy comes up to the men with some white roses for Alison. The nurse leaves the room, so the group goes in to see Alison again. Emily shows up to see her sister. She tells the girl that she was brave. She gushes over the girl.

Kim enters with balloons and a teddy bear for Alison. Kim hopes that Alison will think twice before doing anything like she did, ever again. Alison is overjoyed. This is what happens, she guesses when you do something right. Lucy has to get going, but she will be sure to touch base with Alison when she gets out of the hospital. Lucy heads to the door, and asks Aaron if he has a minute to talk to her.

They go to the diner. Aaron asks what it is that Lucy would like to talk to him about. She simply says, “Alison”. Aaron knows that Lucy is angry with him. Alison could have been raped. Aaron only knows that she wasnít. Lucy tells that Clarkeís father is very powerful, and will not spend a moment in jail.

Lucy will not be able to humiliate herself in public. Aaron knows that this is hard for her, but he did this because he loves her. She asked him to stay out of this whole thing. He only did it because he wanted to protect her. She says that Paul has been taking care of her now. Rosanna asked Paul to look after her, and he has been doing that. Lucy says that her father and Aaron are not to look after her anymore. She will do that for herself.

Emily has to go now. She has to pick up her child, but she will see her sister again. Alison said that she was sorry that she couldn’t say what she was up to when she ran out of the house the other day. Kim only asks Alison to promise not to do anything like that anymore. She also asks Alison to call her ‘Kim’ from now on. Bob and Kim leave the room. Chris runs out after his parents, and thanks his mother for being so nice to Alison. Chris promises that there will not be anymore excitement like that anymore. Tom returns to Alison, and tells her that she will have to testify. They really need her; she has no choice in the matter.

Barbara tells how Jordan is going to be great for them to work with. Barbara found it hard not to hire him. The phone rings again. Jordan goes off to answer. Jennifer asks if Paul knows about this man. Barbara says that she had a long talk with Paul the night before. Jennifer knows that Paul is not going to let some guy come in and do the work that he should be doing. Jennifer finds that her mother is making a huge mistake. Jennifer feels that bringing a stranger into the business is going to wreck the business. Barbara says that she can get Jordan to deal with the dirty work for them. Barbara says that life is a risk. Jennifer doesn’t like the man one bit. Barbara loves him. Jennifer says that this guy is snowing her. Jordan finishes his call, and hears Jennifer saying that hiring him is the beginning of the end.

Lucy tells Aaron again that they are over. He asks her if she loves him still. She tells him that she remembers her father telling Rosanna that he loves her, but he still hurt her. She gets up to leave. He takes her hand, but she has nothing left to say to him. “Goodbye Aaron”

Chris finds Emily in the hall at the hospital. He tells her that he isn’t sure that Alison is going to testify. She has a criminal record, and has done jail time, and Chris doesn’t want all that brought up. Emily knows that will be hard for Alison, but the man is a rapist. She knows that testifying is the right thing to do.

Tom tells Alison that no one will talk. They need Alison desperately now. If she doesn’t, the charges will be dropped. Alison knows why the girls are afraid to testify. They remember being powerless, and feeling worthless. Alison remembers that too, but she is not afraid, and she will testify.

Lucinda calls Holden. He learns that Lucinda has no idea about Lily going to the hospital. Holden sees that he has been lied to.

Lily is off on her own. She goes to a door and knocks. The door is opened by Dusty. He has no shirt on, and he wonders what she is doing there. She tells him that she lied to her family. She knew that Holden would have stopped her, if he knew she was coming to see him. She tells him to help her. She has lied, saying that she was going to head over to the hospital, but she can’t do it. Dusty will help her in any way that he can. She tells him that he has to bring Rose back. “Bring her back now.”

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